Posted by Karine Aure-Takos on January 17, 2021
I am so sorry and deeply saddened to hear of Susan’s passing. Even though we haven’t talked for years, a part of her was and always will be with me.

Susan and I were both single girls moving to Coronado to teach. I came from a completely different background than hers, so I enjoyed…but at times was hesitant… to learn from her. She introduced me to so many new 1st such as…. Salsa dancing, Sangria, Chicago, travel abroad, Siesta, Hawaii, mosque, Turkish bath, but most importantly she was the first person I talked to when I saw my future husband. She encouraged…more like pestered me to go talk to him…. and thankfully I did.

I remember when she took me to her house in Chicago. She had the spirit of a carefree child again. She didn’t have to be the strong, confident teacher she always was. She was so proud to show me around her city. She even introduced me to her favorite childhood doll, Ms. Beasley. We sat on her bedroom floor and watched videos of our up and coming trip to places in Europe we’d visit.

Susan had a passion for adventure and for learning. She transferred that passion to many including me. She didn’t leave this life without fulfilling a purpose. She not only taught hundreds of students, but she also intrigued others about various cultures, different styles of music, unique ethnic foods, other beliefs and customs other than our own. She opened our minds and opinions a little bit more.

Thank you, Susan! I know you’re in a good place now. I’m saddened you had to leave your husband, family and many of your close friends. I believe, though, you did fulfill a great purpose on this earth in a very positive, impactful way and you did make this world a better place… in Susan’s way.
Posted by Corina Argiry on January 16, 2021
To my dear Aunt Susan, it is hard knowing that I won’t see you at Thanksgiving dinners or having you as my buddy for music trivia on the cruise. From the first time you visited, I was enamored with your fun loving energy. Some of my favorite memories were cracking geodes in your backyard, exploring Tijuana markets (plus you teaching me how to bargain), and playing Family Fued with you during our Baltic Cruise. While I will always hold these memories close to my heart, I know that parts of you are always with me. Your undeniable strength and kindness, your zest for adventure, and how you would dance at the silent discos as if nobody else was watching. I will always love you Aunt Susan, love your niece Corina
Posted by Arti Jain on January 11, 2021
Dear Raju,
          Amit and me were extremely sorry to read about Susan's demise....Though we met her very briefly, we both remember her as a very warm and friendly person. I also remember the very strong and close bond both of you shared which was lovely to see....It is a devastating loss but I am glad that she was at home and surrounded by family and friends..... Please do accept our sincere condolences and support in this time of grief for you and your family.

warm regards

Amit and Cheenu/Arti Jain

Posted by Jenny Moore on January 7, 2021
Dear Rajeev, Dale, Kirsten, and families and friends of Susan,

I am so grateful for all I learned from Susan during our time together at Silver Strand over the past three years. She touched all parts of our campus and was a touchstone for her Voyager Family, advising and supporting everyone regardless of position and role. She encouraged us to build community outside of school as well. Her legacy will endure--the reminder that we all need to help take care of one another and establish traditions and practices which recognize and acknowledge the contributions of all. Susan will be missed every day, but also celebrated, through the special community she helped grow and nurture at Silver Strand.

--Jenny Moore, Principal at Silver Strand Elementary School
Posted by Paula Warren on January 4, 2021
I met Susan thirty years ago, in Mexico City; she was my neighbor across the hall. We kept in contact and she came to visit me in San DIego a few times, later staying with me until she landed a teaching job. I remember her tenacious, drive with each job interview, finally landing a job. (Lucky for them!) BJ (Before Rajeev) Susan and I traveled together through parts of Mexico. Then she would care for my cat when I often traveled to Cuba and she was home. Oh, how he loved her! We were seen at just about every hole in the wall ethnic restaurant in San Diego, often as a threesome with our dear friend, Diane Lech, discussing our students, financial investments, and views on Life. I often hear her voice still. One of the things she often said to me was, "You are such a good friend." She was such a loyal, supportive, good friend. She will always travel with me in my heart. I'll always hear her voice in my head and feel her in my heart. Her physical being has transformed, however her spirit lives on. Yes, as Susan said, Be glad. Be glad she is in peace and be glad to have had the honor to know her.
Posted by Libby Chatham on January 4, 2021
I had the opportunity to meet Susan through her sister Kirsten. Her strength and warmth were apparent from out first meeting! I loved receiving pictures and hearing about all of her travel adventures with Kirsten. Her love of travel and adventure was inspiring. I know that she will be terribly missed by all of her friends and family. We are all so blessed to have know her and to have been touched by her amazing life. God bless you.
Posted by Robyn Fullmer on January 2, 2021
I met Susan when she started working at Silver Strand 20 years ago. We became friends and she changed my life forever. Her travels inspired my own adventures and so many of them included her. I will never forget ringing in the New Year in Cuba together, fending off frogs and spiders in the Amazon rainforest and hiking Mt. Whitney and Machu Picchu together. Susan hated flying but traveled the world. She hated snakes and frogs and spiders but loved hiking and being out in nature. She was fearless and she never backed down when she had her heart and mind set on something. Susan and I spent many hours in her classroom commiserating and celebrating, and it’s still hard to believe that I will never be able to pop into her room again for a chat. Susan, I was blessed to have had the privilege of your friendship for so many years and you will be truly missed.
Posted by rita and chinmay home on January 2, 2021
The news of Susan's illness and recent passing has been heartbreaking for the entire Majmundar family. Susan was a wonderful, caring, and thoughtful sister-in-law and we have many wonderful memories of Raju and Susan's visits to Florida and travels together on family cruises.

Raju, we hope that, in the new year, the recent events surrounding her illness
are replaced with more joyous, wonderful memories of your adventures together. 
Posted by Paul Parris on January 2, 2021
We did not know each other well, we met once when you visited Kirsten and it was evident you were a loving sister. May you rest peacefully and continue to shine your grace upon us.
Posted by Nancy Roeger on January 1, 2021

   It’s New Year’s Day and I am watching the Buena Vista Social Club documentary and thinking of my old friend, Susan, with fondness, but also with profound sadness. I’ve waited for the right time to write my thoughts and this time seems right. Years ago, Susan and I went to see these wonderful Cuban musicians at the Escondido Center for the Performing Arts. She and I were fans, and I’m pretty certain she’s the one who offered the invitation to go, as she so often did with invitations to interesting events, such as local Italian film festivals and art fairs. She also might have tried to play matchmaker a few times, but no luck there. However, it was her generosity of spirit that included me in her life through these acts that I so appreciated as a friend, and fondly remember.
   When I met Susan, I had never personally known anyone who had spent so much time traveling the world, much of it on her own and always among the local people she could enjoy and learn from. Of course I was impressed, not being all that well-traveled myself, but more than that, I really enjoyed the stories she shared. Africa, Cuba, two places I’d dreamed of visiting! But while some of us had dreams of adventurous journeys, Susan was fulfilling hers. That takes a lot of courage, and an open-mind and open-heart. 
   When Susan and Rajeev were beginning to date, she invited me to dinner with them at what was then The Rhinoceros restaurant in Coronado. I remember meeting a really personable, interesting and funny guy. He got 2 thumbs-up and 3 snaps from me when I saw Susan the next day at school. And their love story continued - such a great partnership. 
   I feel comfort knowing that Susan lived her life to the fullest, and enjoyed the love of families, both hers and Rajeev’s, and of her many friends. But that doesn’t mean we won’t miss her and think of her often.

Good-bye, dear friend!
Posted by Karen Zawrazky on January 1, 2021
I was so saddened to hear of the passing of my dear cousin, Susan. We had many memories of our families spending time together.
Several years ago, Keith and I had dinner with Susan and Rajeev, my first time meeting Rajeev. Watching their interaction afforded me the opportunity to see the love and close bond between the two of them. How lucky they both were to find their soul partner, and have these years to be together, although ending too soon.
Rajeev, Kirsten, and Dale - my heartfelt sympathy to you. Susan will be dearly missed.
Posted by Yolanda Halloran on December 30, 2020
Dear Susan,

I tried to think of comforting words to send to Rajeev when I heard, but all I could think was how sad I was. Then your sweet husband sent out your words of comfort and love, “Don’t be sad it’s over. Be glad it happened.” Here are some of the things I am glad happened. 

We met over 20 years ago at Silver Strand and I knew right away that you were a really interesting person, who had traveled the world and rode the public bus to and from work every day.

We went hiking and encountered the first rattlesnake I’d seen in the wild. You attracted rattle snakes and other wildlife on your adventures that most people rarely see.

We debated school policies and directives endlessly until we could get to a place we believed benefitted children the most.

We ate, drank and danced at fun and unusual bars and restaurants in San Diego and Mexico.  The first time I ate Ethiopian food was with you and our Strand group.

We took some fun trips together. Remember the icky and squishy outdoor carpet on the floor of our motel room in Ensenada?

We shared your photographs and I was inspired by you to look at the world through the lens of a camera. 

We shared skills, strategies, ideas, plans, materials to be better teachers every year.

And mostly, Susan, I'm glad I had such an honest and loyal friend who I trusted completely.


Posted by Dana Shapiro Spaeth on December 30, 2020
Susan was a force to be reckoned with for sure. She was a tough cookie with a soft heart, especially for her students. My most vivid memories of her were after college when we were both riding the train to/from work together. She would tell me stories of her more challenging students. She had so much patience for them, and was always able to get them to calm down so that she was able to teach them. She was Kirsten's favorite travel companion. They were always planning their next great adventure together. 
Dale and Kirsten, sending you strength and much love.
Posted by Karen Pierro on December 29, 2020
It’s still so hard to comprehend this profound loss. My deepest sympathies to Rajeev & all of Susan’s family & friends.

Susan and I were colleagues for 16 years. We bonded over our Chicago roots and shared that connection (& Frango mints!) throughout the time we taught together. I always enjoyed her trip recaps & financial advice, and when she got the giggles, (especially in our staff lounge) no one wanted it to end.
Susan was always someone who was true to her word and authentic in her path. She spoke up when things deserved questioning, even when it wasn’t for her benefit. I will always remember those qualities of hers with fondness. Staff meetings & Silver Strand Elementary will certainly never be the same without her.

I will miss Susan, and do my best to keep her spirit, story & memory alive.
Posted by Irene Catanese Imbrogno on December 29, 2020
Susan--You are the light of life and I am forever grateful we forged our special connection after college in 1989.  Your exuberant spirit and soul was infectious and will always remain in my heart.

You were always there, "front and center" as you would put it, during life's trial and tribulations. You always strived for the highest good, seeking to understand, and always being the best version of yourself and inspiring others to do the same!!! 

Kindness and gratitude were ingrained in your fabric! You exemplified what a true and loyal friend was and you always lived your truth!

Your deep devotion to God and to our Lord dwelled in your soul. You taught me how to be a more compassionate and patient person. From our deep and spiritual discussions about the scriptures, prayers, mystery of faith, it all made an indelible mark in my heart.

I will miss you so much on this earth and can take comfort in knowing you are in the heavens of God and I will always feel and see your light and spirit shining down. ❤

Posted by Tom Ricciardi on December 28, 2020
Very sad to hear this news, and thinking of Raju daily. Susan was so good for you and we are all fortunate to have known her. I am wishing you the best and  know you will keep her loving memory forever. - Tom
Posted by Robert Irwin on December 28, 2020
I remain saddened by Susan's loss, and share in your sorrow. I will miss Susan's friendly, outgoing nature, which always brightened my day. Her graciousness as a hostess will be fondly remembered and forever missed ...

With love to your and your family.
Posted by Tassie Irwin on December 28, 2020
Susan and I lived in the same neighborhood. Though we were of different generations, I being older, the thing I liked most about her was her enthusiasm and exhuberance each time we met. She would share stories of her latest adventures and her gratefulness for any little thing I had done for her or our neighborhood. Susan had a joy for life and living life to the fullest that was admirable and enviable, and I will miss her. Condolences to Rajeev and the rest of her family.
Posted by Tamara Warlick on December 28, 2020
I had the honor of working with Susan for 11 years at Silver Strand Elementary. Because of my job position, I was able to help out in her classroom. Every child she taught learned how to write the best short stories! She was very determined that her students would excel and that they would learn to become responsible young people. Susan always stood proud for the ideals that she believed in, even if it wasn’t a popular idea. That takes amazing strength and courage. I loved reading her life story on this site and am thankful for all of her family, friends, accomplishments, and adventures. She will forever be a part of my “Strand Family.”
Posted by jodi judd on December 28, 2020
Susan always showed strength during difficult times. Her belief in God and trust she had in His will are guiding me now in accepting her passing. There will forever be a physical emptiness in our world without her here, but her spirit lives on and will be felt in my heart. Rest in eternal peace, Susan. You are missed by so many.
Posted by Claudia Gallant on December 28, 2020
Susan and I knew each other as colleagues working in the Coronado Unified School District. She was a passionate, dedicated teacher. She so cared about her students. I know she will be sorely missed by family, friends, and her Silver Strand family. God bless you, Susan.
Posted by Patty Boundroukas on December 28, 2020
Susan, you came into my sister's Georgia life during her adolescent years, and soon you welcomed the whole Boundroukas family. They say friends are the family we choose. Being chosen was the greatest moment of my life, and when Susan passed, it was one of the worst moments of my life.
I am better for knowing you, better for loving you, better for having met you. The traveling adventures that we shared in China and South Africa are close to my heart. May you be as blessed in the next life, my friend, as I was in this one by knowing you.
Posted by Terry Hui on December 27, 2020
My Dear Sister in Christ Susan,
I am so blessed to have met you at Bible Study Fellowship. God is so good placing me in a group with you. Your love for God your students and family was always on your lips. I was very blessed with the Bible knowledge you shared at discussion group. I and sadden to hear you are not longer here, but I am happy to know that you are resting in peace no more pain or tears. I know you are with God in heaven, when I look up in the sky I will see your beautiful smile sister shining down. 
Posted by Georgia Boundroukas on December 27, 2020
Susan and I became friends in 1982 at Niles West HighSchool it started in the cafeteria and we continued until the day she went to the Gates of Heaven to meet Our Lord.. Everyone that crossed paths with Susan would agree with me that she was an INCREDIBLE, STRONG, INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL inside and our woman.. I was welcomed in the Larson household and she was welcomed to the Boundroukas family instantly.. We all became a Big Family with more siblings. So many stories....happy , sad, encouraging, always there for each other. Susan left this earth way to early, however Susan is still going to guide and support al of us as she always did.. She is a big part of my heart, I can not be greedy God gave me the best friend in the world for 39 years. Now God has other plans for Susan and she is more than happy to do more good work in Heaven. I thank Susan for showing me what a true , loving friendship consists of.. I will miss Susan terribly but I will always be grateful for all the good and memorable times we had together. Gebo
Posted by Cheryl Dodd on December 27, 2020
Susan sitting next to you at Bible Study, you beautiful lady were so warm. I would be extremely exhausted and not ready to share, but your energy was Positive, hopeful, bright! No complaining from you, I truly saw your Trust In Jesus. I will miss whispering " I'm sorry" when I was so fidgety during class, and your no biggie nods. I am Thankful you are no longer in pain, your memory is a blessing I will carry with me and share. God Bless Your Family.❤
Posted by Theodora Tzoras on December 27, 2020
My condolences and deepest sympathies to Susan's loved ones. It's still so unreal that the adopted Boundroukas sister is gone. Susan you made such an impact on our family. I was a little girl when you touched my life and gave me some wonderful memories. I remember the times you would call me "Harriet" and say you were dating the Karate Kid. Or the times Georgia would leave her room and we would put her personal belongings all over the bedroom. You and my sister would spell words that I shouldn't hear and instead you guys improved my spelling:)I l learned geography because of you and your travels. The times I played at your Morton Grove home with your dollhouse and cat. My 1st Greece trip was with you guys. I remember the conversations and the funny moments we shared. You were Georgia's true and loving, best friend. I will cherish those memories and the impact you had in my life. May your memory be eternal. Love you Susan.
Posted by William Cass on December 27, 2020
Such heartbreaking news. Susan was a very special person and such a devoted, dedicated teacher. My deepest condolences to Rajeev and her family.

-Bill Cass, retired Silver Strand Elementary principal

Posted by Paul & Nina Home on December 26, 2020
We are all heartbroken. Susan brought so much joy and love to our family. Her sense of adventure, positivity, strength and unwavering faith will be a legacy that lives on with all of us.  

Rajeev - we know your loss is unimaginable. We lift you up in prayer and will be here to support you the days and months ahead.

Kirsten & Dale - we are grateful for the joining of our two families and we have a special bond that cannot be broken. 

All of our love,
Nina & Paul
Rajeev's sister and brother-in-law
Posted by Rajeev Jain on December 26, 2020
Susan has given me more gifts than words can describe during our years together, and I am a better man for having had Susan in my life and by my side. “Don’t be sad it’s over, Be glad it happened,” is a quote from Susan’s journal which I say to myself when the sadness of missing her washes over me. I’m forever grateful for the time we had together.

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