First birthday

Shared by Takaya Curlin on February 21, 2014
We celebrated his first birthday and even though he spent most of the time sleep we all had a great time. When he was born it didn't look like he was going to reach 1 but by the grace of God he made it to 1 and past that.

mornings with Tae

Shared by Kaya Curlin on May 21, 2012

Tae baby I remember every morning around 2 you would always wake me up by kicking me in my back. When I wouldn't answer you would start cooing louder and louder. finally I would roll over and you would latch on to my face. Before I knew it I had a face full of drool ewwwww I know right, but I would give anything to have that happen one more time.

Prayer Works

Shared by Kaya Curlin on May 19, 2012

My miracle baby, I remember when the doctor told us that there was a good chance that he couldn't see. That was because he only responded to sound and never when someone would do something like wave there hand in his face or things like that. He was scheduled for surgery the next day so we called everyone and began to pray. We refused to believe that he couldn't see and left it in Gods hands. The next morning I walked in the room and he looked right at me without me having to say a word. After that they said he probably would never talk, but months before he passed and even up to that day he said mama and dada. Ta'vion was truly our miracle child. He touched everyone even the ones that knew him through other people.  

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