Let the memory of Susuana be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on March 7, 1947 in Ocansey Cope, Ada, Ghana.
  • Passed away on June 8, 2016 in Tema, Ghana.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Susuana Asi Tetteh, 69, born on March 7, 1947 and passed away on June 8, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Yvonne Owusu on 8th June 2017
What a day it is..................your memories are soooo tangible and near. How can i forgrt you mum? how can I?.......I dont understand some of the things you did now...........but I have come to realize its all for my good. I miss you mom.i never dreamt this day will ever come. i will understand it better by and by. Thank you for raising me up in the fear of the Lord......I will never depart from your counsel. Love You Mom. know ure smiling in the bossom of our Lord
Posted by Debbie Tetteh on 8th June 2017
A year today.... memories of the day fill my mind...the time i passed by....the small chat we had. the dress i intended to sew for you for the SUnday thanksgiving service, and when i left, promising to return soon so we continue with our chat. the little laugh you gave, my promise to get you the massaging machine that day....when you said i should not bother. then i left, only to be called a few minutes later....with no words....just a 'debbie, mama, mama........' and i run like crazy into the car, drove with speed, ....... today, the memories are just like it happened not so long ago.... one year on, and God has done His best to comfort us, to comfort me. i know that as sure as there is God, there's a heaven you are spending eternity. We bless God for His promise to keep you in His bosom in a place where there is only joy, love, peace, health, strength where you will sing beautifully in praise of our Awesome God. Love you dearly, Mum. anytime you have the chance to look down, smile at me and whisper that you're alright. Dear Lord, comfort me still... wipe my tears....heal my heartache. I trust in You and in Your name. Amen.
Posted by Ellie Mae on 14th July 2016
I met this lovely woman once, after we worshipped together her sweet daughter-in-law introduced us. There was something about her smile, it lit up her entire face leaving an imprint on my heart that this was a very special sister in Christ. This was nearly ten years ago, yet that feeling still remains today, a very special sister. I will miss knowing she lives over the great waters but now know she lives in the most grand Place ever, waiting for us to renew a real friendship before the Throne of our Almighty God, our Lord Jesus Christ. "See you soon dear sister."
Posted by Siggy Tetteh on 10th July 2016
TRIBUTE FROM IN­-LAWS" Words cannot express how much we’re going to miss you. The time spent and the beautiful memories we shared are priceless. We are thankful and blessed to have had a wonderful example of a Proverbs 31:10 woman in our lives as our mother-in-law. Grandma Suzzy was like a mother to us. She was always there when we needed her to babysit our children... she never failed to call to wish us well on any occasion she was reminded of. She always gave valuable counsel, guidance and support during trying times in our marriages. Always using the word of God as her standard. What we’ve learned from Grandma Suzzy is how a mother can unconditionally love her children. She gave off all of herself to her children and when there were no children running around the house, she turned her passion into a career and mothered hundreds more. We’re thankful that her grandchildren got to experience that loving and caring personality. This simple act of giving grandchildren gifts has lingered on in their minds and they still talk about your acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. We are sole beneficiaries of the love you projected because you showed your children (who we are married to today), what love is and today, we have households where love is displayed in all aspects of our lives. Our hearts are heavy today because we will miss you especially during the big milestones in our lives. We are having a difficult time really accepting that you are really gone. However, we rejoice in knowing that you’re at peace where you are. We may not hear you speak again, but the memories we’ve shared with you will forever echo in our hearts. You have indeed left a gap that no one can fill. “Ojukwu” will definitely miss you....he had a clean shave for you today. We will miss you and not forget how much you cherished and admonished us to keep the family unit together by the Word of God only. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Siggy Tetteh on 10th July 2016
TRIBUTE FROM THE OAKWOOD COMMUNITY" ‘Then I heard a voice from heaven say, ‘Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on’. ‘Yes’, says the Spirit, ‘they will rest from their labour, for their deeds will follow them’ – Revelations 14:13 (NIV) Our hearts are heavy, our eyes filled with uncontrollable tears. The news of your death was a great shock to us all. Our Mother, our Leader, our Adviser, our Coach, our Preacher, our Counselor, our Teacher, our Doctor, our Colleague and Friend, lies before us and cannot associate with us as we are used to. We cannot share the laughter that identifies us as a great Oakwood family. How often do you come across the one person who leaves an indelible mark on you? Grandma, as all and sundry within the Oakwood Community affectionately called you, was a leader, who at anytime could put anyone in the driver’s seat and would serve as a guide. She will encourage and motivate you to achieve the best positive results. She knew how to appreciate and praise, and how to throw new challenges in a way that was fun. Grandma, your bosom was a very comfortable place of rest for all you came across, irrespective of age, size, race or background, especially in the Oakwood fraternity. The little oaks (children) nestled in your arms and you were a great source of inspiration and happiness, everyday they met you. Each morning, you welcomed them with a smile and said goodbye with much love that they were always eager to return to see grandma in the office. When they still hear a car horn in the vicinity of the school, they begin to echo your name.... only not to see you walk in into the school. These little ones, you affectionately refer to as ‘little Angels’, will forever miss you and will have no replacement for you in their hearts. What will we the parents say? Truly, you were a mother to all. We felt really safe with our children in your care. You mothered, preached, doctored, taught and advised us a lot just about anything. We will not forget how you would always reprimand us when we didn’t dress well and highly praise us when we looked good. You were positive in all circumstances even when everything seemed so bleak. We will not also forget about how you would always use the word of God to advise and admonish us when we sought your help with our challenges. We will also not forget how you encouraged us to only think and say positive things about our children. You will be sorely missed. The staff will really miss you. To us, you demonstrated love, kindness, firmness and above all, a tender­hearted personality envied by all. As our preacher, you preached to us the pure word of God. As our teacher, you taught us a lot about this life and shared a lot of personal experiences. As our doctor, you doctored us on healthy lifestyle and showed us many remedies to some diseases. We will never forget those two statements, ‘Thank you’ and ‘God bless you’ anytime you gave any of us a piece of advice. We will not forget that ‘sweet pinch of love’ you also gave on our arm after those wonderful words of encouragement. We never expected it to be this early, Grandma, to draw down the curtain. You always used to tell us, ‘hold the fort when I’m gone’. Hmmm. You have fought a good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. Now there is in store for you a crown of righteousness which the Lord Jesus will award to you when you meet Him. Grandma Suzzy, may your gentle soul rest in Perfect peace, and rest in the bosom of our Father Abraham, till we meet again. Fare thee well. Kpo mo! Kpo mo!! Kpo mo!!!
Posted by Siggy Tetteh on 10th July 2016
TRIBUTE BY SISTERS" We received the unexpected news of your demise with great shock and deep sorrow in our hearts and it is difficult to believe that you are indeed no more. You were so full of life the last time we were together, that we never anticipated your death was so near. ‘Nuenye’, as we call her, was the first born among her siblings. She was a caring sister and as a big sister, she provided shelter for each and everyone of us at a point in our lives. She was a good adviser, and will always offer a word of advice at any given opportunity. She was so particular about good health that any time we got together, she will share with us new health tips she had discovered and for which we jokingly called her, ‘doctor’. Nuenye Asi, we will forever miss you. Your demise is a great loss to us, but we take consolation in the word of God which says, “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we, who are alive and remain, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.” (I Thessalonians 4:16 – 17) Nuenye, till we meet again, rest in perfect Peace.
Posted by Siggy Tetteh on 10th July 2016
TRIBUTE FROM OCANSEY FAMILY" ‘The righteous perish and no one ponders in his heart. Devout men (women) are taken away and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace: they find rest as they lie in death ( Isaiah 57: 1­2) Our hearts bleed with sorrow as we pay this glorious tribute to our dear sister, Asi. Indeed, it is with heavy hearts that we write this tribute. Asi, as we affectionately called our sister, was quiet but assertive and would go to any length in exhibiting her character of honesty, pragmatism and charity. She stood in defense of high moral grounds, integrity and transparency from childhood through her marriage to adult life. Anytime we the siblings met, Asi would hug every one of us, speak kind words into our ears and wish everybody well. Each one of us had such memorable encounter with her. It was difficult not to be affected by her mild manners, cheerful disposition, kindness and infectious laughter. She always had a way of making difficult situations look surmountable, always ready to help and make another person more comfortable. This is the deep immeasurable sense of responsibility Asi had towards us her siblings, children and the family. This is the remarkable woman of virtue we mourn today. Sister Asi! She was our herbal doctor, Physiotherapist, Dietician and Medical Advisor, reminding us of our diet and health. Today, we say goodbye to you, believing that you are not dead but indeed you have only departed this sinful, wicked and stressful world to eternal rest and comfort. You have indeed been a gem in the family. A woman of intelligence, truth and dignity. You were determined, courageous, industrious and honest. Our hearts ache and our eyes swell up with tears, but we know you are up in heaven, resting in the bosom of your maker, the Lord Almighty. We will miss you. We already miss you. We have missed you phone calls at dawn and the wonderful testimonies that we shared. But God’s ways are not ours. He says yes and no one says no. We say farewell!!! Fare thee well!!! Okenyemi saminya! May the Lord, who has called you, receive you in His bosom. Amen
Posted by Isaac Anoff-Afiakwa on 9th July 2016
Dear Mum, i felt so sad hearing that you have crossed Jordan. Undoubtedly you are in your brand new body that was promised by our LORD Jesus Christ and beholding The LORD's face. I remember the times I spent some holidays at your residence at community 5 and you bought me a new shirt…, the times you brought food to the church premises for us the young brothers who were helping with the church building construction…, many wonderful memories of you will forever remain in our hearts. From the day I heard you've gone on, this chorus by Chris Tomlin has been on my mind… "There's a peace I've come to know Though my heart and flesh may fail There's an anchor for my soul I can say "It is well" Jesus has overcome And the grave is overwhelmed The victory is won He is risen from the dead [Chorus:] And I will rise when He calls my name No more sorrow, no more pain I will rise on eagles' wings Before my God fall on my knees And rise I will rise…" You are such a wonderful person and you will be greatly missed. Rest In Perfect Peace my dear sister Suzzy!!!
Posted by Beatrice Amugi on 8th July 2016
I personally dont have a relationship with sis sue but I've heard great things about her and she really is beautiful! She has a huge part to play in why I'm even on earth. My mum and dad actually met at her house( you see where this is going ) but yeah. I have great relashionships with most of her children. They are great people and raised well for sure and that's how I know its a great loss and hurts me deeply because of it. But I'm a Christian so I know better. All is well and we'll surely see her pretty soon. Wishing you all the best with the Burial. RIP dear Sis Sue.
Posted by Susan Vigil on 8th July 2016
I first got to meet Sister Susuana here in Wichita, Kansas at our home church while she was out here visiting her son Brother Mark and Sister Mavis, she was a joy to sit and visit with, and even though are visits were few and far between, I knew immediately that this was a very sweet and wonderful Lady, sure gonna miss having you come out to the States to visit, but we will have to catch up over in Glory Land, and while your gone, i will keep watch over Mark and Mavis and the Boys for you my precious Sister. love you bunches, this is not goodbye but until we see each other again down the road!!!! Love You!!!!!!
Posted by Ebenezer Tetteh on 8th July 2016
My mum,my sweetheart,my friend and bodyguard. For me,you are the special one. I always went through life fearless because I knew you were there and your prayers every early morning was my protection. Thought me to love and respect everyone,made me know that all the struggle for material things was vanity. Put God first in everything and taught me to never give up. I confided in you,talked over anything and everything. A few days gone,I laughed at a statement from a female friend,she said she couldn't imagine me without my mum and she saw you once. Anyone who knew me had to know how proud I am to have you. You touched and impacted loads of peoples lives whether big or small. I can write a book,if I don't stop here. Am glad I always made you aware I LOVE YOU and I'll always do. LOVE YOU MUM,LOVED YOU.
Posted by Mark Tetteh on 8th July 2016
Mama Suzzie, I want to thank you. Thank you: - For being the best mother you could be - For waking up at between 4 and 5 am every morning, sing your worship songs, and pray for all your children, family and friends - Thank you for advising us on family relations, always taking the high road all of your life, even in situations that could potentially be volatile - Thanks for being the voice of reason always, the calming voice in most situations - Thanks for teaching us about God, and how to be better Christians and people I could go on and on, but for brevity’s sake, I wish to say we are going to miss you dearly. You are irreplaceable. You are loved. You touched numerous lives. You lived life to the fullest. Rest well, Sister Suzzie, fare thee well in the bosom of the Almighty. Join the chorus of heavenly voices and sing on. I will always and forever love you. This loss is bearable only because of the Love of the Lord, although it does not make it any easier. Rest well until we meet again.
Posted by Regina Pinkston on 8th July 2016
Although I didn't know Sis. Susanna very well, I know she had to be a wonderful person because of her children I have met… Mark and Siggy Tettah. They are both strong and honorable men in the service of our Lord. You left a wonderful legacy by raising your children to love the Lord and now they are passing that on to their children. Your presence will always be with them when they look on the faces of their children… in their eyes, their smile, their laughter. Most of all, you live on in the hearts of all that loved you. Your children and grandchildren rise up and call you blessed. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. God be praised.
Posted by Detra Bethell on 8th July 2016
Though we have never met, I am saddened by your passing but grateful for your life. It is through you that I have met one of the greatest men I know. Thank you for birthing one of my very best friends, Mark. To Mark and all the family, always remember that through all the changing scenes of life, our God is forever faithful! Rest in sweet heavenly paradise ma'am!
Posted by Sly Acquah on 8th July 2016
A very sweet and humble woman who loved All and Sundry. May her peaceful soul RIP
Posted by Yvonne Owusu on 7th July 2016
Mama Sue.......hhhhhuuummmm. I will forever miss u. If I knew yo call for me was the very last moment I will be with you, I would have stayed with you from the morning I came by the house. I just don't get it but am believing that the same God you led me to, will make me understand it better by n by. You loved Me in a special way and I will uphold all that u thought me. What would Jesse n Jonathan do now???? I have to run to you for you to instill same discipline in Jesse like you did to me in my teens. Wow.......what can I say??? You were a wonderful mother. I wished u were around but my ways are not Gods ways....... So I will say........It is well. May u rest in the blossom of our Lord.
Posted by Stephen Marrion on 7th July 2016
Maw-maw Suzzie was a truly amazing woman. She was a firm believer in our dear Lord Jesus Christ, and this Message of the hour. She raised her children well, and even imparted her wisdom to her grandchildren. One thing that she always asked me about when we talked was my schooling. She always wanted to know how I was doing in it and was proud when she heard of my accomplishments it it, and anything else at the time. A second thing she always made sure to tell me was to make sure that I took care of my parents when they got old. It was a way of saying thank you and giving back to them for all of the hard work and dedication they put in to me. I know that she loves me with all of her heart. One of my favorite names that she called me was Steve Jr. I'm surprised she didn't call me a chipmunk, to be honest. When she fed me as a baby, I would pack the food back into my cheeks and pretend that I had swallowed it. When she had completed the meal then I would spit what I hadn't yet swallowed to her chagrin. It amazed her that I could keep it all back there. She was a very honest, meek, and humble woman, and I know that she is sitting in Heaven praising God and having the grandest time in His presence. We feel like it will be an eternity before we go to meet her, but the time will pass much more quickly than we realize.
Posted by Micah Tetteh on 7th July 2016
Hi mum, I have been speaking to u everyday for the last 33years of my life.u have been my help,my everything.u the only person who waits for me when I go to work and come back so late before u sleep.if you don't hear my loud car,u never sleep.k miss u so much because we talk everyday.sometimes I tell u oo mum I'm no more a kid stop all this.now I wish I never said it .because I won't here that voice telling me God bless u everytime we end a convo.u ar a blessing to everyone,no one can dispute that.everyone u give a helping hand to,if it's in your power.when I'm sick you move heaven and earth to make sure I'm well.this is an amazing love u have for me.my heart is constantly heavy.i know u in the bosom of the Almighty interceding for us.The only person I have heard pray for her kids and everyone at dawn every since I was a child and u have never ceased to do that awesome thing.i would miss pounching u and playing with you.out hi fives we give each other all the time.mum I can't stop writing about you.when I'm given the whole year to write about you I can go on and on.i can't stand u leaving me.u are he best person in the world.i know you have met up wih dad and the other saints talking about how we all are and how God has been faithful to us all.i never said I love u enough and never hugged u enough.mum I love u,rest well.
Posted by Siggy Tetteh on 6th July 2016
Hello there mom; I lay and often think since your transition to the arms of Jesus; "should I delete your number from my address book"? I cannot bring myself to doing it! While I know that a thousand words won't bring you back; I am sitting here while writing this; almost tearing up! How I will miss you mom; you were/are my angel - I miss your; Love, voice, prayers for us your kids, grand kids and friends every morning and night; singing every morning you wake up and tenacity to intercede for all humanity you came across and how you knew no stranger and mentored and admonished/counseled most young and old people you came in contact with! How you never failed to share your faith wherever you were! How you reached out to those unfortunate and even shared the almonds, cheese and fish oil capsules we sent you with the friends and family who will have them - your giving heart! Please know that I am who I am today for your prayers, love and support! You will always be in my minds eye and heart :)!
Posted by Suzanne Marie on 6th July 2016
Hello Mamaw, There are so many things I wish I could have said to you. I wish I would have been able to say “I love you” one more time. Or tell you about my latest goals in college; you always had an encouraging word to say when we talked about my dreams and was feeling discouraged. As you told many times before, I will remember to keep God first in all my decisions and in my life’s journey. I will always chuckle when I remember your story about dad’s driving, or laughing at a scene we watched on Little House on the Prairie, and will miss trading health practices that we have heard or read about. And last, but certainly not least, I will miss the long hugs and talks we have when we finally got together. Thank you for always being proud of me and for always being an encouragement. Your big heart and your love for living will always inspire me to love not just the big moments, but the little moments in life that you share with your loved one. I love and miss you and I can’t wait until I see you again. Love you!
Posted by Jolene Tetteh on 6th July 2016
My Dear and Sweet Mother-in-Law, Words cannot express how much I’m going to miss you. The time spent and the beautiful memories we shared are priceless. I am thankful and Blessed to have had a wonderful example of a Proverbs 31:10 woman in my life. You opened your heart so unselfishly gave me part of you when you gave me your son. Thank you so much for loving me as a mother would her own daughter. I am forever grateful that our Lord allowed us to cross paths and for the all the knowledge and Godly wisdom you passed down to us through the years. It is the result of your faithfulness and loving prayers that allows us to keep pressing on towards the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus. Although you’re no longer with us your legacy lives on through the hearts of your children, grandchildren, and future generations to come as long as He should tarry. May your soul rest in peace my precious Sister Suzie. It won’t be but a little while until we will meet again at Jesus’s feet. Love, Jolene

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