Her Life
My mother was the kind of person who put others before herself. She would make sure everyone around her had everything they need, but she seemed to forget about the most important one, herself. She had a hard childhood, and pushed through her life taking care of everyone around her. It seemed like when she walked into a room, everyone stared. She never thought she was pretty or worth anyones time, when really, she was a diamond amongst a pile of rocks. They were the ones who didn't deserve her. Although she is gone, she is still the strongest person I will ever know. No matter what this life threw at her, she never gave up. In all these hardships, my mother inherited a drinking problem and the beautiful women I knew, turned into someone who lied to me and someone I didn't know. She got in a bad relationship with a man who hurt her, and she spiraled down and down, until she tried to take her own life. She couldn't handle it anymore, and there's only so much that someone can take. When that didn't work, she was taken to a rehabilitation center. When she got out, she had promised she was better and that she was going to take care of me. At this point, she was a good liar. My mother Teresa died on June 25, 2010 as a result of a fatal car accident. She was 3x the legal limit in the state of Pennsylvania and I survived this accident with minor injuries. My mother is at peace now, no man can hurt her anymore. Being 15 and not having a mother is hard, and I miss her more than I can ever express. She's better off, and all I can do is remember the beautiful women who I used to jam out in the car with, who used to wrestle with me and how we'd lay there and be lazy all afternoon watching cop shows. She was beautiful inside and out, she was just too beautiful for this world, that God had to have her for his own.