Shared by Jean Kuate on March 4, 2017

I will never forget a great woman who u was!

Sylvie's Last Trip

Shared by M. L. on December 2, 2011


 The late SYLVIE and her husband, Jean Bernard Kuate, left Douala Cameroon on November 18, 2011 and arrived at Washington Dulles Airport on November 19, 2011. SYLVIE collapsed in the hallway as she and her husband were walking towards the immigration check-points for formalities. She was transported by ambulance to RESTON HOSPITAL.

Right after immigration procedures, one of the ambulance team members returned and escorted Jean Bernard to the hospital where he was informed that SYLVIE passed away on the way to RESTON HOSPITAL.

So is the tragic end of the life of our sister, SYLVIE. Her life was cut short. She will never live to enjoy the American Dream she so dreamed of. SYLVIE is survived by her husband and siblings back home.

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