Missing you....

Tarpon was the 3rd child of Rias and Leora (Suggs) Walker, born on Sandy Ridge Plantation in Mississippi Delta.

Relocated to Chical in August 1858, Tarpon became acquanted with Pastor and Mrs. Swanson of the Luther Community Church.  Early Christian teachings Mom Loera sparked a hunger for real truth in Tarpon's heart, one that last til the very end.  He later joined the Bethel Lutheran Church under Pastor David Nelson.

Tarpon entered the US Army and served faithful until he was injured in Viet Nam in 1960.  Although Tarpon earned a Purple Heart for this valiant act of courage, the injury would always be with him, a source discomfirt and several follow-up surgeries and extended hospitalization.  But he was such a bold and brave spirited man that he never let this stop in hin anyway.