Dear all, we have created this memorial in treasured memory of Sunny Olorunwa Ogunfadebo. He was an absolutely phenomenal person, and dearly treasured as a loving husband, father, brother, uncle, friend and mentor. He left positivity and inspiration every where he went and we will miss him dearly. We have comfort in the fact that he is in a better place and will forever live in our hearts. 

Please leave a tribute below, and share your memories, stories and pictures of Sunny here. This will be of great comfort to the family and we can all enjoy the memories together.

In light of the current global crisis, we will be organising a virtual wake keeping ceremony for all who loved him to attend remotely. That will be held on Thursday 25 June (event invite will be circulated soon) with his funeral/send-off the next day. 

We will be organising a massive celebration of life for my dear dad as soon as we are safely able to do so in a couple of months.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about getting involved with his send off please send me an email at

Many thanks, we look forward to reading your memories and seeing your pictures of our dear Sunny. 
Posted by Biodun JIMOH on June 21, 2020
The news of demise of Oga Sunny as I fondly called him came as a rude shock and sad and of course bitter pill for me to swallow , but the sollace was that he is now in a better place. I know Oga Sunny about a decade ago but the relationship was like a century as we relate like brothers and family members and hardly will there be a month without receiving his call just to say hi . He was a complete gentleman and an examiner per excellece as he was very thorough and will not leave the hall until all the " i" s are dotted and the "t" s are crossed. One will marvel at his leadership qualities amongs his colleagues as a Chief Examiner.
Since I met Oga Sunny we have been attending the CIBN programmes together. I remember the first time we had CIBN programme at Ijebu Ode and he gave me a call to go together. Hajee! as he was fond of calling me, when are we leaving for Ijebu Ode and I gave him the honour of fixing the time. He said we should leave by 7. What! 7am I exclaimed! I taught to myself, How can we leave by 7 am for programme that will start by 12 noon and will take us maximum of one hour to get to the venue. As if he was reading my mind, he said he prefers to be there early and prepare for the assignment instead of sweating and panting to the hall.
We left by 7 and got to Ijebu Ode by 8 but I wished we had even left home earlier because it was like I was on excursion. Oga Sunny, being a Master Class product of Ogun State University Ijebu Ode, he took me round the nooks and crannies of the town telling me the historical background of virtually every road or monumental building we passed. He took me to the market and stall where you can get the best garri in town. Oga Sunny taught me how you can carry out acid test on knowing a well prepared "ifoko/ifokore" indeed I have lost a brother
Adieu! Oga Sunny!
May Almighty God give the family, friends and the entire CIBN family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Alh Jimoh

Posted by Olajumoke Adebote on June 21, 2020
Daddy ogunfadebo as you were fondly called by us your unit members ,words fail me cos your death came as a rude shock . You still called me on Monday 15th June,2020 to discuss an issue concerning our unit but in the wake of Wednesday 17th, the news of your death came. You were a man of integrity,humble, kind,teacher,cheerful giver,a lover of God, an inspiration to all that came your way. You impacted us from your wealth of knowledge which I will forever be grateful for. Your leadership skills was next to none. We will forever miss at the counting table and in crowd control unit as a whole. Goodnight daddy
Posted by Bolade Odewale on June 21, 2020
It came as a big surprise when I was told of Sunny’s demise. Yes it is true it had been a long time I have seen him last but I cannot forget him especially the memories of our times together as staff of the National Bank of Nigeria in London in the early 1980s. Let me be precise I joined the bank in December 1983 until November 1988. I knew and respected Sunny that time as a very good man, gentle soul and a good lover of football. A passionate supporter of Liverpool Football Club. The memories will remain forever Keep resting on the bosom of our Lord Jesus. Rest in peace.
Posted by Abioye Ayorinde on June 21, 2020
Mr. Sunny Ogunfadebo, you are a great professional, motivator, goal getter and achiever. You're a very simple and humble person who endear himself to as many as you're able to get in contact with. You are very frank and downtroddenly factual. Your joy is to see people happy. Some years that I spent with you in CMD seems several decades. You put everything into what you're doing. You attempt to see that everyone gets value.
But why so soon? This has been a riddle that no one is able to resolve.
Sunny, you are evergreen in our hearts: you will be missed by many. Yes those you have mentored and impacted on. Those you have touched their lives one way or the other. In particular, I will miss your timeless calls, texts, useful discussions and advice.
Adieu great teacher, counselor and motivator.
Posted by Kehinde Olatunde on June 21, 2020
When I got the news of your change of address, I thought it must be a joke. But who makes such a joke with an enigma like you.

I meet Daddy as fondly called at LFC Ikorodu where you served as Unit Chairman. You gave everyone opportunity to be at their best. You brought a good number of us out of our shell. On a given task you watch us from behind, secretly offer advice and we will even commend us for the strides that you yourself whispered to us before everyone. What a great leader you are. Your love for God and His house was remarkable.

I remember you offered me and a member to be part of a training you organized for a corporate organization at zero cost. Daddy, I looked forward to sharing with you how that it helped my KPI appraisal at my place of work just a week ago. Thank you Dad.

Your value for the family is awesome. We once had a get together. I came alone thinking It is just our own affair. He asked for my family and I told him they are home. Right there he asked me to go bring them to the venue. It was a memorable moment for my children and wife. Thank you Dad.

Life is short but the memory of your impactful life on us is infinite. We can't question God. However, it shouldn't be now.

Good night Daddy. See you on the other side where there is no more pain.
Posted by Adesoji Azeez on June 20, 2020
Sunny was a kind hearted and gentleman to the core. He was a bridge builder. He was a strong link between members of “Fellow of Likeminds” an offshoot of our OSU MBA class. Starting has a Class Governor, he gave us the leadership that kept us together till today. Settling.issues, encouraging members in every way one can think of. A problem solver for many. Always putting calls through to every member. He particularly encouraged me when I was weary. Very frank talks without sentiments. Understanding when any member is angered. Little wonder he was honored with Life Presidency. With him our set became a strong force on campus, very well respected by Students and Lecturers. He will be well remembered by the group for his strong commitment to the team ideals. Rest In Peace Brother. My prayer is for God to forgive you of your sins on earth and grant the Ogunfadebo the fortitude to bear the loss! Adieu
Posted by Sunday Nnamdi on June 20, 2020
      With heavy heart I received the news of your death Daddy. I must be a bit nostalgic because it is about five years ago, that I met you in the crowd control unit training, Faith Tabernacle.
       By divine arrangement, I was posted to serve with you under the recruitment and training (R&T) arm of CCU after completing my training 2015 September.
       You were really a big daddy not just to me but to everyone of us in R&T that year, there I felt the love that helped me got established in the winners family till today. Whenever you're around, you must bring something that'll take one of us to the Canaan cuisine.
        I remember a Sunday before Christmas 2016, you told us bye that you're going home and you silently asked me to look, I looked and you folded something into my hand and asked me to take care of myself. I went inside the rest room opened my hand and counted 10k I ran out but couldn't find you, I was told you've left. This amount was almost my salary in where I was working then .
       Your motivation and advise took me this far, you encouraged and supported me not to abandon school even if it's part time. And ever since I got into Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu campus, there's no weekend you don't give me 1k to support my transport. Even when you know I am working you still play that fatherly role.
   I wish I had a better way to thank you for your magnanimity towards me. Thank you for the role you played in who I am today, thank you for your kind words. Thank you for everything. I pray that the Lord accept your kind soul in his bosom. I will forever miss you.

Your legacy lives forever.
Rest On Sake...
Posted by Joseph Adesina on June 20, 2020
Dearest Uncle

O death where is your sting, there is time to born and there is time to die, hallelujah JESUS has conquer death. I was only opportun to meet you and Aunty once during my Cousin Tina Adande's wedding, but I knew all about you before then because my mom always speak highly of you and all the impact you had on my big bro well-being and the good times you all have with my uncle High Chief Femi Olukanmi house. Thanks for being a selflessness man, you came to this world and God has taken you to be with him after all your toils and labour.I am sure a golden crown awaits you. Aunty Yinka and Ayodele my prayers is that God will grant you the fortitude to bear the loss. Though Uncle is not physically with us but his light is resting perfectly well on both your shoulders. Adieu great uncle till we all meet and part no more.
Posted by Linda Daniel on June 20, 2020
Ah Mr. Ogunfadebo!!! The news was a shock to all. A true gentleman to the core. A caring and highly emotionally intelligent man. Friendly and understanding, easy to relate with. Dedicated member of the Governing Council’s CBC Committee of the Institute, Ever ready to serve in all capacities bringing in his expertise and experience. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure and you are missed beyond measure. Rest in Peace. Amen
Posted by Chinelo Nwakwusi on June 20, 2020
I rem getting a call from u on my birthday 26th May 2020, calling me iyawo Yoruba like u fondly call me. All ur prayers and words of encouragement kept me going . hearing this new came as a shock on how life is. I rem when I was transferred to honor entrance and u being my leader, u tot me and showered me with love. Am happy ur in a good place . u will be forever remembered sir. Continue resting
Posted by Bunmi Adesioye on June 20, 2020
My dear Sunny,

You exhibited and lived Christian values throughout the 40 years I knew you. Your diligence, humility, gentleness, selflessness, smile, kindness and respect for others were evident when we worked together at National Bank of Nigeria, London. I was your Manager and you showed me so much respect despite the fact that you were older than me. I will always remember the fun we had as family friends with our Uncles the Olukanmis and the Adesinas. I attended your wedding and our work colleagues became one big family. 34 years ago, we both became Godparents to Yomi and Bomi Anyiam's son, Seun, now Dr Seun Anyiam.

You were a great leader and you impacted many lives. Our last outing was when you were in the UK last year May and we met the Anyiams at their restaurant as a surprise. What an evening! The four of us had such a lovely time catching up. Three weeks ago, you sent me a congratulatory message on my 65th birthday but little did I know that would be the last time I would hear from you.

I have lots of wonderful memories about you Sunny. Thank you for who you were and all that you did for all of us. Well done, you finished very well. May you continue to enjoy paradise with your Creator.

I pray that God will uphold, console and sustain your darling wife Yinka and beautiful daughter Ayodele. May the wonderful memories that we all shared and the legacy that you have left behind keep our spirits uplifted, joyful and peaceful forever. Sleep sweetly on in the Lord my dear big brother Sunny.

Bunmi Edith Adesioye
Posted by Olasumbo Obigbesan on June 20, 2020
Oga Sunny, you were a father and mentor to my husband. The memories we have of you are great ones, if only we could have you for a while longer so we could talk again, encourage and advise us like you used to. Heaven has indeed gained an Angel because you were Angel on earth. You lived a good life and you left a good legacy. You mean a lot to us and you will forever be in our heart. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Gbenga Olorunsola on June 20, 2020
I just received the news of your transition with rude shock. Memories of our association over time as examiners for our great institute will remain forever. You were such a nice egbon. I do cherish your contribution in our discussions of crucial national issues. Can we query God? Rest in peace my nice egbon.
Posted by Moses Akinyefa on June 20, 2020
Mr. Sunny Ogunfadebo, my egbon as I fondly called you, you were a perfect gentleman, very loving and friendly. I will miss you as personal senior colleague and as chief examiner on CIBN assignments. I cannot express on print with words how I felt when I got the sad news of your exit to glory. God knows best what we don't know. You have slept and gone to glory. May your soul rest in perfect peace. We thank God for a life well spent touching and impacting many lives. God will comfort and console all family left behind and give us all family and friends the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen!!! Adieu!!!
Posted by Oladipo Oguntola on June 20, 2020
O death, where is thy sting, O grave, where is thy victory. The late Elder Sunny Ogunfadebo was quite unassuming and boundlessly friendly. We will all miss your contributions and maturity on issues. May the Lord make your eternity seamless and comfort and uphold the families, CIBN and the Capacity Building & Certification Committee Members that you left behind. We shall all meet on the ressurection morning when there shall no longer be any parting. Sleep on and rest in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu!
Posted by Abdulrahman Yinusa on June 20, 2020
What a loss of a fully committed member of our Institute in general and even more so for the Committees he served on....always ready for any assignment and delivering a good job, always! We will miss our dear gentleman to the core. Sleep well in the Lord and we pray the Good Lord to grant the family and friends you have left behind the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss . AY
Posted by Olubisi Bello on June 20, 2020
Dear Daddy, the news of your death came in as a shock, too difficult for me to comprehend.
You're such a wonderful person, father to many, and always there whenever its required even when its not convenient for you.
You're so generous & kind, always willing to impact lives that come in contact with you.
You thought me service in a new dimension, you always bring out the best in your subordinate, you always give room for growth under your able supervision.
You taught me the difference between INTEGRITY AND HONESTY.
We can not question God, but the Bello's will surely miss you.
Good night daddy, sleep on daddy, rest on beloved till we meet to part no more
May the Lord comfort mummy, your lovely daughter and other members of your family.
Posted by Tunde Yinusa on June 20, 2020
( 1953 - 2020)

There are different seasons and each season brings comfort and despair. The coming and ending of each season confirms that there is nothing in this sinful world that lasts forever. Life itself is not designed to last till eternity. No matter how long one stays on the face of the earth sadly it’s never enough. Death is an inevitable phenomenon that will come upon everyone. No matter the age, when death comes, it leaves painful memories which at times make us to question the essence of creation. With death, we are left with heavy burden in our hearts with painful emotions.

Sunday Olorunwa Ogunfadebo (Sunshine) to nearly all the people that knew him was a tested and trusted gentleman. Sadly he has gone to rest in the bosom of his creator, at the age of 67 when we least expected. Why death? Why death? Why death? Why Sunny? Why now? Every time I ask this question, I became more and more confused. I have asked myself series of questions like why would Sunny die in such circumstances? Not until I stated this tribute that it occurred to me that it is not the number of years he spent on the face of earth that matters but what he accomplished in the course of his just over 67 years journey on earth. It also dawned on me that every one of us has his or her appointed time and it’s only God the Almighty that has monopoly of that knowledge. Sunny lived an exemplary life worthy of emulation. He loved everyone that knew him and was so much loved by them. His character was exemplary, his calmness was remarkable when others were loosing their heads and his loyalty and support to his family, associates, colleagues and friends were unrivalled. He was a complete gentleman and a Banker per excellence . His love for mankind typified his humanity, coupled with his sincerity, warmed him into the hearts of many in his field of human endeavour.

Sunny was always there for everyone, always wanting to help and proffer solutions to problems. He belonged to all and everyone. He was a sports fanatic and sometimes can also be a workaholic. He loved to put his clean hands successfully in many pies of life. A jolly person with no dull moment. He will be greatly missed.
He was a man of many remarkable parts. He was an epitome of simplicity, a good role model, a mentor, a man of good reputation and a Banker of an impeccable character.

Needless to say, Sunny was my very good friend, brother, trusted paddy, business associate, my professional colleague of over 45 years. Unsurprisingly, during our Chartered Institute of Bankers examination, from 1980 till 1984, we studied and revised together in his home in Balham for the Institute’s April and September examinations. Whilst in our twenties in United Kingdom he was my accomplice and what others would call partners in social crime. We took a lot of incalculable social risks by clubbing every week. We regularly visited at that time places like Gulliver’s, Thursdays, etc. He was also a “moderate” funny person. He gave jokes and could also take jokes. He was soft spoken and would softly make very funny and inspirational jokes some of which I still laugh over even when alone.

No amount of words could describe how wonderful and genuine Sunny was and how much we loved ourselves. It is with a heavy heart that I convey my condolence to his family members and other friends. He has left a vacuum in our lives which can only be filled by the Almighty God. I find it extremely difficult to accept that Sunny is dead.

I'm saddened by his death. His death is undoubtedly a great loss to his family and friends but as a man of faith, the ultimate lesson of death is that we all came to this world with nothing and we shall all exit with nothing.

His sudden exit hurts greatly and my heart bleeds. I’m devastated. The shock is unbearable and unexplainable considering that in over 45 years of our friendship, we never for one second disagreed on any issues whatsoever. We touched base regularly and frequently with ourselves.

Egbon mi, Orę mi Sunny. You are one in a million. However, I take solace in the fact that you lived a fulfilled and purposeful life and also the sacred statement that God giveth and only him taketh. God is all knowing and he knows best. May God in his mercy forgive all your shortcomings and grant you paradise. And when you are laid to rest, may he widen your grave and illuminate your grave hugely. In Jesus name. Amen. You served your profession diligently and also served God very righteously till your last second on earth.

I extend my condolences to all your larger families, colleagues, associates, friends, your professional colleagues at The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria which you were a Fellow, The London Institute of Financial Services (Formerly The Chartered Institute Of Bankers,England and Wales), former colleagues at ABE, Institute of Admin Management and all your well wishers world wide, our friends and colleagues at Fellow Like Minds. I say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all. May God takeaway our sorrows and pains and ultimately bring joys to all your loved ones.

Rest in perfect peace Sunny.

Posted by Muhammed Ahmed on June 20, 2020
Good Lord! What a devastating news. Such a decent person. He will be sorely missed. I pray for the repose of his soul and for the families to bear this sad loss. May his soul rest in peace amin
Posted by Eric Akindele on June 20, 2020
In just a little while

A shock it is! that you have journeyed to the great beyond. A benevolent, dedicated and selfless Man. How the good ones leave so early baffles me. Tho faded away like the morning stars, your good deed lives on. Sleep on beloved boss,mentor and friend. In Just a little while,a reunion awaits. Good night SuNsHiNe
Posted by Adetola Yinusa on June 20, 2020
Daddy, I never thought that your exit from this sinful world was going to be this soon and sudden. Your departure was "so shocking and painful " in my little daughter's word. My children were fond of you, despite that my family and yours were on different sides of the globe. They were always looking forward to your visit. At every site of you or pronouncement of your name , Zain would be over the moon and started to dance and sing . Her favourite song then was uncle Tunny, uncle Tunny, uncle Tunny etc. She only started calling you Uncle Sunny no too long ago after so many years of correction. Teaching her to pronounce your name properly was a huge drama which you and my husband enjoyed tremendously. Since the day I met you, you have consistently demonstrated that you are a father and a family friend worthy to be highly trusted. You were a responsible friend of my husband, you stood out amongst the rest, you were faithful, reliable, dependable, selfless, highly principled and the list goes on. You were a true friend and a brother to my husband, Double, Double, Double as you proudly called him since I have known you over a decade ago. You treated me so well and always look out for my family. You acted and behaved so nicely to me and the rest of my family exactly the way a father would do. You accepted and treated my family as if we are Ogunfadebos or you are Yinusas. Thank you for your love towards my family, thank you for the care and love you shown to our daughter Tolu. Thank you for the prayer you sent to me on Jun 12th which will forever reignite your memories. In your own words:"Good morning daughter. How are you and the children? Hope Tolu and brother are doing fine in the US? The Lord will be with them, it shall be good news always. You will live long in good health, happiness and joy to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Hope all is well? Have a blessed day. Sunny".
I would never have thought in my wider imaginations that the moving message/ prayer I woke up to on that faithful day would be our last communication. Farewell daddy, my family loved you and are missing you already, but we are taking solace in God while truly believing and knowing that you are in a better place. May your soul rest in peace

Aduke Yinusa.
Posted by Ayodele Ogunfadebo on June 20, 2020
From Kola and family:

It was such a shock to hear of your Dad passing. I am still trying to get over the tragic news.

Your father was one of the nicest people I know and I know that he was a great dad too. ...

Sunny was so well thought of by everyone who knew him and he will be sorely missed.

The community has lost one of its very best. He will be long remembered for all the good works he did. My deepest sympathy is with you and your family at this very sad and difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I know so well the terrible grief you are feeling. My wife and I have such fond memories of your husband from all those very wonderful times we spent together whilst leaving as a family in Iba Estate, Lagos Nigeria, and in London on his vacations. It was a very special time for us and we will always remember him and the good times we shared.

Sunny was such a distinguished man and had such a pleasing personality. He was so much fun to be around and I will miss his great wit and charm.

Your daughter ‘’Ayodele’’ is such shining examples of the great job that both of you did in raising her. She will always be a constant reminder of his love and influence on her.

Please extend our sympathy to your wonderful family. You are all in our hearts and minds.

Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. The sprit of God will be with you, guide you, protect you from now on and throughout your life time.

May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

In Deepest Sympathy,

Kola and family. (Aminat Dad)
Posted by Mopelola Ajasa on June 19, 2020
The best is known to God. It’s sad. Sunny was a man of honour with a heart of gold. Father Lord grant him eternal rest . Let your perpetual light shine upon him. Father grant him eternal rest and give his entire family the fortitude to bear the great loss.
Posted by Olamide Oyegoke on June 19, 2020
I won’t pretend, this is so very painful .

It’s an exit not yet expected. It’s an exit that is too abrupt. It’s an exit that should not have happened, this time. Not to someone that smiles while speaking or arguing his points.

Mr Ogunfadebo, It should not have been now but God is a a Faithful Father, I believe He needs you to continue to smile for Him, beside Him. God needs the smiling Angel .

Truly, I might not have seen you in a long while but it should not have been never again.

We call you Sunshine, my first teacher at work, my work life shaper. You pushed me hard , trained me, to stand strong on my feet. I celebrate you my Oga.

I salute you sir. You lived well. I celebrate you , Sunshine
Posted by Kenny A on June 19, 2020
My earliest memory of Uncle Sunny was at his wedding to Aunty Yinka and ever since he's been ever-present in my life. He helped me to get my first job and his calm demeanor and gentle voice are two things about him I will never forget. I remember him being the ultimate host during his annual parties, His birthday was the day after mine and I remember always getting the prompt call from him on mine and speaking to him in turn on his.
He was an exemplar for what a husband and father should be to me and I will always remember him dearly

Rest in peace Uncle Sunny, you were loved and you will be missed dearly
Posted by Kemi Edun on June 19, 2020
Dear Uncle Sunny, I did not have the privilege of knowing you much but even with such a small acquaintance, I perceived you to be GodFearing, very warm and Easygoing! I know you have gone to a better place, it's the suddenness that makes it so sad, who are we to question God??? May the Mercy of God Sustain your family. Rest eternally in your Lord's Bosom!!
Posted by Sarah Oyefeso on June 19, 2020
Huuuunnn what can we say, who are we to question God. Because there's a time to plant, a time to harvest what is planted

Uncle Sunny as I use to call you, you have sewn good seeds in the heart of many people that will never be forgotten, I am one of them. You are a rare gem amongst your friends

You came, you won, you conquer. You are an examplanary man that many wish for in their lives. Sleep well and sleep on in the Bossom of the Lord where there's no more sorrow or death

Yinka take heart, it is well with you and Ayodele . The almighty God will comfort you both and give you the fortitude to bear the loss.
Yinka, Ayodele a di irunn a di igba fun e. You will not sew for anybody to reap IJN Amen. The Lord is your strength
Posted by Hohloowertowyeen Hargbolo... on June 19, 2020
Sunny, you are friend nd brother that can’t be easily forgotten... what should I talk about you, is it your openness or honesty or intelligent or accountability or integrity or fairness to issues or mentorship or advisory or promptness to issues or ability to revive a dead nd good initiative into a working nd profitable one or just being there at all times for everyone without discrimination of any type...I will always be missing you in my life.. Sunny Olohunwa omo Ogunfadebo, Sun re o....Skippo (as you usually called)
Posted by Sunny Adeniyi on June 18, 2020
The inevitable end has come too soon for this vibrant young man. May his soul Rest In Peace! My condolences to members of his family and to the MIBL family.

He will be surely missed. It was only this past week that I was reading his view point on the African crisis. Can’t even bring myself to believe this! Adieu name sake!
Posted by Sanusi Sholotan on June 18, 2020
Mr Sunny Ogunfadebo has come and gone so soon, he's a thorough man to the core and a man you can have any dealing with and go to bed to sleep with your two eyes close. Since he was introduced to me by a man of honor and respected personality, he never betray trust, he's always up to the task. We have lost a rare gentleman, may your soul rest in perfect peace and may God keep and protect those you left behind. Amen. We love you but God loves you more. Sunny Ogunfadebo, Sun re ooo.
Posted by Yemisi Idim on June 18, 2020
My dear President For Life,

I met you and other members of "Fellow of Likeminds" at Ogun State University in 1996 as MBA students. You stood out as a born leader. The whole group unanimously made you the class president. You have been our leader since then. After our graduation, you kept us all together as "Fellow of Likeminds." You led us with love and wisdom. Now, you left us with a vacuum that cannot be filled.

Sunny, you were simple, gentle, caring, empathetic, considerate, optimistic, honest and faithful. You were attentive and available to all. You were the perfect example of LOVE as described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. The relationship that you had with all of us extended to our families. You made everyone feel special. You did not leave anyone out. You were a leader of impeccable character. Thank you for teaching us all how to be human beings.

Your death filled my heart with indescribable pain and grief. Today, I cry uncontrollably and feel deep sorrow because of your passing. Tomorrow, I will dry my tears and keep you in my heart forever. I will remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles and the hope that your life brought to us all.

Thank you for everything.

My brother and my friend, this is not a permanent goodbye because I will see you again at the feet of Jesus Christ.
Posted by Olayinka Irene Taiwo on June 18, 2020
Dear Sunshine as you were fondly called. Your news came as a rude shock as I have recently been acquainted with you again on the Marina Platform and I had read your comments, which brought memories of the time we worked together at Marina. You would always refer to me as your wife as I share the same name with your loving wife who you doted on and of course Ayodele who was your all in all. I thank God for a life lived in Christ and pray for God to comfort my dear sister and Ayodele. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Yinka A on June 18, 2020
How do I say goodbye to a man I have known most of my life? How do I say goodbye to a man who accepted me, as a troubled teen, into his home, when the world had given up on me? How do I say goodbye to a man who gave me the only period of stability and normality growing up?

Uncle Sunny, your life was exemplary, your smile was endearing, and your attitude towards life was based on principles, compassion, and tolerance.
I remember once telling Ayo, I thought you were James Bond. Always calm, collected, and unperturbed.
Behind your rimmed glasses laid undeniable intelligence and wisdom, meshed with a healthy dose of humour.
I had given up, a long time ago, trying to be half the man you were. I sincerely believe your impact on my life helped me get this far.

Growing up in your household I have nothing but fond memories of you. You truly brought sunshine to all those who knew you.
You will be missed Uncle and I regret we did not get to see in recent years.
I take solace in believing you are in a better place, giving others the same unconditional love and guidance, you gave all of us.

To Aunty Yinka, may you find solace in knowing you married a man, loved by many and admired by all. He gave you a lifetime of love and joy, most women could only dream of.
To Ayodele, may you find comfort in knowing you had a father who set the gold standard for fatherhood. Very few daughters will ever get to discover the love you and your father had for each other.

To Aunty Yinka and Ayodele, we cannot delude ourselves into thinking we can take away the pain of losing a great man. But we can only try to make the pain more bearable.

Adieu, Uncle Sunshine, but never goodbye.
Posted by Hohloowertowyeen Hargbolo... on June 18, 2020
Sunny,you are a friend, a brother ,a supporter nd a mentor to everyone one.its so sad that you left us when your wisdom,mentorship ,advise nd friendly attitude is most needed..your character is exceptional as you are always ready to assist in any capacity you can provided its on a legal are a friend nd brother in a million ...We love you but GOD Almighty loved you more....Pls Rest In Peace....Agboluaje family
Posted by Jokotade Agbaje on June 18, 2020
I woke up on the morning of Wednesday the 17th to the sad news of your untimely departure. About 3 or four days prior I was recounting to my children what a wonderful and devoted father you were to Ayodele and how she in turn did you proud. Sunny aka sunshine ‘working with you for 14 years at Marina what I remember vividly is your eternal optimism and good cheer. You readily accepted whatever challenges life threw at you. I remember your light sense of humor , wise sayings and proverbs. We hadn’t spoken in quite a while but the last time we spoke you were so happy to update me on Ayodele’s progress . I am so happy that your efforts were not in vain and she grew up to be that young lady of whom we are all proud. 
You were a family man to the core. Sunshine may the Lord grant you eternal rest and may his perpetual light shine upon you. My heartfelt condolences to your dear wife Mrs Yinka Ogunfadebo and your dear daughter Ayodele .
Posted by Ogugua Osakwe on June 18, 2020
A good boss, and a friend that treated me kindly. I will never forget.

May you rest well boss. Amen.

Paul Osakwe.
Posted by Dayz Adesinz on June 18, 2020
My dearest Uncle Sunny.

You were my Uncle and friend. You were a part of my history. You always had a good word for everyone, and bore no ill will to anyone. You picked me up when I was down. It is true that the higher authority must have needed you, otheriwise why would he have removed you from our presence. We were not ready to let you go. Ayodele was not teady, Auntie Yinka was not ready. Your friends and loved ones were not ready. We are hurting, we are crestfallen, we are heartbroken. However, we are thankful for the times we spent together. Your life was well spent, You changed the world. Your light shines bright. You were and always will be worthy. I will love you always. D
Posted by Adetola Atekoja on June 18, 2020
Sunshine, You were friendly to all. Yours was a convivial spirit. You bore no malice. May your kind and lovely soul rest in peace. Amen
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Posted by Ranti Adeleke Oyinadedamo... on July 3, 2020
Adieu, Sunny I'm sudden at your demise,it is indeed sorrowful how early you left us, it's truly a stocking disappointment, however God knows the best, we thank God for your examplary life and good neighborliness. You led a humble and disciplined life, a worthy of emulation. You were kind to all ever ready to assist anyone that came your way. You were a rare gem, so simple and pleasant, a sunshine to many lives. You will forever be remembered. We look forward to seeing you in the restored paradise where there will be no death or suffering...
                    _ Ladi Adeleke
                Iba Housing Estate
Posted by Olayinka Odufuwa on June 27, 2020
Egbon Sunny, I met you through your friend Chief Tunde Yinusa in London and since then you have treated me like your blood brother, you are always very calm, humble and amiable. Your disarming smile is one of the attributes I cherish about you. I pray that the good Lord will grant your body peace of the grave, your soul peaceful and eternal rest, your family fortitude to bear the loss and forgive you of all your shortcomings on the day of judgement.
Posted by Adebayo Oladipupo on June 26, 2020
                      FELLOWS OF LIKEMINDS

We were in the MBA class with Mr. Sunday Olorunwa Ogunfadebo at the Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye, between 1996 and 1998.
When we resumed for the programme in October 1996, the usual euphoria of new but senior students was in all of us. Hardly had we settled down for real academic works that Sunny started showing the great leadership qualities in him, shining like a diamond in the sky.
Be it in his contributions to academic discourse in the business school or issues of managing the class of adults that had contained people who were even older than him, he was always very brilliant and intensely appropriate articulate. He was always mature in his mien and manner. It was therefore not difficult to identify him as a Leader among academic equals, though some elderly people. Therefore we unanimously appointed him as our Leader. We gave him the title, the” Class Governor”.

And so he governed the class, with creativity, maturity and candor. His guiding philosophy in that role was that “Everybody in the class must graduate, all with good grades and in record time”. In the difficult role of managing relationship between recalcitrant adult-students and radical academic Lecturers, Sunny employed an uncommon mix of wisdom, maturity and dexterity. He spoke truth to Authorities and candor to his colleagues, always promoting the common positive interest of both MBA class and the School authority. Classes were held at the right time and right mix, students were all well behaved during and outside class sessions. His distaste for mediocrity was infectious. He never let us down!

After graduation and we all left the School, Mr. Ogunfadebo, leading other members of the class ensured that though we dispersed, the team was not dismembered. We formed the Ogun State University MBA 96/98, OSUMBA 96/98, Association. Again he was appointed the leader of the Association, now not as Governor, he was called the President in clear recognition of his leadership qualities. The Association later transformed to Fellows of Likeminds.

Even outside the school and the association, Sunny played positive intervening roles in the life of members. He was the strongest binding force that kept the Association together. No birthday would pass of any member and Sunny will not put a call to the celebrant in prayer and good wishes. He loved the members, we also loved him. More importantly, we fear to offend him because of his character.
The Association will immeasurably miss him because in his death, it is like the epicenter of the Association has been taken away. In this death, Sunny has gained (because we believe he will have a place close to his Creator), the Association has lost.

Adieu Sunny, Fare thee well Mr. Olorunwa Ogunfadebo, Good night our dear Friend, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
his Life


My darling Akanni, Olorunwa, Sunday, Baba Ayodele

These are just some of the many, many names I called several times at your bedside in your last moments - you will forever remain in my heart, Akanni.

Today I am in a lonely place longing for the one I loved so dearly – we shared so many dreams, laughed together and walked together for the last 35 years. You have always been my home.

I am grateful to God, the alpha and omega, for orchestrating our life together and for making our married life colorful. 

My darling husband - I thank you for being a special husband to me and a caring father to our daughter.

Akanni, I cannot even begin to name all your great attributes in this life, because there are so many.

You are a wonderful husband and an excellent father who always wanted the best for us. Your faith was outstanding and one of your favorite things to say was “God can supply all our needs and God has never failed us.” We are keeping the faith now Akanni. 

Sunny, you are a man of God, an excellent worker, so loyal and true, just in judgment and always fair. You would always say to me, “Yinka let’s do the right thing” and this has remained as the theme and character of our family.

An honest and liberal man, ever upright, you are loved by your friends and all whom you know. We will miss you so much.

Akanni, I love you. 

You have always been a peace-loving person, and I feel at peace knowing that you are in a better place. Our daughter and I will continue the great legacy you left behind. 

Goodbye, my dear husband, friend, confidant and mentor. God bless you.


Omo aloran ife.                                                                   Omo elulu ebiye
Omo egugu baba igi                                                           Omo moro lapekun
Omo asoro ko do gadagada                                               Omo esugbo mefa
Omo afokoro ni waju olu.                                                    Omo pepe ni mu
Omo afo ni kara bi agba                                                     Omo esugbon ti kii mu omi oka.
Omo adara loye
Omo ajoye koye wun ni je
Omo lapekun

One of Dad's favourite scriptures (Romans 8: 38-39):
"For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord"

Not only do we we have comfort that the love of God is with us in this difficult time, but we are also assured that nothing will ever separate us from the love of my dad. We feel his presence intensely, we love him dearly and he will live in our hearts forever.

Love you Dad xx
(Sunny's Family are working on updating this section, please check again soon).
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Shared by Longe Charles on June 23, 2020
I want to first of all extend my gratitude to all the relatives, friends and attendees, who have shown up today to honour this great man, Sunny Ogunfadebo, a person we all have come to love and cherish for many years.

The number of people who have shown up to pay their last respect is only a testimony to the lives he (Sunny) personally touched. All of us have known him in a variety of role, father, husband, uncle, cousin, mentor and great friend.

I have been privileged to know him as a great friend for many years, he is very honest, respectful, and a complete gentle man, he is a man who is very peaceful within himself and always want peace among his friends. For all the years I have known Sunny, I have never seen him argue unnecessarily or quarrel with a friend, instead, he will hold his peace or walk away. I knew Sunny through Alhaji Babatunde Yinusa popularly known as double and Mr Adebayo Adio King, both of them are good people as well and they can confirm to this testimony on this great athlete.

On this note, I pray to God almighty to give the family the fortitude to bear the loss and grant Sunny Ogunfadebo eternal rest.
Shared by Olakunle Ogunbi on June 20, 2020
In fact I just received this message as a rude shock but I have the only solace in the Almighty God that he has gone to rest in the bossom of the Almighty God. I met Sunshine as he was fondly called in the then Natbank the then football club of the National bank in early 80's as a newly employed school cert holder into the bank. He went to UK for his professional career and qualified in UK and briefly worked in London branch of the bank before he was transfered back to Lagos and continued to be the patron of Natbank footbal club and later moved to the then Eko international bank and Marina merchant bank. In fact Sunshine was my mentor in the industry and as Faith would have it again we met again leaving together in a block of flats at Surulere up till early 90's and through out our association together he was always calm and soft spoken even on the football field during his days. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Shared by Kunle Balogun on June 20, 2020
I need to say this and why you will remain in my heart until me meet never to part again. At a very trial time in working career where we met and became father and son.
At this time I was like a man with leprosy, a casted stone, that no one wanted to associate with deprived of all opportunities for a cause am still beginning for answer at M I B L.  you stood firmly by me with every thing you have encouraging me with prayers, love, finance till the end.
I thought I  will be able to pay you back , only before I could do so Allah decided to reward you for me calling you back. I am sure Allah's reward is unquantifiable. R I P.