Tara Jaqueline was our beautiful 5!
  • 5 years old
  • Born on November 7, 2001 in Vermont, United States.
  • Passed away on July 11, 2007 in Vermont, United States.

I created this on July 12th 2008 to remember Tara.

 I created this to remember 5 year old Tara Jaqueline Lavince my angel who died of a medicine overdose. Here is Tara Jaqueline's story.... I was rushed to the hospital on November 6th 2001 to have my baby girl. I was in labour. Once my husband Paul and I reached the hospital, baby Tara would refuse to come out. The next morning at 10:27am, Miss Tara Jaqueline was born to the Lavince family. And then, on January 9th 2004, baby Dani Amberlee Lavince was born. Our beautiful girl. Tara loved Danie very much. Tara also had an older sister, Lucia, who was about 19 when Tara had passed away. Lucia adored her younger sisters, but Tara was something different with Lucia. She loved Tara very much and they had been through everything together. Lucia moved out of our household on May 5th 2006 and that brought Tara to tears for days. Tara loved to draw. She was a drwaing expert. She also loved monkies. We'd see photos of monkeys drawn by Tara all over the house. Tara was a dramatic girl. She would make a fuss about everything. Except when Lucia babysat for her and Danie. Then she was on her very best behaviour. Tara loved night. She loved sitting outside on the porch during night. Always right before bed. Tara was also a daydreamer. She'd be dosed off in the day in her own magical world. One time, she said I was there and so was daddy and Danie. Tara and Danie would always be taken shopping by Lucia. Lucia was the best big sister Tara could ask for. To this day, she loves Danie so very much. The last thing I'll be sharing about Tara is special. Tara had this little wink she did to show people she liked them. It's hard to explain but it was so cute to see her do it. When people would ask "why did she do that?" all I'd say is, she likes you. In 2004, when Tara was 3, she had been getting sick a lot so we took her to the doctor. They gave her medications that she'd use for quite a long time. Like about 3-4 years. Tara had to take 1 pill a day. And she did until one day... SOME OF THIS INFO IS FROM YOUNGEST DAUGHTER: DANIE LAVINCE On the morning of July 11th 2007, 3 year old Danie got up early. Then, later on at 7:45am, Dani went to wake up her big sister to colour a picture. I told Tara she had to take her medication. I gave Tara one. I gave her a drink. Then, forgetting to put away the meds, I went back to shower. Tara assumed it was candy. She offered some to Danie. Danie was intelligent, she said no because it's not candy. Tara ate about 8 of them anyways. Later that day, Tara began puking a lot. She puked for about 2 straight hours over her medicine. Then, at 5:21pm, Tara was put to sleep because she needed sleep after throwing up. Then at 6:09, we woke Tara up to play outside. We had a buggie for my bike so we took Tara and Danie on it. Once we reached the playground, we took Danie out and we saw Tara pale, eyes closed tight, and she was blue. Paul called 911 immediately. Before EMS came, a man named Jarod came to help us. He said he overheard our conversation with EMS over the phone. He looked at Tara and was rubbing her head and stomach so she'd wake up. EMS arrived and in minutes, Tara was rushed to the hosptial. At 11:04 PM, we recieved the news of the death of Tara being caused by a medicine drug overdose. About 8 pills were inside of our baby. We returned home. On September 10th 2007, Lucia came to visit us. We had to break the news to her when she asked where Tara was. She cried for days on end. She moved back in with Paul, Danie, and I. Tara was a wonderful baby. Rest in peace my Tara.

Posted by Raquelle Davidsom on 14th June 2014
Dear Tara will be missed forever and ever! Never forgotten angel of heaven!! We miss you very much!

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