This tribute was added by Olu Olu on July 11, 2020
Uncle sunny taught me some deep principles and I'm ever grateful for that. Still in a pensive mood of your demise but now you are in a better place.

Uncle sunny, thank you.
Accept my condolences

God, please let your comfort be with his family.
This tribute was added by Ranti Adeleke Oyinadedamo... on July 3, 2020
Adieu, Sunny I'm sudden at your demise,it is indeed sorrowful how early you left us, it's truly a stocking disappointment, however God knows the best, we thank God for your examplary life and good neighborliness. You led a humble and disciplined life, a worthy of emulation. You were kind to all ever ready to assist anyone that came your way. You were a rare gem, so simple and pleasant, a sunshine to many lives. You will forever be remembered. We look forward to seeing you in the restored paradise where there will be no death or suffering...
                    _ Ladi Adeleke
                Iba Housing Estate
This tribute was added by Olayinka Odufuwa on June 27, 2020
Egbon Sunny, I met you through your friend Chief Tunde Yinusa in London and since then you have treated me like your blood brother, you are always very calm, humble and amiable. Your disarming smile is one of the attributes I cherish about you. I pray that the good Lord will grant your body peace of the grave, your soul peaceful and eternal rest, your family fortitude to bear the loss and forgive you of all your shortcomings on the day of judgement.
This tribute was added by Adebayo Oladipupo on June 26, 2020
                      FELLOWS OF LIKEMINDS

We were in the MBA class with Mr. Sunday Olorunwa Ogunfadebo at the Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye, between 1996 and 1998.
When we resumed for the programme in October 1996, the usual euphoria of new but senior students was in all of us. Hardly had we settled down for real academic works that Sunny started showing the great leadership qualities in him, shining like a diamond in the sky.
Be it in his contributions to academic discourse in the business school or issues of managing the class of adults that had contained people who were even older than him, he was always very brilliant and intensely appropriate articulate. He was always mature in his mien and manner. It was therefore not difficult to identify him as a Leader among academic equals, though some elderly people. Therefore we unanimously appointed him as our Leader. We gave him the title, the” Class Governor”.

And so he governed the class, with creativity, maturity and candor. His guiding philosophy in that role was that “Everybody in the class must graduate, all with good grades and in record time”. In the difficult role of managing relationship between recalcitrant adult-students and radical academic Lecturers, Sunny employed an uncommon mix of wisdom, maturity and dexterity. He spoke truth to Authorities and candor to his colleagues, always promoting the common positive interest of both MBA class and the School authority. Classes were held at the right time and right mix, students were all well behaved during and outside class sessions. His distaste for mediocrity was infectious. He never let us down!

After graduation and we all left the School, Mr. Ogunfadebo, leading other members of the class ensured that though we dispersed, the team was not dismembered. We formed the Ogun State University MBA 96/98, OSUMBA 96/98, Association. Again he was appointed the leader of the Association, now not as Governor, he was called the President in clear recognition of his leadership qualities. The Association later transformed to Fellows of Likeminds.

Even outside the school and the association, Sunny played positive intervening roles in the life of members. He was the strongest binding force that kept the Association together. No birthday would pass of any member and Sunny will not put a call to the celebrant in prayer and good wishes. He loved the members, we also loved him. More importantly, we fear to offend him because of his character.
The Association will immeasurably miss him because in his death, it is like the epicenter of the Association has been taken away. In this death, Sunny has gained (because we believe he will have a place close to his Creator), the Association has lost.

Adieu Sunny, Fare thee well Mr. Olorunwa Ogunfadebo, Good night our dear Friend, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
This tribute was added by Ayo Olatunji on June 25, 2020
Uncle Sunny, you were such a kind and wonderful person, you had a beautiful heart. Baba T's family will miss you greatly. Rest in perfect peace.  From The Olatunji's
This tribute was added by Rilwan Abdul on June 25, 2020
What a loss of a fully committed member of our Institute in general and even more so for the Committees he served on....always ready for any assignment and delivering a good job, always! We will miss our dear gentleman to the core. Sleep well in the Lord. AY
This tribute was added by Maris Nicholas-Egbule on June 25, 2020
The news of your death came as a rude shock and I must say that at first, it seemed like a joke but here I am with the reality that you have gone to be with the Lord.

You were not just a Lecturer but also a Dad to me. Your counsels and words of encouragement were always timely.

Rest in peace Sir, I will greatly miss you!
This tribute was added by Akin Morakinyo on June 25, 2020

I received the devastating news of the transition of Mr. Sunny Ogunfadebo with great shock. Why oh why? was the only thing I could mutter when I heard the news.

Mr Ogunfadebo was a great man. He was kind hearted, gracious and loving. He connected effortlessly with everyone irrespective of their background, social status, tribe, race, or religion. I know him to be a genial and humble person who is sold to hard work. He was such a good man.

Mr. Sunny Ogunfadebo, I have no doubt in my mind that you have fought a good fight and you have won for yourself the crown of glory.

Sleep on baba oninu re, sleep on in the bosom of Abraham, sleep on thou faithful steward. We will surely meet again on the resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.

We love you but God loves you more. Adieu Sir.

This tribute was added by Dapo Komolafe on June 25, 2020
Farewell To A Man Of Honour.

That which looked like a joke has finally become a reality - hmmm.

Our paths crossed for the first time in 1981, when as a young school leaver I was employed by the then National Bank of Nigeria Ltd., though we parted ways few years after. Fate brought us together again in year 2013 and ever since then we have been together. You were an embodiment of humility, passion, love, diligence, commitment and professionalism. I saw in you a father, brother, teacher, leader, mentor and confidant. I learnt a lot from you.

In one of our many discussions, you told me that there are two things you would never compromise in your life, your integrity and race for eternity with Christ. You never did. You will be sorely and surely missed by all. May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Adieu - Oga Sunny
Goodnight - My mentor. 
This tribute was added by Seye Awojobi on June 25, 2020
Death no doubt, is a universal gift across age, race, creed and faith. However, its occurrence to someone are somehow expected while to many it’s sudden, rude and shocking.
Your death, Egbon/My bros as I fondly called you, did not only come to me as rude and unexpected at this time, but completely devastating.
I recall that our paths crossed each other first in 1986 when I joined the National Bank of Nigeria and ever since as we both traversed the banking professional journey across various institutions, we remained inseparable until death did us part on that faithful day June 16, 2020.
Egbon, in our thirty four years of relationship, you never for one day waiver from been a true and reliable leader, ally, confidant, professional and pillar of success in all our endeavors jointly and severally.
Indeed, our last but one confidential discussion was your desire and willingness to continue to serve in any assignment of our highly revered Institute. This discussion dovetailed into a spiritual realm in which I made reverence to the book of Mathew 7 v 7-9. Alas, your retention as a member of the 2020/22 Governing Council Committee on Capacity Building and Certification, could not be achieved on Thursday 18, when it was meant to be ratified by the Governing Council at its inaugural meeting. Instead, all I could struggle to do was to muster courage to announce your exit.
My Dearest bros, your desire to also see me through, on my PhD programme with your everyday counsel and encouragement will remain unforgettable and I will, even though you are not alive to witness it, ensure that this dream and project is completed by God’s grace.
Mr Sunny Olorunwa Ogunfadebo, you came, you saw and you conquered as a HERO to many of us too numerous to mention. In your own God endowed manners, you touched lives positively not mindful of their race, creed, age or faith. I cannot but therefore, submit to the ageless maxim that ‘’It is not how long but how well’’. Death, I reiterate a universal gift and inevitable, when, how and where any of us will receive it, we do not know.
Sleep well in the bosom of your Almighty father in whom you committedly and faithfully served till the trumpet sounded.
Till we meet to part no More, Good night Egbon mi.
‘Seye Awojobi
This tribute was added by Chartered Institute Of Ba... on June 25, 2020

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? (1 Corinthians 15:55) … These were the words on my lips when I received the traumatic news of the passing unto glory of Mr. Sunny Ogunfadebo, FCIB on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

The news of his demise took everyone at The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria by surprise and we are yet to recover from the shock. We feel a sense of immeasurable loss at his sudden death which clearly brought to fore the brevity of life and the thin line between life and death.

Mr. Ogunfadebo was a perfect gentleman, a mentor, a leader and a thoroughbred Professional who positively influenced so many people within and outside the Financial Services industry.

Mr. Ogunfadebo became a Fellow of the Institute in the year 2000 having qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London in 1985. He was a holder of the Practice License of the Institute and until his death, an active member of the Governing Council’s Committee on Capacity Building and Certification, a position he held diligently since 2016. He was indeed recommended for reappointment in the 2020-2022 Committee before the cold hands of death snatched him away.

Mr. Ogunfadebo was highly committed to the service of the Institute. He served meritoriously and supported the Institute’s giant strides in advancing Standards and Competency in the Banking Industry. He served the Institute in various capacities such as the Chief Examiner of Management Group and Examiner in the subject Strategic Management in the Financial Services Industry for many years. He was a pioneer Examiner in the subject Managing Microfinance Banks, one of the subjects in the Microfinance Certification Programme. He served as Member of the Sub-Committee on Examination Misconduct, Member of Examination Audit Team, Examination Compliance Officer and Resource Person for Accreditation as well as Documentation Reviews.

It was to his eternal credit that he was one of the main representatives of the Institute on the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) Accreditation Team. Mr. Ogunfadebo made history when he participated in the accreditation of LAPO Academy, the first Institution to undertake National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Microfinance.

He had a very positive impact on every assignment he handled. Little wonder he was the preferred resource person for many Educational initiatives of the Institute. His warmth, professionalism and intelligence were not only exceptional but also endearing. Just before his demise, he demonstrated a strong passion for continuous learning and actively participated in the recently concluded four weeks Online Webinar Train-the-Trainers Programme on Sustainable Banking, jointly organised by the Institute and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

All through his service to the Institute, he exhibited high level of integrity, discipline and humility. As he was a Professional, he was equally a devoted Christian and a family man. We learnt a great deal about his love for his family as they were never far from his thoughts. He also genuinely cared for others. He called his friends and colleagues regularly to ask after them and their families.

Today is therefore a tough day for us as an Institute, as we have lost a rare gem. We are in a state of shock, we are grieving, and the pain is indeed unbearable. He will be sorely missed by all of us and would be remembered as a Professional per Excellence, a lover of humanity, a great team player, an astute gentleman and a respecter of time who believed in dignity of labour.

In the words of Maya Angelou, “When great souls die, the air around us becomes light, rare, sterile. We breathe, briefly Our eyes, briefly see with a hurtful clarity. Our memory suddenly sharpened, examines, gnaws on kind words unsaid, promised walks never taken”.

While we greatly mourn the exit of a giant, we take solace in the indelible marks he has made in the Banking Industry as well as the good life he lived. It is our prayer that God in his infinite mercies will comfort and grant the entire family the equanimity to bear the irreparable loss.

On behalf of the Governing Council, Members, Management and Staff of The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, we sincerely offer our deepest condolences to the entire Ogunfadebo family.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace (Amen).

Signed by
‘Seye Awojobi, FCIB,
Registrar/Chief Executive
The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria
This tribute was added by Adewale Taiwo on June 25, 2020
The Phenomenon Called Sunny

Principled to a fault
Punctual to a fault
Brutally frank to a fault
Sunny says it as it is
No dressing up!
Never contemplates obstacles
Not to talk of failure
Sunny does everything
Like his life depended on it
What a dependable ally!
Sunny is fairness personified
And all these sterling qualities
Give me the comfort
That Sunny is in sync
With his Creator
Sleep well my boss, my brother and my friend.
This tribute was added by Nathaniel Folarin on June 24, 2020

Mr. Sunny Ogunfadebo, FCIB. When I heard of your exit, I was alarmed, shocked and sad. It was difficult to believe. On further retrospect, I reminded myself that every human being born, must die. It’s a debt we all owe. Just as we have no hand to determine our date of birth, we also have no hand in determining our exit date. The God who created us reserves that exclusively to himself. Still as human beings early exit hurts.
Sunny was a thoroughbred banker. He was the Assistant Chief Examiner for Strategic Management for the ACIB examination, while I was the Chief Examiner. We worked well, very well. Sometimes he made me lazy as he was capable of doing his assignments without supervision. He was cooperative, respectful, forward looking and always on the side of progress. Our professional association made us friends and your exit definitely leaves a vacuum.
Rest in peace my dear friend, and may the Lord strengthen your wife and daughter in particular to accept your departure and carry on and in general endow the rest of your family with the fortitude to bear your unexpected exit. May light perpetual shine on your soul.

Chief Nathaniel A. Folarin, FCIB.
This tribute was added by Adeola Olaojo on June 24, 2020
What can we say,we are so short of words,daddy ur death came as a very rude shock,after the accident I was confident that ur service to God will speak Mercy for you,yes it indeed worked bcos you are now in a better place where there is neither sorrow nor anguish,whenever I speak to you on any issue of concern I always felt peace from within,I saw another father in you,my husband still can't comprehend the fact that you are no more,I saw the tears I never saw in his face when he lost his father in his face the day we got the rude shock,ur son Olamiposi was so optimistic that u wld come back as u were so generous to leave just like that,I can go on and on,ur impact in our family is undeniable,hmm,"a mu olododo lo saaju ojo ibi",you will be greatly missed daddy,journey well sir and rest in the bossom of the almighty God till that beautiful morning.
                  THE OLAOJO'S.
This tribute was added by Folahan Ajanlekoko on June 24, 2020
Tribute to ‘Ẹ̀gbọ́n’ Sunny Ogunfadebo

My dearest ẹ̀gbọ́n Sunny ...

The news of your passing struck me like thunder lightning ! I was visibly jolted and shaking ...

I was in denial until I spoke to your lovely wife Yinka.

You came, you conquered and you ran your race very well...
Words are inadequate to express my feelings of loss and bereavement.

I first met you as my ẹ̀gbọ́n, ọga (boss) and teacher in National bank of Nigeria Limited, London in 1986.

You took time out to diligently lecture and teach me the rudiments of banking as a new entrant into the banking world then. The lessons still remain with me till today. You were one of my biggest inspirations!
You were a great encourager and influencer up till your last breath...

I was at your wedding to your sweetheart ‘Yinka and I was also present at the dedication of your beautiful and adorable daughter Ayodele.
You continued as a trail blazer upon your return to Nigeria.
Our paths crossed again in Nigeria when we were both living and working there between 2006 & 2017 and we kept in touch till last March when I greeted you for your birthday...
You had a wonderful sense of humour. You were also very passionate about football and sports in general...

You don’t have to wear face masks  and gloves like we are being compelled to do here on earth.
I’m sure you will be looking down on us and saying, “I am free from all the earthly worries and troubles”...

Your diligence, absolute attention to details, tenacity and willingness to go the extra mile to impact knowledge and help people were immeasurable!

You will be sorely missed but your legacies and good deeds will remain forever etched in our hearts. I’ve read all the beautiful eulogies and testaments about your supreme and beautiful person that you were to many of us.
You will be forever missed indeed.

I pray that the vacuum your departure has caused will be filled with abundant peace, unquestionable love, pure joy and amazing happiness that you so much radiated...

I pray for strength for all your loved ones. In particular your wife and daughter.

Adieu my dearest ẹgbọn... until we meet to part no more.

Folahan Ajanlekoko
This tribute was added by Aderonke Asaolu on June 24, 2020
Daddy Olufadebo, as I called you when we served at the FT CCU Shiloh committee some years ago, you were an epitome of calmness, you never believed that there was any challenge without a way out. You believed in seeking solutions to issues rather than complain about them. I learnt a lot working with you on that committee. You will be forever missed. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God comfort and strengthen the family, church, friends and colleagues you left behind. 
This tribute was added by Mike Abiodun-Ojo on June 24, 2020

SUNNY, I regrettably received a message from one of your close allies with RIP boldly embossed on your picture. I didn't give it a thought as I considered it to be one of the numerous  fake news being circulated around.
Without any loss of time, I expeditiously contacted the carrier of the ugly message and confirmed that the worst had happened.
I was shocked to my marrows, as I embraced denial and convinced myself that my own Sunny could not be dead.
Sunny, that I had just forwarded a message to. Sunny that used to call me UNCLE "BEE" was alive.

What do I say about your genuine and deep prayers for me anytime you called or either way, with a resounding, " EEPE FUN WA SIR" That was my Sunny in his elements.

My dearest Aburo, you beat me to transition into eternal glory. The Almighty God, our Creator, knows best. He is unquestionable.

Sunny, my caring aburo, you were a wonderful person to me and to my family. Words are not enough to enumerate your good deeds. I profoundly and deeply appreciate your acts of love and kindness and willingness to shoulder responsibilities. Despite your busy schedule, you volunteered to be taken my son to school and my entire family was put in your care when I was leaving UK for Nigeria. No doubt, you were a brother in a million and a blazing star. That is the way you were to me and other friends whose paths crossed with yours in the journey of life.
To God be the Glory!!!

My dearest aburo, I thank God for your life. You used your life to serve God and humanity until your departure. You maximized every opportunity God gave you for the blessings of others. You were like a candle; you burnt to give others light.

Though you have departed from this sinful world, your warm and fond memories linger on in our minds.

Adieu, my charming and pleasant Sunny, our ex-football captain and attacker in the pitch. I will continue to recognise you in your capacity as a professional banker, an astute University Lecturer, an indefatigable Consultant and an Anointed man of God who loved and served God diligently to the end.

My dear Sunny, I congratulate you, for you have fought a good fight, you have finished your course and you have kept the faith.

You are dearly and sorely missed by all your friends, relations, workers in the church and most especially, your UNCLE BEE!!!

Good night Sunny. Continue to Rest in the bosom of our Lord until we meet to part no more.

This tribute was added by Tunji Osifeso on June 23, 2020
I will call, “A Sunny; And he will respond, “my man”. I will repeat myself and he will respond in his usual way. However, on our third exchange, he will now respond, “bawo ni”.
“A Sunny“, “my man”.
“A Sunny”, “my man”.
“A Sunny”, “bawo ni”.
This was how Sunny and I exchanged pleasantries over the years. It was after this our initial but unique way of salutation that we now go into our main issue of discussion.
Last November, Sunny called me to inquire about where in Ijebu that I come from. He had seen my daughter engagement invite which I posted on Fellow of Likeminds platform. He was surprised just as I was to find out that we were from the same Ogun Waterside division in Ogun State. We never knew about this until then.
It feels like you are right here with us. I can smell your aura and see your shadow. Your voice sound soft but it echo reverberates in the wilderness. I see your halo shine just as your silhouette glide with the wind. And suddenly, see you no more. Your legacy will continue to remind us of your person till the end of time. Please Rest Well my friend.
This tribute was added by 'Remi Adewunmi on June 23, 2020
It is with a rude shock that I received the news of the sudden passage of our dear colleague, brother and dependable friend, Mr.Sunny Ogunfadebo. I met him for the first time in 2011. He was coopted to assist my group that handled MFB. He was not only supportive, he was humble, friendly and a strong team player.
He demonstrated uncommon zeal to apply his skill at every opportunity available and to give assistance without any hindrance or reservation.. My interaction with him also revealed his rich family education background which he applied to counsel and solve problems for junior colleagues amongst us during our various meetings.
To say he will be greatly missed will be an understatement.
May his kind and humble soul be received unto the Lord's bossom and may the family he left behind be granted the grace and fortitude to carry on. Adieu, Sunny Ogunfadebo, a worthy colleague, friend and brother!
This tribute was added by Tinu Thompson on June 23, 2020
The news of your death was as unexpected as it was sudden, to say it was received with shock, is clearly an understatement. Mr Sunny "PROVOST" as you are popularly called amongst us at Centre For Microenterprise Development (CMD) Tution Centre, your exit is a painful loss.

Our ever professional, transparent, understanding and highly dependable PROVOST, I will miss you as a friend and personal colleague and we all shall miss you as a teacher, a motivator and a silent achiever. We'll miss the thoroughbred professional banker, great planner, excellent team player, Mr "achieve it at all cost," that you were.
Many are the plans we had, great are our plans but Almighty God has greater plans.

We shall surely miss you. CMD in general shall miss you, CMD Lagos Tuition Centre shall miss you more.

Sleep on in the bosom of the Lord.

This tribute was added by Rotimi Idowu on June 23, 2020
Egbon Sunny a complete gentleman of the highest degree was more than a client of my Company Rotimi Idowu and Company. He was a friend, a brother and a companion of great value. A meticulous financial engineer per excellence. There was no dull moment when in his company. He was imbued with great sense of enthusiasm and hilarity that made one wanted to be with him always. He was a man without guile. May God rest his beautiful soul in His bosom. Amen
This tribute was added by Prince Ikechukwu on June 23, 2020
Your services in God's vineyard will forever be missed. We at Ccu Magbon, Lekki Free Trade Zone bid you farewell.
This tribute was added by Eko Womi on June 23, 2020
This really is a rude shock. I still find it hard to believe. Although my encounter with Mr. Sunny Ogunfadebo was very brief, it was impactful not only in education but also all life round. He will be greatly missed indeed. May his gentle soul rest in the Bossom of the Lord.
This tribute was added by Tim Ash'bel on June 22, 2020
The sun rose and now it sets. A lover of God, committed to the advancement of the kingdom, is set for the crown. A worthy servant, a faithful leader, an example of humility. A steward indeed, a mentor: you impacted lives, encouraged many. Where ever you went, whatever you did had a unique signature which left no one in doubt of your resourcefulness. Brother Sunday, even though your demise is painful, I am consoled because you are smiling down at us now from the mansion Jesus prepared for you. May your gentle soul rest in peace in Jesus name. Adieus
This tribute was added by Oyinkan Akinsanya on June 22, 2020
It saddens my heart to hear the demise of a great friend Mr Sunny Ogunfadebo. We worked as colleagues in the Bank at (NBN) City of Centrall London in1980's. Sunny was a nice cool likable guy. He was hard working & also cherished his leisure times. I remembered our office parties & even our Chrustmas celebrations. We all had great memorable times together
It's so sad that we had not seen in recent years but the good memories remain for ever. He will surely be missed his family, friends & colleagues. May God grant him an eternal rest. Amen
I seize this opportunity to express my condolences to his entire family, friend & colleagues. May God Almighty comfort & strengthen everyone. Amen⚘
This tribute was added by I Ibomhen on June 22, 2020
It was so sad and heartbreaking to hear about oga Sunny' death. And it was really shocking to hear the incident that caused this grief.
He was always a happy, active and fun person.
Hmm, a good heart has stopped beating untimely!
May his soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name!
And to his family, pls accept my deepest condolences!
This tribute was added by CCU FT on June 22, 2020
The news of your transition into glory came to us a shock and we are still in pains for the great loss.
Elder Sunny is our Father, Teacher and Mentor and a committed Leader in Crowd Control Unit (CCU).
He was at various times leader 1 of our sub-groups in canaaland in which he distinguished himself by serving his maker with all his heart and showing everyone that comes close to him the way of the LORD.
While in the CCU Recruitment and training, elder Sunny was a teacher of teachers as those he has impacted are still impacting the world both in CCU and other endeavour. 
He is a man filled with the spirit of God and can always use various illustrations to drive in his point. He welcomes ideas and suggestion for the growth and progress of the group and easy ways that will never make anyone feel bad at any time.
Surely we missed you, but your impact we continue to speak for ever as you have engraved the spirit of servant hood in our hearts
Rest on our Teacher! Rest on our Daddy!

Crowd Contol Unit
Fathtabernacle , Canaaland, Ota
This tribute was added by Dr. Babatunde Akinsanya on June 22, 2020
I received the demise of Deacon Sunny, my Oga, and Leader with shock.
Deacon Sunny was a great man, a wonderful intellect, a great soul of matchless courage, one of the great Professionals of CIBN. This is a huge loss as he was considered the leader of the Bankers' Profession. Deacon, you will never die. We shall tell the young CIBN Professionals that the single tree left in the banking profession was watered by your wisdom.
In CIBN, Deacon will always be remembered for his lifelong dedication to service. His permanent departure has, no doubt, created a big vacuum in the banking profession which only Almighty God may help to fill. As Leader for many years, he played such an exemplary role that command the respect of all in the profession, especially the CIBN Examiners' group. He was a strong pillar of the CIBN whose contributions were immeasurable.
I pray Almighty God to repose his soul in eternal bliss and grant his family the fortitude to carry on peaceful life in his absence.
Rest in Peace the great ICON!!!
Rest in Peace and know that CIBN will treasure you forever!!!
This tribute was added by Abiodun Franklin on June 22, 2020
Posted by Pst Wole Coker

*Exit Of An Icon!*

_A Sage had been called home..._

Bro. Olufadebo as he is fondly called was indeed a lover of God and the interests Of His kingdom. A meek and honest man, a motivator and a strategist, an encourager and a motivator, a rare gem and one of a kind... A truly dedicated, uncompromisingly committed and unequivocally a faithful steward in the Lord's vineyard.

Always ready to serve God in season and out of season...a very informed and detailed man that believes and always work with facts and not ambiguities. A good listener and a truce broker within our unit in church, Crowd Control Unit(CCU). We celebrate this kingdom celebrity that has served God in truth and in deed. We love him.

Our hearts are with the family...We pray that every vacuum caused by his demised be filled with comfort and joy always by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen

CCU celebrates this kingdom giant and a soldier of Christ. A bridge builder and a peacemaker he was to us in the unit. We thank God for his life and times that was full of impacts and unusual feats. To God be the glory!

_He will be greatly missed!_

*We have comfort that he is in a better place and will forever live in our heart*

May the Lord grant the family the fortitude to bear this loss as he grants him eternal rest in His bosom.


_Pst 'Wole Coker & Family_
This tribute was added by Prince Adeoye Yinusa on June 22, 2020
My first meeting with Uncle Sunny Ogunfadebo was 1996/97. Uncle Sunny as I usually call him was a man of humility and integrity. He taught me what it meant to be humble and accountable. He helped create a very good relationship between my wife and I. He would always tell me then, Adeoye, you can do it. He believed in me and God used him to build my confidence. Uncle Sunny has done so much for me, before his demise, anytime we talk, I always say thank you to him, he would always reply do not forget what I told you. My heart is heavy as I type this. A rare gem has transitioned to glory and I pray he finds peace in paradise.
This tribute was added by Idowu Olukoya on June 22, 2020
It is with shock that I received the news of the passing on to glory of our dear brother, Elder Sunday Ogunfadebo. He was a personal friend; we were also together in the Capacity Building and Certification Committee of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), and we attended the same church. In fact, in the church, we attended the same every morning prayer meeting, at one of the locations of the church. I am the pastor in charge of this center. Such a thorough and amiable man, of high integrity and notably committed to the things of God and humamity. In the church, he was always at hand to assist in every way he could. He was the current head of the Crowd Control Unit. But we cannot question God for his early home going. When a faithful completes his assignment here on earth, God takes such faithful into His bosom in Heaven. We take solace in the fact of the Scripture that says a Believer does not die, but sleeps, and at the last day, he shall be resurrected with our Lord Jesus. We thank God for a life well spent. Elder Ogunfadebo came, he saw and he conquered. Praise be to the Lord. Hallelujah.

Pst Idowu Olukoya
This tribute was added by Abolanle Arewa on June 22, 2020
I couldn't believe you have left us so soon like that. I saw you last at your friend's burial (Elder Tayo Olatunji) on March 10th 2020. A nice man and good leader. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. God will comfort your family to bear this irreparable loss in Jesus Name. We will miss you in crowd control unit, faith tabernacle Ota.
This tribute was added by Kafilat Araoye on June 22, 2020
Mr Ogunfadebo was a very nice and amiable man.He was a seasoned Banker who shared his wealth of knowledge and experience with those of us in the Capacity Building and Certification committee of CIBN.He was extremely humble and hardworking.I pray his soul will rest in perfect peace.
This tribute was added by Folasade Adegboye on June 22, 2020
It was such a huge shock to hear of your demise, I still remember the residential question setting exercise organised by the Institute earlier in the year, I never knew that would be the last time to see you...... The memories of your sincerity, honesty, humility, dexterity, sensitiveness, forthrightness, will live on. Rest at the bossom of the Lord.... Adieu.......
This tribute was added by Patrick Bikom on June 22, 2020
Sometimes we might be tempted to question, why.

Daddy Ogunfadebo as we call him back then as the unit leader of Crowd Control Unit (CCU) LFC Ikorodu, Lagos State was a very dedicated and exemplary leader. Despite his status, he's always down to earth with everyone, always ready and willing to listen, a very humble man.

His encouraging words on rendering acceptable stewardship and it's rewards when ever he admonishes us during our monthly unit meeting has always drawn our heart to kingdom service. Hmm, what a great loss. A peace lover, calm and gentle.

I remember when I was transferring my service from LFC IKD main church to one of our LFC branch in Lucky Fibre. I met him and explain everything to him, he was very supportive and encourage me to always give my best in the service of the Lord and he prayed for me. His passion for service to the Kingdom of God was unquestionable and worth emulating.

Sir, you might have left us unceremoniously but we are comforted in the fact that you are in a better place, continue to rest in God blossom. You will forever remain in our heart.

This tribute was added by Oyeniyi Adedoyin on June 21, 2020
We always call you baba in CCU LFC IKORODU, you have taught and show us love, one thing I will say about you is your integrity that baba have, baba is always ready to support us, I work closely with daddy as a treasurer and almost as his secretary, I learnt so much, he reads the minute word for words and make all neccessary correction, his faith level is just too much, he will tell me Brother Doyin God will supply, he comes down to our level to play with us. He is so nice and always helpful and baba is a giver
This tribute was added by Lola Yinusa on June 21, 2020
It is difficult for us to understand, process and accept this devastating news. There are no words that are sufficient to explain the loss of a great Uncle.

Uncle Sunny was a great man and loyal friend to our dad. We always knew this growing up and witnessed it throughout our childhood and right up until his departure. Uncle was always cheerful when we saw or spoke to him and this is how we will remember him.

Uncle would stay with us when he visited London, telling us stories of the eighties and how he and our dad would revise through the night for their banking exams. He would welcome us generously any time we visited Nigeria. He loved updating us on Ayodele’s achievements and would remind us to call her more often. We all knew how proud of her he was.

Uncle was there for our family during celebratory moments as well as the difficult times. As children, we have grown and seen other relationships become distant, yet we will always remember Uncle Sunny as one who was consistently present. It was just last month when we last saw Uncle during a video call. We called our dad and Uncle was around, he had brought food to our dads place so he could break our dads fast with him during Eid. They were "social distance socialising" as they called it and they sat in chairs, 2 metres apart from each-other, outside, wearing face masks. This memory makes our hearts smile because that’s the Uncle Sunny we knew and loved. A kind hearted, very generous and caring man, someone who was always there for our dad.

May God continue to guide and protect Auntie Yinka, Ayodele and all family members that Uncle has left behind. We pray the love of God enfolds you during this difficult time, that He gives you the strength to bear this great loss and that you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you.

Uncle Sunny, you lived a purposeful life and you will never be forgotten. You are forever in our hearts. Rest in perfect peace.

The Yinusa Children

This tribute was added by Isiekwene Monica Ijeoma on June 21, 2020
You’ve shown me fatherly kindness
Corrected me with love
An angel with legs
Your leadership qualities I soo much admire
You never look down on anyone
The last time we spoke you said when I graduate I must show you a first class and by God’s grace I’m strongly working towards that
I know you’re in a better place daddy
Rest on
Rest in arms of angels
Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Adeniyi Obasan on June 21, 2020
It will be an overstatement to note that I feel so much pain within me having to write a tribute of a confidant, colleague and an age-long companion in the name of the late Sunny Ogunfadebo FCIB.MBA- The ’Provost’ Let it be placed on record that we are already missing you.
Your demise has just prompted me to take stock of our close journey thus far and I regret to note the fact that God must have made us to be a 2-man team to achieve some things together which have only just started to evolve. Alas! You were gone before I could realise it.
Our paths crossed each other for the first time at the defunct 1933 founded National Bank of Nigeria Ltd (1979 through 1981) as Clerks. Sunny was one of the members of staff (National Bank Boys) under the leadership of Mr. Olulenu of blessed memory who brought the name of the bank to lime light in Football. I remember Sunny was a wonderful colleague to us all.
As we both hunger and thirst for career advancement as Bankers and without necessarily planning together we found ourselves together again in London UK. We qualified as professional Bankers and both got elected as Associates of The Chartered Institute of Bankers. London. U.K.
As we returned to Nigeria, Sunny was at Marina International Bank while I was at Capital Bank (now a member of Access Bank) and we got talking together about Banking practice..
We were together at Ogun State University (Olabisi Onabanjo University) for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme. Sunny was a session ahead of me.
He remained a very active member of the OSUMBA-an association of MBA students of the University until his demise.
As we both left main stream banking, I couldn’t fathom how we both chose to go into Consultancy and Training in Finance and Management matters together. This made our paths to cross again as we render service to our beloved Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria as Examiners and later the Centre for Micro Enterprise Development and some banks as faculty members until his demise.
Sunny was an adorable person, an astute professional Banker and was very forthright in all his dealings.
Sunny continued to push the frontiers of learning, seeking how best to deliver knowledge, build upcoming professionals and emancipate debilitating businesses until his very end. To that extent, he obtained the Practice License of The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria which he hardly put to use.
Painfully, I have to stop writing. As it dawned on me that there are things we were yet to achieve together before you took the heavenly flight, I can only try to pursue those goals on your honor.
I pray that God will grant every one of us missing you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss as you transited.
Adieu Sunny, rest in the bosom of your Lord. Bye! ‘

This tribute was added by Adetola Saliu-Aina on June 21, 2020
My Presido for Life.
Our paths crossed about 23years ago during the MBA programme at OSU and ever since we were hooked. You were a true friend that sticks closer than a brother. You called me friend even when it was obvious that the age disparity between us was so wide.
You were such a wonderful and amazing leader, a legend and a rare gem. Always approachable, ever caring, ever dependable and ever reliable. You've got the magic wand to still keep us together. You have left your footprints in the sands of time and fellow of Likeminds will never forget you and your good works.
More so, you were my mentor and motivator, you taught me how to keep friends even those older than me. I will surely miss your wise counsel.
'Something', as you often called me, you lived a life worthy of emulation. And like l said before, you are an Angel sent to us.
I pray, may God comfort your wife, your daughter, Church brethren, fellow of Likeminds, colleagues, family and friends whose lives you have impacted.
Adieu Sunny! Adieu Pressy!!
Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever.
Tola(Bedo) & Family
This tribute was added by Gabriel OLADEJI on June 21, 2020
*Gabriel* *Olawuwo* *Oladeji* *(* *Sir* *Heavy* *)*

" *This* *world* *is* *the* *land* *of* *dying* , *the* *next* *is* *the* *land* *of* *the* *living* ".
*Tryon* *Edwards* .

Uncle Sunny, my dear brother from another mother, I'm still reeling from the shock of your sudden transition from this sinful world to eternity. To me, this is indeed a great and irreparable loss, therefore, I mourn your demise
However, as a faithful believer, I take solace in the words of our Lord that in all circumstances we should remain grateful to Him.
Uncle Sunny, you were indeed a rare gem, an icon, dependable reliable and a fulcrum of support. You left indelible footprints in the life of everyone you came in contact with.
You were there for me during the darkest phase of my life. As a greenhorn in the vicissitudes of life, you provided guidance for me with your calm and cool disposition. You soothed my frayed nerves at appropriate times when I was weighed down with challenges of life.
Infact, your departure has left a deep vacuum in my life, which can never be filled by any other.
I'm definitely going to miss coming to see you whenever I'm in Nigeria. I will be bereft of your advice, robust and insightful contributions to my business and well being.
However, I take solace in the words of John Milton that say " *Death* *is* *the* *golden* *key* *that* *opens* *the* *palace* *of* *eternity* ", as I am convinced and assured that my dear brother has entered eternity. More importantly, I feel comforted that God in His infinite mercy will protect and uphold the family you left behind.

Adieu our own Uncle Sunny. Rest on in the bosom of our Lord until we meet to part no more
This tribute was added by Kayode Adeyemi on June 21, 2020
From: Professor Deji Olanrewaju, FCIB

What a colossal loss to our Institute. An Amiable, quintessential and impeccable in character has gone to rest.

His immense contributions to banking education will ever remain indelible in the history of our great Institute.

It’s my fervent prayers that God will grant his family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Amen
This tribute was added by Sola Ogunbadejo on June 21, 2020
Dear Egbon ,

This moment marks one of the most devastating days of my life on earth Perhaps ranks next to the individual sorrow days of the deaths of my parents , and a couple of my life benefactors of blessed memories like you Oga mi Sunny

It is so because in 1986 that we first met at Olabisi Onabanjo University as professional colleagues and MBA classmate you showered a unique brotherwood hands of comradeship to me as a younger person to you .

Again , in the banking industry that we later met in the same year you epitomised astuteness profrssionalism diligence and harfwork .indeed., xou signed one of my
CIBN documents for me with love and lots of wonderful words of encouragements .

After graduation from OSU in 1998 , you chose me as worthy secretary to work with when you were appointed as the President of OSUMBA 96/98

From then till death came your way , l have always seen you as a wonderful personality in all human endeavours .. Your regular calls of welfare were so amazing Indeed you always exhumed the beings in mankind .

Sunny you are a coach of coaches , mentor of mentors , leader of leaders manager of managers and chairman of chairmen . In every task assigned to yourself and even to others you always demanded the best of every thing ....making transparency and accountability your watchswords

Oga mi owon and egbon mi atata my family members , professional colleagues friends and associates as well as all the wonderful members of Likeminders/ Osumbites will surely missed you dearly.

May the good Lord give your loving family the fortitude to bear the loss and grant your amiable soul eternal rest Amen.

Adiue Sunny Oloruwa Ogunfadebo

Sola O n family
This tribute was added by Kayode Adeyemi on June 21, 2020
Daddy Ogunfadebo (as I always call you), It is utterly devastating to hear about your tragic death. I still fondly recall your positive approach to life and what you taught me about being available and passionate for the work of God. 

The memories of how you consistently persuaded me to work in the vineyard of God until I joined the Crowd Control Unit (CCU) in the church will forever remains treasured. 

You have touched my live in so many ways (physically and spiritually) that its impossible not to remember you even for a moment. 

You worked so hard and always followed the path of honesty and justice. You will be missed forever and always, and the beautiful moments you shared with me will always speak of a great and kind person that you were.

May God grant you eternal rest, and reward your selfless service to Him and Humanity.

Adieu !!!!

This tribute was added by Remi Eluyefa on June 21, 2020
Sunny, for more than 20years you were my friend, you were my brother. You were also my leader. You were so caring that I wish I was as caring as you were. You checked on me and my family as if it was an obligation. I sometimes feel embarrassed when you call and say “Omooba I just call to hear your voice“. I later discovered that you do same to all our mates at MBA class. I am still processing the fact that you’re no more with us. You are surely missed, but remain forever remembered by those of us you left behind. Rest In Peace, Sunny because you deserve it. You are a man of Peace.
Prince Remi Eluyefa & Family.
This tribute was added by Gloria Aikpokpo on June 21, 2020
I just saw on a WhatsApp status that Uncle sunny as I call him then when he was in CCU special Squad had gone to be with God, I was sad but was also happy because he left a legacy behind, I learnt to be prayerful, patient and spiritual.
We will greatly miss you, but heaven has gained you. Halleluyah
RIP sir.
This tribute was added by Oloye Gbola Raji on June 21, 2020
A time to be born and a time to die but no one, not even himself had can incline he would die so soon.
Sunny was our course governor at MBA class of OSU 1996/98 and since then we never loose touch.
After the completion of MBA, we formed a club and he transmuted to been the President and we called him life President as no one could lead the association dedicatedly, sincerely, fairly and objectively as he did. We shall continue to miss him. Sunny was thorough, generous, deep in thought and treated everyone specially. He pursued his belief diligently whilst not holding anyone in contempt. He called me to join him in the staff training job and together we worked well. He was a highly reliable and dependable person. He lived a simple life and cared for everyone he came in contact with. He was a highly godly man who practiced his faith without being dogmatic. We were told he met the cause of his death while serving the course of his faith. If money could get Sunny back to life, we were prepared to bring him back but alas, his time was up and he answered the supreme call. May his soul rest in peace. Adieu Sunny, God bless your soul
This tribute was added by Elizabeth King on June 21, 2020

Uncle Sunny, it is so sad you had gone too soon.

Uncle Sunny was a humble, simple, yet a disciplinarian personality. He was a true believer who never minced his words. He was an epitome of godly character worthy of emulation in all spheres of life; a perfect example for anyone seeking direction in Christ-like attitude.

The little time I knew him, he demonstrated God fearing character and lived what he preached. 'Uncle Sunny as you were fondly called'; was a good soldier of Christ, you had fought and finished the race and there is no doubt, you will now wear the crown of glory Christ had prepared for you.

You will be greatly missed but I am confident that we all shall meet at the Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ when the Trumphet shall sound.

We love you but God loves you more; He has taken you so your eyes will not see ccorruption. Adieu Uncle Sunny

May God's comfort be upon your family and grant them peace in Jesus mighty name. Amen
This tribute was added by Abiodun Franklin on June 21, 2020
*Exit Of An Icon!*

Hearing the news of Daddy Sunny Olufadebo’s demise was really saddening but I know that he is in a better place right now. I pray that the Almighty himself will comfort the family of the Olufadebo in Jesus name.

What is Life? Life is a deep mystery that we cannot understand, so therefore let's accept this mystery...

Daddy Olufadebo.~ Pastor among Pastors.Deacon who prefers to be called Bro. Sunny a warm. Kindhearted Committed servant of God.A Motivator. An honest man with uncompromising principles. An Humble servant Leader with positivity, encouraging and Always full of Joy.
A great teacher, Trainer of Trainers. Meek and Faithful Steward in the Vineyard.

Sir,the lessons I learned serving with you on several occasions in different capacities is still speaking till date. I will really miss your great teachings and learnings.

Your Zeal for the Kingdom is Examplary ~I always remember when you relocated to Ikorodu and you will still come all the way to Canaanland not minding the distance and traffic.Always ready to serve God in season and out of season.

CCU General celebrates this kingdom giant and a soldier of Christ. A bridge builder and a peacemaker. We thank God for his life and times that was full of impacts and unusual feats.
To God be the glory!

You will be greatly missed.

*We have the Solace and comfort that he is in a better place and will forever live in our heart*
May the Lord grant the family the fortitude to bear this loss as he grants him eternal rest in His bosom.

*Adieu my Oga, Leader of Leaders and Chairman of Chairmen. God's General !*

Abiodun Franklin & family
This tribute was added by Korede Obigbesan on June 21, 2020
Oga Sunny, your sudden departure from this world was a great shock. You welcomed me to Marina Abuja branch like a son back then in 2003. I have always looked up to you as a mentor. You became part of my family and I always looked forward to seeing you anytime I visited Lagos. I will miss your ever unique voice, advice, affection and fatherly love. I still remember the last time you visited me, your were indeed very humble and a rare gem. It's hard to say goodbye. Rest in peace Oga Sunny.
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