This tribute was added by Sharon Yendole on May 19, 2016
To my beautiful, wonderful, gifted 1st daughter, I have missed you so much darling & always will. we will be together one day Suzanne, not to far in the future. when I had my operation in august the 2nd 2012, I nearly lost my life, there was no fear inside of me, because I had to children holding either side of me holding my hands, that was you Suzanne with our simon, I miss you both so dearly, I saw uncle john there, & nana & granddad too, then nana said to me Sharon you have to go back its not your time to join us yet, but it will be soon, nana said to me I know how much you miss Suzanne. then Suzanne & si said to me, go home now Sharon si & I will be waiting for you at the top of the stairs for you when its your turn, I told you Suzanne I wanted to stay with you then, your reply to me my darling daughter was no mum, you can not you have children down there to sort out, & unfinished business, & you also have your grandsons, & your 1 beautiful granddaughter so mum you must go back home, as it wont be long before you join me & si up here, then si you said to me, give my love to my mum, tell her I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt her, but I will always love her, & I watch over her every day, then si you said to me, Suzanne Sharon watches you daily, even when you get upset because how much you miss her. then suzy said to me. as well as nana, & granddad, if you don't go now, you wont be able to get back. suzy & si held my hands & took me to the top of the stairs, & they both promised me, that they would wait there for me until I returned, then they would take me through to nana & granddad, & uncle john, who seemed so sad, & said nothing.i made a promise also to si, & suzy, promise me both of you, that it wont be long before I come back to you all again. suzy said it wont be long, & I will wait here for you every day mum, but please go now, as you have a lot of sorting out to do down there. then you can come up again to stay with us all, suzy & si shouted we love you Sharon, & suzy said also mum, we always have. Suzanne I am ready to come to you with si some time this year my darlings, I am just here waiting now for the operation as I am allergic to the general anaesthetic, but this is what they will be using again. then I will join my daughter , nephew, grandparents, & my uncle, then I know I will be happy keeping an eye on my 2 daughters & my son in law to be, as well as my 5 grand children. as I love them all so much. love to you all in heaven & on earth, love from your mum, & nana Sharon too. I will always be watching both of my sons, mainly my eldest son with his dog.
This tribute was added by Sharon Yendole on May 19, 2016
a lighted candle hear fr you my daughter to help me find my way to you suzanne & our simon too. love you both so dearly. not long for usto be together as this year its due, god bless you y daughter& our simon too, as we will all be together again, looking upon the living & watching all of your sisters, & 2 brothers, your aunt Christine who is you mum,as she is always thinking of brother kevin,& Allison, & wendy too. we will be watching you daily with us all up here, wendy I did nt see our dad up there when I went the 1st time, but then again Christine, we both know that's nothing new, don't we micheal.loveing you all from above to you al below us.

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