We miss and love you Taylor...
  • 1 year old
  • Born on June 16, 2009 .
  • Passed away on November 14, 2010 .

Taylor Grace Warner, our angel, was born on June 16, 2009. She passed away tragically after a car accident on November 14, 2010. 

Her parents, Andy and Liz,  and older brother, Jackson, were by her side.  Taylor's spirit will live among us and her organs will help prevent other children from her same fate.
We would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support. Without these kind words I don't know if we could be handling things as well as we are.

We invite you to add photos to this page as well as write a tribute below that can be shared with the family and friends of Taylor. Again we thank you and want you to know that we ALL have an angel watching over us.

Liz, Andy and Jackson Warner and Family

Prayer Services in Texas:

Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 6:00 PM

St's Simon and Jude Parish

26777 Glen Loch Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77381 


Memorial Service and Mass in Colorado

Monday, November 22, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m., Prayer Service

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 @ 10:00 a.m., Funeral Mass

St. Mary's of Littleton Catholic Church

6853 South Prince Street
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 798-8506

Recpetion to Follow Tuesday Mass



In place of flowers or gifts the family asks that donations be made to a memorial fund which has been created to donate charitable gifts in Taylor's name.  Donations can be made in one of the following ways:

1.  Send a Check to:
 Andrew/ Liz Warner. Please make the check out to either Andrew or Elizabeth Warner and write "Memorial For Taylor Grace" in the memo line of the check.  

2.  Drop off a Deposit/Check to any Wells Fargo Bank.  Please make deposits to:

  Andy/Liz Warner Memorial for Taylor Grace Warner  


Posted by CHRISTINE WILLIAMS on 14th November 2018
I don't think most people truly understand how much is lost when a baby dies. You don't lose just a baby, you also lose the 1 and 2 and 10 and 16 years she would've become. You lose Christmas mornings, loose teeth, and first days of school. You just lose it all. On this difficult day may you feel not only the presence of those around you, but also those from afar. Taylor you are loved and missed by so many. Big hugs to your entire family as we all miss you so incredibly much.
Posted by Lori Witte on 14th November 2018
Sending love and hugs to the Warner and Godfrey families!!! You are always in our thoughts.
Posted by Lori Witte on 16th June 2017
Happy Birthday Angel Taylor. We are sending love and prayers!!!
Posted by Lester Bowers on 14th November 2016
6 years today you received your wings. I won't forget you little angel. Prayers to Mom & Dad.
Posted by Lori Witte on 14th November 2016
Thought about you and your beautiful family all day. Sending love!
Posted by Deb Darnell on 16th June 2016
Andy & Liz, How time flies - Taylor Grace is seven today. I know you must miss her so much. She brought such JOY to all in her short time here on earth. I continue to pray for God's grace to you and your family. with much love - Deb (cousin in Boulder, CO)
Posted by Lori Witte on 14th November 2015
Always in our thoughts and prayers...Sending Love
Posted by ANA RIVERA on 11th September 2015
Although we have not left a note in the past you and your family are in our eternal prayers. I know time goes by but the thought of your beautiful baby will never fade. May God grant you continued strength to deal with such a terrible situation.
Posted by Lori Witte on 16th June 2015
Happy Birthday Taylor Grace!! Sending love and joy to you on this day.
Posted by Nancy And Greg Nixon on 14th November 2014
I've been thinking about Taylor Grace lately. Praying for her family. Our daughter Alicia recently gave birth to her second child. A little girl named Imogen Leona. We were all really scared the she would be born healthy and ok. Her big brother, 4 year old, Ezra James has been suffering from severe epilepsy. We never new from one hour to the next whether he would survive the next seizure. The seizures stop his breathing for extended periods of time. It caused all of us to realize what a miracle it is that Jesus provided a way for us to come to Heaven and be with our departed children and long dead ancestors. It's just so incredible that we have this blessing. We also have had everyone we know praying for him. Miraculously after the doctors had told us there were no more medicines that might help him, we tried the new CBD Oil from "Realm of Caring" in Co. Springs. His seizures have decreased substantially and they are less severe. We don't know how much time we'll have with our joyous, precious little guy, but we DO know that he is getting better and his abilities are beginning to develop. NOW he has a baby sister who will hopefully look in on him after we are all gone. God has been good to us in so many ways. Mostly we are at peace, because we've seen the testimony of Taylor's family, patiently waiting for that day when they will see her again. Faith has been such an enormous gift to us all. God bless you and keep you little Taylor.
Posted by Lori Witte on 14th November 2014
Thinking of you today Taylor Grace...All our Love, Witte Family
Posted by Judi Rice-Maca on 16th June 2014
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family on this day and until you are all together some day. Love always, Judi Rice-Maca
Posted by Lester Bowers on 16th June 2014
I still see that beautiful face. Thinking of you Andy & Liz Happy Birthday Angel. Love, The Bowers Family
Posted by CHRISTINE WILLIAMS on 16th June 2014
Happy 5th Birthday sweet angel. You are forever missed. We love you so much and you inspire us everyday even in the littlest moments. We think about you often and miss you dearly. Love, The Williams Family
Posted by Lori Witte on 14th November 2013
All our love and thoughts today.. love Witte Family
Posted by Lori Witte on 16th June 2013
Happy Birthday Angel!! We think about you often. love Witte Family
Posted by Catherine Cooper on 16th June 2013
Dreamt about you last night, Miss Tay! We were at your new house & you were playing with Bryce & Rylan. Jack & Logan were running around you 3 playing "Duck, duck, GOOSE!" Your Mom & I sat and watched you, drinking Starbucks. It was a bitter-sweet dream, baby girl! You are missed in so many ways but I know you sent me that dream to remind me that you are ok & looking down on us from heaven
Posted by Jenny Southard on 16th June 2013
Happy Birthday to our sweet Taylor Grace. We miss you so much and wish you were here to meet your baby cousin. I know you would have been so much fun for her to play with and you would have taught her a lot! Glad you will someday meet in heaven. We love and miss you sweet angel.
Posted by Jenny Southard on 15th November 2012
We miss you sweet little niece! Thanks for saving lives here on earth. Your brothers are getting bigger! Thanks for being their Angel. We will always love you and miss you. See you again when we meet our Lord. Love, Aunt Jenny
Posted by Carol Palmer on 14th November 2012
Littlest angel, Keep those beautiful eyes wide open and watch out for your family. A new cousin will be arriving from heaven soon so play with her for now.. There is not a day that goes by when you are not in our thoughts. Kiss my boys for me. Love, the Palmers
Posted by Chris Kennedy on 14th November 2012
Andy and Liz, I still think about you all and Little Taylor every morning when I drive past your parent's home on my way to school. You are in my thoughts and prayers. With love, Chris Kennedy
Posted by Brandon Hargrove on 28th July 2012
Her wings fit well:)
Posted by CHRISTINE WILLIAMS on 16th June 2012
I miss her more and more every day. Happy Birthday sweet angel. I know that you're Adelyn guardian angel. You will be forever missed, but always in our hearts.
Posted by Debbie Shrader on 10th December 2011
I am so sorry for your loss. I do not know you but I was just reading your story and my heart goes out to all of you. Taylor will always be a beautiful little girl. She will always be with you. Sometimes I do not understand why God lets these things happen but he must of had very special plans for her. My prayers are with you.
Posted by Stacy Schultz on 30th November 2011
I heard the great news today that the man that caused the wreck has been arrested on chargers for her dealth. i pray and thing about your family all the time. My heart broke for your family that nite as i sat on scene and watched and heard everything.
Posted by Lori Witte on 15th November 2011
All our love and prayers. Wish I could give you a big hug-Andy and Liz. Witte Family
Posted by Judy Bazile on 14th November 2011
Liz, Andy, Jackson and Families, Thinking and praying for you all today. May your sharing of memories, with family and friends bring you comfort and strength. Love to all of you. Blessings, Judy and Dominic
Posted by Jenny Southard on 14th November 2011
We sure miss our precious little niece. We have hope and peace that we will one day get to hold and play with her in Heaven. Although we often don't understand Gods plans, we know He is good, and that He loves Taylor even more than we ever could. It brings tears of both sorrow for our loss, but joy in celebrating that she is pain free and happy with our Creator.
Posted by Lester Bowers on 17th June 2011
Happy Birthday to a beautiful Angel. We still think of you.
Posted by Jana Yarbrough on 16th June 2011
Happy birthday little Ms. Taylor. Though I didn't know you, you left an impression in my heart. Kisses, Jana
Posted by Carol Palmer on 16th June 2011
Little Taylor Grace, You brought so much happiness in such a short lifetime...You are truly god's gift. We miss you very much. Prayers to Mom, Dad and Jack. Love, The NY Palmers...Say hello to Teddy and Bear for us.
Posted by Dave Bechtold on 16th June 2011
Andy & Liz/Bob & Ann, Just wanted you all to know I am thinking about you today and praying for God's strength, peace, love and grace to be upon you. Dave Bechtold
Posted by Lori Witte on 16th June 2011
Happy Birthday Angel!! You are always in our prayers. Witte Family
Posted by Judi Rice-Maca on 16th June 2011
Happy Birthday today sweet Taylor Grace. Your spirit is still surrounded by love here on this earth and many of think of you every day. We still have your picture up in our home, a daily reminder of what blessings children are. Love, Judi Rice Maca
Posted by Kristin Blanchard on 16th June 2011
Praying for you today and think about you often even though I dont know you personally. Pray your heart is comforted with the sadness you must feel. No words can heal you I am sure but we stand in the gap for you and pray for God to touch you in a sp
Posted by Nikki Craig on 14th March 2011
4 months ago today, we lost a precious baby girl. Baby Taylor was one wonderful little lady, one full of smiles and joy. Taylor is and always will be loved and missed! Forever in out hearts may she rest. <3 forever and always- Nikki
Posted by Anna Thompson on 10th March 2011
a tradgic teadgity.a life cut short to soon.reast in peace little angel
Posted by Karen Lambert on 7th February 2011
Posted by Sally Crowley on 4th December 2010
This tribute is from Allan Beauchamp's sister-Sally. To Ann & Bob and your son Andy and his family--our prayers and thoughts are with all of you at this painful time. Being a Grandmother of 4 I can't imagine the loss of such a beautiful child. My heart aches for all of you. We pray you will find comfort in the slow healing process. Sally & Bob Crowley
Posted by Brett Garretson on 1st December 2010
Andy, Liz and Jack, My heart aches with yours knowing that the precious soul in Taylor left you way too soon...it makes no sense on this side of heaven...My love and prayers are with you and ask Jesus to hold each of you tight as you journey through this time. Blessings and hope in our Lord Jesus, Brett Garretson
Posted by Kelly Vandamme on 23rd November 2010
Warner Family--I am so very sorry for your loss of such a smiley and happy little girl. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Love- Kelly Vandamme
Posted by Amber Renee Bittner on 22nd November 2010
Liz, Andy and Jack, It is obvious from all of the beautiful heartfelt notes on this website that Taylor Grace has touched many many people in a very special way. Her laughter and smile made her a joy to be around and she is still warming people's hearts! Taylor Grace and Grace Divine will be watching over us all from God's playground. We pray for you every day! Love SAmber
Posted by Janet Lamb on 22nd November 2010
Liz and Andy, I am so so sorry for your loss.Please know that you and your family are and will be in my prayers. Her pictures show that she is a beautiful soul so happy with a loving family. With Love, Janet Lamb
Posted by Randall Arnold on 22nd November 2010
Steve I am so sorry for you loss my thoughts and payers are with you and your family Randy and Lynda Arnold
Posted by Mike Videtich on 22nd November 2010
Liz, Andy and Jack, Words cannot express how sad we are about the loss of Taylor. We have thought about you guys a lot in the last few days and how difficult a period this must be in your life. You have each other, stay strong, and remember that God has a plan for each and every one of us in our lives and Taylor is in heaven with God now. Our prayers are with you, Mike and Jane Videtich
Posted by Krista Abugel on 22nd November 2010
Liz, Andy, Jack, Warner family and Godfrey family, not a day goes by that we don't think of Taylor Grace and all of you. When I look at Taylor's pics I shed tears but admire how beautiful and happy she was. We miss her too and hope to spend more time with her someday in the peaceful land above. There will be many prayers said for you all this holiday season. Love, the Abugel Family
Posted by Judy Bazile on 21st November 2010
Liz, Andy, Jackson and Grandparents, We had the fortunate opportunity to be acquainted with your wonderful family and your beautiful baby daughter Taylor. Our hearts ache for your tragic loss. May God comfort you and his peace be with you always. Love to you all, Dominic & Judy
Posted by Heidi Peterson on 20th November 2010
Liz, Andy, Jack and Taylor ~ Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family~ Words cannot describe the shock and the sorrow we feel but Taylor was an angel sent to us from Heaven, and we all are blessed to have had her for the time we did~ and she was so truly blessed to have the best family during her time with us. With loving thoughts, The Petersons
Posted by Zulema Fajardo on 20th November 2010
Warner Family- Our prayers and deepest sympathy for your little angel. The Riley Fuzzel community also mourns the loss of your baby girl. God Bless you and your family. Love, The Fajardo Family
Posted by Amy Oglesby on 19th November 2010
Words failed me at the memorial but please know that your family has been on my heart since I learned of the accident. Taylor was such a cutie! She brought a smile to all as she played with the big kids at the mall (going head first with no fear down the bridge). You are loved and cared for by so many. In my continued prayers, I pray that you are able to find strength & comfort in those that care.

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