Let the memory of TAYLOR be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on October 14, 1983 in Des Moines, Iowa, United States.
  • Passed away on March 8, 2012 in Overland Park, Kansas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, TAYLOR WHITMAN HUMPHREY 28 years old , born on October 14, 1983 and passed away on March 8, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Karon Austin on 14th October 2016
Posted by Ashley Plummer on 19th March 2016
Taylor Karl, Your Lucille https://g.co/ugs/Y09AY is in our Gabriella's hands. She has an amazing voice and spirit just like her dad.
Posted by Vicki Berberich on 8th March 2016
Dear Taylor, I know you up in heaven watching over your family...thinking of you today with love, Vicki Vale
Posted by Beckie Humphrey on 5th March 2016
Sitting here tonight...thinking of you, just like every other night. But lately, Blake joins me sharing in thoughts and memories of you. The bitter sweet thoughts a new feeling for us both. We can easily imagine how happy and excited must be about his twin boys that are due this summer...there is nothing more beautiful that new life, and Lord knows this is a much needed new beginning for your brother. I love you son..and I'm sorry your kids aren't involved with us, that even in death it still hasn't changed...but I keep praying...and keep reaching out, the only thing I can do.
Posted by Ella Whitman on 29th November 2015
Hey dad, I've missed you lots. You were always there for me even in those two years I didn't even know if you still existed. I love you. I haven't talked to much family from your side but I'm planning on getting closer to them. I just turned 13!! I'm in choir. Everyone says you're proud of me because of how far of come in life, but I couldn't have come this far without you by my side. I love you dad!!
Posted by Vicki Berberich on 14th October 2014
Dear Taylor think of you today on your birthday, knowing you've made heaven brighter with your smile, tenderness and big heart...give Jesus a hug from me xoxo
Posted by Beckie Humphrey on 17th March 2014
Taylor's words almost a year to the day he made the final decision of his life? Anyone confused might get some understanding of where his mind has been for too long: Why not "Sweating the Small Stuff" Will end up putting you in the psych ward. 1. Estrogen induced heart attack March 20, 2011 at 2:02pm Another Rant or as I like to call them "Taylors; Things people think about while getting emotionally shit on" By cuphalfempty1983 lol When you have "kids" in the plural sense they each take up an equal part of your heart. I for instance have three so my heart is divided into 5 pieces: the 3 largest of those pieces belong to each one of my children, the second largest to someone that used to be with me a and the smallest to the people I more than just like but not in a romantic sense. When the 3 largest pieces of your heart are ripped away it becomes pretty hard to keep that mother fucker'a'beating.
Posted by Vicki Berberich on 8th March 2014
Taylor I remember your big smile, your hugs, always making me feel so welcome when we'd see one another at your Grandma Margie's home. I know you are in heaven with our Lord, dancing with those gone before us...sending our love to you up in heaven. Sending our love and comfort to your family and friends here on earth. God Bless you all Vicki Vale
Posted by Beckie Humphrey on 26th February 2014
My precious son; my best friend, I am overwhelmed with so many decisions, waiting for me to change them into a choice. I'm just so confused, scared, and unsure of what is the right choice, the best choice that is best for all I am responsible. Please put a "special request" in to Our Heavenly Father, not to make a decision for me, but provide me with a sign that could point me in the best direction for all of us. What I wouldn't give for just one more hug, to hear one more song....I long to hear the once familiar song of a guitar, now only a faint memory. Love, MOM
Posted by Arlaina Whitman on 10th February 2014
This is the hardest thing ever. I am lost with words to say. Taylor was my brother and I miss him so much. I really hate the fact that I didn't have the opportunity to be closer with him. The closest I got with him was when he can to Scranton for half a year. I enjoyed getting to know my brother. He was truly the only one who understood me. I miss our late night conversations. I miss fighting with you when you took my jeans. I miss when you used to threaten my ex. you were 100% right when you said that he was loser and I don't need him. Thank you for making me see the light before I ended up making a wrong life decision. Taylor I miss your musical talent. I remember that day when dad was pissed off and you were edging him on by playing your guitar and making up funny songs to just to piss him off more. I loved going to see hairspray on Broadway. I miss our brother sister bonding. I can never get another wacky brother like you. You were truly the only one who got me. Taylor I ask you for one thing is to help Blake get closer to us I would love to get to know him better. I really miss you and so does mom, dad, chris, richarda, eddie, and babaette . I love you T Love your lil sis
Posted by Vicki Berberich on 5th February 2014
Dear Taylor, Thinking of you and your family, know I know you are watching down on them, so cool you're letting them know you are there with them! I love the "Taylor moments" your Mama writes about. You are loved, you are missed...God Bless you! Vicki Vale
Posted by Vicki Berberich on 21st December 2013
Dear Taylor, You will always hold a special place in my heart. ...your light shined so bright so full of love and compassion... Always welcoming with a big smile and hug... The love you gave to all who had the honor of knowing you...Taylor I know you are up in heaven at peace playing your music for all the angels and Jesus ...please send your love and comfort down to your Mama, Grandma, brothers, children, family and friends... You are forever remembered, forever loved.... xoxo Vicki Vale
Posted by Karon Austin on 21st December 2013
T. you are missed by many, to many to mention. but with that being said you are still loved and will never be forgotten. I just know you have all the angels laughing cause you are a humorous person, that makes me smile while i'm writing this and tearing up, so don't ever forget we love you. aunt K.
Posted by Beckie Humphrey on 21st December 2013
I know your wish for our family during this holiday season is for us all to be joyful, but I am struggling now more than ever. Even the greatest gift of getting your brothers back is God's greatest gift, it also makes me miss you more than ever.....leaving the final piece of our puzzle incomplete...I think that is why I am having such a rough time right now; with everyone home, it only intensifies your absence, and your laugh that could make everything okay. I love you T...forever and ever
Posted by Kye Hinson on 21st December 2013
We love you.

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