All the moments with you

Shared by J Cordova on November 17, 2019
I remember on Halloween we were at Janie’s house u we’re getting ready for work at Starbucks u wanted to do ur hair an u couldn’t because of the hat u had to wear also I remember that u had me straight ur hair an every time it’s burned my hand. Oooh I remember we had to go to Denver to get strawberries and cream we brought my friend with us because u u were pregnant. There’s so many memo

Silly times

Shared by Cordelia Cordova on January 21, 2019

last time i seen your smile we dznced in the parking lot and raced back to get back on time. I kissed your hand and told You I loved you.  My mijo Adrian the last time I seen your little face I teased you that I was going to teach you how to throw rocks at your grandma lara's house. Love and miss you always ! My babies. 

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