The Musical

Shared by Lisa deGeneste on March 15, 2021
A number of years ago Teofila visited Oakland with Maria’s other grandmother. I was going to see a musical performed by HS students at Oakland School for The Arts, that was produced by a friend of mine . I invited Maria and because her grandparents were here she wanted them to come along. So we headed down there in my car. I knew they spoke no English and was afraid they would not have a good time. Maria thought they would fall asleep
Anyway we got there and there were lots of people and the place was very lively. We got seated and the show started. I kept waiting for the grandmothers to show sign of boredom but instead they were both enjoying the dancing and music, bobbing to the beats and clapping their hands . They were not bored one bit.  Both Maria and I were so happy that they enjoyed it,even if they didn’t understand a word,  It was a great show and enjoyed myself with them. I guess music is a universal language. Teofila will be missed. A gentle and well loved soul.

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