Let the memory of "Terri" be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on December 23, 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  • Passed away on January 17, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, "Terri" Pope 46 years old , born on December 23, 1966 and passed away on January 17, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Carol Washington on 24th December 2018
My sweet baby girl another birthday year your not here physically but in spirit you and your brother my mom will always be in my heart and I carry you your brother my mom where ever I go Your memories all around me times might have been rough but we always pulled through we laughted cryed talked for hours you helped me shop thank goodness phone cameras came to be we shared recipes and sometimes we didn’t talk for months but boy did we make up for that Rest well you did good I’ll see you all one day Never ending love ‘ma’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Carol Washington on 17th January 2018
Terri just know that you are smiling that beautiful smile that you have and those cute little dimples would melt a heart Terri missing every day missing you when i realize that I can’t pick up the phone and call you and ask you a meaning of a word or asking to to help me write ba letter or reading a letter to you that I wrote and you rewriting cause you didn’t like the way I wrote the letter
Posted by Tanya Pope on 23rd December 2017
Terri i think you would be glad to know despite us having lost Wendell not long after your passing , Stephen, Jason and I are closer than ever and loving one another as family should. We all miss you greatly but we rejoice you and talk about you all the time. I look forward to seeing you in heaven cousin.
Posted by Carol Washington on 17th January 2017
Terri you have been gone 4 years to the day Missing your beautiful smile and the dimples And those big brown eyes Miss you you my baby girl kisses n hugs to ur Grandma ur brother your cousin Tjwana And all the beautiful angels
Posted by Carol Washington on 23rd December 2016
Happy birthday in heaven
Posted by Carol Washington on 23rd December 2016
Terri I happy birthday in heaven can't believe that you would have been 50 yrs young Just know that u are resting in peace with ur brother who u loved unconditionally ur grandma cuz Twana ur dad and so many beautiful angles Until we meet again memories of u will always be in my heart Sleep well Love "ma"
Posted by Tanya Pope on 23rd December 2016
Cousin, I still miss your beautiful smile and amazing voice
Posted by Tanya Pope on 28th December 2015
Terri we still miss you everyday
Posted by Joseph Perry on 26th August 2015
I was very saddened when I heard about the passing of my dear friend!! I first met Terri when she was a member of The Black Celestial Choral Esemble at Syracuse University, in which I was their pianist and I was so amazed when I heard her sing!! I knew then that her voice was a gift from God!! We became really good friends and on occasions I would invite her to sing at my home church here in Syracuse N.Y. and the congregation loved her!! She was truly one of a kind and I will never forget my friend. I pray that God will be a comfort to her family and friends in New York City and her newly found Syracuse family and friends as well!!!
Posted by Carol Washington on 18th January 2015
It's been 2 years miss you so very much Not too sad rejoicing knowing that you are at peace with your dad grandma brother "pope" your partner in crime pope always had your back and so many more beautiful angles Missing your sweet voice we had our differences but it didn't last for long Love you missing you but one thing I know for sure you have the biggest smile because you at peace Rest well my love until we see each other again Sending you the biggest (((((hug))))) Love ma
Posted by Carol Washington on 18th January 2015
It's been 2 years miss you so very much Not too sad rejoicing knowing that you are at peace with your dad grandma brother "pope" your partner in crime pope always had your back and so many more beautiful angles Missing your sweet voice we had our differences but it didn't last for long Love you missing you but one thing I know for sure you have the biggest smile because you at peace Rest well my love until we see each other again Sending you the biggest (((((hug))))) Love ma
Posted by Tanya Pope on 17th January 2015
It's been two years and I still can't believe she's gone. She was such a beautiful, creative spirit who will always live in my heart. Love you Terri.
Posted by Fawn Boone on 24th December 2014
I woke up this morning or technically yesterday morning since it is now past midnight knowing that it was your birthday. Happy Birthday Sands. I have always remembered your birthday for the past 29 years. I can not even believe it has been that long. I have known you even longer than that. Summer Institute 1984 the girl "tough girl from the Bronx and the other tough girl from Brooklyn" :-) Terri, I think about you often and I am always saddened and angered by how you left us so mysteriously. i am also mad that I did not get to share our story at your memorial service. I know you are still cussing me out for that one LOL. I just thought this would be the appropriate way to acknowledge your birthday. So again, Happy Birthday Sands. I miss you much and your last words to me were that you still loved me and I am glad that I told you I loved you too!
Posted by Carol Washington on 17th January 2014
Today marks 1 year since my sweet Terri went to be with all the other angles.............missing you like crazy, will never hear your sweet voice sing a song, will never hear you call me "ma" rest in peace my sweet Terri, you fought a strong and mighty battle. Rest now job well done Gone to soon but will never be forgotten Love you forever Love "ma"
Posted by Keina Fields-Small on 15th January 2014
Terri was self-motivated, courageous, and an inspiration to others. I admire her strength. She was outspoken, honest, hilarious and an awesome writer. She was a genuinely loving person. My thoughts of sending a Christmas card with happy birthday wishes was not good enough. It is the action, the doing that counts. I regret not doing this in 2012 after speaking with Terri a few months earlier. Through all of the sadness, I keep reminding myself that she came into my life for a reason. I am a better woman, a better writer, a better public speaker because of Terri Pope. Thank you Terri for shining your light on me.
Posted by Carol Washington on 23rd December 2013
Happy Birthday my sweet Terri berri...................... Your first Birthday in Heaven with all the other sweets angels... Hi to all for me....Just know that you and your cousin Tjwana have so much to talk about, Hi to my mom, my dad, brother, your dad. I know that you are at peace............ Happy Birthday, missings you so much.................. have pics that I would like to post,your know that your mom is not good with downloading pic, etc. But I will get it done. Christmas is just a few days away Your super best holiday. Happy Birthday my sweet angel, singing Happy Birthday to you.......... Ty reached out to me the other day he said that he played one of the last message you left him just to hear yoyr sweet voice Terri we all love miss you, will never forget you Love "MA"
Posted by Sonya Fiol-Grant on 23rd December 2013
My "gift of God" and namesake Dorothy--thoughts of you are from one of our last conversations on Dec 22nd and how you were running to get your hair and nails done in preparation for your 46th bday night on the town. Thank you for seeing something special in me and trusting me with your heart's desires. You are forever with me---your "Joy luck charm." Sisterly, S. Dorethea
Posted by Carol Washington on 19th December 2013
My Terri Berri Doreen called today She was thinking of you and I She said that she will never forget your Birthday it's the same day as her sister Missing you but she knows that you are resting and at peace having long conversations with Your grandma Dorothy who you were named after your dad, cousins by brother and so many others Love you Happy birthday with the other angles Love "ma"
Posted by Carol Washington on 16th December 2013
My Terri berri Went to visit Grandma, sent you a great big hug. Your first Birthday, Christmas with the angels. Today is your uncle Greg's birthday Happy birthday Greg from your little sis Miss you so much my sweet Terri, yes we did disagree on things but in the end we agreed, and boy ccould be talk for hours............ Christmas is your your best holiday, mine too, just was not in the mood to pull out all the Christmas stuff. Made you something really nice. Took a picture now all i need to do is post it on this page.Have to teach myself... Love you baby girl always have and all ways will Talk to you soon..... Love "ma"
Posted by Carol Washington on 10th December 2013
Terri your birthday is coming soon, one year that your voice has be slient. Happy birthday Merry Christmas, your favorite holiday. No more christmas cards, I really missed how you would sing happy birthday to me. "ma" loves you always did always will..... Hi to all for me, just know that that party is going on in Heaven with your dad, grandma,cousin and so many more Love you forever.......not goodbye just I'll see you later
Posted by Tanya Pope on 10th December 2013
Hi Terri: Still miss you everyday and sometimes can't believe you are not here with us anymore. But I know your beautiful voice will sound out forever. I'm sure you are pleasing all in heaven with it. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Thomas Steinson on 6th March 2013
I will always remember Terri for her long, long talks on the phone and her infectious laughter. She was a good listener as well as a good talker. And lord knows she's talking God's ear off right know. She always had a big heart. I will miss her very much. But she is in a better place then all of us. Amen.
Posted by Robyne Heath-carrasquillo on 2nd March 2013
My Soror Terri was a determined , loyal,beautiful woman. Her voice was that of an angel---truly a gift from God. You are missed Terri and I am so grateful to have known you. My memories of you in our years at Syracuse University are treasures that will be held deeply in my heart Rest in peace my dear Soror. Soror Robyne Heath-Carrasquillo
Posted by Steven King on 4th February 2013
Terri was a wonderful school mate from the first day we met at SU during Summer Institute. She was hilariously funny, could sing like a songbird and made sure she got you to do it her way with a kind and gentle spirit. We will miss her and keep her charm and personality in our hearts forever. Lord provide the strength to her family and friends to carry on her memory forever. '06/'08
Posted by Nick Gonzales on 31st January 2013
I had only known Terri for 2 months, and in that time, I had only spoken to her over the phone; But from working with her, I could see that she was a strong and respectable business woman. She was a very hard worker, and was willing to to whatever it took to get things done. I have nothing but respect for Terri Pope, and it is a shame that she is no longer with us. May she rest in peace...
Posted by Jackie Lockette on 29th January 2013
Terri will forever be in my heart. Her love for life, ability to always make me laugh and her beautiful alto voice is what I'll always remember and why I loved and adored her. My heart is truly saddened because I hadn't spoken to her in a while but she was never far from my thoughts. I believe she is with God who loves her best, singing in the heavenly choir.
Posted by Sonya Fiol-Grant on 28th January 2013
To Mom – May our IVY symbol of fidelity, friendship, and affection be a sweet reminder of your beloved daughter's determination and strength. May our songbird's, (Terri - Mteule #3)spirit forever live on and may you find comfort in knowing she was deeply loved by her sisters of AKA-Iota Upsilon Alumnae of Syracuse University. I cannot ever fill this void, but you have a daughter in me.
Posted by Michelle Lee on 26th January 2013
I will always remember Soror Terri as an amazing, talented and dynamic woman who made Alpha Kappa Alpha the organization for me to strive to become a member of. As an aspiring interest she was always "on point" and encouraged the same from me. Now a member for almost 25 years thank you Soror Terri for showing me the way.
Posted by Michele Freeman on 25th January 2013
My regret of late is that I have lost touch with so many strong, uniquely beautiful sisters of my past. Reading such warm words about Terri brings back a flood of my own memories that I shared with her. She was hilariously funny, extremely talented, strong, confident and determined. When you were in her presences you felt empowered - like all was possible. She will definitely be missed.
Posted by Tanya Pope on 23rd January 2013
My dear beautiful cousin. Yours was the wit and intellect known in the Pope family. Your infectious smile and amazing personality filled everyone around you with joy. While we met in adulthood, we bonded only as family could. I will never forget your fierce drive in business and your embrace of the beautiful things in life. Your loving spirit will always remain in my heart.
Posted by Michelle WalkerDavis on 23rd January 2013
I am so grateful for each waking day and hour that God allows me to spend with my family and my sisters. As evident in Soror Terry's last acts of determination and love on behalf of AKA, we should see this as God's way of using her as an example to uphold. Soror Michelle Walker-Davis
Posted by Bonita Haines on 23rd January 2013
I am so thankful we re-connected a few years ago via email. I will always remember your voice and your talent for singing that we all enjoyed. You are missed already and have reminded us how short life can be. Everyday spent with family and friends is a gift that should be cherished.
Posted by Carol Washington on 22nd January 2013
What I will always remember my Terri for is her infectious smile, a smile that could turn to tears in a moment , that could write a letter for her mom in a second.She was just so wonderful. It's a lot of things that I remember about my Terri I could go on and on. I know your okay with your father Claiborne and grandmother also named Dorothy. Love Always and Forever Ma
Posted by Carol Washington on 22nd January 2013
I, Steven Pope nephew of Terri Pope will always remember her for putting family first. No matter how bad times were she would be there thick and thin. I will also remember her for her consistancy on me finishing high school while residing with her. My Aunt Terri truly taught me that time is precious and it can't be wasted. I will miss her and keep her memories close to my heart and mind.
Posted by Carol Washington on 22nd January 2013
What I constantly see is her happy face, and when she smiled she lit the room with her cheeks and eyes. She was blessed with her grandmothers dimples. Terri was also creative and studious. I can remember she could write anything in an articulate form making anyone wonder who wrote it. She will always be in my heart until I see her again. Love Forever Aunt Bernice
Posted by Carol Washington on 22nd January 2013
I met Terri when she was 16 when Jason was a baby. I used to do her hair and we used to converse about singing. She sang at my daughters wedding in 1983 and sang "Ribbon In The Sky" by Stevie Wonder. She was a very nice young lady and I had no problem nor disrespect. She always spoke with good manerism towards me.Im going to miss her very much and I think about her daily. Ms. Singleton
Posted by Denene Jonielle on 22nd January 2013
Terri Pope - I thank God for the opportunity to know you. I remember the many laughs we shared and your support of me always. I am not sure why you chose me to be a trusted friend but I am and will always be honored for that privilege. You were a passionate woman and am so heartbroken but I know you are at peace . Thank You..
Posted by Tisha Davis on 22nd January 2013
Terri and I learned when she was an ivy that we had a lot in common. We were both from the Bronx. We both were seeing Sigmas. We both sang. And we both enjoyed stepping. When I was a senior, I passed the torch to her. Terri sang at my wedding. I have stories I can't tell (lol) but you brought me joy and much laughter. I will miss you Terri.
Posted by Tisha Davis on 22nd January 2013
The last thing Terri did before she crossed (became a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) was to slip a piece of paper under my door. It was a poem she wrote for me. I still remember the last line, You are to me what morning is to day. It was beautiful. I always cherished it. Thank you Terri for being exactly that for me.
Posted by Davita White on 22nd January 2013
My Sands, Terri, was sensitive and caring. She always made me feel special and close to her. She traveled all the way from NYC, with some of our Sands and IU Sorors, to Chicago for my wedding. I have a pic of her with Sorors and me in my wedding album. I will always have that special memory of her. Terri was funny too-she could make me laugh, even when I was so sleepy, I couldn't think.

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