Posted by Nana leombruno on October 18, 2019
Hello angel baby. Happy birthday in heaven. Nana misses you so so much.My heart is forever broken .I wish God didn't call you home.The tears still flow when I think of you .I hope you are watching over us all down here....Until we meet again my beautiful girl....Sending you all my love and BIG hugs
Posted by Mommy . on October 22, 2018
Happy birthday baby! Eight years and my heart still breaks everyday for you. I miss you so much. We made a cake for you. Your brother blew out the candles. He's never met you in person but he loves you. So do I. I often wonder what you'd look like and act like and what kinds of personality you'd have but I can only guess. Either way you're beautiful no matter how I imagine you. Happy birthday baby girl. I love you and i think of you everyday. Watch over us until we get to see you again. Love, mommy
Posted by Nic Nic Brown on February 7, 2018
Hi Nic Nics Sweet Pea. I know we speak often when I look at your picture hanging here I tell you Good Morning I miss you I even ask do ypu want to play. I miss you baby. Its just not fair. I still will speak to God when my time comes to go home as to way he had to bring ypu home so early. I miss you beautiful girl. Oh how beautiful you must be. Nic Nic will forever hold you in my heart. Until I can see you again Sweet Pea. A big hug from me to you and lots and lots of chocolate kisses. Or wait is it vanilla? I say chocolate. I remember your giggle when Nic Nic would kiss you and ask if your kisses taste like chocolate or vanilla. I love you and miss you deeply.
Posted by Nana leombruno on February 7, 2017
Hello my beautiful girl.6 years without you and it doesn't get any easier.My heartaches for you every day.I wish you were here .i miss you beyond words.I love you so much bubbles.
Posted by Mommy . on February 8, 2016
My little angel is been 5 years since you left me and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Your pictures are on my wall to say good morning to and say good night to before I go to bed. Achilles never met you in person but I believe he's met you in spirit and that you watch over us everyday. I think you would have made a great big sister! I love you and miss you more than words can ever say and I wish to were here.
Posted by John Rainwater on February 7, 2016
I didn't get to meet you in the short time you blessed everyone with your presence but I know I will get to meet you one day.
Posted by Nana leombruno on February 7, 2016
Blowing kisses to heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Nana leombruno on February 7, 2016
Hi baby girl,nana loves you and misses you so very heart breaks every single day .part of my died with you .it has been 5 yrs already.i wonder what you would look like .you would be starting kindergarten this year .i wish you were here
Posted by Priscilla Garcia on February 16, 2014
Wishing you a Happy late 3rd Birthday Talia. I know your mommy is going through a very hard time not having you here, to love and hold, to watch you grow, I know because I too also have a beautiful baby girl in Heaven. My Angels name is Aubrey Michelle. Your birthdays should be a happy celebration with many guests and lots of gifts for you to open. Now they're celebrated in a different, painful way. Its not supposed to be this way. Sending HUGS to you and your mommy.
Posted by Nana leombruno on February 7, 2014
It has been 3 long yrs since you were taken away ,i miss you so much baby:( i dont know how to get past this. you should be here ,laughing and playing and gettin nana lovins .i want to hold you and kiss you and play with you :( the heartache is to much ,i want you back baby girl :( nana will never get over losing you. sending you kisses and hugs my beautiful girl xxoxooxoxx
Posted by Nana leombruno on October 18, 2013
My beautiful angel baby Happy 3 rd Birthday ,nana doesnt come here very often,it kills me inside to see your memorial pictures.I love you
And miss you sweet baby
Posted by John Rainwater on October 18, 2013
Happy Birthday beautiful angel. You are missed.
Posted by Nana leombruno on May 11, 2013
My sweet sweet Talia, nana misses you so much
even after all this time ,my heart wont heal,its been almost a yr ive been here,it kills me :-( i want you here baby.its not fair !!!! Your sissy still cant get past this she loves and misses her baby sister and that kills me also
I dont know how to help ease her pain.i love you baby<3
Posted by Nana leombruno on May 13, 2012
My sweet baby , i dont come here often anymore. it makes my heart break and ache so much. i long to hold you ,kiss you hug you,make you smile and laugh to teach you everythingyou need to know, crawling walking running reading ,and i cant, its not fair you were taken away. i will never get over losing you , i cant even begin to know how i would do that if i could. i miss you so much baby !
Posted by Irene Hermance on February 8, 2012
I Love you my sweet little one, Love Aunt Renie and Uncle Rick
Posted by Nic Nic Brown on February 7, 2012
Hello Baby. I can not believe that it has been a yr since you have left us. Nic Nic thinks of you often Sweetpea and I miss you so very much. Today is very hard for me and I just wish I could hold you in my arms today baby and never let anything hurt you. Nic Nic will see you again baby. Be waiting for me with open arms and lots of hugs and kisses. I will see you again baby I PROMISE!!
Posted by Priscilla Garcia on February 7, 2012
Hi there sweet angel. I am so deeply saddened for you and your family. I know they are in pain over your loss and wish you were home with them where you belong. It may be a year since your passing, but it's 1 more year closer to your family joining you. Give your family strength and comfort. Such a beautiful angel they have. RIP SWEETIE <3
Posted by Stacie Brown on October 18, 2011
Remembering Talia on her birthday. Kay and Rowan made you a cake and blew out the candle for you. Always in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Nic Nic Brown on October 18, 2011
Happy Birthday Sweetpea.I miss you so much baby girl. Nic Nic is so angry today because you should be here.Its just not fair baby.Why!!? Why did he have to take you.I just want to hold you baby.I Love You and Miss You! Happy 1st Birthday Nic Nic's Sweetpea.We will be together ag
Posted by Melissa Hall on October 18, 2011
Sweet Talia....I know you are having a wonderful birthday party today sweet angel....Happy 1st Birthday....Just want you to know you are so loved and missed very much....
Posted by Mommy . on August 21, 2011
Happy 10 months Talia my angel! I love you and always will!
Posted by Nic Nic Brown on August 7, 2011
NHello my Sweetpea.I know I have not been here on your site for sometime but, I just still can not bring myself that you are no longer here with us.I miss you baby girl and I would do anything to just hold you once again.To hold your little hands and feet within my hand.Love Nic
Posted by Nana leombruno on August 7, 2011
My sweet baby girl. i miss you beyond any words. i still cant wrap my mind around the fact that you are gone. my heart aches for you princess. life is not the same without you here with us. the short time we had together was beyond will be forever missed
Posted by Priscilla Garcia on August 7, 2011
Sweet sweet angel, You are such a darling little girl! How beautiful you are! You will be forever missed by those who loved you so dearly! Give your mommy & daddy strength to make it!
Posted by Theresa Passarell-Muir on August 7, 2011
God Bless you and your family. I am so sorry you have to go through this. Your daughter is beautiful (hugs)
Posted by Laura Ramirez on July 11, 2011
Talia is an absolute angel. Her smile is so very stunning and one day she will be reunited with all those whom love her, the pain that you feel now is 'temporary,when the Lord brings everyone back together, this pain will not even matter. May she fly high with our angel <3
Posted by Nana leombruno on July 1, 2011
Posted by Samantha Do on June 17, 2011
Your such a beautiful baby girl. this has touched me deeply, in my prayers you and mommy will remain, i would of been one of the luckiest people in the world had i got to meet you <3 god bless you sweet angel <3
Posted by Mommy . on March 14, 2011
Hi my love. I always think of you. How I miss you Talia words can never truly say. My heart aches every second you're not here...but I know you're in a better place now. Wait for me ok? I'll see you again one day...
Posted by anna thompson on March 10, 2011
may you sore with the angels and live on forever in in peace
Posted by Nic Nic Brown on March 1, 2011
Talia,Nic Nic's Sweetpea oh how I miss you so baby.I find myself staring at your photos missing that smile the soft touch of your small hands the smell of your innocent.I just dont know how to over come that you are no longer here with us.I dont want to accept this chapter of our lives I dont want to turn the page I want to start it over but, I know that will never happen.Until we meet again.....
Posted by ember/ julie howell on February 13, 2011
Stephanie,This is my poem to my baby daughter that passed away. this is number 1 and num 2 is above.....
We little knew that morning God was going to call your name. In life you were loved, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, U didn't go alone. For part of us went with you, the day God called you home.{have to finish on next page
Posted by ember/ julie howell on February 13, 2011
this is number 2 that finishes number 1....
You love is still our guide and though we cannot see you, you are always by our sides. Our family chain has been broken and nothing seems the same, But as God calls us 1 by 1, The Chain will link again..... my prayers are with you and your family.
Posted by dean leombruno on February 13, 2011
i love you talia and miss u so so much you will be missed by every one you
Posted by Chaz Hanna on February 12, 2011
The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hands of God. May the Lord be with you in this time of sorrow,and may he bring comfort to your heart,for she is with him in his glory and will have happiness eternal.
Posted by Irene O'Keefe on February 12, 2011
My thoughts and prayers to all of you. I'm so very sorry.
Posted by Irene O'Keefe on February 12, 2011
Prayer for Those Who Suffer
For those who suffer,
and those who cry this night,
give them repose, Lord;
a pause in their burdens.
Let there be minutes
where they experience peace,
not of man
but of angels.
Love them, Lord,
when others cannot.
Hold them, Lord,
when we fail with human arms.
Hear their prayers
and give them the ability to hear You back
in whatever language they be
Posted by desirea meyers on February 11, 2011
I would just like to say, stephanie, you really touched me! Your story has my heart! I don't know if you know but when u came into picture me studio & I got the privilege of taking pictures of your beautiful daughter, it was only the 2 session I have EVER done, & for this to happen it hit me deeply, I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart & I wish you well & all the support at this time!!!
Posted by Jaylene Wooten on February 10, 2011
I have no words, but I love you and miss you. I wish I could have held you more and kissed you more. Im sitting here looking at your pictures on nana's desk. What a beautiful smile you had. I will always remember our last phone call. I am so glad mommy called that day.I love you Talia. Uncle does too!
Posted by John Rainwater on February 10, 2011
I regret that I never got to meet our Little Sister in God but I know in my heart that I will meet her one day and it will be a beautiful day.
Posted by Melissa Hall on February 9, 2011
God has called an Angel Home....although we may not understand and this is a very difficult time....just remember GOD'S plan is always perfect...I pray that each of you will look to GOD for strength to get you through this difficult time....She will be missed and always hold a special place in each of your hearts...She is such a beautiful little girl...
Posted by Nana leombruno on February 9, 2011
You will always be my little girl Talia. You leaving was the most painful thing and nothing will ever compare to you. I love you my little angel! -Mommy
Posted by cassie parks on February 9, 2011
I am so sorry for you loss. She is such a beautiful baby. She is physically gone but her spirit will live on thru all those who knew her and even ones that didn't. I may have not met her but I will always remember her.
Cassie and Bill Parks Family
Posted by Dawn Doroski on February 9, 2011
Such a beautiful little girl. I only knew you through the words of your Grama, but you were one very lucky little girl to have such a wonderful Grama and family to love you so much. God has his reasons for needing you with him and you are with him now and one day you will be able to be with your family, but for now, you can watch over them with much love.
Posted by Nana leombruno on February 9, 2011
Bubbles you were the most amazing baby you are so vocal at only3months.i new there was somthing differant about you but couldnt figure it out,now i know,god needed you in his angel choir like nic nic said.i love you and miss you beyond words talia you brought so much to our with the angels my love.i am blessed to be your nana !!!!!! i love you!!! fly with the angels my love!!!!!
Posted by Kara Owens-Leombruno on February 8, 2011
Talia Rosaly "baby sister" Leombruno~Though you only blessed us for a short period of time your memory will live with us forever. You know fly high with the angels and bless them with your beautiful smile and bubbly spirit. Stephanie and Derrick though your loss is tremendous please keep your head held high and have faith that she is in a better place. Bless you all. Aunt Kara

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