Late Night Study Sessions

Shared by Taylor LB on March 27, 2013

Right before finals we decided to study for our art history class. Instead though we spent the whole time running around asking any guys if they had a n x-box we could play. We asked al most every guy our dorm. We finally found someone and you gave up on wanting to play. So I played alone and you just flirted with the boys. It was so fun. Ill never forget that crazy time.


Shared by Taylor LB on March 27, 2013

I remember the time we decided to drive around campus in a blizzard. For some silly reason we were determined to get ice cream in the freezing cold weather. We drove like two miles an hour the whole way there and got our ice cream. Of course we couldnt figure out which kind we wanted to buy so we bought like four different kinds. You told me we could eat them all. And we did, it was so yummy. I miss our crazy adventures. 

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