This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Susan Marie "Dolly" Colantoni.


Susan Marie “Dolly” Colantoni died peacefully on January 11, 2012, at her home at Magnolia Gardens in Toms River New Jersey.

At her request, no service will be held.

Susan was born on March 5th, 1927 to Italian immigrant parents Frank and Marie Criscuolo in New York City. Susan was happily married to Joseph Colantoni for 57 years and they raised two children together, Ann Koukos and Alfred Colantoni, until his death in 2003.

She lived most of her life in South Plainfield New Jersey. She and her husband also lived in Forked River, and Ocean, New Jersey, and after they retired they lived in Inverness and Celebration Florida. 

Susan was a working mother who owned and operated a fountain service store, worked on an assembly line, and was employed by the Asbury Park Press in the mailroom. She loved tennis, Jai-Alai, bowling, Christmas, and being with her family. Susan was a staunch Democrat.

She is survived by her children Ann and her husband George, Alfred and his wife Nicole, her grandchildren, Lisa, Laura, Joe, Terri, David and AJ, her great-grandchildren Falon, Ian, Cassie, Colin and Josephine and her siblings Albert and John Criscuolo.

Susan was preceded in death by her husband Joseph, her brothers Al, Steve and Anthony, her sister Nellie, niece Marie, and nephew Frank.

Susan lived a remarkably colorful life, book to come, and will be greatly missed.

The family wants to especially thank the staff, nurses, and aids at Magnolia Gardens and the Caring Hospice personnel for providing loving care for Susan during her final days. We also want to thank Mom’s loyal and caring aid Norma for making Mom’s life in Florida fun, safe and enjoyable.

Susan was interred alongside her husband Joe at William C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery on Friday, January 20, 2012.


Let the memory of Susan Marie "Dolly" be with us forever


Memorial donations may be made to Habitat for Humanity or the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County.  


Posted by Laura Koukos on March 23, 2021
Was just missing you both today. Went to see you both today. Just wanted you both to know that I love you beyond the moon and stars not a minute goes by that I don’t think of you both love Laurie
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on March 5, 2021
Remembering you with love on your birthday, Dolly❤️
Posted by Terri Stevens on March 5, 2021
Happy Birthday Gram, I miss you
Posted by Laura Koukos on March 5, 2021
Happy birthday Gram. Love laurie
Posted by Ann Koukos on March 5, 2021
Happy Birthday Mom
Birthdays are a funny thing, we don't really remember the day we were born but it starts an incredible journey. I think we celebrate birthdays while we are young to memorialize the milestones of growing up.

As adults, hopefully,we celebrate them to mark one more year of being able to be the strenght and example our children need to grow. 

For you and Uncle Johnny there were many birthdays uncelebrated and forgotten, but as you entered into adulthood you made every year a reason to celebrate who you were.

On your birthday I want to remember "Susan" often known as "Dolly", I will always remember that when you became so very tired and weary you looked at me and said help "Susan" the little girl who became an incredible women. Dolly found the strenght and determination to be everything she could. Susan the little girl just wanted to rest. So rest Susan and know that we all appreciate you each and every day.

You are always in my thoughts, in my prayers and in the way I live my life.

Love, Ann

Posted by Alfred Colantoni on March 5, 2021
Happy Birthday Mom...miss you
Posted by Laura Koukos on January 11, 2021
Not a day goes by without remembering you nine years seems like yesterday. Forever in my heart both of you with love Laurie.  I will see you this weekend like always
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on January 11, 2021
Remembering you with love, Dolly❤️
Posted by Terri Stevens on January 11, 2021
Thinking of you today. I miss you so much. Hug Grandpa for me❤️
Posted by Laura Koukos on December 18, 2020
nonna vorremmo decorare la tua per favore per provare il meglio che potevamo la tua porta di casa e dentro, quindi ci siamo sentiti come a casa a Tom River. Ho ancora la Madonna fuori da casa mia che sta per essere ridipinta in tuo onore perché so che era molto preziosa per te. Cerco di farti visita e pop più spesso che posso dato che ho ormai capacità di guida molto limitate. sfogliare il tuo album di matrimonio e pubblicare quelle foto per far divertire tutti nella vita è stata una tale benedizione vedere se la vita da favola da vicino e personale, proprio come avevano fatto mia madre e mio padre. Buon Natale, Dio vi benedica e prendetevi cura gli uni degli altri angeli sul vostro cuscino. Amo Laurie.
Posted by Ann Koukos on September 14, 2020
September 14, wedding anniversary and a day that reminds me of my parents and the bond they had. They lived together with the ease of gentle breeze. Like everyone, the years gave them challenges and differences, but it also gave them love, understanding and happiness. Together they faced good and bad.  They were each others strength, they felt safe in each others arms.  Happy Anniversary, you remain with us always.
Posted by Laura Koukos on July 20, 2020
Pop e nonna mi mi manchi Oltre non dimenenenticherai Mai non importai cosa to amo ti amo amo oggi e domain qualnque cosa accada sono tuo nipote oggi domani e per sempre laura. Forever
Posted by Ann Koukos on March 7, 2020
Happy Birthday Mom, I thought of you on your birthday, and I think of you every day. I miss you.

Posted by Donna Hession on March 5, 2020
Happy Birthday Dolly. I miss you and think of you often.
Love, Donna
Posted by Ann Koukos on February 2, 2020
The month of January 2020 is now history, the month where we are reminded of the day you left us. I am sad that you are not physically with us any longer, but the sadness turns into a smile almost everyday.  One of your "Dollyisms" or lessons of life seem to appear each and everyday bringing a smile to our faces. You are the reason I have more towels then anyone could ever use, more toilet paper than necessary and clothes that are washed by Dolly rules. Will Vaseline and A&D really cure everything?  The lessons of life you taught me are part of what helps me mediate people in trouble. Thank you for the gift.
I realize even more now that the most important thing we leave behind is the part of ourselves that lives on through others. You are always in my heart. Love, Ann
Posted by Terri Stevens on January 16, 2020
Miss you so much Gramma :( I think about u all the time and wishing I could call and here you say Terri Baby!!!
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on January 13, 2020
Miss you Mom❤️
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on January 11, 2020
It doesn’t seem possible that eight years have passed since you left us, Dolly. We all think of you often, remembering things you said or did, and things you taught us that will stay with us always. Much love.
Posted by Laura Koukos on September 24, 2019
Just wanted to say love and miss you both. 
Posted by Laura Koukos on April 16, 2019
Miss you both. Laurie.
Posted by Ann Koukos on March 6, 2019
Happy Birthday Mom,
I know I am a day late, my computer has some problems and I didn't get it back until today. The years have gone by, yet time has stood still. There will always be a part of me that left with you. There will always be a part of you that stays with me. I miss you, Love , Ann
Posted by Laura Koukos on March 5, 2019
Happy Birthday... Miss You today like yesterday ... Love You... Love Laurie...
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on March 5, 2019
Thinking of you on your birthday today, Dolly. Miss you.
Posted by Laura Koukos on January 12, 2019
Forever missed never forgotten. Visit and sit with you and Grandpa all the time. Seven years seems like yesterday.  Miss you everyday. Love Laurie
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on January 11, 2019
I miss you, Dolly.
Posted by Ann Koukos on January 11, 2019
Today I think of you, yesterday I thought of you and tomorrow I will think of you with the love and wonder that only you brought to my world. Miss you
Love Ann
Posted by Laura Koukos on October 16, 2018
Forever missed. With Love ❤️
Posted by Laura Koukos on May 22, 2018
I always visit you and grandpa and sit with you... Just wanted to stop and light a candle here .... Love and miss you both..... Love Laurie...
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on March 5, 2018
Thinking for you on your birthday.
Posted by Terri Stevens on March 4, 2018
While baking a cake today for Colin's birthday tomorrow of course my mind goes to you. I miss you so much and wish more than anything I could knock on the door of the house on Longview and have you answer it. I love you and Happy Birthday in heaven my beautiful Grandmother
Posted by Laura Koukos on January 19, 2018
Even though I visit you and Pop twice a month I wanted to stop by and just say you are both in my heart and always remembered... Love and miss you both.... Love Laurie....
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on January 11, 2018
It’s hard to believe it’s been six years without you, Dolly. Your family misses you and remembers you with so much love.
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on January 11, 2018
Miss you Mom
Posted by Terri Stevens on January 11, 2018
Miss you so much Grandma
Posted by Ann Koukos on December 25, 2017
Your favorite time of year. You remain part of our Christmas, in the lights we put up, the pixies on the tree and just the magic of the season. With all the new great-grandchildren your credit cards would be on fire. Thankfully they love the magic, family gathering more than the gifts. One of the best legacies that remain with us, there are many, is the empathy, kindness and giving nature you instilled in Al and me, it is ingrained in your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you for teaching us the true meaning of Christmas.
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on December 25, 2017
Merry Christmas
Posted by Laura Koukos on October 9, 2017
Dear Gram & Pop..... I visit you both almost weekly to pay my respects... But I wanted to make sure I stopped by to leave a note that I love you both and miss you.  Gram no matter what I told you .. you always gave your opinion whether it was what I wanted to hear it or not... Never sugar coated anything... Miss our chats... Fashion shows.... lol... Love Laurie..
Posted by Laura Koukos on April 6, 2017
Hi Gram and Pop...
Happy Birthday Pop.... Visited you both the other day... You were amazing people with amazing qualities individually and strengthened together as a couple. Your individual qualities were compliment to each others.  Your imprint on this world still rings true to this day. Remarkable to say the least.  Gram you were a tiger in some ways yet a soft gentle lamb in others. Pop one of the most kind heart souls anyone ask for. Your giving nature was warm and without fault. Know that you are both missed with everyday and loved by many. I love you... Your granddaughter. Laurie...
Posted by Falon Stahley on March 7, 2017
Hi Grandma!

Wow its has really been a while. One thing about you is that you knew what you wanted from life, and nothing would stop you until you got it. I'm glad I have some of that drive. I know that Pop Pop was your best friend, and when I was with you he was mine too, so I am glad that you can now finally be together. I graduated from Juniata College with a degree in elementary education. Right now I am an aide to one student in a middle school with disabilities. I am married now to a friend from high school who is an Officer in the Marine Corps, I know that would make Pop Pop so proud. I know that you both are watching over me, I just hope I make you smile. Love you!
Posted by Terri Stevens on March 5, 2017
Happy Birthday Gramma!! Today we are celebrating you and Colin!!  I miss you and Grandpa everyday!
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on March 5, 2017
Happy Birthday....we miss you
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on March 5, 2017
Happy Birthday Grandma. I miss you. I love you.
Posted by Laura Koukos on March 3, 2017
Your birthday is just a heartbeat away... Like always I will be saying my wishes in person flowers in hand...Happy Birthday Gram..
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on January 20, 2017
As time passes I have a greater appreciation for all of the sacrifices you and Dad made for all of us and I am in awe of how great you both were at being parents and grandparents. All of our lives are better for the time we had with both of you. I miss you both.

On another note - it is probably better that you did not experience the election of Donald Trump (yes that actually happen). As a life long democrat his election would have upset you and you would have blamed me because you always accused me of being a Republican (which I am not). Look down every now and then to see how he does (assuming he does not get us all nuked in which case we will all be seeing you sooner then we thought).
Posted by Terri Stevens on January 11, 2017
I don't think a day goes by where I don't think of you. I miss you terribly. I miss our long talks on the phone. I miss how much we would laugh together. I cherish all of the many memories I have with you. How very lucky I was to have you in my life.
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on January 11, 2017
I love you Grandma. You and Grandpa are in my thoughts and in my heart and always will be. Thank you forever. With gratitude, your loving grandson, A.J.
Posted by Ann Koukos on September 18, 2016
The weather is cooling just a little, the hot summer days are mostly behind us and we embrace Septembers change of season. More than that, September brings with it a very special date to remember, September 14. That was the day, so many years ago, two people became a loving team. A team with a winning record, life well lived. I wish you were here for us to say "Happy Anniversary," but that was not to be. To quote a great man, " "Don't worry be Happy"   Knowing you are together in peace brings some comfort, but does not take the sadness of losing you away. We think of you often.

The family is growing by leaps and bounds, Nicki and Al are way ahead in the grandchildren department. Each of the additions are a tribute to you and your love of family. We see a little bit of you in everyone of them, I believe, for both of you, that is your dream come true.

Happy Anniversary dear parents.
Posted by Ann Koukos on March 6, 2016
For just a moment in time your birthday brings a sad thought because we cannot see your smile or hear your infectious laugh. Then a smile, each of us remembering a moment in time when your wisdom helped us on our journey through life. You were, and still are, the original "life coach". Beyond that are the little things, more towels then anyone could ever use, food for an army, Hallmark cards, Olive Garden, love for children, family first, salads only you could make, Judge Judy, I Hop, the list is endless. Your influence is in everything we do.

You are tallying up those great-grandkids, one getting married soon, one just a few months old and more on the way. Al and Nicki ahead five to three and counting! You and Dad would have loved to hold them and coach them through life, but that wasn't to be. We will follow your lead and be there for them.

It has been a life changing year for my family. Actually a whirlwind of change. Some of it will remain forever changed, but thanks to the love and kindness of Al and Nicki so much of the burden and worry was lifted.

I know Tributes are usually shorter then this, but this year sharing seemed important. 

This year there is a special gift for you from Laurie and I. In your memory we have helped there to be one less "suitcase" child in the world. Happy Birthday Mom

Love, Ann
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on March 6, 2016
Happy birthday....we all miss you but you are always in our al
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on March 5, 2016
Happy Birthday Grandma. I love you and Grandpa very much.
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Posted by Laura Koukos on March 23, 2021
Was just missing you both today. Went to see you both today. Just wanted you both to know that I love you beyond the moon and stars not a minute goes by that I don’t think of you both love Laurie
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on March 5, 2021
Remembering you with love on your birthday, Dolly❤️
Posted by Terri Stevens on March 5, 2021
Happy Birthday Gram, I miss you
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Shared by Ann Koukos on July 19, 2020
Today is nothing special.  It is a Sunday morning, a beautiful summers day and my thoughts went to George, you and Dad.

The world is going through some real challenges now and I believe you would have been quite outspoken about your opinion of them.  It would be fun and enlightening to have a discussion with both you and dad on the issues at hand.  Of course, I would have no expectation of winning the discussion/argument, but regardless, the banter would be delightful.

It is a beautiful summer day and with a little creativity we can enjoy the local beaches.  

Just wanted to say I love you both, the next generation is missing two very special people, but we will do what we can to fill in the gap.
Love, Ann

Con te partiro Dad

Shared by Ann Koukos on April 16, 2020
Sadly, its been many years since it "was time to say good-bye." 

The time we spent together before our final good-bye was short, the years that we were distant were much longer.  You and mom happily filled those years with close family, extended family and friends creating lifetime memories.  

I miss you, the man I knew, the man who warmed his hands over an outside fire at Christmas, the man who loved to take his daughter to the Elks dancing, the funny guy who could swim laps in the pool with such ease and grace.  I miss the man that taught me to ice skate and would shake his head in disbelief when I didn't change the oil in the car.  I remember that man with love and gratitude everyday and am proud to be his daughter.


St. Joseph's Day

Shared by Ann Koukos on March 20, 2020
Watching the news this morning with all the reporting on the newest human challenge, the Covid19 virus. New Jersey news casters giving updates and warnings, but before the anchor handed over the spotlight he said something that seemed out of context.  He looked at the women next to him and said "your Italian aren't you"?  I thought, where is this going with this?Italy is sure having its problems handling this virus, but why would he want to divert from the conversation at hand?  To my surprise he said, "Happy St. Joseph's Day, to you and all Italians."    Wow, I thought that recognition of this Italian day of celebration was long gone.
I couldn't help but think about the changes over the years and a  family tradition that  became less and less important. 
Mom, you never forgot, you would always be sure to say "Happy St. Joseph's Day" to Dad. When I was young Dad would get phone calls from family members wishing him "Happy St. Joseph's Day. ' And of course there was the yearly trip to the local or NY bakery to get the special St. Joseph Day's pastry.  So,  let me say, "Happy St. Joseph's Day" to my father and my son.  For the time being I will remember this day for you.
Love, Ann