Let the memory of Symon (Cy) be with us forever.
  • 90 years old
  • Born on July 22, 1928 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States.
  • Passed away on December 30, 2018 in Salem, Indiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Symon (Cy) Satow 90 years old , born on July 22, 1928 and passed away on December 30, 2018. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Kyoko Fujimoto on 18th January 2019
Dr. Cy Satow was one of my mother’s cousins. His parents Rev. Katsuichi and Ms. Yoneko Satow stayed with my family for a week in Japan in 1974. They told me Cy had a promising career as a doctor in the US, but decided to devote his life to the Lord and went to India as a missionary. “Symon-san”, thus, became my hero. I first met him in person in 1982 or so at one of his uncle’s churches in Tokyo. I wanted to ask so many questions, but I was too nervous to talk with this man who was my hero. Just being around him gave me a sense of his love. In 1989, I visited Cy and Yvonne in Mussoorie, India. I was nervous to see my hero again, but he welcomed me like a close friend. It didn’t take long before I started feeling at home. I was surprised to know “the legend, Dr. Cy,” my hero, was so down-to-earth; funny (with Yvonne!), friendly and very human. Priya was with them, and I remember Cy reading a verse of the Bible to Priya and teaching her about God every night. Who can teach the Bible to a teenage daughter so well? Yvonne was listening to their conversations quietly. They respected each other. It was my first time to see an ideal Christian family—Christian in a true meaning. While I lived in the US as a grad student and later as an interpreter, Cy was truly good to me. Whenever I moved, he always asked if I found a good church and whether I found good fellowship. He was like my “father in America.” Yvonne and Cy often invited me to their sweet home in Hinton, WV. Whenever I was around Cy and Yvonne, I felt so safe and warm…like I was surrounded by the Holy Spirit itself. What a privilege to spend so many hours with them! Living in the US as an Asian was not always easy, and the challenges I faced often made me an unpleasant creature to be around. Yet, Cy was always supportive and encouraging. He never criticized me, but accepted me just as I was. I believe everyone who had met him felt the same. He was also a humble person as a child. He found joys in little things; he enjoyed eating (this exceptional talent runs in the Satow clan in Japan, too), singing, and even helping people. Every tiny little thing he did was also about worshiping the Lord. I hadn’t witnessed many Christians like him. Who can exemplify such child-like humility as he did? Not so many. He lived with a passion for the Lord, compassions for others, and a great sense of humor. I left the US 16 years ago, and geographically I was not close to Cy. However, I always felt so peaceful at the thought of him. Now I truly miss him. Although I know he is now at peace in Heaven, I miss him. I cannot even imagine how deeply Yvonne and the rest of his family miss him. I am certain, though, that Yvonne and their three wonderful children, six beautiful grandchildren, and numerous friends like me all over the world can now pass on Cy’s love to other people. Cy dedicated his life to Christ, as his parents said, and his love continues to grow in this world. Symon-san, you are still my hero in a different sense now. Not as a saint or a “great missionary doctor”, but as a human who made it easy for us to believe in Jesus. Have a good rest now beside Our heavenly Father. See you later.
Posted by CODY WATSON on 17th January 2019
Dear Yvonne, I just learned of Symon's Homegoing as I sit here in Kolkata, the land of your service and love. I thank you both again for your support of the work. Heaven has become a more special place. I regret I did not have the chance to hear your stories of your time in this land. In two days I will leave here to meet Dr. Victor Choudhrie and his wife Bindu and family in Madhya Pradesh. I wonder if y'all knew each other. I will find out. Psalm 116:15 Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of one of His saints. Jai Masih Ki Cody
Posted by Linda Mashburn on 14th January 2019
I had a premonition that maybe Cy had died when we didn't get our usual Christmas letter, but was so sorry to learn that was true when we got Yvonne's letter today. I had the highest respect for Cy's abilities as a surgeon, and enjoyed working with him for the year I spent at Frances Newton Hospital in charge of the private ward (1965-1966). He was the supervising physician for the ward, and as I got to know how he liked to handle different cases, I would proceed, allowing him to do surgery (often for 12 hours at a time). However, I always knew I could go and stand outside the operating theater and call out my questions, and he would answer. He was not only one of the most competent doctors I have ever worked with as a nurse, he was also one of the kindest, most humble, and most compassionate. I was at Frances Newton when Yvonne arrived and also there when Cy and she announced their engagement. I have appreciated their friendship all these years, as they have visited us and my husband, Bill, and I have visited them. I especially appreciated their visits and support when I served a three month prison term in Alderson, WV (just down the road a piece from Hinton) for civil disobedience in 2006. Serving as Volunteer Visitors, their visits to other women in the prison, whom I got to know, was a very important, loving service. My prayers are with Yvonne and the family. Cy, I know, has been welcomed as "the faithful servant" to heaven.
Posted by Yvonne Satow on 10th January 2019
...the home going of that beloved surgeon..my hero..mentor and example. The giant with a soft heart and a gentle smile and an infections laughter. Yes all of us got only good memories of this great friend.. he is more alive than before.. Glad that all the families could be there. Please convey our joy and grief to yvonne.. blessings to all Love. Laji and Sheila
Posted by Surjit Singh Gill on 5th January 2019
I had the privilege of working as a colleague in Frances Newton Hospital., Ferozepur. During Dr Satow’s watch, I started the Eye Department,.which soon became very busy. There were some great moments in life during those 5 years, 1963 to 68. Cy was one of the seven members comprising my wedding party in 1964, and he not only drove the Chevrolet wedding car, ( though it got stuck in the rural road, forcing the wedding party to walk). Cy also took the role of the wedding photographer, Having the coloured photographs was an absolute novelty in 1964, what a time! I fondly remember the wedding reception of Cy & Yvonne, they cut the “cake “with a ceremonial kirpan (sword). to reveal the contents as Mangoes . My two children, Preeti, and Deepak, were born in Ferozepur. I remember moving into the newly built staff accommodation, the Satows on the ground floor and the Gills living a floor above. Dr Satow’s interest in shikaar was exciting news for the staff sharing the wild neelgai meat.And I must mention your family paying a brief visit to us in Torquay, UK. Cy ! We will miss you ever so much. We are very proud of your legacy that would never fade.
Posted by Ann Thyle on 5th January 2019
Cy had the deepest influence on my life, as he did for many others. Starting out in 1981 as my boss at Herbertpur Christian Hospital, he went on to becoming my mentor, teacher & close friend. His compassion, professionalism, Godly leadership & ever pleasant personality became benchmarks for me to follow. His commitment to medical missions and living out his own faith by following Jesus' example to reach out to the most vulnerable helped me recognize my own calling. Cy & Yvonne became like parents to our children during their time at Woodstock & later in the US, phoning each one every Sunday to encourage & support. Such devotion truly touched my heart, so characteristic of this caring couple. Cy and all that he represented will always be among my most cherished memories.
Posted by Yvonne Satow on 3rd January 2019
My deepest condolences to you and the family. There are so many wonderful memories living in Woodstock and one of the fondest was meeting the Satow's. The first time was when I was up in the gym shooting hoops by myself when Cy showed up with your kids, he greeted me with his loving smile and asked if I wanted to join in a game...Your family have touched so many hearts...big hugs ❤❤ (from Stefan Anderson)
Posted by Andi And Sheba Eicher on 3rd January 2019
Dr. Satow was a light that burned brightly and continuously for the 90 years the Lord granted him on this planet. I have been deeply influenced by Dr. Satow's big heart and the way he and Mrs. Satow opened up their home to me as an awkward new 11th grader at Woodstock School. They served as my foster parents over those 2 years and then continued to love me during my years at college in the US. Every person needs a 'second set of parents' and Dr. Satow and Mrs. were those to me. I found a new world in their home - one of rapier sharp wit - willingness to discuss anything under the sun - deep faith in the Lord Jesus and and on-going humble desire to live this out. Dr. Satow's irenic presence, the gentle wise smile he had, and the delight he took in sharing a small portion of his vast experience with me as a teenager has been a deep blessing to me. A vivid memory is Dr. Satow talking to me in their Mussoorie home in early 1986, showing me a study done by a doctor couple who did a gynnaecological camp in rural Maharasthra, a WHO study on sexually transmissible infections among Indian adults, and the stark black and white pictures of a group of women who were dying with AIDS in Mumbai. The press at that time was calling HIV/AIDS an 'African' disease and piously declaring that it would never come to India. Dr. Satow showed me the WHO estimate of 1 in 20 adult Indians had an STI and said that HIV was going to be a big deal in India in the coming years. I also remember him telling me enthusiastically how at Herbertpur Christian Hospital they had been training village women to be community health volunteers (today called "Ashas") and how God has provided antidotes for diseases in nature all around us - even how they had used ground up Madagascar Periwinkle flowers as a cancer treatment! Looking back, those conversations were foundational to some of my later choices to be involved with public health. I am deeply grateful to the Lord for these and many happy memories that I have of Dr. Satow and the open home that the whole Satow family had for me over the years. Only one life, 'Twill soon be past Only what's done for Jesus will last. Dr. Satow's 90 years have lived out the small couplet from CT Studd's poem. His amazing love and forgiveness resonates across the years. I don't know how many people I have told about Dr. Satow's refusal to get angry about the injustice meted out on him as a young man when he was interned as an 'enemy alien' during the 2nd World War. And how he chose instead to forgive and serve - and lived to see a day when his country apologised for what had been done against Dr. Satow and his cohort of Americans of Japanese descent. Sheba and I were hoping to introduce our daughter Asha to Dr. Satow later this year. He has skipped that possible appointment to be with his Lord. We will be living together in the New Jerusalem where Jesus will wash away every tear and the leaves of the tree of life will bring healing to the nations. Dr. Satow's life - and the extended Satow clan - have been on the King's business of bringing healing to the nations across their lives. His children (biological and spiritual) rise and call him blessed! Fare well gentle Father, gracious saint. Till we meet again!
Posted by Rachel Phillip on 2nd January 2019
As a campus kid of Frances Newton Hospital, Ferozepur, Punjab, India, I grew up hearing about some of the great missionary doctors amongst whom I had heard about Dr. Symon Satow...not until I met him and Madam Marlow in 2003 at Herberpur, I was completely awestruck on having met such an indomitable legend face to face. We thank God for his life and work through which he has impacted so many lives and spread the love of Christ, may God be with the rest of the family with the assurance that he is at peace with Christ our saviour.

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