Let the memory of Susan be with us forever
  • 65 years old
  • Born on September 24, 1950 in Eugene, Oregon, United States.
  • Passed away on October 23, 2015 in Brookings, Oregon, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Susan McCarthy 65 years old , born on September 24, 1950 and passed away on October 23, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Judy Gauderman on 23rd October 2017
Dear sister/mother: I love you more than ever today, at your passing. Please forgive me for not coming to your rescue--if only you had told me you were in distress--I would have been there in a heartbeat and I believe you would be here today with me. Why? I guess I will never know until I join you. But I know for sure, it took most of the life out of me forever. It's been rough to say the least. I wish you ultimate comfort and joy forever. I love you so much and I know you loved me. Your sister, Judy & Mia
Posted by Mildred Gauderman on 23rd October 2017
My sweet sweet sister Susan....You are missed so much by me and Sister Judy....I spent your birthday with Judy and we went to the Casino and laughed and talked to you while we played the machine...Needless to say they weren't good to us....We do not have the luck you do on the machines.....Today is your passing day and I can't tell you how hard it is to live with out you...The only thing I can thing of and smile about is you are with Jerry, Joey, Mom, Dad and all your Aunts....I know there is the biggest poker game going on right now....I so wish you could have been here to meet your great niece....Oh how you would be laughing at her...She has the best personality.....I miss and love you so much Sister Susan.....<3 Millie
Posted by Linda Lincoln on 23rd October 2017
Dear Judy, My thoughts are with you, as you continue to grieve the loss of your sister and best friend. She will always live through her family and friends. With Love, Linda.
Posted by Kelly L on 23rd October 2017
Dear Susan - and Judy - I am holding you in my heart today. Love, Kelly
Posted by Joanne Hubler on 23rd October 2017
I think of Sue often. I remember she came over one time to help my grandkids color Easter eggs. She and Jerry will be happy to know the new owners are taking good care of their house! Peace to all.
Posted by Judy Gauderman on 24th September 2017
Today, on sister's 67th birthday, Millie and I went to the Casino and played her favorite machine in her honor. Oh, how I miss you sister. Oh, how I love you.
Posted by Bill Mullen on 17th March 2017
The first memory I have of Sue is on this day, Saint Patrick's day, 1999. I had just bought the house next door to Sue and Jerry and was working at remodeling our sunroom. I'd worked all the way through dinner-time and was still at it , when the door bell rang. It was Sue with a big bowl of corn beef and cabbage. I didn't want to hurt her feelings after being so thoughtful, by telling her I didn't like the dish so I thanked her for her kindness and took the bowl up stairs and left it on the kitchen counter and went back to work. About 9pm that night I finally stopped working and being too exhausted to cook I looked around for something quick to eat. Spying the "Irish stew" that Sue had brought over earlier, I decided to make a go of that for dinner. I've never eaten better. The next day I returned the Bowl to her and told her how wonderful her corn beef and cabbage was. She let me have more and I got the recipe too! That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Both Terree and I hold Sue and Jerry in our hearts each and every day. We are so grateful that they were a part of our life's and they will continue to live in our memories for the remainder of our days. with all our love, Bill and Terree Mullen
Posted by Mildred Gauderman on 28th November 2016
Susan-My Sister-My Friend.... I have so many wonderful memories and stories about my beloved Sister Susan... I could write a book just like so many of you....She touched so many of us in such a loving, giving and fun way....My story is about the first time I met Sister Susan...I will never forget it. I had been dating Joey for about 3 weeks. Joey and I came riding up on our bikes to Sister Susan and Carl's home in Santa Clara...Joey with his big hot smile and me in my little pink pant suit and my Big Blonde Hair piled high on top of my head....The next day Susan told Joey she didn't like me and never would---Nobody was good enough for her Big Brother Joey.... It didn't take me long to win her over. All I had to do was get on the stage at a Marist Sing Along drunk as a skunk and sing a solo....(Bill Bailey)....Then I went into the mens bathroom because the line was too long at the ladies room...That was it...I was her Sister Mildred from that day forward.....We lived, loved and had so many wonderful times together....Someday we will all meet again....Oh what a fun time that will be...I love and miss you my Sweet Sister Susan....Give Joey a kiss for me...
Posted by Jim Gauderman on 31st October 2016
I remember this picture that Judy put up with her and Susan because I took it. I am Jim, Susan and Judys brother and the three of us were on a trip on the Oregon coast when this picture was taken. We had such a fun time , the three of us and there were moments I will always treasure. We also took a trip up to Canada and went over to the Island of Victoria and stayed there for a few days. I have so many memories of both Susan and Judy as when they were very young I used to baby sit them. I was 9 and 11 years older then both of them so I was at an age that I could take care of them if mom and dad were gone. We had lots of fun and I remember how very close Susan and Judy were as kids and this continued into there adult life. I was with Judy when Susan was so sick in the hospital and Judy and I were holding our sis's hands on each side of here when she took her last breath. This was a very difficult time but I feel Susan was at peace and she went to be with her Jerry in a place with no sickness. They loved each other very much and I know how lonely it was for Susan without her Jerry. I also know we will have lots to catch up on when our time comes and we have this chance to be with our lost love ones. Love Jimmy
Posted by Danni Breen on 31st October 2016
The first time I met Susan was when she and Judy walked into my office at John L Scott intent on learning about Sequim and possibly moving here. I spend great times with them and it occurred to me, I am an only girl with two younger brothers...and for the first time ever, I missed having a sister. Their relationship had a profound effect on me, and I treasured being around them when they would come to check out real estate. They included me in their circle of friendship and laughter and gave me the first inkling of what it would be like to have more than a best friend, but a sister for life. Judy still has her sister for life firmly enmeshed in her heart and her memories as do I. And I still have Judy to share things with and care for as she has shown to be there for me in my moments of crisis...All my love to you both. Danni
Posted by Michael Olsen on 26th October 2016
" Nobody ever told me that grief was like fear" CS Lewis It will always be tough to say goodbye to those who we are close to; nevertheless understanding that life now begins for all eternity with God. I thank God to have known her
Posted by Joanne Hubler on 25th October 2016
Sue was a good neighbor for 30 years. She was quiet, but always willing to help. We had some fun times at the casino. I will remember her sweet laugh.
Posted by Diane Paetsch on 25th October 2016
Susan will always be remembered as the loving sister and best friend to her baby sis. Judy thought the world of Susan and would do anything for her. Having met Susan, I could totally understand her devotion. They were fiercely protective of each other. Susan is with her beloved husband now but her and Judy's bond will be everlasting.
Posted by Kelly L on 24th October 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting Susan once, at the dog park. The sisterly bond of love between Judy and Susan was so evident, it made me re-examine - and appreciate - my relationship with my own sister. I know my dear friend Judy misses Susan very much, so I am thankful she has a lifetime of memories to comfort her.
Posted by Scott Gauderman on 24th October 2016
My beautiful Aunt Susan. I think of you often. kind, sweet, lovely, and missed. thank you for being such a wonderful person. I can only hope my daughters grow up to be as you. This would make me a happy dad. Your family and friends miss you! So much! You will forever be part of me. I'm proud to have had you as my Aunt and friend. I still love you and always will.
Posted by Linda Lincoln on 24th October 2016
I only met Susan once, it is through Judy that I grew to know about Susan. She was supportive and best friends with her sister. The kindness and love of a sister is something that is very precious. I know Judy misses Susan everyday and that their sisterly bond will not be broken by Susan's passing. Her memory will live on through those that loved her and that she loved.
Posted by Barbara Hilyer on 23rd October 2016
I knew Sue for more than 30 years and even followed her to the coast to be her neighbor. She was a wonderful friend through them all. She was always up for having fun and a good laugh. She worked hard and played hard. She listened well and kept her perspective. We danced up a storm and traded books and thoughts. I miss her, but she was no nonsense and I know she would tell me to move ahead...and I will...with a little piece of her always in my heart.
Posted by Fernellyn Brown on 23rd October 2016
I met Susie when her sister Judy & Mia moved in next door to me. We had a number of chats over the fence. We both loved to read so exchanged lots of books. When she visited Judy I passed the daily paper over the fence for her to read. I know Judy misses her terribly.
Posted by Nancy Vanbuskirk on 23rd October 2016
I have more Susan memories than there is room for. Monroe stomps, dragging the gut, her picking me up for school in her VW wagon. We even outran the police in that car once. Getting ready at her old house by the park. She made me laugh so many times and was always such a good friend. And I remember how we were able to reconnect so easily at different intervals in our lives. I really will remember her. Always. And with laughter and love.

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