Let the memory of Teresa Inocencio be with us forever.
  • 83 years old
  • Born on November 5, 1930 in El Paso, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on September 18, 2014 in Alameda, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one,  My Mama.Teresa Inocencio., 83, born on November 5, 1930 and passed away on September 18, 2014. We will remember her forever.                       

Posted by Eve Delaune on 18th September 2016
Hey, there MOMMA TOLI, Cannot believe that two years have gone by since your passing. In my heart I had hoped for so much more time. But GOD needed you more than me. So much I wanted to share with you. However, I pray you know in your heart how I feel about you. You are a BLESSING to me and that shall remain till we meet again. LOVE you so very much!!! XOXOXO
Posted by Joseph Inocencio on 18th September 2016
Hey mama in heaven you've been gone two years now and yes I still miss you . But I know you're in heaven and it comforts me that you're there with all your loved ones . But I do still miss you and love you very much . I love you I love you I love you my mom .
Posted by Joseph Inocencio on 18th September 2015
Mom you have been gone one year now but it seems like this yesterday I was there talking to you. Mom you will forever be missed. Not only by me by hundreds of people. Because that was the kind woman you were. You were not only a friend, an auntie, a sister you were a mother to so many people that weren't even your family. Especially one woman who I have adopted as my big sister. Her name is Eve and before you left this earth to go to heaven she found you and she was able to talk to you to write you letters and she admitted she wished you could have been her mom. I was so touched by Eve that I told her from this day forward Eve I am adopting you as my sister. The reason why is when she told me the stories about how you two met, you accepted her as part of the family. So after you went to meet the Lord in heaven I had to tell her this, that she is now part of the Inocencio Family as our sister. I've seen you do things for others, that changed people's lives forever. The Lord worked through you mom to help others that needed to find their way to the Lord. You went through so many hard challenges by losing four of your sons and your husband, you also lost all your brothers and your sisters. You were the last one in your family to survive. And your faith was not moved 1 inch. It actually grew stronger when all this happened. I'm very proud to call you my mother. I love you mom and I miss you everyday. I'm going to try and fit in your shoes and spread the word of God not only for myself but for you, because I know that's what you would want me to do. I love you mom I miss you mom always and forever I'll talk about you mom. I know you're having a great day up there in heaven being able to see and talk to our Lord Jesus Christ and God and the Virgin Mary, and John the Baptist and all the great people that came before them and after them. I love you mom always and forever your son Joseph
Posted by Eve Delaune on 18th September 2015
Oh, MOMMA TOLI you have been gone for a year now it is so hard to believe that time has passed, but you are FOREVER locked in my heart and mind. You were such a wonderful woman. Like I had said to you, I had always wished that you were my Mom. The love you held for others was BIG as you had such a great capacity to show care and concern for others, with such a receiving heart that you had. I have never known nor encountered anyone to show that kind of love. You were such a huge BLESSING for me, and I was so grateful to have received that from you. I love you so very much.LOVE you, MISS you.
Posted by Eve Delaune on 23rd May 2015
I thank the good LORD for our paths crossing in this world. I also thank GOD for my being able to tell you through our being able to speak via the phone and to also pass you a letter of what you meant to me and how you touched my life. It was such a BLESSING for me!!! Your heart was so BIG and ALWAYS able to GIVE to others a heart filled with LOVE. How I wished we could have had more time. I wanted to be able to share so much more. I LOVE you MOMMA TOLI , and what you have passed to me will be held in my heart and mind forever. Rest in peace till we meet again. <3
Posted by Joseph Inocencio on 23rd May 2015
God has chosen the best angel ever to step into heaven when he called you home. You are going to teach the Angels things that they never knew. Your faith is so strong mom that nothing, nothing could break you. I am so proud to be your son, to say my mother was Teresa Virginia Inocencio and she showed us how to love unconditionally, she showed us how to give unconditionally, she showed us how to be a family unconditionally. You're in Heaven now and Heaven is more brighter with your beautiful smile. I love you mom I miss you mom and always and forever I will talk about you mom. From your son Joseph Ray Inocencio
Posted by Joseph Inocencio on 23rd May 2015
My mama touched so many people in her time here on earth. I bet she is singing songs right now with our Lord Jesus Christ. She raised 9 boy's and one girl. She always made sure that we had food in our belly and cloths to wear for school. She made sure we new who our creator was that created the Heavens and the earth. She made sure we went to Catechism on the weekend so we could eventually graduate and make our first Holy communion. She had four sons that were in the military (Army) one son was a paratrooper. This was the Vietnam era. My mother prayed so hard and I still can picture her crying every night until all four came home after the war. God blessed her and her four sons by bringing them all home safely. She was a short 4"10 woman but her faith and character could move mountains. When people would ask her for money or food even when we hardly had enough to eat, she made sure them friend's had what they needed. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She may have been little but she made sure if any of us got out of line she would spank us with the belt, after the spanking she always made sure to tell us she loved us and made sure we New why she spanked us.My mama never believed in divorce, she married my dad and like it says till death do us part. Now she is resting together at Saint Mary's Cemetery in Oakland California with my pop's Albert Sr. At least their body's are. She and all our family's are in Heaven. I will miss her so much every day of my life, until we meet up in Heaven God willing. By Joseph Inocencio.

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