Let the memory of Terrence be with us forever in our hearts...and for everytime you smile or shed a tear,he is always here!!
  • 24 years old
  • Born on July 27, 1988 in Alabama, United States.
  • Passed away on December 16, 2012 in Brundidge, Alabama, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Terrence Casrell 24 years old , born on July 27, 1988 and passed away on December 16, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Shederian Stewart on 17th December 2018
Big bro wassup man today is the you passed away I still remember the day we was chilling and you told me that we was gonna get up the next morning and move to Atlanta and I would have to tell my mama but I told you she was gonna get mad but you said you didn’t care and I thought about it first like I didn’t won’t to go but later on I text you and said we can go but you never text back so I thought you was busy like you used to be but I was so excited when I made my mind up that we was gonna go but that night I got a phone call and my mama said that you passed away and I couldn’t help to cry and tried to get to you the best way i could but mama wouldn’t let me walk from my house to yours but I came there this morning and just cried my heart out to you like this was a dream it took me long to to see that you gone because I never thought you would me but your in a better place now and I hope your still watching over me and protection me like you would tell everybody else but I love you with all my heart ❤️ and I hope to see you one day and we continue to move to Atlanta like you said we were.#iiam my brother keeper#
Posted by Shederian Stewart on 27th July 2018
Wassup brudda just wanna tell you happy b day you will be forever missed and love man #iammy brotherkeeper#
Posted by Shederian Stewart on 27th July 2017
Happy birthday big bro I love you fam I wish you were still here my nigga
Posted by Shederian Stewart on 10th December 2016
Wassup big bro just wanted to tell you I miss you youngin not a day goes by when we use to chill everyday man but the days when had you showed me a lot in life and ima keep doing good just for bro rest well I'll see you one day.
Posted by Kanahesia Tyson on 27th July 2016
Whats up cuzzo. I am here once again. Today is your birthday, and I just wanted to say Happy birthday and I misss the hell out of your but. It hasn't been the same without you. I wish i can turned back the hands of time and just made you come with me to whenever i would come home. I just miss you so much i still cry when i look around grandma house and see that pic you bought her or when i think of you or when i see your pics. I will never ever forget you and you are still in my heart. Happy birthday cuzzo and love you forever and a day.
Posted by Kionna Glover on 22nd May 2016
Hey my love.....haven't been by here in a while...been thinking about you heavy my brother. I appreciate that visit...that last talk....man I miss you so much....I hope u saw your gifts I sent you for your birthday last year. I wish you could see riniyah and Jojo, they growing so fast....and I'm expecting again, lol....I know you probably woulda killed me, kmsl...took graduating on the 26th....man you taught that boy well, and he keep your name alive, hell...we all do....I know u so proud of him...granny hanging in there....mama finna have another too, lol....I can only imagine what you would say if you were here, lol...but I just wanted to stop by...let you know I'm always thinking about you....I know you got a birthday coming up soon too....imma try my best to come see you. I love you man, keep watching over us , cuz I know you there....see you soon
Posted by MsTip Evans on 27th July 2015
Happy birthday baby!! I wish instead of crying for u we could be spending this day together but I also know that all your suffering n struggles are gone now and u deserve peace.God always picks gis strongest soldiers to fight his toughest battles and I guess thats why he didnt hesitate to bring u home with him!! No amount of words could ever describe the pain I felt/feel losing the best thing that ever happened to me!!! Please continue to look down on us everyday so we can be able to still feel your presence...I love you always and forever..always have..always will
Posted by Kanahesia Tyson on 23rd June 2015
Hey cuzzo it's been a couple of years but I think of you quite often. how we will hang out with each other, when we bbq. When I used to come early in the morning and you open the door, when you asked me do grandma know where I am at and you tell her. Those are the memories I will always cherish. I love you. You Will be forever in my heart.
Posted by Nayla Stubbs on 18th June 2015
Hey kuzzo...just checkin on yhu to see how yhu doin man i cant tell yhu how much I miss yhu i think about yhu all the time........I miss seeing your face I miss hearing your voice i miss everything about yhu .......its been hard ik its been a while since yhu went home but I just still wish I could go back to the last time we saw each other just so I can tell yhu how much I love yhu nd how much yhu mean to me as mii big cousin.......yea I still have times where I wanna cry but ik yhu wouldnt want me to so I just laugh nd think of all the good times we had.......thats all i wanted to say.....Ill see yhu nd papa at the open gates soon R.I.P. Rest In Paradise kuzzo Love Yah
Posted by Kionna Glover on 16th June 2015
hey big cousin...just wanted to let you know that it aint a day that go by that you not on my mind...mannnn you don't know how much you are missed, u don't know how much I need you man....I aint been the same since u passed, but I know u watching, and I know you and papa are keeping us protected....rest on brother, you are forever in my heart. I love you.
Posted by Malinda Williams on 16th June 2015
Hey cousin...how I regret that I didn't call you when I said I was...then I would've gotten the chance to talk with you before you left. I have often wished I would have pushed you harder to get you away from there...I miss hearing you talk junk on the phone like you forgot who was the oldest...lol. I took time for granted...never thinking that I would not be able to see you or tell you I love you again. My comfort lies only in my belief that you are with God...that He took you from this wretched place before the streets consumed you again. The tragedy of your death could not snatch you from the Father's hands. You are greatly missed & always will be loved!
Posted by Malinda Williams on 16th June 2015
To be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD.
Posted by MsTip Evans on 6th May 2015
thinking of u today and all of our lost memories...so thankful i got the time to spend with u when u were here!!!
Posted by MsTip Evans on 29th April 2015
not a day goes go by I don't think of how our lives would have/could have been....miss u dearly

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