His Life
Terry Garty was born on 15th february 1943 in Southmead hospital, Bristol. For most part of Terry's childhood he was brought up at Ardwyn children's home in Dinas Powys south Wales. Terry had a happy childhood in the home.

Terry attended school in the home that he lived in until it was his time to leave. Terry then went back to Bristol to live with his gran, He then went into the army which he served for 2 years. Terry was a jack of all trades for many years, but he spent his later life working for the national health service nursing for patients with severe mental learning difficulties which he loved until he retired.

Life changed for Terry when he met his wife Wendy one night at Southmead youth club. Terry and Wendy went on to marry in April 1964. They shared a daughter together, Kelly. Kelly gave Terry 5 Grandchildren, Kayleigh, Lauren, Liam, Joe and beloved Shelby.

Terry flew pigeons as a hobby when he was younger which he won many prizes and trophies. Terry loved his holidays, he travelled to many places but his favourite place was Thailand where he spent 2 weeks with his wife last march. Turkey was another favourite place of Terry’s where he spent many years on holiday with all his family, Turkey became like a second home, especially as one of his best friends from Bristol lives there.

Terry was at his happiest when his grandchildren were born, his family was complete when he became a ‘Pap’, He was a big family man and just enjoyed being surrounded by his wife, daughter and grandchildren.

Christmas 2016 Terry’s Granddaughter Brought him and Wendy a Miniature jack russell puppy who they named Elfi. Terry loved Elfi and Elfi adored him, Terry would wake up every morning, have a cup of tea and his honey on toast, then he would get washed and dressed to take elfi for his daily morning walk. He liked to keep fit walking the dog and took him for multiple walks every day. Also he adored his daughter's dog Lexie and his granddaughter's dog Harley.

Terry was a joker and did not take life too seriously; he enjoyed having a laugh, He loved to banter and tell jokes. Terry was a big Liverpool football fan and enjoyed going to see Liverpool's stadium in 2019. He loved the summer and the hot weather, He enjoyed having a few beers in the garden in the summer with his family.

Terry had time for everyone and he had a heart of gold, Nothing was ever too much trouble.

Terry is now reunited with his baby granddaughter Shelby.

Terry will be sadly missed by those who knew him and those who loved him and he will never be forgotten.