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Thank you for giving me your last dance.

Shared by Mfundi Rasayon on March 28, 2014

Sorry Boo,
Daddy intended to upload this on Wednesday. The actual day of the week.

Yes Mam, I am really - really Motivated. So, to honor you in a manner that observers may easily read the words around the 'HourGlass' in the sands of time. I am posting the prose here.
                                Two Years Ago ~~ We Danced

Phases of the moon and the day of the week, rather than the date of the year govern time. The Latin word Kalandae, referred to by Romans as calends, designated the 1st days after a new moon when bills were due. Soon Roman Emperor's disfavor to honor the cycles of Nature became true. One tradition, Judaic 'Christians' managed to preserve, Easter, which is always embraced with verve, after the first full moon of spring, is observed.

The season of Aton's returns remains with us still, as Ra embarks a radiant heavenly trek to remove winter's chill.  Bathing the Earth in the divine warmth of Life & Love sunbeams that turns snow to showers to give birth to flowers. 

So, it is fitting that on this Wednesday, rather than the actual calendar date, that the moon reckons the face of time, of the Soul incarnate, whom I am  privileged to honor as Tekau Turiya Rasayon comes to mind.

My Dear Wonderful Daughter, with an Impeccable SMILE & a Heart to Grand for flesh. I am told; she gracefully turned around, as she fell to the ground - chanting a humming sound.

On the 28th of March 2012, she elevated & ascended from & among us, on the First Wednesday of spring, between 14:00hrs & 14:45hrs, as my person peeked at her pupils dilated & fixed, shocked, lamenting & cursing of how dare the divine order offer "my child" this Bull called eternal peace.  And for a brief moment,  I whispered in her ear, its OK Boo - Daddy 'gon stop trippin' - before a final Mantra of release.  I felt the warmth of her spark cool, as her temple rest limp in my arms, in Southern Maryland's Hospital ER. Within seconds, I rubbed my oil on her sternum mixed with my tears, helplessly pleading -- that who touched her next, treat her like divine eyes were near.


Tekau, I Salute You!!! I honor you!!! I Thank You!! for giving me, the most prized gift & illusion in the known Universe, the right to be recognized as your father first.

For 17 years & 88 days, Tekau, you allowed me to believe, feel and Think that I was your father. The Parent, The Moor, a melanin-dominant hue-man & the arrogance of a doctor covertly rehearsing tapes in my mind - scenarios of her scripts - "now Daddy - when I get a 'boy-friend' ... don't scare him ... trip him out . . ." with that SMILE that could turn the darkest sea & murkiest water to a glistening Oasis --

Realize, no man - woman or child knoweth the hour - when your True Father, calls you home.

Beloved child, do you know - the depth - the abyss - of how I miss you? Yet, I know, you are not alone.

So, in those moments of privacy - I continue our dance, at times in tears.  --- It is for certain that I will always

dance with you, caressing your picture to my chest, until I too - am laid to rest ~ 

Know then, that none among us controls the sands of time, for the rhythm of life answers only - to the Divine.


She always knew what to say.

Shared by Mfundi Rasayon on July 31, 2013

Tekau told me, the shoes were for "the entrance", she had another pair for dancing. "Daddy, I know better than to dance in these heels" . . . she was so smooth & funny.
miss U boo 

So her friends may share

Shared by Mfundi Rasayon on July 31, 2013

They are invited to share their memories of her dancing in this gown.
Tekau's Dad 

Shared by Judith Rasayon on March 28, 2013


 As you remember our Angel Tekau Turiya Rasayon, today, March 28, 2013, the first anniversary of her going to the “Best Place Ever”, please remember how she lived:

Always enjoying life and living every day to its fullest…

Always positive, respectful, and with a smile on her face, and love in her heart…

Always patient, understanding, giving, and forgiving…

Always willing to listen….

Always striving to do her best…

Always learning from the past, and looking forward…

Always working hard, and having fun…

Always believing in yourself, and others…

Always trusting, loyal and faithful…

 For this was and is “TEKAU’S WAY

So remember, when life sometimes seems --- and is hard; when you are tired; when you are feeling low; when you are feeling alone, remember that you are never alone… for the Lord, and Tekau, are always with you;

 Remember To……....Paauusseee :)……. And Think About…..And 

...................... Remember……………..


 Tekau’s Mom (March 28, 2013)

A Letter From Dad

Shared by Mfundi Rasayon on November 24, 2012

It took a while to write this letter, because I figured soon things would get better. So, for the readers on "this side, “in moments you will realize.
Just click and again to view full screen, & take this journey which haunts my dreams. "I" had to write this letter, which echoes the same theme.

In my mind, will "I" ever truly understand, what my heart tells me - will never be conceived by man.
Why do "I" toss this oxymoron in the realm of thought, again & again?

Just Thinking

Shared by Mfundi Rasayon on July 25, 2012

This is Teaku @ Judnefera’s 2006  Princeton graduation,

Her presence always blossomed an aura of exhilaration,

With another Doll, she chose not to give a name,

She reminded us to get flowers – spreading unconditional love was her “Thang.”

Always, as “busy as a Bee” serving nectar to quench the thirst of humanity.

Our cinnamon toasted Angel, so wise & insightful in those eleven years,

Often reminded me that a little time & a lot of love could remove all fears

The first time we looked @ Happy Feet, all the way through,

A gang of birds was in pursuit to make the penguins - live fondue.

Mumble managed to escape the hawk, & fell thru a crack in the ice,

Humiliated, the ‘Italian bird’ realized the Great Spirit controlled the dice.

As the scene ended, I said, “he’s shivering, penguins don’t get that cold?”

And, within the blink of an eye, I was reminded; I’m either blind or getting old.

While enunciating to make plain my last words,

Tekau, said, “Daddy, he was gonna’be eaten by that bird!”


“If a big beak bird was about to eat you, fear would make you shake too!”

Just reflecting on who decided first to get those flowers.

My little baby girl somehow beamed to be the light of the hour.

An Angelic Star who never sought to be under the spot light,

I could feel  & see her glow in the dark of night.

Because a radiant beam always shone in her smile.

As a Baby & a child, blooming into a lady, Tekau created her own style


Just thinking, as she extends flowers with a doll near her heart,

Much I could say, yet all would be inadequate to address her life’s spark.

Whenever times were awkward & life seemed to be a bit askew,

A wise Soul in this child’s body, ALWAYS knew exactly what to say or do.

So, in this world and for all time to remain

Ausar Auset, Heru Set, Bismillāh, I thank The Great Spirit

For allowing her to wear my name

Angel On Earth

Shared by Kyle Freeman on July 14, 2012


God came early for the angel he had wandering on earth
And it came at the cost of a schools emotional hurt
Alumni coming back just as stunned
The way the story goes she was just out for a simple run
She was a beautiful soul, one that anyone was lucky to know
It's just sad that family and friends will never get to see her fully grow
We were never really all that close but it never showed
Every time I saw her a face a smile always glowed
Straight A's in school and a popularity to match
Its sad that this angel on earth was snatched
God came early for his angel he had wandering on earth
But look at the loss of her as a blessing, not a curse
Because through her smile and her warmth we all have something to learn
Imagine how many lives we could change by just showing a little concern
She was always friendly whether it was her first time meeting you or not
So God's angel that was wandering the earth will not be forgot
She lives on in our hearts and souls
I say to smile as much as she did should be everyones goal
God came early for his angel he had wandering on earth
But for a little while we are all going to be a little hurt
For you Tekau I have the up most respect
You are one soul I will never forget

Written March 29th, 2012
By: Kyle A. Freeman

My Angel

Shared by Patience Amankwa on July 12, 2012

I got the chance of being blessed with your presence.
I got the chance of being embraced by your hug
I got the chance to feel your smiling lips pressed upon my cheek.
I got the chance to experience what a true friend looks like.
I got the chance to indulge in conversation with you.
I got the chance to share laughter and pain.
I got the chance to celebrate with you
I got the chance to see you brighten up these hallways with your spirit.
I got the chance to enjoy your taste in music
I got the chance to partake in drinks and food I’ve never heard of
I got the chance to share clothes, shoes, and make up
I got the chance to speak to you ever morning
I have the chance to continue to make you proud
I have the chance to make something of myself in your honor
I have the chance to spread the love that you shared with everyone you met
I had the amazing chance of meeting an angel. Tekau, I Love You.

Almost 6 Years Before Crossing

Shared by Mfundi Rasayon on July 8, 2012

Almost 6 years Before Crossing

Actually, minus about 10 weeks

that in 2012, The Great Spirit would summon her Soul to retreat

How does one affirm that an Angel is with you everyday?

And, if U could be sure, how would U act, & what would U say?

How can an imperfect ‘human’ recognize such on today’s earth?

Clearly, I should have known! Her eyes were open @ birth.

Yet, the glow & light around her ~ beamed so, I failed to see.

That radiant smile, crowned by jeweled eyes, looked right through me.


Yet, the stressors & challenges of this world

Precluded my ability to see divinity in my little girl.

Always, figuratively & literally “as busy as a bee”

Many clues abounded, she lived each day to serve humanity!

Anger, shock, expletives & sadness consumed me.


What pack had she made with the Universe & Creator,

To return her Soul to accentuate cosmic order?

The scientist in me, struggles to put this to rest.

So, when I chant, pray & reflect, I am trying my best.


In my heart, I am accepting her “crossing”

While, my mind plays that tape of our unfinished dance waltzing,

So, for moms & dads, regardless of your beliefs

ALWAYS - take the TIME to hug, dance & love, it will soften the grief.

Remember, messengers will not announce the transformation,

So LIVE each day, with zest & avoid procrastination!

Because the Crossing is sure to come,

Just be ready!  The journey is destined for everyone. 

~Thoughts from her Dad~ 

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