From chips and shards in idle times, I made these stories, shaped these rhymes; May they engage some friendly tongue, when I am past the reach of song. - Byron Herbert Reece
  • Born in Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on August 23, 2013 in North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of Ted Oliver. May his memory burn bright in the heart of all the lives he touched, and his legacy live on for future generations. We are so blessed and grateful to have been a part of his earthly existence.

Posted by Janice Davis on 23rd August 2015
I cannot believe it has been 2 yrs. but I know his family can. I loved ted and I hope him and Danny are having a great time on those Golden Shore. I am sending Lots of Love to all the family today. I love all the Oliver boys. We can only remember the great man Ted was and know that we will see him again. May God grant the family a nice day!!!
Posted by Aude Adami-Carnat on 23rd August 2015
To Ann: there are no words to express how we miss Teddy, he was such a great Person in all ways. Even far away in Switzerland, he is always present in our hearts You are always in our thoughts and prayers!
Posted by Lisa Cain on 23rd August 2015
Dear Ann, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Ted was such a wonderful person. As an artist, I have been blessed because of the support that he gave to me. He was my friend. Lisa Cain
Posted by Janice Davis on 7th November 2014
I have written on here but would like to again. I started school with Ted at Epworth Elementary and went all through school with him. We visited Ted and his family when we were kids. They were such a nice family and my brother-in-law Danny Huff was best friends with Ted. So I saw him a lot as he got older. I loved Ted from 1st grade up! I know his family misses him so much! My prayers are with all the family!! Lots of love to all of you!
Posted by C Harlan on 5th November 2014
Mr. Oliver was my art teacher at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia from 1999 to 2002. He taught me the basics of aesthetics and composition. He also shared with me his passion for self-taught and folk art from which I learned that one could find art in the most unlikely of places. This in turn gave me the confidence to find art within myself. Twelve years later I live with art every day as an artist in New York City, and I can say without hesitation that without Mr. Oliver's mentorship and encouragement that I would not be the person I am today. He continues to be an inspiration to me. One question we grapple with as artists is whether or not art can change the world.I don't know if it can affect change on a political level, but I do know that art has changed my world for the better. And I owe so much of that to the example of Mr. Oliver.
Posted by Grey And Linda Carter on 17th September 2013
Our Lord did not cite “gentle” in the Beatitudes, but describing Ted, He might have said, “Blessed are the Gentle”. Remembering Ted, that descriptor comes first. He will always be to us, a big, kind, caring and gentle man; a friend with whom we shared a passion for art and love for gifted self taught artists we supported in common. It is more than we will miss him, a part of us is gone.
Posted by Rosanne Stutts on 12th September 2013
Ann, I am so sorry to hear of Ted's passing. It was my privilege to have known Ted, as a friend and as his secretary during his GAEA presidential tenure. You are in my prayers. Love you. Rosanne
Posted by Lisa Cain on 10th September 2013
I will miss Mr. Ted Oliver. He was my friend and one of the first art collectors to validate my art. I will never forget the first article that I read where he mentioned my art. I was so proud and happy. He was a friend who constantly provided encouragement. He was kind, brave and gentle. I can still feel his presence. Ann stay strong because Ted loved you dearly and he will be with you forever.
Posted by Aude Adami-Carnat on 7th September 2013
Ann, it almost broke our heart to hear about Teddy's passing. As you know, he's always been a very important and close person to me and my family since my exchange student year in Blairsville back in 1980 and all the years that followed. We'll always remember his great character and his sense of humor. Our get-togethers were always full of joy and happiness. We will miss him.
Posted by Tres Taylor on 5th September 2013
Dear Ann, Our hearts are broken at the loss of Ted. He was a lion-hearted man,who did more to help artists, both established and emerging, than any other person we know. His kind, gentle, joyful and encouraging nature were the marks of his true character. The folk art world has suffered a great loss. "Lord love you" St. Ted. We will miss you.
Posted by Lonnie & Twyla Money on 29th August 2013
Ann, it was heart breaking to hear of Ted's passing. He was a great friend, we cherished every visit. He was a gentle and caring person. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God sustain you in the days & nights ahead. If you need to talk, we are only a phone call away.
Posted by Rodney & Kim Leftwich on 28th August 2013
Ted's passing has left a big hole in our hearts. Knowing him was a true gift in our lives. He was a brave man with great character and gentle heart. His love of his family and art were second to none and he will live on in our memories.
Posted by Dan DeFoor on 25th August 2013
Ann, Mary and grieve with you in Ted's passing. He was a giant in the arts community and a renowned educator, collector, folk art historian, and friend. We spent many interesting years working together on the GAEA board. His tenure as president was exceptional. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

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