This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tabitha (Thibeault) Merchant who was born on September 13, 1984 and passed away on March 30, 2007. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Tiffany Nedeau on November 20, 2013
Hey Tab,
It has been a while since I last wrote. Have been thinking about you a lot the last few days! How so much has happened since you left us! My kids are so big Tabitha is 6 now and Dawsen just turned 3...I can not believe how fast it has all gone by. Mary is HUGE she is as tall as me and I am not exaggerating at all! Now we have a new beautiful niece Olivia Rose Thibeault born just 5 days before my birthday! She is so darn cute and I love her so much and I know you would too and you would love Katie she is such an awesome person & a great friend! I look up at the collage Jay & I have of you in our living room and think of all those good times we had together. How you always wanted to be pregnant with one of your friends & ended up being pregnant with your sister and you were so excited and so was I. I could not have imagined a better moment for when I told you. I think you might have been more excited than me lol. I just think of all these things and just thank god that even though our time together was short it was always amazing. You were the best big sister I could have asked for and even though we fought (ALOT) I loved you with every ounce of my heart & soul!
I love & miss you! <3
Posted by karina Reed on November 14, 2013
Hey Tabba , I miss you like crazy .. I graduated hair school , I wish you were here so I could color your hair instead of you doing your crazy box color hahaha , I live in my own apartment with my boyfriend frito , I've been with him for four years ! You would love him , probably only because he's black haahahah I miss your laugh and smile , no one will ever replace my tabby . Love you
Posted by Tammy Thibeault on September 21, 2013
I still cry myself to sleep some nights everyone loves and misses you and like tj said his little one will no you as does tabby dawsen jaz and jayden and mary we will always make sure love you always and forever
Posted by Tammy Thibeault on September 21, 2013
hey sweet heart it been awhile scene ive wrote but it isn't cause I haven't thought about you I think about you with every breath I take and I miss you every min of the day all the kids are getting big and tj and Katie will have one soon its a real shame you didn't get a chance to no them but im glad you got to meet mary she is taller than me lol jazmyn will be soon I miss you so much
Posted by Tj Thibeault on September 15, 2013
little sister I love you and miss you every day, not a day goes by when I do not think of you. Not only did I lose my sister but I lost my best friend, Your niece or nephew will be here in a week or two I wish he or she could know his or her auntie Tabitha I know he or she would love you just like every one else dose. Even tho this baby will not get to meet you he or she will know you.
Posted by Lillian Thibeault on September 13, 2013
Does not seem that you have been gone for so long. Seems like a few weeks ago you were here and having a baby shower for the birth of Jayden. I am so thankful that I got a picture of the three of you that day. Miss you a lot and until we meet again I know you are watching over the babies and Mom, Dad, Tiff and TJ.  Also all the others you loved. Miss and love you-- GRAM
Posted by Terri Brown on September 13, 2013
Happy Birthday Tabitha your so loved and missed every day.Kris says he misses you so much you meat so much to him, he even taking after you on the school thing not wanting to go he said he don't like having a lot of people just like you.
   Love and miss you so much  oxoxox          Love Auntie
Posted by Mark Lucier on September 13, 2013
Happy Birthday Tab. Wishing you were here so that I could say it in person. You're missed so much. I love you.
Posted by Mark Lucier on March 31, 2013
Tabitha, you were taken way too soon. Thought alot about you yesterday. I love you very much.
Posted by Tammy Thibeault on March 30, 2013
6 years unreal seems like yesterday you were holding jayden and jazmyn where did the time go I miss you so very much love you forever and ever love mom
Posted by Nancy Goodsell-Daneault on March 30, 2013
Love and miss you lots. Not a day that goes by I don't think about you.I can't believe its been 6yrs when I got the call. I wish it was a dream. one day we will be together again. Love you tab.
Posted by Terri Brown on March 30, 2013
Hi my Beautiful Tabby,
I can't beleave it has been 6 years already.
I miss you so much we all do. there's not a day that goes by I don't think about you. Love and Miss You Always... love auntie
Posted by Tiffany Nedeau on February 22, 2013
Hey Tab just stopping by to say hello and tell you how much I miss you. I can not believe it has been close to 6 years since you been gone. I am getting a new puppy tomorrow. I don't know what to name him and as stupid as it sounds it's times like this I miss you most because I know you would be helping me pick a name! Miss you and love you so much <3
Posted by Tiffany Nedeau on September 13, 2012
Happy birthday to my big sister! I love and miss you so much. I can not believe it has been over 5 years already....wish you were here to enjoy the memories with us....Love always and forever your baby sister
Posted by Tony Thibeault on March 30, 2012
March 30th 2007 my little girl Tabitha joined the Angels in heaven. Her life on earth is over and done, but her journey to eternal life has just begun. I cannot express the pain and sorrow that I feel. I only know that these feelings are very real. As I relive the events of that horrible day, I know these feelings will never, ever go away. I Love and miss my O-P-Lay-lee with all my Heart and soul.
Posted by Tiffany Nedeau on March 30, 2012
Sitting here thinking about you and all the fun we used to have and how much I miss you! Thinking about how much your kids have grown and how proud you would be of them. I wish Jayden and your niece and nephew could know you the way I did they would love you so much<3 Just like I do<3 Miss you big sister always and forever xoxo
Posted by Samantha Flanders on January 19, 2012
Hey beautiful girl!! its been such a long time since I've seen you smile! our little girls are so big now, I can't believe 7 years old! I miss seeing Jazz, and Jayden. I miss your family, and I miss you very much!! Thank you for being my friend all those years, you're so missed! <3
Posted by Tony Thibeault on October 19, 2011
Thinking of you today and every day. I love and miss you so much. I just wanted to let you know.
Posted by Terri Brown on September 13, 2011
Happy Brithday hun you are missed so you babe
Posted by Denise Strong on August 1, 2011
Tabitha may you rest in Heaven with all of those that are waiting for us. My love to your Mom & Dad. No parent should leave this earth before their children. I love Tammy and Tony and send you my love ♥
Posted by karina Reed on July 20, 2011
Tabbbaa! I miss you so much , I really wish you could come back just for one day so i cant tell you that i love you and thank you for everything you've done for me. Sleeep well Tabby<3 Love always Pink,purple,Green
Posted by Normand Thibeault on June 10, 2011
You are deeply missed each and every day and also remembered each and every day. I hope that you are resting peacefully. Love forever: Uncle Normand
Posted by Jessica Demers on June 10, 2011
Tabitha, WHen i was just 14 I started to be friends again with tiffany. You were always the cool older sister. Not just Tiffanys and Tjs but mine to I always thought of you that way. I lov eand miss you"
Posted by Tammy Thibeault on June 9, 2011
u r so very much missed and so loved kids r getting so big i hate this life without u although tj and tiffany and the grandkids keep me going  i love u more than life it self will never ever forget u love always mom
Posted by Terri Brown on June 9, 2011
Hi Hun,You are so missed and loved by everyone that knows you.The kids are getting so big,when i looK at Jazzy i see you.Jayden is my angelboy I miss u like crazy.I LOVE YOU HUN SO MUCH..Till we see you angain RIP ANUTIES BEAUTIFUL NIECE WITH LOTS OF
Posted by Laura Champagne on June 9, 2011
Not a day goes by that I dont think of you! I love and miss you like crazy. Hope to see you again someday. R.I.P. my bff Homeslice ♥
Posted by Tony Thibeault on June 9, 2011
I Love and miss you, my O-P-Lay-Lee so much!
Posted by Lillian Thibeault on June 9, 2011
You are missed and you will live on forever in your daughter. Some of the pics are like looking at you again. It does not seem right that you were taken first but I guess God had his reasons. I love and miss you more than anyone knows.  Gram
Posted by Tiffany Nedeau on June 9, 2011
Big sister. You picked on me non stop when we were little! I don't think a single day went by that you didn't at least once. I used to get so mad. Now I WISH I could have one more day to tell you just how much I love you!
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Posted by Tony Thibeault on December 25, 2020
Another Christmas with out you, It doesn't get any easier. Jazmyn and Jayden are growing so fast, Hard to believe their teenagers. Jazmyn is a tipical teenage girl who wishes she had a boy friend, Plenty of time for that we tell her. She is very emotional and misses her Mom from time to time. Jayden is a normal teenage boy who is always right. He seems to struggle from time to time. Sometimes it seems very overwhelmimng trying to do the right thing, but at least their happy and safe. We are keeping your memory alive through videos and pictures and keeping you in our Hearts. We Love and miss you every single day. Keep watching over us and help guide us through this life until we meet again. Mom, Dad, Jazmyn and Jayden 

Posted by Tony Thibeault on September 13, 2020
Its your 36th Birthday Tabitha, Oh how we wish you could celebrate it with us. Our Hearts are full of sadness on this special day even more so than usual. Your in our thoughts daily and it still hurts as much today as the day you left us. We're glad you don't have to deal with this pandemic knowing you as you worry so much about things like this. We are keeping your children happy and safe by providing them with a stable and safe environment to grow like normal kids. There is a hearing coming up soon to decide where the children will be staying until they can establish their own independence. Please help us help your children feel safe and secure. We miss and Love you so very much and will see you again and finally be able to feel your touch. May God hold you in his keeping until we meet again. Until then we will be missing you every single day. Love Mom, Dad Jazmyn and Jayden   
Posted by Samantha Flanders on September 13, 2020
Happy birthday babe!!!! 36 years ago you were born an angel and 22 years later you left us to be a real angel ... all these later it still breaks my heart but knowing I’ll see you again makes the pain a little more bearable . Our beautiful baby girls are so grown up! Makaila is 16 now! In a few more months Jaz will be 16 like how? Every time I see her it’s like I’m looking at you!  Your kids are so beautiful and growing so quickly ! Be proud of your family for taking care of them so good! I know they’re trying their best to do good by you ... raising teens is so exhausting mentally and physically but so worth it! I can’t express enough how much I miss you and your dimples . I love you so much Tabitha ❤️
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In Loving memory of our precious Daughter Tabitha,

Shared by Tony Thibeault on September 13, 2013

                        Sept 13th, 1984 thru March 30th, 2007

              We have tried so many times to describe the feeling of loss and despair that
followed her death. We don't think we will ever manage to completely convey our true feelings.

              There is nothing worse than caring for a child, loving it and dreaming of its future only to have it ripped away from you. The Pain of losing your child is so incomprehensible to those who have not experienced it.

             Today Tabitha would have turned 29 years old and how we wish we could have seen what a beautiful woman and mother she would have become. We can only imagine where she would be at this point in her life.

             The emptiness we will always have in our hearts, she used to fill with her smiles, laughter, kisses, kindness and her love. As time goes on we miss her more and more and look forward to the day when we will be together again.

              Our lives have to go on with only her memories and pictures. Although it’s not easy, we do take comfort in knowing that she will be with us and until we are together again she will always live in our Hearts.

               Happy 29th Birthday Tabitha, We love and miss you so much

                                                         Mom and Dad

In Loving Memory

Shared by Tony Thibeault on March 30, 2013

My O-P-Lay-Lee
Tabitha Lee (Thibeault) Merchant
9/13/1984 to 3/30/2007

I have tried so many times to describe the feeling of loss and despair that followed the death of Our Daughter Tabitha 6 years ago today , but I don't think I will ever manage to completely convey my true feelings. No Parent should ever have to go through this, there is nothing worst than caring for a child, loving it and dreaming of its future only to have it ripped away from you. The Pain of losing your child is so incomprehensible to those who have not experienced it.

Our daughter Tabitha was born September 13th, 1984 at 6:38 pm at Concord Hospital in Concord New Hampshire. She weighed 5-lbs 14-oz and was 19” long. She was a breached baby and had to be brought into this world by cesarean section. It was such a joy watching her grow from her first steps to potty training, her first day of school to learning to ride a bike and then driving a car and to becoming a wonderful Mother. I was very proud of the young lady she was becoming. Tabitha had a fascination with Butterflies and white tigers. She enjoyed hanging out with her friends and spending time with her best friend whom happens to be her Mom. She enjoyed chats and long drives thru the country side with her Daddy. She was a shy child but had a heart of gold and would always do for others before considering her own needs. She fell in Love with her soul mate Terrance John Merchant in 2002 and Married November 11th, 2005. Her greatest moment of happiness was on January 25th, 2005 when she started a Family of her own with the birth of her little girl Jazmyn Marie Thibeault and again on March 15th, 2007 with the birth of her little man Jayden John Merchant.  

Tabitha passed on March 30st, 2007, at approximately 6 am as she was getting ready to feed her newborn son, Jayden, just 15 days old. The last time I saw her was around 8pm the night before, while brining her home for the evening as she loved spending her days with her Mom whom was also her best friend. I can remember helping her up the 3 flights of stairs to her apartment with her newborn son Jayden and 2 year old daughter Jazmyn. I kissed them all goodnight and told them I would see them the in the morning.

The next morning around 830am Tabitha’s husband Terrance called from work to say he could not get a hold of Tabitha by telephone and wanted us to check on her, My wife Tammy tried to call Tabitha and could not get an answer. I was just getting out of bed. My wife asked me to go and check on Tabitha as she usually called by then to see if her Mom could pick her up and bring her to our house for the day. I remember thinking that Tabitha was probably just sleeping in because after all she was a new Mom and was very tired. I leisurely finished my breakfast and got dressed and proceeded to go to my daughter’s apartment a little down the road.

As I was driving to my daughter’s apartment I remember silently laughing to myself as just a few days prior Tabitha had inadvertently got locked out on her balcony by her 2 year daughter Jazmyn. My silent laughter suddenly turned to concern as I drove up and did not see her on the balcony. I buzzed her apartment and could not get a response, As a tenant was coming out I hurried and got the door and started to run up the 3 flights of stairs as now I was starting to panic that something was wrong. I heard some children crying and was hoping it was not my grandchildren. I got to the door and confirmed that it was Jazmyn and Jayden crying. I proceeded to call for Tabitha to no avail, now being scared I loosened the screws to the plate over the lock and opened the door to find the chain attached. I continued to call for Tabitha and still got no response. I proceeded to push the door in and ran into the apartment.

 I remember seeing Tabitha lying on the floor in the hall with the babies’ bottle in hand as I shook her to see if I could get her to respond. I noticed Jazmyn holding Jayden on Tabitha’s bed as if she was protecting him. They were both crying. I called 911 and started CPR on my own child as I kept telling her she had two children to raise and could not leave them. I remember it seemed like forever for the paramedics to arrive as I so desperately tried to get some kind of response from her and cried for help. The paramedics finally arrived and knocked on the door; I hurried and went to the door. The paramedics took over for me and tried to revive my daughter as I tended to the children. I called my wife Tammy and told her to come over as something was wrong. She came over and the paramedics advised us that Tabitha had passed on. They told us that she had been gone at least three hours. I remember Tammy asking why does’ God hate me so much. I tried to comfort her as I was trying to comprehend the severity of the situation. I remember becoming nauseas and sick to my stomach, I felt as though I must have been dreaming a horrible dream, and all I wanted to do was to wake up, it just didn’t seem real.

 So many emotions consumed my thoughts since this dreadful day, Dealing with guilt that maybe we could have done something to prevent her death. I started to blame myself and others for not being there when she needed us the most. I became angry at Tabitha for leaving her children and all her loved ones too soon. At times I still feel a complete sense of emptiness because she is no longer physically present.

 I cherish her memories, some good and some bad, some make me happy and some make me sad. I am reminded of her through words and through songs, I miss her more and more as the days go on. I do take comfort in knowing that in Gods wisdom he has called Tabitha home and released her from the bonds of sin to welcome her into his presence, so that she may enjoy eternal light and peace. Although Tabitha’s life on earth is done, her journey to eternal life has begun; we love and miss you every single day. May God bless and keep you until we meet again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

From the Family of Tabitha Lee (Thibeault) Merchant We would like to thank all our family friends and the community, although there are no words to express the heartfelt gratitude we feel for your overwhelming thoughts, prayers and support for our family during our darkest hour. Our hearts will never forget the things that made it feel so light. It will keep in loving memory your smiles so warm and bright. The words of real encouragement that kept us from despair, the little deeds of thoughtfulness that softly say you care

                                            In Our Hearts

We thought of you today, but that is nothing new, we thought of you yesterday and days before that too. We think of you in silence, we often speak your name. Now all we have are memories, and your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, with which we’ll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our hearts.



                                                                 Tony & Tammy Thibeault & family