Posted by Laura Quintanilla on June 4, 2021
My first time meeting Suzy was 18 years ago and my only regret is not having had more time with her. Despite having only seen eachother on few occasions, the time I spent with her allowed me to get to know her warm and sensibility. Suzy was a wonderful woman and mother. A beautiful human being. I feel blessed to have known her !
Posted by Peter Nordland on June 3, 2021
I had the distinct pleasure to know Suzie for many years through the La Jolla Community Church Choir and the Worship team. Suzie was very giving and always was the first to volunteer to lead the prayers for those in need. One choir practice, Suzie mentioned that she connected with the Lord more through music than any other form of prayer. That resonated for me in in a big way and we both commiserated how we could get emotional through our Worship songs. I miss you Suzie!!!
Posted by Nicole DiVito on June 2, 2021
Today is #LouGehrigDay. The ALS Association recently announced a goal of making ALS a livable disease by 2030.

A man at my company with ALS and many others fought to create this special day. You can read more or donate here:

I was lucky enough to somehow get into the same Bible Study group YEARS ago with Suzy and several other incredible women. I recently learned about Suzy and have wonderful memories of her smile, laugh, stories about her family, crazy stories of nature and REI. She was a beautiful person and her spirit refreshes my soul when I think of her.

Here is some background info on #LouGehrigDay in case you would like to learn more. In 2019, Larry Falivena (who works at my company) and others joined a group that had the idea that Major League Baseball should have an official Lou Gehrig Day. After a year's work, that idea became a reality. Most teams will honor Gehrig on June 2nd-the day he started his historic consecutive games streak, and the day he passed away from ALS in 1941. The teams that don't have home games will honor him today/June 3rd.

I made a donation today to support the fight and in honor of our Suzy. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and dear friends.
Posted by Faith McClelland on June 1, 2021
Suzy- My first bestest friend and “seester”. We were stand partners playing cello and you accepted me even though I was a grade behind you. Our friendship in high school grew to include Randy, Joel and Terri. And eventually grew to include others (Barbara and Terry). But first it was you. Our group did everything together and I drew such strength and love from all of you. It made me feel so special when I heard you yell out “That’s my seester” at my college graduation. You were my maid of honor and though we were physically miles apart, whenever we were together we were as close as ever. In these later years when I would visit I was honored that you would share your fears and worries with me. But your reliance on our Lord, I knew, would give you strength and made me proud. I prayed for Randy and knew he too would gather strength from your convictions. Our email connection I hope was helpful to you, I know it was for me. You have touched many lives and will be missed. I can’t wait to sing duets with you again. All my love, Faith

Randy- I pray for your strength during these times of remembrance. You will be busy. But there will come other times (and I’m sure have already been) when some small thing will remind you of her and the pain will be sharp. It will not be forever. Cherish the memories. Her love is yours… always.
Posted by Leida Bickham on June 1, 2021
Love you, Aunt Suzy. I will not be able to attend your service but will be camping in your memory. Love to you!
Posted by WILLIAM Snyder on May 30, 2021
I met Randy and Suzy when I was in Jr. High through my sister Faith. LJPC was a touchpoint for all of us. Godspell tour, backpack trips then Image Dynamics where our creative grist was ground together. Suzy was always open, forgiving, understanding, loyal, jovial, sincere, serving and encouraging to a fault. Her dedication to family was unparalleled in my opinion. Her ability to surpass in hospitality inspired me to do likewise. Seems to me, as she grew older she grew more like the Savior she loved. She sensed need, when I was dull to others, to come alongside with just the right word, touch, compassion and empathy. Yes, we all meet our time to pass on from this life, and in that test we either grow bitter or sweeter. Sweeter is better and Suzy has taught us to pursue that path by the beautiful example of her life.
Posted by Franci Marshall on May 30, 2021
I met Suzy in the fall of 2016 in Brain Head, Utah. I am a long time friend of her adventure buddy Elly Vance. It was such a delight to have spent some time with her. She was funny, kind and a loving person. She shined brightly from within. Her love for Jesus spilled over to others. I am looking forward to someday reuniting with her in heaven. 
Posted by Tricia Hedman on May 29, 2021
I had the pleasure of knowing Suzy since the fall of 2000. We met in a women's life group while both attending JLPC. She was a wonderful friend and sister in Christ. I learned so much from her sense of humor, courage, and faithfulness. I am blessed to have known her.
Posted by Jeffrey Javelet on May 29, 2021
I met Suzy probably around 2010 as we were both members of La Jolla Community Church worship choir. For 10 years we met on Thursday nights and rehearsed and then sang on Sundays, usually multiple services. Our church choir was a family. I came to know Suzy fondly and always appreciated the caring and gentle way about her. And she helped me several times with things I needed or thought I needed from REI. Always made herself available. My life was blessed by Suzy's spirit!
Posted by Christy Zatkin on May 25, 2021
My memories of Susie are from her La Jolla Pres days when we worked on the church's first contemporary service. Her input on the music helped make the service a true worship experience. As I think about those times together, so many sweet memories come flooding back. She had a high level of intuition. When my son was was about a year old, (now 47!) she showed up at the house when I was in a mental meltdown and took over childcare for a couple of hours giving me a break I desperately needed. In later years, I'm one of the ones she helped outfit for the outdoors with great hiking boots.

I'm so sorry I can't come to the memorial. I'll be in Atascadero at a nephew's wedding.
Posted by Mary Helmic on May 23, 2021
Because we lived so far apart (I'm in Michigan), I really got to know my cousin Suzy through our emails and Facebook posts. It was such a privilege to share our thoughts, photos, challenges, and joys with each other. My life is better for our contact these past few years!
Posted by Randy Wilbur on May 15, 2021
Tis a fearful thing to love what death can touch - a fearful thing to love, to hope, to dream, to be - to be and, oh, to lose - a thing for fools, this, and a holy thing - a holy thing to love, for your life has lived in me. Your laugh once lifted me. Your word was a gift to me. To remember this brings painful joy. Tis a human thing, love - a holy thing to love what death has touched.
Yehuda Halevi (around 1120 CE)

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