Teresa's Life

An Angel's journey home.

I have spent my life with Terri until the day God requested his special "Angel" to come home. Terri was an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. She had a family who loved her, even if they didn't understand everything she was going through and the troubling times she was fighting to understand in her own mind. Her children Joe and Jeniffer brought much joy and happiness to her life. And then I think God decided before he took her to give her the greatest gift of all, and that would be her granddaughter "Emily" whom just lit up her life. I believe we all wish she could have been healthier both physically and mentally to truly absorb the gift that God sent to her. But still I know she knew deep in her heart what was meant to be, and she decided not to fight it anymore. Her beloved life partner "Donald" who I consider my brother-in-law could not have loved her anymore than what he did. She didn't live a lonely life that was for sure. There was our older sister Sis and our older brother Rickey then there was me Sandy. Terri and I shared a deep soul connection that a lot of people may not have understood, but we did. We fought and we laughed but most of all we loved both in childhood and adulthood. We didn't always have to speak to understand each other we just knew what the other was feeling. But we did talk a lot and we did a lot of soul searching together, and we both fought a lot of our own demons together. And I know that no matter what was going on in our lives we were always thinking of each other. That is not to take away from anyone else because everyone in her life shared their own private moments and thoughts and times with Terri. We lost our Mom in 1998 and I don't think she nor myself ever recovered from it. I can't say I knew everything that she was feeling because if I did I feel I could have helped her more and maybe she would be with us today. I don't know for sure but I struggle with it every waking moment. There were a lot of things in Terri's life that she needed answers to and she spent a lot of time searching for those answers. I know she didn't get all the answers she wanted while she was with us, but I pray that she was able to get them when God received her and took her home. I have a lot more to add to her story but it is very hard for me especially at this time. So I am going to stop this for now but I will pick back up where I leave off very soon.


I'm back. and I just wanted to add a few things that I feel everyone might want to know.

Terri was had a large family of people who loved her very much. Granted they were not Always able to spend as much time as they would have liked to with her, but they did their best. We had a aunt whom we both loved dearly and she was all we had left after our mom passed. We did our best to hold onto her for as long as possible. Unfortunately we lost her also due to illness and bad health problems. Aunt Janet was a woman that loved with her whole heart . She loved Terri soo much, but no more than Terri loved her. I tried to be there also for aunt Janet but I don't know how Terri was able to do as much as she did with her. She spent all of her free time with aunt Janet. They played cards, yahtzee, dice. spades and sometimes they just sat and talked. But I do know how dearly they loved each other. Terri also had so many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. There was Eric, Nicki, Candi, Colleen, Trina,  Alex, Rhiannon, Taylor, Sierria, Daisha, Casey, Romie, Lisa, Robert, Mikey, Alexsis, Garrett, and I could go on and on she has several cousins and unfortunately we have lost a lot of family members over the last few years so we hold on dearly to those we have. And we have learned not to take the life that God has given us for granted. It is just so lonely without her here to make us laugh and even cry at times. But she kept us on our toes. Terri you are forever in our hearts and you are not forgotten.

To be continued.