Let the memory of Harry be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on May 27, 1934 in savannah, Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on November 7, 2011 in savannah, Georgia, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Harry Brant Sr 77 years old , born on May 27, 1934 and passed away on November 7, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Terresa Morris on 17th December 2018
Good morning dad, laying a rose for you today. It is hard to believe you have been gone now for 7 years. It seems only yesterday I was holding your hand in the hospital, and you were telling me I was supposed to be strong and not cry.I miss you and I will always have good memories of you, when the eagles sore, when the sun shines out on the ocean waves, wfhen the flowers and especially the roses bloom.Merry Christmas Dad.Love you Terresa
Posted by Ruth Brant on 7th November 2018
another year without you. it is lonely to wake up without you beside me. miss you so much.. but guess what Terresa moved back to Ga this week after Hurricane left her homeless is Panama city FL 2 weeks ago, she spent the night with us last night.. gotta go LOVE YOU STILL
Posted by Ruth Brant on 2nd July 2018
Hey darling sorry it's been so long . Been having a lot trouble. But you know all of that. Jim and Teresa came up for the day yesterday. It was nice to see them. Seems nobody comes aroun d anymore . They are all to busy for Grandma. I miss you so much. Try to visit more often . Gotta go .It late and I am tired. Love you. Goodnight.
Posted by Terresa Morris on 23rd April 2018
Hi dad, sitting by the oceanside today, there was an eagle that landed in one of the palm trees. so beautiful. It made me think of you. Trust you and the Lord are having some good camp meeting song services. Love you alwYA tERRESA
Posted by Ruth Brant on 2nd January 2018
Hey darling hard to think I am starting another year without you. We had so many years together not all good but together anyway. I miss you so much. Debbie took the Christmas decorations down today house looks empty suppose to snow tommorow it been quite awhile gotta go now love you still
Posted by Terresa Morris on 3rd October 2017
leaving a flower for you today dad. just thinking about your lovely smile and how you always made me feel so happy. I will always love you dad.keep smiling with the angels and sing me a song of amazing grace.God is so good.
Posted by Ruth Brant on 19th May 2017
ME AGAIN. hope your day is better than mine. I miss you so much. some days its hard to get going, this is one of those days. My car needs work. I need to have my other eye done.. don't have the money for either one. so I guess I 'll just keep hoping something will come along. at least I have you and the LORD to watch over me, LOVE YOU DARLING
Posted by Ruth Brant on 28th January 2017
hi darling. See our daughter has been to visit. seems our worlds are falling apart with out you to fix it. junior tries but its not you. i haven;t talked to her in a couple of days. hope she finds a job soon. been trying to refinance the house no luck . maybe soon. just listening to Saturday night music. but you and the Lord know that already. my eyes are getting bad . can't drive at night anymore. so only go to church Sunday morning. unless I get Deb to carry me. gotta go now before the tears start . I know how much you hate tears. LOVE YOU STILL
Posted by Terresa Morris on 17th January 2017
Missing you today dad. Seems my life has been kinda crazy lately. I praise the Lord for his blessings everyday. I pray you can ask the Lord to help me find a job soon. Sure would love to sit and chat a while. Love you to the moon and back.Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 26th November 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Dad. Sure do miss you. Just sitting here thinking about our last night in the hospital together.I will always love the smile we shared that day. Although five years have past;it only seems like yesterday. I know mom misses you so much. I can only imagine how empty she feels at times. Jim and I have 40 years together this year. It is such a blessing to know that unconditional love last forever. Give us peace in knowing that you are singing with the angels and we'll see you again one day.Hope you have a bright Merry Christmas with Jesus.Love you Dad/Terresa
Posted by Ruth Brant on 30th October 2016
hello darling. me again. can't believe 5 years ago you started your journey home. i know you are with the Lord playing him music but I miss you so much so many of our church members have come to join you.. . Carolyn Hartwell joined you this week . gotta go now love you always
Posted by Terresa Morris on 15th August 2016
hi dad its me again one of those nights i just can't sleep no matter how hard i try. thinking of your smile always brightens my thoughts. I miss you and love you always. Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 28th July 2016
love you dad. miss you/Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 19th June 2016
Happy Fathers Day dad . you are missed so much and I will always Love you.Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 21st May 2016
missing you today dad. Hung a flag outside in your memory. five years almost and it still seems like yesterday when i was with you at the hospital. It was always my dream to make you proud of me. I will always love you. Hope you and Jenn are singing with the angels in the heavenly choir.
Posted by Terresa Morris on 21st December 2015
in memory of the many smiles we shared. I love you and miss you Dad/Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 29th August 2015
missing you today dad. one day i will see you again. love you terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 26th June 2015
dad love you so much,wish I could see your smile. praying that you are rejoicing by the Father. Remembering your last words of don't cry just be strong, but sometimes I don't feel so strong. I feel I let you down so much.
Posted by Sherrie Thompson on 27th May 2015
Happy Birthday to the best uncle I know!!! know you and Pop are fishing every day!!! Love and miss you!!!
Posted by Harry Brant Jr on 27th May 2015
hey pop just a friendly hello from us here at home left on this Earth, We wish you the very best of happy birthday's, wherever you may lay your head, keep in mind we miss you very much here at home.
Posted by Terresa Morris on 27th May 2015
Happy birthday dad sure do miss you.love you always
Posted by Terresa Morris on 5th May 2015
In memory of my wonderful DAD you will always be special. love you
Posted by Terresa Morris on 10th December 2014
Hi dad, mom in the hospital going crazy again,wish they could figure out what is causing the problem of her passing out. Love her so much. Went to the Park of the Christmas tree lighting at the park. I remember how you use to love all the Christmas lights. Pray that you will have a beautiful day. Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 2nd December 2014
hi dad, just thinking of memories today, wish i could have been home more often when you and mom needed me. I love you both so much.hope you are rejoicing with the angels today. sing a song for me.Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on 26th November 2014
hi dad, it is so hard to believe it has been 3 years since you pased. i sure do miss you. know you are in a much better place than this old world, but mom sure does miss you. have a good day
Posted by Terresa Morris on 31st October 2014
mom fainted in my lap on sunday oct26, it sure was a scarey experience. lost my job today and i sure dont know where i am going to frind another job. i am such a failure. just wish i could make you proud dad. sure could use some fatherly advice
Posted by Terresa Morris on 23rd October 2014
dad i love you so much, wish i could have made you proud. I always seem to let you down. I pray for forgiveness where i failed you as a daughter. I always just wanted to be a good kid.but somehow i just seem to let the Lord down. may you rest in the love of jESUS

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