Let the memory of Sydney be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sydney Garcia-Tovar . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Tia Haresh on March 12, 2019
Good morning sweets! Have the best day today, watch over us. love you!
Posted by Rachel Caldwell on March 12, 2019
fly high babygirll you're super pretty and you didnt deserve any of this we love and miss you bunches prayers to the family
Posted by Tia Haresh on March 6, 2019
Missing you a lot today hun, love you more than you could ever imagine. <3
Posted by Angelique Mercado on March 5, 2019
God bless you and your family my prayers go out to you all
Posted by Tia Haresh on February 4, 2019
Words can’t describe how much I miss you. We were never CLOSE but we hung out at games all the time and I just knew I could go to you for anything and everything. And I still do. I’ve seen all the signs you’ve shown from butterflies to birds to orbs at your grave. I love and miss you so much dear. Please continue to watch over me, DONT be afraid to say hi every once in a while❤️
Posted by - - on January 25, 2019
You will always be someone I could never forget. From the first day I laid eyes on you I always thought you were the most beautiful girl ever. It’s hard dealing with you being gone when I always thought I’d have more time with you, to tell you how I’d feel when I was around you and to hear your response in person, possibly even your laugh. Not just some made up scenario in my head. You had always just had this energy that lit me up every time we were together. I’ll never forget how it felt to lay next to you and think about what it would be like to hold you. I’ll always remember picturing how your hand would look in mine, because I still do that. And I think I always will do that. I’ll never stop wondering the what if’s. What if I told you that you give me butterflies? What if I had spoken up and said that some things that happened weren’t just a joke to me, it felt like more to me. What if I was vocal about how much I adored you. What could have happened? What if a tiny crush could have turned into so much more by speaking up, by getting close to you on a different level than we already were? But that’s all still just in my imagination now. Because I never did speak up. I kept it to myself out of fear thinking one day I could tell you, maybe even laugh it all off with you. I still keep it to myself with only a select couple of people knowing because I can’t bring myself to just now talk about it. I don’t want to be that girl that waits until something this tragic to talk about it. But I’m glad that this website is up because it feels like I can finally talk about it without questions being asked. It feels like I can almost in a way talk to you again. I’ll always have the most respect for you, knowing something about me that no one ever has and ever will. You kept my secret until you weren’t here anymore. You understood me and believed me. Believing me was the most important part and I’ll never be able to thank you enough. Your clothes still hang in my room so in a way I can still see you every morning and night. You’ll always be the one I’ll never forget. You’re forever missed.
Posted by Cody Calloway on January 24, 2019
Dear Sydney,
You wrote me a couple times. But in that time I never told you how much I love you. You always checked on me. You came over when I lost everyone. You brought me food and gave me a friend when I just lost mine. You drove right behind the ambulance when I was going to the hospital. I looked out the back and all I seen was you and Reece. Sydney I’m so sorry to what happened to you. Your still my best friend. I think about you everyday. You were so fucking perfect. But this world doesn’t like perfect people. I once gave you a bracelet. it said unashamed. I loved you for who you were. I still do. Your our angle in heaven. Your eye brows were always on fleek. I love you Sydney ❤️ when I’m sad I reread what you wrote me like you said. You push me for better and I can never return any and everything you did for me. I love you
Posted by Kym Stokley on January 24, 2019
Sydney I can't believe it's been 6 months I have so many fond memories of you playing in the park to walking you to your bus stop and the driver thought there was a new kid there I'll always Love You and I always miss you someone will come forward baby girl this will be solved so you can rest in peace
Posted by Kaycie Fugate on January 24, 2019
It's been 6 months since we lost you.. I miss you so much. Rest easy babygirl
Posted by Danielle Wombles on January 23, 2019
Syd, I miss you more than you'll ever know baby. I know we didn't talk much over the years but we still kept in touch every now and then. You were doing so good, I'm so proud of you. I remember seeing you and hugging and telling you I love you but I never thought that would be the last time. I miss you, I miss you so much. Rest Easy babygirl
Posted by Calista Zwerican on January 23, 2019
Sydney you were one of my good friends and I’ll forever miss you. You’ll live on always no matter what. You were always there for me and was such a good friend in general. You drove 5 hours just so I could make to Sean’s funeral which died just weeks before you. You were such a caring person and we had some great memories together. Wherever you are now syd i know you’re at peace. Although it was too early for everybody and everyone’s hearts hurt I love you always.
Posted by Savanah Fawbush on January 23, 2019
Sydney, I never knew you but I will be grateful for you eternally. You saved my life, even though it meant ending yours. You didn't deserve what you were handed and I really hope someone comes forward soon. I'll come visit you again soon. Forever missed, your heart sister ❤

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