Posted by Gay Dorsey on June 11, 2021
Dear Cathy,
We are so sorry to hear about Teresa. She sounds like a wonderful woman, and with parents like you and Dick, how could she be anything else? Sending you all our sympathy on this overwhelming loss—
Gay & Mike Poppoff
Posted by Amy Fox on November 3, 2020
Dear Gabi and Nathan,

I always looked forward to getting caught up with the three of you at our family 4th of July party. Your mom was always so kind, willing to help and happy go along with whatever random topic/game/shenanigans our family was engaged in. I also enjoyed accidentally bumping into your mom at OLG fundraising events. We were surprised to see the each other in a place other than Judy's house (I was there with Nora enjoying the trick-or-treating or cake walk and she was volunteering). Her smile was huge and the light in her eyes was bright.

She of course beamed the brightest when talking about both of you. I have been so glad to get to know you both over the years. You have both impressed me with how thoughtful you are with my small daughter and how you're both smart, interesting humans.

Please let Sue know if I can help in any way at any time. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Posted by Katie Koenigs on November 2, 2020
Teresa was my co-worker for over 10 years and we sat next each other at the KPWA Renton Administrative Campus. She always had a story to share of Gabby and Nathan, and also things going on with her mom, friends, family, church, & school. I will miss hearing her stories. Teresa was a dedicated and busy mom with her priorities in the right place - kids and family. At work (and I'm sure at home) Teresa had a knack for recalling the smallest of details on so many things related to our work at KP and was very smart, skilled, and knowledgeable. I recall her as the only person I have ever trained to do a job who never asked questions later - she nailed it and knew it from that point on. Her advice will be missed, but it is her physical presence that will be missed the most. I remember how much fun we had decorating desks for birthdays, and our small department holiday celebrations. It will not be the same without her. She was a big part of the Kaiser Permanente Washington family. We love you, Teresa and will never forget you.
Posted by Heath and Julie Fox on October 31, 2020
Dear Nathan and Gabi,

We feel so lucky to have met your mother and both of you. Anyone who can dive right in to the madness of our family parties and come out shining is a solid person. Each of you made it look easy. We are grateful for all of the kindless you have shown to Henry and Lila and they of course have loved the play time with you. Your mother was so very proud of both of you (justifiably) and she clearly did a great job of raising you to become well-rounded, grounded people with very bright futures. 
Posted by Sherrie Gonzales on October 20, 2020
Dear Nathan and Gabi,
Your mom cherished both of you so much! Every time we saw each other we always talked about our kids. I loved hearing about Gabi's volleyball and Nathan's sports accomplishments; she always beamed with so much pride in telling her stories. One of my favorite memories was the year Gabi became a hitter. Your mom pulled out her phone and we watched recordings of Gabi hitting ball after ball and I watched your mama's face light up with pure joy! I am so thankful that I was blessed by your mom's bright spirit and generosity in this lifetime.
Posted by Jolene Bradley on October 19, 2020
Teresa was always a pleasure to be around. I enjoyed visiting with her at potlucks and hearing stories about her children. She was so easy to work with and was a truly kind person. I will miss her and will keep her family in my prayers. A Mass has been offered in Teresa's name.
Posted by Sher Spangler on October 15, 2020
I will miss Teresa and prayers go out to her family and loved ones. At GHC/KPWA, will always remember her kind, friendly, and helpful nature.
Posted by Huy To on October 15, 2020
My thoughts and prayers for Teresa's Family. She will be missed among our KPWA team. Best regards, Huy
Posted by Ryan Davis on October 13, 2020
I am so sorry to hear of Teresa's passing. We was an extremely nice woman who I enjoyed working with. She always had a positive disposition!!! She will be missed!
Posted by Monica Elenbaas on October 13, 2020
I had the good fortune to work with Teresa at the YMCA for several years. Even in the most challenging circumstances, she maintained a wonderful sense of humor. She was a valued colleague and dear friend for many years. I send hopes for grace and comfort to her family and others that mourn this sudden loss.
Posted by Ali Lazaro on October 12, 2020
Teresa was among the kindest, most thoughtful, and funniest people I knew. She was great at "making lemonade out of lemons." No matter what was happening, she knew how to put things into perspective and light up every room. I will miss her, the casual conversations we had, and how she reminded me to smile just with her energy. What a heartbreaking loss, but what a legacy she left. We can only ever aspire to be Teresa.
Posted by Tressa Cummings on October 11, 2020
Our Easter traditions will be missing a very special cousin when we can meet again. To Nathan, Gabby, Mollie, Chris, Aidan, Luke and Cathy, our heartfelt love and prayer are with you.

We love you guys,

Tressa and Lois
Posted by Brenda Headrick on October 11, 2020
Teresa had the most kindest personalities of anyone I have ever Known! I met her in school and grew to know her thru basketball. I'm so sorry for your loss. May your memories flood your greiving hearts and remind you of such a wonderful woman she was!
Posted by Tara Dent on October 10, 2020
I met Teresa when our daughters played on the same volleyball team two years ago. Teresa’s love for Gabi is so evident. She is so proud of her children. And I will miss seeing her eyes light up when she talked about them. I consider myself a seasoned volleyball mom, but I still can never figure out what court or bracket I’m supposed to be at. But Teresa always knew exactly where and what time, and the best way to get there. Being a single mom I can only imagine all of the juggling of work, and school and sports that Teresa gracefully managed. Teresa is a beautiful soul that always made sure the needs of others were being met. She was Gabi’s number one fan on the court. She made sure Gabi had athletic tape, extra knee pads, and sunglasses for beach volleyball. My daughter has benefited from Teresa’s thoughtful preparedness countless times. I thought we would have many more years together watching our daughters from the sidelines. You will be so missed. I will be thinking of you and cheering for Gabi with all of my heart.
Posted by Mike Washington on October 9, 2020
To my jigsaw puzzle buddy thank you for letting the seconds turn into minutes and into full lunch breaks of having to place one last piece, and one more last piece, ooh...and there is one more last piece.

Your ever present smile and calm has been a constant reminder at KP to stay positive.

To Teresa's children, your mom left such a happy mark on her colleagues at GroupHealth/KP. She was a joy to be around.
Posted by Cheri Forsell on October 9, 2020
We will miss you Teresa, you were such a kind hearted person, who always shared your love of family and friends with those that surrounded you.
Posted by Kristina Spears on October 9, 2020
Teresa and I worked in the same building & when our paths would cross at the printer or in the kitchen we always had a friendly chat which usually revolved around our children. She delighted in her children! My thoughts are with you both.
Posted by Hannah B on October 9, 2020
Teresa always talked about her family! She shared the latest stories and experiences from her weekend over the community puzzle we were all addicted to finishing in the lunch room. I am saddened to know she won't be joining us again to share her energy and family stories.
My deepest condolences to her children and family.
Posted by Michelle Hawes on October 9, 2020
Teresa was a blessing to all, so many memories I will forever treasure...
she will be missed beyond measure. 

Thank you for being a part of my life,
Posted by Bo Brenneman on October 9, 2020
Teresa was a customer of mine for about 6 years, and became a friend. She was a joy to work with. When our conversations moved from work to personal life, we always talked about kids. It was obvious how much she loved her kids and was very proud of them. We shared lots of stories about football and volleyball games. She will be deeply missed and fondly remembered.
Posted by Sheri Kruger-Modzelewski on October 9, 2020
To the family of Teresa,
Teresa and I went to West Valley together I remember her as so fun and vibrant and very smart my condolences to the whole family I am so sorry 
Posted by Jo Fox Burr on October 8, 2020
Nathan and Gabi, I have watched the two of you grow up at our many 4th of July celebrations and have admired what good and interesting kids and now people you both are - which I blame totally on your mother. She was a really good mom to both of you. I am deeply sadden by her loss, especially for you, but I will miss her at our celebrations as well. When we are able to gather again for the 4th, I hope both of you will still continue to join us.
Posted by Teresa Godfrey's Family on October 7, 2020
Teresa touched so many people throughout her life. 

As a tribute to Teresa we are collecting photos, stories and messages to her two amazing children, Nathan and Gabi. 

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