Taitlyn Hughes

Shared by Chloe Hurren on May 26, 2014
Taitlyn, your such an angel now. I miss you princes. Your always loved and will be forever. Your such a beautiful girl and oif I could bring you back I would. Love you princess

taitlyn hughes luv u

Shared by Nicole Kneisly on April 22, 2012

Taitlyn was a young 12 year old girl and she died by a brain hemmrroge because of a migrane and she was the most loyal,generouse,and even the most nicest person you could ever meet. She was never mean like that she was nice to people and her dream (legacey)was to change the world and stop cyber bulling because she was bullied in 4th grade because of how she act,her freckels, and her white skin, but she didnt let it get to her and she stands up for people for who ever got bullied and she makes them feel better and it also made her happy to help out others that need help and the ones that are getting bullied by someone and she was my bffwxox (best friends forever with hugs and kisses) and she was the most beautiful person in the entier world and she was my role model. Her full name was taitlyn shae hughes, her mom was nicole siva, her dad was john e. hughes, her two brothers are laden and dalton,and her sister was darain hughes, her step mom was jamie hughes and her step dad was chris siva. She was in city hospital on november 4th and she got life flyitened to childrens national hospital in washington d.c. on november on 5th and died on november 6th at 11:32A.M. and she will be missed and shes up and out of the painand in heaven with the most powerful angle which is god. She will be gone but not forgotten. She was always right beside me and she was the most caring person ever to every one. Even when she came to my cousin keeshas house she would help me face my feares when i got scared and she still will help us will every ones fearsand she goes to hms (hedgesville middle school) with me and she was a 7th or 8th grade cheerleader and she was like another sister i never had and shed always luv her two dog which one was a great dane named sophie and she died two years after taitlyn did and the other one was a yorkie terrier and his name was bently and i bet he really misses taitlyn and taitlyn really misses him and she will still be with him then,now, and forever and ever and even her family to. the preyers go out to the hughes/ siva family luv u guyes wish i could see you nicole and taitlyn luvs you very much and the entier family luv her to especilly you nicole if u have any questions contact me at (304)-283-2942 bye nicole and the hughes/siva family :) luv u guys so much.

Love,Nicole Kneisly  

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