Let the memory of Tara be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on July 2, 1982 .
  • Passed away on February 18, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tara Spaugy who was born on July 2, 1982 and passed away on February 18, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on July 2, 2019
Happy happy birthday miss TARA , your boys are getting so big but I know your watching over, I miss you still the same never gets easier , love you TARA forever Wanda
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on February 18, 2019
Hello miss Tara wow really been 8 flippen years it sure don’t seem like it and it never gets any easier missing you , I love you Tara and think of you all the time . One day we will all be united until then I love you TARA forever Wanda
Posted by Aliciah Souza on July 2, 2018
Hay Apple head, just a note to say hay and tell ya happy birthday today./...Love n miss you always...
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on February 18, 2018
7 years and it feels like yesterday you were still with us, I miss you TARA I think about you everyday , but then you no know that ,yesterday I had mashed potatoes and gravy from kfc and I told my mom that this was TARA favorite ❤️I love you girl and when I get my wings I’ll see you in the big blue sky . Forever wanda.
Posted by Tabatha Ruplinger on February 18, 2018
Hey girl. So you know I don’t come on here that often to leave messages but I do come and see your pretty face. This should have never happened to you. It’s not fair and life’s not fair. No one know this but I miss you.. a lot! Travis looks more and more like guy. God do they love and miss you so much too! I miss u and love you Tara.
Posted by Aliciah Souza on July 2, 2017
Hay Apple Head, Happy Birthday to my July buddy... You are missed so much by your family and I dont think you mom will ever be the same again...I dont talk to her anymore, but I still love her just as much as i always did... I guess I just needed to tell you this but Happy birthday Kiddo!!!
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on July 2, 2017
Happy birthday beautiful angel, not a day goes by that I don't think about you TARA , it's so unfair that you left us that sudden but until we meet in the heavenly place I love you tara. Forever wanda
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on February 18, 2017
Hello miss TARA wow 6 years ago today you left us seems like yesterday and it still does not get easy, I think about you everyday and talk to you. You are loved so much and missed beyond words can say. I love you TARA .
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on July 2, 2016
Hello miss TARA happy happy birthday girl, celebrate big in heaven until we meet again I love and miss you tons , Wanda
Posted by Brandy Nadia on July 2, 2016
Hey sis, everyday you are missed. I know I don't always show it but you are always there. You are in your boys moor than you know. Love them boys like my own and would do anything for then. Well anyways, happy birthday. . . Love you so big
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on May 1, 2016
Ok miss TARA the last 2 nights you have been in my dreams and also felt your presence in my room, are you trying to tell me something, I told your mother about my dream as it was so real, I really miss you and want to trade places with you right now, I'll end for now and will see you again in my dreams love you , forever Wanda
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on February 18, 2016
Hello miss TARA I can't say it enought how much I miss you, how much you are missed here, life will never be the same my beautiful red head. I love you TARA please keep watching over us down here until we all get our wings and join you.
Posted by Cheri Allen on July 22, 2015
tara.. I am sorry I don't write much, don't think for one minute that I don't think of you everyday! my heart is broken, I am broken, I will never be the same tara! I miss you so much, that there are many days I just don't know how I can go on! this pain is so intense!! I would trade places with you in a heartbeat! your boys miss you so much as well! the boys are growing up so fast and have become such good lil men! and big Travis... omg tara I am so very proud of him, I have to say he has really stepped up to the plate, he is soooooo very awesome with the boys, I know you are proud of him, I feel it!!! TARA I LOVE YOU ,SO MUCH AND I MISS YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EVER EXPRESS! YOU ARE MY ANGEL!! FOREVER!!! LOVE YOU  MOMMA
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on July 2, 2015
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on February 18, 2015
Good morning miss TARA not a day goes by that I don't think of you, let me tell you about my son what a man and great father he has become to your sons, I'm so proud you would be to. oh the boys what little men they are and how we all miss you words can't express it. I love you TARA
Posted by Teresa Shade on February 1, 2014
I know I created this page for you but it's hard to come on here.. I love you honey and miss you so much
Posted by Travis Ruplinger on February 1, 2014
Tara, my true love, where do I start. I cant believe your gone. I feel so awefull for being so dumb and getting locked up. to be honest it has changed me. im sure you seen that in all my letters. i wanted you to see im a better man now. i enjoy the simple stuff. just being with the boys and playing or wrestling. i know that's what you would want. they are doing so good and getting so big, they are testing me and im tyring to stay strong, but it sure is hard. tara there are things i always wanted to say to you. first off i hope you got to read on of the last letters i sent you. i told you i would be happy to be married to you. and i meant it. i really wish we could have had that special day. i think about it often. but now its me and the boys. we stay busy. between your mom and mine i get a ton of help. i sure need it. well baby its late. i just want you to know ill never mess up again. these boys need us. i love and miss you with all me heart.  love travis
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on July 2, 2013
Happy birthday to you :) I was singing it to you and then I heard laughing and new you heard me:) oh Tara how I miss you, so much has changed since you left us sucks. What has not changed is how much I miss you, I love you Tara
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on February 18, 2013
Tara wow 2 years and it does not get any easier missing you. the boys are getting big and today your mom me Samantha and your boys went to wildlife zoo hope it helped your mom for a little while. big travis is missing you so much tara but on a better note 10 more months to go and he will be out and be with the boys he loves and misses . I miss you tara
Posted by Aliciah Souza on February 18, 2013
Tara u are missed...and for Cheri, I love and miss u as well and wish in those times of grief I could be there for you and help!!!
Posted by Brandy Tyler on February 18, 2013
Man, can it really be 2 years? I miss you so much, I know your looking over us, but why can't you be here with us. Love you sis!
Posted by Jean O'Day on February 18, 2013
My sweet, beautiful, Tara,
  I cannot believe it has been 2 years since you left us..........It is burned into my brain, every moment of the day you left us.........
  Travis is getting so tall and Tyler is going to look just like Big Travis, he is so skinny and won't eat hardly anything, they are good boys
Posted by Jean O'Day on February 18, 2013
I love you, Tara and miss your beautiful face, I also miss you calling me a dork....see you in the skys ......grandma
Posted by Cheri Allen on February 18, 2013
tara... there are no words to express my pain... i still hurt as much today as i did 2 years ago when you left. i wish every day that you could be here with us, but i guess in reality tara i just pray every day that you watch over us and help us get through...life! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MORE THAN EVER!!!! LOVE...MOMMA
Posted by Cheri Allen on February 18, 2013
Posted by Brandy Tyler on July 2, 2012
Hey sis, happy birthday. . . I love you and miss you so much. I can't believe it's been over a year already.
Posted by Teresa Shade on May 27, 2012
Posted by Cheri Allen on March 16, 2012
tara, i dont even know where to start...i miss you sooooo much ,my heart hurts, they say things get easier with time...whoever said that is a liar!! i still hurt and miss you the same as i did a year ago! THERE are days i just dont know how i can keep going..then..i look at your precious children and remember...they need me to keep them strong and happy,i am not perfect, but...
Posted by Cheri Allen on March 16, 2012
i will keep trying and keep doing whatever i have to do to make sure your boys have a good healthy life, and grow up to be men you will be proud of! travis and tyler miss you very much honey, and i promise to never let them forget mommy and what they mean to you! so watch over us honey, we need all the help we can get! i love you with all my heart and soul!!!
Posted by Jason Culliver on February 18, 2012
One year my cuz. Never forgotten. Always loved.
Forever and Always
love you Tara xxx
Posted by Brandy Tyler on February 18, 2012
Hi sis, I can't believe one year has passed. it still hurts to miss you. I looked up to you more than you'll ever know. Love you so much, miss you every day
Posted by Teresa Shade on December 1, 2011
Good morning Tara, IM up early waiting for pics on thomas' car so i can take them into court to show the judge ugh! I miss and love u girl so much, I had the boys the day before and ty was so cute he didnt want to leave. well gotta run hun i love and miss u!
  ~Teri Ann~
Posted by Kim Rayfield on November 29, 2011
Tara it me and I am sitting here thinking about you and the good times we had. And bad ones I laugh now at the ones we thought were bad. You were alot of fun u made me laugh ALOT girl I miss u and love you o hey please keep your eye on Dion k thanks love u
Posted by Jason Culliver on October 16, 2011
I'm sorry I couldn't of been there for you and I would change place with you in a heart beat so you could be with your boys and live a full life watching them grow. From what I know my Aunt is looking after them well. She's no doubt spoiling them like she used to me.
Posted by Jason Culliver on October 16, 2011
Sorry for being such a stuff up and not being able to spend time with you and meeting your boys. But I promise I'm on the straight and narrow now. Have been for years.
I just wanted to post a few words from my heart to you.
I love and miss you. Never forgotten. Love You xxxJason
Posted by Brandy Tyler on August 17, 2011
Last weekend I got to spend one on one time with tyler. That child is so happy and just has an amazing personality. And he fights with me on calling me auntie, I think he find out a game. He laughs at me when I say can you say auntie. The lil turd, lol! I love and miss you so muc
Posted by Teresa Shade on August 17, 2011
Hi Lady, I dont come on here much cause everytime I do I get into reading what everyone writes and it makes me cry. So much has gone on and is going on and I wish you were here to talk to. I love u and miss u so much!!
~Teri ann~
Posted by Wanda Mccutcheon on July 2, 2011
happy happy birthday tara not only from me but from travis as he cant write any thing on here yet, i sure do miss you tara and think of you every single day, my god this is so unfair you need to be here to get your presents damit.lving you always missing you lots wanda
Posted by Aliciah Souza Moser on July 2, 2011
Happy Birthday Tara....U are missed greatly!!!
Posted by Cheri Allen on July 2, 2011
tara, omg i just dont know what to say..i miss you more with each passing day,my heart hurts so much there are days that i dont know how im gonna make it through, but somehow i do!i think of travis and tyler and just try to keep it together for them,they really need me right now!
Posted by Cheri Allen on July 2, 2011
they really need you,but they will have to settle for me.today is your birthday,and i wish you were here so we could take you to valle luna for your birthday dinner, we are taking the boys and brandy and uncle mark and aunt kelli and we will celebrate your special day,
Posted by Cheri Allen on July 2, 2011
its not the same without you honey, i cant stand this! i made you a cake with yellow roses on it,i promised travis i would.i wear your mothers ring,i hope you dont mind,i will never take it off!!! i love you my angel happy birthday!!!
Posted by Jean O'Day on July 2, 2011
Happy birthday......Tara.....I honestly do not know what to say........I am so heart broken and feel so very bad for your Mother and the boys, I wish that you could be here, so we could love you even more....I hope that they are having a party for you up there.......you certainly
Posted by Brandy Tyler on July 2, 2011
Hey sis, happy birthday! I love you and keep thinking I should be buying you a card about how your getting old and how I'm always going to be younger, but I guess that won't be happening this time. Its just not fair.
Posted by Jean O'Day on May 7, 2011
Hi Tara, I hope that you are doing well up there with God and all of our family, please tell Judy how very much I miss her and love her..........I love you, honey....Gama
Posted by Jean O'Day on May 2, 2011
I love you Tara, and now Judy is up there with you, hold her hand tightly, and tell everyone that I love them, see you up there, I hope your hand is the first to touch mine..........love you forever....Gama
Posted by Jean O'Day on April 22, 2011
Hi Honey, I just wanted to tell you that i miss you , i miss your laughter and beautiful face, I love you dearly.............Gama
Posted by Teresa Shade on April 14, 2011
i love you sweetheart and miss you bunches.. i really miss hangiong out with you and the boys... love u tara....
Posted by Brandy Tyler on April 13, 2011
Posted by Brandy Tyler on April 7, 2011

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