1 Thessalonians 4:13 and 14

But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren..., that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, so also God those asleep through Jesus he will bring with him.
  • 66 years old
  • Born on November 24, 1949 .
  • Passed away on October 6, 2016 .

Susan Fola Odunfa was a devoted wife to and is survived by Sunday Odunfa, a doting mother to four now grown biological children Titi, Tolu, Tosin and Tinuke (as well as lots of "children in the Lord") and devoted sister to Grace, Remi and Tope.

She was warm, caring and highly invested in people, and therefore maintained a good number of loyal and loving friendships. She initiated and cultivated new close and meaningful friendships at every stage of her life.

Susan, Mom, Auntie Susan, Susanah, Sista Susan, Susie or Sista Fola or Fola as she loved to be called, would want to be remembered as a woman who "loved the Lord"!  

Posted by Titi Odunfa Adeoye on 24th November 2017
Happy birthday lovely :) We miss you and still think of you a million times a day. Lots of love today and always!
Posted by Ifedayo Adetifa on 24th November 2017
Dear Auntie Susan, It has been one year since you left us behind...and I cannot help but remember you today because it would have been your 68th birthday today. We all have to continue to find comfort in the fact that you are in a better place. Your family, your older sister, we all continue to miss you terribly. Continue your rest in the Lord's bosom.
Posted by Abolaji Olunuga-Akinyera on 7th October 2017
A year already!!! To God be the glory. Fond memories linger and the family you left behind are doing well. Sleep up in the bosom of your creator and saviour dear aunty Sue. By His grace, we will meet again. It is well!
Posted by Lekan A on 6th October 2017
It's been a year and doesn't feel like it! It hit home hard - It's not fair, I was angry ☹…. just snatched away! You and your sister's (my mum) love and relationship with each other left me with happy and loving memories. You're gone too soon Aunty - Nowhere near… nowhere near plays over and over in my mind - I had nowhere near enough appreciation shown as I would like, nowhere near enough "I love you" said... nowhere near, nowhere near... I have a massive hang over but hang onto what you so strongly impressed on my lovely cousins (your kids) which they reminded of. We, as Christians, have hope! We are not destitute. We have hope!
Posted by Adedayo Badipe on 6th October 2017
Unforgettable- that's who you are. Keep resting in your saviour's bosom my dear Aunty.
Posted by Moyo Aluko on 14th December 2016
I think we would've been great friends had we been born in the same generation Auntie -- thanks for your kindness, stories, and encouragement, always. May not ever be able to adequately express full feelings via words, but maybe keeping it simple is best. You blessed many, so may you rest in His peace.
Posted by Titi Odunfa Adeoye on 24th November 2016
Happy birthday mommy :) Missed you today, and always .....
Posted by Olubukola Odunfa Oscar on 4th November 2016
Aunty Susan's body has been laid down to rest today and somehow, it's become easier to 'accept' and to 'pen' thoughts of her. ‎ I remember a holiday many many years ago in UI... we went to fellowship with Aunty Suz and I put up my hand to give my life to Christ. That marked the beginning of a pampered holiday for me (wink)... I think I got extra special treatment from Aunty Susan for the rest of the hols, and that paid adequately for the (long) lessons she made me take everyday on learning to 'speak in tongues'!  Then at Tolu's engagement, Tolu had wanted a decor color theme quite diff from Aunty Suz's theme of peach everywhere. So I did  the contrary and put in half a pack of peach petals right where Aunty could see them. Voila! Work done! Party enjoyed! Party over! ... but nope, Aunty wasn't fooled! She pulled me aside and in  yoruba said, ' Bukky weldone o, so you deliberately put the peach in front of me to stop me from talking, abi?' then she turned away, I stood there repeating the words'No Aunty oh' in laughter. One thing no-one could take away from her was her beautiful straight to the point, say-it-as-it-is, take-me-as-I-am attitude. And if somehow you could take those from her, you'd have to do a lifetime losing battle to take her Christianity away from her; nope nope nope, she wouldn't have that... and what testimony could be greater than this. Aunty's 'sermons and hymns' had become expected at every Christmas party and she knew when to pick her moments... right before the cutting of the cake when everyone was gathering together in high mood. Lol.  She was a gem...  elegant, beautiful, kind and caring. She would call me out of the blues to find out how I was and scold me for not keeping in touch. We'l sure miss her but not half as much as Titi, Tolu, Tosin and Tinuke would. My prayer is that God would comfort you and fill your memories of her with hope, joy and wisdom. It is well. Aunty, rest in the eternal bossom of the one you loved and served.
Posted by Tunde Muyibi on 4th November 2016
Sad to hear about your passing. May God give your loved ones the fortitude to carry on and continue the positivity you lived for.
Posted by Debola Adegbulugbe on 3rd November 2016
Dear Aunty Susan, I will always remember your bright smile and generous spirit. Thank you for sharing the warmth of your kindness with us. You will live forever in our hearts.
Posted by Esther Jaiyesimi on 3rd November 2016
Dear Sister Susan, You will be sorely missed. I remember you from my Unife days when your sister was courting my brother. I remember trips to your UI residence too. I know how close you are to my brother Prof Bolaji Aluko and my sister Remi. We thank God. I remember how much input you had in my father Prof Sam Alukos funeral and your prayers and support. I spoke to you recently just one week before you left us at your Sister Remis place in US.Your exit seems untimely to me and you were much loved by the Jaiyesimis and the Alukos alike. God knows best but continue to sleep in the bossom of the almighty. You loved The Lord so we know you have a place in heaven. May the good Lord bless all the family you have left behind and may they continue to have helpers of destiny and find favour. We will remember your good deeds today and always. Ojo a jina sira.
Posted by Abolaji Olunuga-Akinyera on 1st November 2016
It is still amazing that you are gone Aunty Sue, wow! But we serve an amazing God who does as He pleases and who are we to question Him? I will remember you as a simple, warm, principled, loving, prayerful and God fearing woman of integrity. The doors of your home in quarters were always open to me whenever I wanted a good wash, decent meal or laundry space in those days when water supply was a serious challenge in the halls of residence in U. I. In similar manner being a lover of family, you made me feel welcome whenever I visited the family at G.R.A Ikeja. Thank you. I remember promising to visit you in Magodo on your return from your medical checks the last time we met a few months back. Sadly, this was not to be. This is very painful. However, I am at peace because I know you have gone to take your deserved rest after living a fulfilled life. You also left behind lovely and well trained children who take after you in many ways. I know Uncle especially will miss you but trust God to sustain him and know your 4 Tees will not disappoint you. My parents, Bro. Yomi & Sis. Yinka will miss you too Aunty Sue. Sleep on in the bosom of our saviour.
Posted by Toyin Seriki on 31st October 2016
Aunty Susie, Your passing came as a shock to me seeing that I spoke to you and you always sounded strong. i will never forget your strong faith and your loooong prayers(LOL!) you always had a word of encouragement and i recall you telling me that you would look after me after my mum passed. I appreciate the constant calls to check up on me....thank you so so much. i take solace in the fact that you are in heaven because one thing we all knew you for was that you loved and served God all your life. i will miss you Aunty. thank you for being you. Say hello to my mum for me.
Posted by Joke Longe Ogungbesan on 30th October 2016
Although our hearts are heavy regarding the passing into glory of our dear Aunty Susan, we thank our Awesome and Almighty God that she is in a better and more pleasant place. We are grateful to God for the legacy of her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior that she left behind in addition to her wonderful loving and caring life. May our God of all comfort continue to grant family and friends His comfort and peace beyond human understanding at this difficult time. Amen. We surely miss her now but we are comforted that we shall meet again in Jesus Christ our Lord. Love always and prayers, Joke for the Longe and Ogungbesan family.
Posted by Tunde Longe on 27th October 2016
My dearest Aunty Susan This is indeed hard to take as I remember just around the same time last year you sat down late at night with a heavy heart writing a tribute to a lost dear friend. Now, I understand what you were going through. I can't tell the kids yet as they still pray for your quick recovery.I remember you teaching them last year to say "the grace" properly and to stop rushing over it. You had such a great gift in remembering everyone's birthday. You were there in support at every important event in my life and I am forever grateful. I am left only with the wonderful memories but I take solace in knowing that even as you slept with a prayer, you will wake up with praise. Love you lots.
Posted by Tiwa Ajeigbe on 26th October 2016
Aunty Susan, My heart is heavy as I write this. But I choose to celebrate you because you are truly a life to be celebrated! All my life I've known you and uncle to be there along side my parents. You were always a constant in our family- all life's moment , big or small. Thank you for your friendship and sisterhood!!! I was only just looking at pictures from my third birthday and there you were with your beautiful smile. I always admired your steady Faith in God. And it showed through in everything you did. I remember so many times when you prayed when we prayed together as a family. I was always so comfortable knowing that with friends like you and uncle my parents had a solid support system-a case of iron sharpens iron! For me, you were always so easy to talk to and l appreciated every time you called just to check on us. Always so poise and lovely! I've got countless memories through the years. You are irreplaceable. I'll miss you! Rest in peace Aunty Susan aka Mrs Odunfa. Love always, Tiwa Ajeigbe née Ashaye
Posted by Tomi Lasebikan-Afilaka on 24th October 2016
Wow.... Aunt Susan.... my moms friend. Can't believe it, it feels so close to home. More like loosing a mom. Your kids and their dad have lost a gem, but God had gained an angel. You were one to adore. You will surely be missed. Love
Posted by Seyi Odunfa on 23rd October 2016
Words fail to describe the full life Aunty Susan lived and how much she meant to us. She was a very dear sister and aunt... An aunt who invited you for sleepovers and gave the very thoughtful gifts. A sister and aunt who checked up on you at the most unexpected of times. A sister and aunt who would say a word or two in prayer for you. A sister and aunt who always had a reassuring positive word. A sister and aunt who stood by us in our most trying of times. To Uncle and the rest of the family, Our prayer is that you take comfort in knowing she's now in perfect peace. We are grateful for the gift of Aunty Susan and celebrate the model life she lived. She has fought a good fight and awaiting her now is a crown of righteousness. Till we meet again, rest in peace dear soldier of Christ. Loads of love Odunfas & Ogunti (SYO Ilesanmi)
Posted by Funmi Odunfa George on 22nd October 2016
One word that resonates in describing aunty Susan is "christian"; I'll add another- caring. I remember her picking me up one night to go see her friend when I needed a job. I remember her arranging a corporate gift presentation at her office when I started my business. I remember her coming all the way from Ibadan when I visited Naija with the kids two years ago. We were leaving that day and had a lot of running around to do and I remember being really impressed because I had asked her not to stress herself but she said we wouldn't come all the way and she wouldn't meet the kids. It was a rainy day and aunty came to Lagos just for us. I remember her as being strong in her convictions- she was a christian no matter who or where. "Blessed" truly are the memories of the righteous...sleep on aunty in the bosom of our God.
Posted by Ifedayo Adetifa on 17th October 2016
My larger than life Aunty Susan who packed so much into her slender frame has passed on into glory. In penning this tribute, I have now had to fully accept and embrace this new reality-she is gone! Her voice had a unique timbre that I loved hearing but I will no longer hear that lovely voice enquire, “Dayo kini nkan?” Oh what a kind, large-hearted, loving, warm, beautiful and glamorous woman! For as long as I can remember, she gave so much in loving and caring for me (us)- in the birthdays she never forgot, in her invaluable advice here and there, her peacemaker role, the honest open conversations we could have, her phone calls regardless of where I was and so on. I remember how I had a home with Aunty and her family when I moved to Lagos in 1999 and it was exactly like living with my own parents down to her anxiety when I got off work late. Aunty Susan loved God and she served Him to the best of her abilities. She was a woman of faith and was relentless in prayer and worship. We all have memories of her prayers and key Yoruba phrases of worship and thanksgiving. I recall she made sure we all participated in morning and evening devotions and even quizzed us about our own spiritual development. This is so hard to absorb, to understand, to accept but…the truth is, though of scant consolation to me right now, Aunty Susan has gone home to be with her heavenly father! For her loving husband, Uncle Sonny, my wonderful cousins Titi, Tolu, Tosin and Tinuke…her passing has opened a major rift that only God can fill, mend and make whole. I commit you all into his comfort.
Posted by Funlola Badipe on 17th October 2016
Aunty Moi! This is not good bye its good night. I have known you practically all my life. I was flower girl at your wedding. I spent significant time visiting you and your family in UI. I lived with you for 6 wonderful years in Magodo (not counting GRA) and you took care of me as yours. We had our moments but we shared so many beautiful memories. You always know when I'm upset and always find a way to get through to me. Morning prayer was a non-negotiable but Tinuke and I always find a way to escape it. I remember you dragging me to Redemption Camp for Holy Ghost night because that month GO was praying for Singles!! I remember you refusing to tell a 'lie' when I asked you to tell a toaster I wasn't in and how you then went into full counselling mode saying 'You don’t know who God has chosen for you and I remember saying to you definitely not this one'. You even had a go at my boss for keeping me late at work and making me drive on 3rd Mainland Bridge at ungodly hour! I remember how excited you were when I told you about Bode. You had a sleepless night on the eve of my wedding because you stayed with the decorators to get the Reception Hall ready. I remember calling you on Mother’s day after I got married to say Thank you for all those 6 years of living with you in Magodo. And you said ‘O serious, ko tope ….. I also remember you saying to me ‘Omo lo je si mi..... I remember our very last conversation via Face Time, you looked well and you spoke to Bode and I, usual banters and then you prayed for us. I remember your prayers, your very long prayers and ‘few Hymns’……. Always praying for us.... I celebrate your life. You gave us a legacy of Prayer and we will continue with that legacy. So Aunty Susan, this certainly is not good bye, it is good night. You have fought the good fight. You have finished the race. You have kept the faith. From now on the crown of righteousness is laid up for you….. Rest in Perfect Peace my dear aunt.

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