Let the memory of Tammurra be with us forever
  • 22 years old
  • Born on June 29, 1991 in St Louis, Missouri, United States.
  • Passed away on January 14, 2014 in Carbondale, Illinois, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Tammurra Hamilton, 22, born on June 29, 1991 and passed away on January 14, 2014. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Javonda Quinn on 17th July 2018
Just ran across this in a google search...it’s been awhile, but I think if you everyday... I see you in every young person I work with especially that beautiful smile...things happen for a reason though...u are ina better place now...if u were here, I sure you’d still say hi Aden with your bad self and I am sure you’d be laughing at Mare’s jokes! RIH sweet angle!!!!
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 29th June 2018
Today I light a candle just for you. We have special memories that will always remain in my heart. Life can be so difficult sometimes its hard for me some days. I just dont want anymore pain. I know you was a very special in your on little way. You had a great way of showing how special you really are. I know i wasn't always there to get every phone call norbto get every message but know that it was all for you. Rest easy my sweet thing . Happy 27th birthday time really flys when everthing seem so blue...RIH Tammy...
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 14th January 2016
Tammurrra you have been truly missed. I've been having a hard time over these last two years trying to adjust to you not being here. I still remember the day I brought you home. I use to love doing your hair and dressing you up. You was the greatest gift that I could have been given. You was smart, beautiful , responsible and wise beyond your years. RIP I WILL SEE YOU SOON..
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 30th June 2015
You will be missed forever. I will always remember the good times we shared. I know you went to be with the lord. I can't wait to be reunited with you. You set a great example for many. I will continue to honor you your great works here on this earth. Im sure heaven is enjoying you more. I will never understand why things happened the way they did but I will always trust in the lord with all my heart. I will always say over and over in my head that God created us and he knows our beginning and end. I honor you Tammurra for doing your best her on earth. It's been a year all I can say is Wow. IT'S GOING TO BE A CELEBRATION FOR SURE WHEN WE MEET AGAIN. CONTINUE TO DO YOUR BEST BECAUSE I WILL ALWAYS GE PROUD TO BE YOUR MOM EVEN IN YOUR ABSENCE. GOD CONTINUE TO BE WITH ME AS I STRUGGLE TO HEAL FROM THIS GREAT TRAGEDY THAT HAS CAUSED BE A GREAT DEAL OF TRAUMA AMD PAIN. ITS HARD TO HEAL FROM A LOSS THAT CREEPS UP ON YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. OFF GUARD I WAS OFF GUARD OMG....GIVE ME PEACE FATHER IN HEAVEN GIVE ME PEACE...RIP MY DEAR...LOVE YOU ALWAYS
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 30th July 2014
Tammurra, It's been a while since I dropped you a note. I so miss you Tammurra. I still can't believe you are gone. Your birthday has passed, Vacation has come and gone and I wish you were here to share these moments with me. I can't stop crying some days when I think of you. Tammurra, I said I will never get a tattoo but I'm thinking about it. Tell Grandpa, Jackie and Bid D I said Hi… you left me to soon Tammurra…I'm all alone…..Vacation was not the same this time. Holiday's will not be the same……I don't know what to do. Every time I hear people talk about there kids it breaks my heart…Love you Tammurra tears are falling for you right now…...
Posted by Antonio Lewis on 29th June 2014
Happy birthday imu
Posted by Jalonda Bush on 8th June 2014
Tears Fall When I think of you my body shakes My mind can't believe it TEARS FALL My heart aches TEARS FALL Why my family Hold me Lord take my heart into your hands TEARS FALL They say time heals all I don't know---Time allow you to accept what is TEARS FALL TEARS FALL TEARS FALL I miss you, I love, I see you in every young lady I see rest in peace I will forever hold your smile in my heart..
Posted by Javonda Quinn on 18th May 2014
Hey TaMarie, wow this is real...ur no longer here! This is so hard to grasp. U were such an angel in my eyes. My heart still aches with such great pain. I can only pray that God will give me a peace of mind with this. I pray that ur soul is at peace and u r resting now...if only I knew u were in pain if only I knew...feeling so sad so sad....
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 24th April 2014
Hey Baby girl…I just stop by to say HI…I miss you so much Tammurra I hope you are enjoying heaven. I can't wait to see u again.. Give kisses to Jackie, Granpa and D….
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 2nd March 2014
Hey Tammurra, Just stopping by again. I found this poem I just want to post for your. Your mom loves you and miss you dearly. I often called you on Sunday just see how everything was going and how was your weekend. How do I overcome this sadness Or begin to say goodbye Where do I go to find the answers So I can understand "The Reason Why" Like Christ, I felt forsaken The day You took My (daughter) away Lord. Why did our prayers go unanswered When So Many people prayed ? I cried out to you in anger And begged to let me take (her) place Oh ... how I long to hear (her) voice again And see (his/her) smiling face But You controlled the dawn of All creation And laid the foundations of the earth And it was You who gave "The Breath of Life" And the miracle of birth So who am I, that I should question The Choice you made that day " For it is the Lord who Giveth... And the Lord who takes away " But there is a thought, where I find comfort And in my heart, I know it's true And that is... You took my child away from Me ... So (she) could spend more time with You ( By: Lonnie Budro 7-11-2013 )
Posted by Javonda Quinn on 22nd February 2014
You have been on my mind....can't stop thinking about u! I'm glad I can still her ur voice and ur laugh. It brings a smile to my face. U left too soon...Aden still says he wants to go to Tammy's house lol...
Posted by Latekia Bush on 21st February 2014
I can not stop thinking about you. I will never stop thinking about you. You will always live in my heart. I love you soooo much Tam Tam....
Posted by Denise Cosby on 17th February 2014
Together we are the Solution! God loves you beautiful baby girl. Jesus knows ! Sleep Little Angel...You Were the Pride of your Family's Dreams. You are missed so much!
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 16th February 2014
Just sitting at home thinking about you. I can't call you anymore to ask you what your are doing. I hope you are hanging out with Aunt Jackie, Cousin Darrin and Grandpa George. Miss you girlie...
Posted by Javonda Quinn on 8th February 2014
Yesterday Mare said hi and that's misses u!
Posted by Latekia Bush on 7th February 2014
My precious Tammurra, my heart is still aching, my head still hurts, my heart still longs for you. My precious Tammurra, I loved you more than you knew. You were such a sweet, calm, precious spirit. To me you were like my second daughter. I loved when you came to visit me here in Texas. Every time you came, I would always tell you that I am not going to send you back. You would laugh, thinking I was joking but really I wasn't. All you had to say was okay and you could have stayed as long as you like. I am so sorry that I could not see your great pain, please forgive me. I will miss you greatly. You are now in the presence of our loving Father (God). Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Javonda Quinn on 6th February 2014
TamMarie, I know ur smiling and laughing as u would when i called u that. I miss u so much...I'm glad I had a chance to spend the last two summers with u. U were so special. U kew how to make Mare smile. U always laughed at his jokes. U said u spent that extra time with him because u didn't want him to feel alone. He felt special around u and always looked forward to u being their cousin-nanny. U will forever be missed. Aden and I will miss hearing u say hi little Aden with ur bad self lol. Sorry I missed ur pain hiding beneath ur smile. I will always cherish those memories we had together. Gone but never forgotten!
Posted by Jalonda Bush on 6th February 2014
In My Heart My beautiful niece Tam-Tam your earthly journey is now over. Rest now child Your sweet spirit, loving kind heart and beautiful smile will be missed. When I first laid eyes on you I said you were my child. You look exactly like the daughter God showed me I had in a dream. Turns out you and I looked a lot alike. Through you I got to see what my own daughter would look like. I once said I would take my freckles off your face, keep them until we meet again in heaven. While my Heart and soul is in great pain I will do all I can to remember your smile to help lift me back up again. I love you and miss you already.. Your Lala
Posted by Antonio Lewis on 6th February 2014
I miss you lil cuz everyday I remind myself to try not to hurt bout you being gone but to try and be more like u I miss u and I will never forget the times we shared ily and always will
Posted by Tammy Bush-Hamilton on 6th February 2014
No one knew the torment, That you were going through; We only kept on seeing What we really wanted to. We saw the outward smile, But not your inner pain; We never really dreamt, That you would never smile again. Forgive us if we failed to see, What we could do to aid; Or if we failed to comprehend, How much you were afraid. We pray your mental anguish, Will now forever cease; And that your deep anxieties, Will be replaced by peace. We know your pain invaded, Every single thought you had; It made you cry internally, And deeply, deeply sad. But we in turn remember, The good times, not the bad; We remember when you smiled at us, And not when you were sad. So when we think about your life, We won't dwell upon its close; We'll remember all the good times, And forget about life's blows. We'll remember all the happiness, The joy and not the tears; The assurance and the confidence, And not irrational fears. Our lives have all been better, Because you have been there; So now we leave your memory, In God's all-loving care.

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