Susan T. Aasen
Susan T. Aasen
  • 61 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 28, 1952
  • Place of birth:
    Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 29, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Palos Heights, Illinois, United States
Although no words can take away the loss that we feel, please find comfort in knowing that there are so many that think about you. Our Spirit is always here if you need us Susan.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Susan Aasen, 61, born on April 28, 1952 and passed away on March 29, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Matthew Paul on 29th March 2017

"Hi, Susan.  I miss you and Love you with all my heart.  This life I've been blessed with has a new surprise every day.  If I find myself feeling left out or not part of something, my soul reminds me to take notice of all the things and friends I have.  Most of all, that I had the pleasure of knowing you for part of my life.

Sending a BIG Spiritual HUG to my favorite Girl.  : )"

This tribute was added by Matthew Paul on 2nd May 2016

"Hi, Susan.  : )  I was thinking about you this morning.  Trying to remember your birthday.  For some reason May Day flashed in my memory.  I guess I was a couple of days off.

I miss you, Susan.  In more ways than I can begin to explain.  If it's one thing I've learned in this life, it's the following.  We are so busy in this life, we turn our head back to look, we ask the following.  Where did the time go?

A lifetime seems to pass by in an instant.  As we feel the gust of wind pass by, someone close to us leaves.  Why is it that only then we mourn?  The value of friendship seems to appear bigger than life during a moment like this.  The first word we ask after being informed is, "Why?"

I have learned to be more appreciative of those who accept me in to their life.  To call me a friend is heart warming in itself.  So much that I have learned to mourn less of those who are past and be thankful for the time they spent with me.  

I'll never forget how you enriched my life, Susan.  For that, I will always be thankful.  God Bless You.  I know we will meet again.  That by itself keeps a smile on my face.


This tribute was added by Gene Aasen on 29th March 2016

"It's been 2 years now since that surreal afternoon when it appeared you had left us. As the shock wore off over the following days, we were filled with grief and sadness over our loss.

Now, 2 years later, we have discovered, anything we may have lost was not that important. The important things you gave us are still very much alive. Your love, friendship and support are still there whenever needed to help us face our worldly challenges.

Your efforts during your journey here on earth to the "World's Best Mom" and my best friend will live on as long as we do. I hope we can pass on your gifts to others as effectively as you did to us."

This tribute was added by Willow Andreasson on 29th March 2016

"Dear Susan...

... has it really been two years since your passing?  You are still so missed... there is still an enormous gap where you should physically be.   Your presence remains strong... we can still hear your beautiful laughter, still see your amazing smile.  We love you dearly. x x x"

This tribute was added by Susan Blew on 24th April 2015

"Dear Ryan, Kristen, and Gene - I was Susan's best friend all through grade school.  At Sandburg, we had different friends and activities, and without email and social media, we lost touch with each other through the years.  I am only learning about her death now because I saw her upcoming birthday on April 28 and clicked on her Facebook page.  I am so sorry for your loss.  She was a wonderful best friend.  I lived up the street about a block on Richard (before your grandparents/in-laws bought the house on Carriage Trail).  Our families didn't have a lot of money, and our houses were small, but we always had a good time together at the swimming pool trying to get tan using baby oil (I'm paying the price for that now!), and dancing in Susan's basement to the Beatles and to other British rock bands of the sixties.  Your mom got a Princess phone for Christmas one year that she got to have in her own room.  We would talk on the phone for hours!  I'm sure her parents got really tired of hearing us babble!  I'm going to post a few photos of her from the early days.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you'd like to connect with me on Facebook, I would welcome the connection.  I am so sorry to learn of her death - and very sorry that I hadn't seen her in such a long time.  It sounds like she had really made an impact with her radio work - besides being a wonderful wife and mother.  May God bless her and you."

This tribute was added by Dorrie Barretta on 29th March 2015

"Well Susan..Its been a long year without you, Matthew (aka) Justintime he is using his real name now and I did a show in remembrance of you, and what you meant to all of us, I even wore the bracelet you had sent to me, we laughed and cried, but most of all, we remembered how you cared for us and others and was always willing to help anyone at anytime. You are forever missed and loved my Dear Friend!!"

This tribute was added by Catt Jenkins on 28th March 2015

"This past year has been full of changes for me, honey.  I wish you had been here to talk to about them.  I think of you very often and miss you very much.  Of all the people I've met through my relationship with Revolution Radio, my friendship with you is one of my most cherished.  I will never forget you, your calmness when things were chaotic or your incredibly wry sense of humor.  Much love, Catt"

This tribute was added by Gene Aasen on 27th March 2015

"I know this is Susan's page, but on behalf of her family, I just wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to all of you for your very thoughtful words and memories. They have been a source of great comfort to myself, Kristen and Ryan. Her spirit and influence lives on. I wish I could convey how much she loved all of you at Revolution Radio. Your friendship and your mission made her final year one of the most rewarding times of her life. We will be visiting her grave Sunday, and I will be sure to pass on your memories. But I have a feeling she already knows. Blessings to each of you and your families,"

This tribute was added by Gerry Labouyer on 27th March 2015

"well its been a year now since you left,I felt you today Ace,I  love and miss you my friend, booboo blue was asking about you.  send the world a lot of peace and love , would you do that for me ,,, it be a JOY ,you hear me Gal. much love your friend GerrBear and Booboo  Blue"

This tribute was added by Matthew Paul on 26th March 2015

"I know you will be listening tonight, Susan.  I feel your presence often and especially today.  Dorrie and I will be doing a Special Show on "Matthew & Dorrie Time" for the friendship you brought into our life and the memories we can still visit.  I know we will meet again in the future."

This tribute was added by Catt Jenkins on 28th April 2014

"Thinking of you today, Susan.  Much love on your birthday and every day."

This tribute was added by Matthew Paul on 28th April 2014

"Happy Birthday,Susan!  I'm sure your new life has brought yet another smile to your spirit.  Your spirit and wisdom always brought a smile to my face and cheerfulness to my heart.  I know you are doing well and thankful for your visits.  All I ask is that you schedule any future visits during the time in this life when I'm not busy with something else.

I love you, miss you and am thankful you are still in my life.  : )"

This tribute was added by Dorrie Barretta on 28th April 2014


This tribute was added by sandy liptak on 12th April 2014

"Susan i love u. Dr Sharma is my dr for 15 yrs i spoke to him. You had a very rear case. You are greatly missed .your heart was golden. Kisses"

This tribute was added by Royce Holleman on 6th April 2014

"In loving memory for all the people Susan touched"

This tribute was added by Angela Black on 6th April 2014

"Miss you, Ace!  We knew each other for a short time, yet you were so positive and wonderful every time we got to connect!  I miss you and you are gone too soon!!!  Wish we could have done that show together... I'm in tears... My heart goes out to your family and friends... RIP, you wonderful, wonderful soul."

This tribute was added by Gene Aasen on 4th April 2014

"I will always remember Susan as someone with a Good Heart, Strong Spirit, Kind Soul and my Best Friend. I, along with our daughter Kristen, and our son Ryan,  will be forever grateful for the kind words, thoughts and prayers  that have been expressed here. Additionally, I want to thank everyone at Revolution Radio for making Susan a part of your family. She truly cherished the opportunity she was given and the relationships that developed.

Her body was laid to rest yesterday but her spirit remains alive and well in all the people she touched.  The flowers that were sent are gorgeous.

Although emotionally difficult, I was compelled to pay a Tribute at her final service which included recounting her time with Revolution Radio. Based on some of the responses I received after the ceremony, I think the station gained a few new listeners. I'm sure she was pleased.

She always was a free spirited person that cherished individual freedom and the values expressed on the station. Her mother, father and son were all  Military Veterans that proudly served their country. She was proud to be a part of getting your message out and providing the listeners with the truth.

Thank you all for your support and prayers during this difficult time and sharing with us in the celebration of the life of a beautiful lady."

This tribute was added by Amad Painter on 2nd April 2014

"The last thing she said to me was Your my Hero and truth be known I think she was mine. She was all ways showing her good side and made people feel good around Rev. radio. There will all ways be a place in my heart for her."

This tribute was added by Ryan R3ctify on 2nd April 2014

"Susan - Through the years I have watched you come out of your shell and open up.  You were also the mediator to many conflicts and the supporter of many projects.  I will miss you saying "hi RyaN" in chat and me returning "hey Susan" with most not knowing WTF who we were talking to.  I know you will be a protecting Angel of many that loved you and I know you are in P3ac3.   See ya Soon - R3"

This tribute was added by Matthew Paul on 2nd April 2014

"We would like to thank all our friends in the Revolution Radio family for their help.  Click on the Tab at the top of this page, "Her Life".  You can scroll to the bottom of that page to see the message accompanying the arrangement.  You can click on the link to see a picture for the spray of flowers the Revolution Radio family contributed to Susan's Wake.

...Bless all of you for posting your thoughts below on this Memorial."

This tribute was added by Cindy Albertson on 2nd April 2014

"Ace..... We miss seeing your nickname in our chat room, and our heart aches, knowing that we will never have another day to chat with you. Still shocked at your unexpected, and sudden departure, you imprinted upon us, your love, friendship, kindness, and compassion that will forever stay with us.                                                                                                                      
  CinSue and Grog... aka... Cindy and Greg"

This tribute was added by Vera Aubert on 2nd April 2014

"The Revolution Radio family sent an exquisitely beautiful spray to Susan's wake accompanied by the message next below"

This tribute was added by Vera Aubert on 2nd April 2014

"Gift Message
Message: Susan your memory will forever hold a treasured place in the hearts of your Revolution Radio family. We love you and know you are with us always.
Signature: Revolution Radio"

This tribute was added by Michael Hall on 2nd April 2014

"I will miss your love and energy, that you so generously shared with us. May the joy of heaven bring peace and comfort to your beautiful soul."

This tribute was added by Willow Andreasson on 2nd April 2014

"A message to an Angel on Earth who has been called home for reasons as yet unknown to us.   You really loved everyone, Susan.  A heart bursting with compassion and empathy who blessed FreedomSlips Revolution Radio with her sheer wondrous presence.   You were always there for so many of us.   I shall cherish the conversations we shared for always.  You have commenced the next amazing journey of your life, reunited with your Sister and Parents.   For Gene, Ryan and Kristin, much love to you and know that you are supported through these challenging times.    And Susan... promise us one thing, Angel... open those beautiful wings and fly...     Willow x x x"

This tribute was added by Zen Garcia on 2nd April 2014

"The Journey Forward

She has journeyed forward
on makeshift raft
attempting to confirm the mysteries
we were as radio family
in collaboration to uncover

My friend and producer
we shared air time together
giving secrets freely as offering
to the many we probably
would never even chance to meet

How fragile and strange
the winds of fate
forcing all to dance uncertain journey

Never do we know when day will fade in culmination
for final climax
sun setting horizon
pastel skies claimed by lavender night
unfolding stars in diamond clutter

I never expected to say goodbye
at least this earlier
nor in such quick fashion
there was yet so much for us to do
in revelation of truth

Our work really had just begun
only to be cut short in effort

Those left behind the myriads
witness to your subtle kindness and inquisitive demeanor
will miss you
lives obscured by force in change

In passing we shall cherish
the recollection of moments
shared in transition

Fly on friend until that time
we're reunited in joyous celebration
having accomplished all that we had promised to do
one day we’ll rediscover smile
partaking in the embrace that eludes us now"

This tribute was added by Noreen Helphand on 2nd April 2014

"I didn't have the chance to get to know Susan, but have heard nothing but wonderful things about her from the persons at the radio station Susan was involved in. She will certainly be missed, and may she be blessed throughout all time..."

This tribute was added by Jerry Bradley on 2nd April 2014

"I miss you diva!   If you get a call from me remember to "add to" instead of accept.   Wouldn't want to put heaven on hold!   Peace be with you Susan."

This tribute was added by Julie Campbell-Jones on 1st April 2014

Although I only knew you briefly, you were kind to me and had such a sweet voice and spirit. You will be missed. Be blessed."

This tribute was added by Ann Francis on 1st April 2014

"Aristotle said "You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor." - Susan had both
I will miss you and I am so grateful for having known her. Thanks for the laughs Susan."

This tribute was added by MotherOf AllMothers on 1st April 2014

"I was very shocked to hear you're gone, Susan. I put on the beautiful bracelet you sent me for Christmas and will wear it awhile to remember you. I'll pray for your family as I know this will be extremely hard for them to bear.  ~ Aurora""

This tribute was added by Cheri Jackson on 1st April 2014

"Just a few words to Susan's family and to all of us that knew her also as "Ace". I only knew Ace online. Susan was pleasant, had a generous heart, and truly wanted to make change for the better.
I was shocked to hear of her passing. My condolences to everyone, but most of all to her family. For me, it was a pleasure and honor to be a part of her life.Even in small ways we all touch each others lives. Susan will be missed by many including myself!  God bless.  Tangie"

This tribute was added by richard kane on 1st April 2014

"Im not really good at this type of thing. All I can say is I miss you Susan. Lots. And Im going to miss you for a long time. ;-("

This tribute was added by sandy liptak on 1st April 2014

"Thanks for always being sweet to me. Especially when i was sad.i knew could always call & chat with you & we would end up laughing. I love you. Another Angel got her Wings ! KISSES"

This tribute was added by Heather Holman on 1st April 2014

"My candle is blue. This passing weighs on all of our hearts as we never felt we said an adequate farewell. Susan was shy and pretty. What I remember about Ace is that she was always there ~ true blue. In the heart there is a function where we pave the way to the end of our road. Here we can see, death is not a bad thing. My heart and deepest sentiments go to her beloved pet and her partner in life named Gene. I am sorry for the loss of the mother to her children. For them I will grieve. With all due respect to Ace, It's best to die young and stay pretty. ......see you soon."

This tribute was added by Roxy KG on 1st April 2014

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and am going to miss you.  I was honored to get to know you and become part of your family. I will never forget all time that Ryan and I got to spend with you.  You truly were an amazing, beautiful and kind woman.  You have impacted me in so many ways and for that i am grateful.  Thank you for always being there for Ryan and I and loving us unconditionally.  We have all had so many good times and good laughs together.  This world has suffered a huge loss of an amazing mind and voice. I will never forget you, I love you dearly Sue. Rest Peacefully Beautiful.
Love Roxy and the girls"

This tribute was added by mona radler on 1st April 2014


This tribute was added by Dorrie Barretta on 1st April 2014

"You are one of the most beautiful souls I ever had the pleasure to know, you where a sister,adviser and confidant and friend to me, and for that I will always be grateful. I will miss talking to you every night, how we laughed and cried, and talked about everything under the sun, and then some. As these tears roll down my face, I now know what having a broken heart feels like. You will be missed dearly, and I know you will look upon all of us. God Bless You, on your new journey. Love always... Dorrie"

This tribute was added by michael oliverio on 1st April 2014

"Susan Will Allway share a special place in my Heart we shared Many Hours on Skype and never new she was sick, in Her passing to the other side Will be missed you see you can have a energy connection to a person even if you never touch them the Loving Heart of Susan is shining in me NOW blessings to Susans Familey Forevermore :-)"

This tribute was added by Gerry Labouyer on 1st April 2014

"Susan , we touched one another with laughter, spirit , our childhood times, Boo boo and your little puppy barking in the back drop of our calls. My eyes are filled with tears now,knowing I 'm really going to miss you and rejoiced your no longer suffering. Your sweet voice never let us know how much pain you held inside . Please smile down upon us with the light of the lord. I'll never forget you, thank you for the love you shared with me and Boo Boo Blue us a spot ,would you please."

This tribute was added by Jay Perron on 1st April 2014

"Susan, though we never met or spoke, my friends and colleagues miss you.. May happy moments lie ahead for you in the next phase of your Journey. Love."

This tribute was added by helena phoenix on 1st April 2014

"Susan, I love you so much. Your family and friends meant everything to you, before you were our earthly angel, now you are our cosmic angel.
Time and space did not hinder our bond and friendship even though I was in Australia. You were one of my favourite people in the whole world... Miss you"

This tribute was added by Peter Mroz on 1st April 2014

"Susan ...You are forever in our hearts........x"

This tribute was added by Casey Clark on 1st April 2014

"You are a very good women, we had many good chats on many things, a very wise women. Thanks for all you have done. You will indeed be missed.
those at Wolf Spirit Radio send our best."

This tribute was added by Catt Jenkins on 31st March 2014

"I keep hearing your sweet voice in my mind.  Your passing came as such a shock to all of us.  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful help to us at Revolution Radio.  Your shoes will be most difficult to fill.  I'm so blessed to have known you.  Rest well, sweet lady."

This tribute was added by Matthew Paul on 31st March 2014

"Please hold on tight to all your memories of me and others. Always remember how much you are loved, Susan.  I'll never forget the love you brought into so many lives."

This tribute was added by Terry Ackerman on 31st March 2014

"Susan in the short time I knew you, you became a cherished friend.
You will be sorely missed... You touch many."

This tribute was added by Vera Aubert on 31st March 2014

"Susan, so sorry you were called home.  Your presence blessed the Earth and its creatures while your were here...carry on"

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