Suzanne's spirit will remain with us forever!
  • 53 years old
  • Born on September 20, 1961 .
  • Passed away on April 26, 2015 .

Thank you for visiting this memorial website created in memory of our loved one
Suzanne Dawn Murphy-Ugarte

Mrs. Murphy's Celebration of Life Service
was held on Saturday, May 16, 2015
at the school where she taught World History
and sponsored various student clubs.

North East High School
700 N.E. 56th Street
Oakland Park, Florida

Her memorial program began at 3pm in the auditorium to a packed house, nearly 400, immediately followed by a reception in the school cafeteria.  
The students who staffed the food tables wore T-shirts from the
clubs Mrs. Murphy sponsored.

The formal program began with a poem recited by childhood friend, Andrea Hall; followed by Teri Williams, Broward Schools, Department of Diversity and Lily Medina, "No Hate Initiative" Anti-Defamation League.  Student Government President, Alleya Bristol, recited a poem written by fellow student Hailey Price.  Next, School Principal, Jonathan Williams shared a tribute, followed by Shirley Hall a friend of Suzanne. Student, Raghni Douglas sang, "Me and You Against the World" then Darius Daughtry shared his original poem "Seeds". Family remembrances were shared by Suzanne's brother, Patrick Murphy followed by  Suzanne's husband, Hugo, and their son Gianni by his side.  Dr. Pauline Chin asked for prayers for the family.  The memorial closed with a trumpet solo of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" performed by long-time family friend, Bulbi Campbell.  Saundra Anderson served as Mistress of Ceremonies.  

Suzanne "Mrs. Murphy" started a peace garden at the school a few years back and that will be revived.  The school will also dedicate a curriculum in her name called "Suzanne's Lessons".

It was a beautiful tribute.

Many thanks to all who attended, provided assistance
or sent their good wishes


Suzanne Murphy-Ugarte born to Edward & Lola Murphy in Kingston, JA on September 20, 1961, surrendered her battle to cancer April 26, 2015 surrounded by her family.

Suzanne's spirit lives on in her husband Hugo; her son, Gianni; her Mum, Lola Vaz-Murphy; her siblings David, Patrick & JudyAnn as well as her Uncles, Aunts, Niece, Nephews, Cousins, friends, colleagues and of course, her students!

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 Suzanne, though gone physically, will remain in our hearts forever!

Posted by Gillian Elliott on 12th June 2018
I think on you so often Suzanne. Miss you soooo much. Gillian, Marius and Flora
Posted by Saundra Anderson on 28th April 2018
My dearest Suzanne, continuing to miss you; wish I could dial your number and have you answer and we talk about our boys Gianni and Andre and our men, Hugo & Shaun. Thank God for memories because they sustain us when our hearts are heavy. Miss you tons! Love your cousin, Saundra
Posted by Hillcrest Home on 27th April 2018
Suzie Q, Another year has passed, how time goes by so quickly. Well, Mummy has joined you. She passed on Feb 24. Its so empty without two of my confidants. Please look for her, she would be so happy to see you. Miss your smile and humor Love you my friend Dawn B
Posted by Darren Grant on 26th April 2018
Hey Mrs.Murphy me darren again. Thanks for watching over me. I passed my LPN test with a 81/100. Its crazy because i bomb the first one. But i always rember what you told me, im too smart to keep failing. Thank you. for everything.
Posted by Andrea Hall on 20th September 2017
Today is the Anniversary of the birth of a beautiful woman who entered our lives and is forever embedded in our hearts! We called you Suzanne - Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. I miss you so much, our weekend jaunts and chats. Forever my sister friend
Posted by Judy-ann Murphy on 20th September 2017
Hi sis, mum and I are together today on your bday. We have been talking about you all morning. Girl , we really miss you lots lots. We keep looking at your beautiful pictures, your radiant smile. Sis, you should be here with us, we heading to New York Friday to celebrate mum bday too. Miss you so so much❤️
Posted by Judy-ann Murphy on 20th September 2017
Dearest Suz, I miss you so much but I know you are always beside me. I love so much. Happy birthday. Your loving mum Lola Murphy ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Saundra Anderson on 20th September 2017
My dearest Suzanne, Happy Birthday my cousin. Dad is now with you and Uncle Frank....hoping your birthday celebration there in Heaven is a grand one! Miss you but you know that!
Posted by Darren Grant on 10th July 2017
Hey Mrs.Murphy, just letting you know I never forgot about you. Always remember you yelling at me to keep doing better. Right now I'm struggling in nursing school, but I'm not giving up because I always have you pushing me to keep going and to not give up. That I came far from the knuckle headed boy back in high school. I really do miss having your pep talks or you yelling at me for not trying . Never forgotten.
Posted by Saundra Anderson on 27th April 2017
My dear Suzanne, it wasn't too long ago that I sat in a French bakery in Berkeley and ate a delicious chocolate dessert and thought of you because you would have loved it just as much as I did. Still hard to believe we can't pick up the phone and speak with you, Mom (Aunt Perry) says that often. So instead, we speak to you in spirit until we meet again!!
Posted by Max Robinson on 26th April 2017
You are forever loved and missed !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Hillcrest Home on 26th April 2017
Where has the time gone, I cant believe its been two years already, I miss your beautiful smile, your sense of humor and your fire for life. Rest in peace my dear friend.
Posted by Hillcrest Home on 26th April 2017
Where has the time gone, I cant believe its been two years already, I miss your beautiful smile, your sense of humor and your fire for life. Rest in peace my dear friend.
Posted by Gene Middleton on 28th February 2016
I am so, so sorry to hear of your passing, we haven't seen each other in over 30 odd years although I have often thought about you. It sadden to you're not here anymore, my condolences to your family, RIP my dearest Suzanne
Posted by Saundra Anderson on 20th September 2015
Today as the sun shines brightly in the sky, my thoughts go to you--to your family, to the family we share as first cousins. Despite your physical absence, my love, our love for you remains strong and memories will never fade. Happy Birthday Suzanne--love Saundra, Andre, Aunt Perry, Uncle Max, Max, Mary, Antigone, Anastasia & Winston!
Posted by Yolanda Otanez on 2nd September 2015
Suzanne, May you rest in God's loving arms and may you watch over your family. We are fortunate to have met you while you were in California. You will be missed. With love from you friends, Victor & Yolanda Otañez
Posted by Jenisa Malave on 19th May 2015
Words can't describe how heart broken I am. When I heard the news I couldn't believe it was true. It was a total shock.You didn't tell me that you were battling cancer, and I would have never known. When I would see or talk to you, you showed nothing but a beautiful person. Not a single sign of being sick. You have inspired me in so many way you wouldn't believe. From being my English teacher, to peer counseling, to my mentor in life. You have showed me how to never give up, how to never settle for less, how eat natural and healthy foods, how to take of yourself. You inspired me to travel the world, to see what life was all about. Not just to read and learn from books and stories but to actually experience it hands on, to see it with my very own eyes, to learn from the native people. You have guided me in so many right directions, you have helped me grow into the person I am today, you never thought twice about helping your students, you always went that extra mile. You valued your job as teacher so deeply which made me cherish you a person even more. You loved your students so much and made us feel like your own. For all the positive influences you had on my life, I will forever be grateful that I got the opportunity to know am amazing person like you. You are truly a blessing. You will forever and always be an inspiration, role model, and hero to me. Your story will forever live on to inspire others Mrs. Murphy. I love you and until we meet again. Rest In Paradise Suzanne Murphy <3 May God bless your amazing family and especially your husband and son Gianni. P.S. Make sure to teach my little cousin Micheala everything you taught me. :) <3
Posted by Kwailan Chin on 18th May 2015
I love you, Mrs. Murphy. One day, I'll be heard by millions of people worldwide, and I'll tell them about you. I will tell them about my stubborn, crazy, argumentative, one-of-a-kind, absolutely beautiful world history teacher who has taught me so much more than that. The world will regard you and everything you've done. Thank you so much for everything. I promise to use all of the qualities you've brought out in me to bring out the best in the world. I love you. I always will.
Posted by Carletta Avis on 15th May 2015
My sincere and deepest sympathy to Lola and Patrick and the entire family. I have been told Suzanne fought a valiant battle and as the song says she "Did it her way" May she rest in peace and have eternal life in the arms of the Lord. Love Light and Blessings to all Carletta Davis Toronto Canada
Posted by Ed Farrell on 14th May 2015
An honest lass now lies at rest, The friend of all, the friend of truth, The friend of age, and guide of youth: Few hearts like hers, with virtue warm'd, Few heads with knowledge so inform'd; If there's another world, she lives in bliss; If there is none, she made the best of this. My friend, my mentor, the shining star of my first teaching team. Miss you forever.
Posted by Neena Grosvenor on 14th May 2015
I light this candle in remembrance of you Suzanne. You were always the consummate professional in every situation. We bonded over our love of traveling and even tried to plan a trip to China for middle school students (What were we thinking?) Luckily for us the trip never got off the ground. I will always cherish the visits with your family including Uncle Frank. I am still stunned over your passing! May God bless and comfort your family during this difficult time.
Posted by Roger Gordon-Martin on 14th May 2015
So I say Solong to Suzanne today Ups and Downs Along The Way But Because of You I Can Reminisce.... Thanks for Great Memories Thanks for Healthy Conversations Big Laughters Little Battles Encouragements ...and most of all Your Friendship! See you on the other side... Jennifer (Wakeland) Gordon-Martin
Posted by Sharon Marshall on 14th May 2015
Suzanne, you made a difference to the students at Northeast High. A gem like yourself will definitely be missed.
Posted by Clayton Roach on 13th May 2015
I will miss my life-loving, world-travelling, truth-speaking friend. Of all the words that come to mind to summarize my experience with her, the one that stands out is AUTHENTIC. There really was no guile (you know-double talk, subtlety, innuendo etc.) in Suzanne. She said what she meant and she meant what she said. So you never had misgiving about who you were dealing with. I loved that about her. When we talked about her travels I realized that she was not interested in the usual touristy stuff. Her passion for travel derived from her love of history and the desire to understand how different cultures obtained and survived and of course, her love for the common man-of all races, cultures and status. When she gave up the corporate pursuit and entered the classroom, I believe, she found her sweet spot. She wanted so badly for her kids to open their eyes and hearts to the universe and to fall in love with the process of learning. That passion, I believe, is what differentiates great teachers from the good or mediocre ones. During her illness, I called one day to try to persuade her to do whatever was medically advised to survive. I left our conversation with a whole lot of respect for her viewpoint and an even higher regard for her as a person. As longevity goes, this was a short life. But it was a life lived to the optimum and it was significant. Family, please take comfort in that thought. She is gone from us physically. She will not be forgotten. Long live Suzanne!!
Posted by Ann Marie Baker-Collins on 11th May 2015
Judy-Ann, I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you and your family to find peace in the middle of sorrow, and comfort in the best of your memories, and in a tangible sense of God's presence with you all.
Posted by Carla Fisher on 11th May 2015
Suzanne, you will be greatly missed. We first met at Sunday School at Swallowfield Chapel in Kingston, Jamaica. You had such an enthusiasm for life and was loved by everyone. You will be greatly missed, my heart goes out to your family, especially Judy-Ann, who was affectionately known as 'Bungy'. The last time I saw you was at the Swallow reunion. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Karen Stephens on 11th May 2015
To: Judy-Ann, Patrick and Lola, May the peace of God that passes ALL understanding be yours today as you mourn the loss of your beloved Suzanne.
Posted by Carol Dixon on 7th May 2015
Words are not sufficing to say but Suzanne, i admire you so much. Even in the midst of bad news, you were everybody's entertainment and logic. You had everybody fooled and now i have to be telling them the truth. Fun times is so cliche and an understatement for the time we spent together but those memories will always stay with me. Those long talks of trying to piece life together on such short days; the humorous stories of travels and antics that we would so heartily laugh about; the stories of our daily classroom activities and the students we so love, words cannot express. You have lived well. You have ran your course and excelled at it. Your legacy lives on. Miss you my friend, but i know you are in a better place, and free from pain.
Posted by Antoinette Drummond on 4th May 2015
To the family of Suzanne, please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one. I met Suzanne for the first time at Dawn Batts 50th birthday party, she was so effervescent, I enjoyed taking those pictures of her at the party. I'm sure she will be missed by all.
Posted by Antigone Robinson on 4th May 2015
Auntie Suzanne was a truly inspirational woman. She has been a role model for me since I was a child. We had thanksgivings together with our grandparents and she would beguile me with stories of her and Hugo's romance and love for dance. it stuck to me all of these years and I am sad to see her go. May she rest.
Posted by Kelly Vale on 3rd May 2015
With an extremely heavy heart I say goodbye to my friend Suzanne Murphy Ugarte. We connected through our children over a decade ago at Woodlands Montessori. Despite relocating, changing schools and participating in different activities we somehow stayed connected over the years. We will continue to foster the friendship between Nicholas and Gianni and we will always be there for Hugo. Thank you for including us in what we now know was your last birthday celebration. We are honored to have shared space with you on this earth….only wish we had more time. Till we meet again, your friends Kelly, Rob, Nicholas and Simone.
Posted by Dahlia Saunders on 2nd May 2015
Dear Suzanne, We met in 1973 at Ardenne High school in 1st form. I still remember your bubbly, bright personality, and how pretty were. You were always happy too, and smiling. I haven't seen you in a while, and I am so sorry to hear of your passing. Heaven has welcomed a dancing angel. My condolences to your family, and all who love you.
Posted by Max Robinson on 1st May 2015
My beautiful vibrant Cuz, I shall forever miss you. Although our paths never crossed enough, you will forever be with me as I shall never forget you. Max
Posted by Saundra Anderson on 1st May 2015
This tribute is submitted on behalf of my parents (Aunt Perry & Uncle Max to Suzanne) "We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world. In our travels we meet very special people, like a loving niece. Her early California days were spent with us. We did lots of fun things together and shared happy times, like our trip to Las Vegas when you were pregnant with Gianni, Uncle Frank was along as well. Our trip to Channel Island, Universal Studios, museum outings, the symphony and out to eat. Since we moved away, I looked forward to receiving your annual Christmas cake. The memory of these and many other times will be etched in our hearts forever. Love you, Aunt Perry & Uncle Max"
Posted by Portia Nicholson on 1st May 2015
I remember Suzanne vividly from Ardenne High School when we were in the same form although we have not been in touch these many years since then. I am very sorry to learn of her passing. She was a bright light. My condolences to her family and friends.
Posted by Andre Lusan on 1st May 2015
Aunty Suzanne, I am so grateful to have had you in my life. From when I was a little kid, you were always there. You let me visit often, always had words of advice if I needed it, and never forgot my birthday. That was when I was a kid. Now, I'm a teenager and so many things have changed, including my interaction with you. Last summer you let me visit while I was in Florida. I had a blast hanging out with you, Gianni, and Uncle Hugo. After playing basketball with G, you showed me how to make those wonderful tacos out of fresh ingredients, something I wish I had taken notes on. We baked fresh cookies and shared a family meal with rousing conversation and had an amazing time; I would have to say it was one of the highlights of last summer.You also talked to me about some of my courses, handling coursework, and college, which was also a very interesting conversation. You are an amazing person and I miss you immensely. Smile down on all of us, knowing how much you influenced our lives. Love you and miss you always Aunty, Andre
Posted by Feet Com on 1st May 2015
Dear Suzanne The last time we were together was aboard the Norwegian cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate your 50th birthday! Who knew that I would never see you again! I am glad I was able to share this occasion with you. Your spirit will live on in your mom & your sibling, your husband and your son. Angie
Posted by Dawn Batts on 30th April 2015
My Dearest Friend, This all seems like a bad dream, 44 years of friendship, you were a true friend. We have always been a part of each other's lives over the years, we have seen each other through the good and not so good times. I am so blessed to have called you friend. I give God thanks for being able to spend a week with you towards the end and I know without a doubt that you are with our Savior Jesus. I know we will see each other again and this is what gives me hope. You will live in my heart ALWAYS Love and miss U Dawn
Posted by Roger Gordon-Martin on 30th April 2015
Thanks for lots of fond memories Suzanne! May you RIP and keep that smile shining down on us! You are missed!!!
Posted by Winston Robinson on 29th April 2015
Auntie Suzanne, You where very close to my heart from when I was a kid. I will always remember when you came to california and I was blessed enough to enjoy the time with you and the family. Will never forget your joy and bliss you brought to everyone around.
Posted by Saundra Anderson on 29th April 2015
My Dearest Suzanne, I am so grateful that you had the initiative to write my Mom (your Aunt) nearly 30 years ago and ask to come to California. Our lives will forever be linked--your laughter & full-of-life spirit, love of travel, food and fashion, and eternal thirst for learning. I will miss our conversations about 'being a Mom' and our annual summer or holiday visits--either you (Hugo & Gianni) here in Cali or me there in Florida. May your spirit continue to soar, we miss you more than you will ever know! Your cousin, Saundra

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