her Life

A Beautiful Women these 3 called Mother

Katera Nicole Willis

Kylee Anne Willis

Noah Christopher Willis


These beautiful babies came from your beautiful body! They are a blessing everyday of our live's & also brought the light into your eye's, everyday! -I put this on here because they were the highlight of your life, no matter what. Still, Noah say's thing's that make us all want to fall to the ground. He tell's people what happened.. & alway's change's the story a little.. He also tell's Katera, if he is in trouble, that he CAN NOT wait for you to come back!!! (He know's mama will lay the smack down for her lil' man) The number one thing I ask from you as an beautiful angel, is watch over your darling children. They will need it more than any of us... Exspecially throughout life's crazy trial's & road's!

I shall return shortly... :/



The Beautiful Girl I Called My Sissy

Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply...  ~Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814

Some of you may know, some of you may not know. Terri lynn is my cousin that I grew up with my whole life. When I was a little girl, I could not say her name.. It was a little too much to come out of my little mouth. Therefore, I called her sissy. Which fit's her PERFECT! 

Sissy.. you are the best big sister anyone could ever ask for. I looked up to you NO MATTER WHAT & I still alway's will! When I look @ your babie's everyday, I see SO much of you! They're truely a blessing & I am sooo glad you had all 3 of them! :/ I MISS YOU! I have SOOO much to say & can't even finish 1 sentence. Your mama said you would have loved this Michael Jackson song to be on here! A lot of people didn't like him! Tell him I said Hi, please :) We alway's watched him dancin' around on TV!! <3 Now that your not here.. it feel's so empty! So... lonely? For everyone of us I bet... Exspecially your mama. She really loves you more than anything in this world Sissy & she is keeping your memory going... I don't care that everyday, your what we talk about.. I know it hurt's us both @ time's but we can't help but to get it off our chest's... & I am pretty sure i'm doing an 'okay' job with helping her.. I try & talk to her as much as I can.. everyday :/ It's the most hurtful thing in the WORLD to hear your mama's voice, everyday.. She will never be the same without you here! I am going to continue to try & be a BIG GIRL now... :/ Even though, big girl's at time's, fall! & when I fall.. Your not here anymore to catch me.. So it's more as if I can't fall anymore! & If I do.. It'll drag me down HARD because yet have I been a little weak, i've also become so much stronger by loosing you & trying to realize that there is a purpose for us all, here on earth. Your purpose was WAY more than just being a daugther, sister, mother, cousin, a friend & many more! LOOK at your picture's... In every picture, your glowing! You are soo beautiful Sissy!!!! KISSES TO YOU BABYGIRL! BLOWING THEM UP NOW... 4 FROM US ALL. Thomas, myself, Isabella & Mariaunna! -If this is not understandable.. i'm sorry! I'm not @ the best state of mind right now & I KNOW my sissy hear's me & understand's me!!


Love ALWAYS & I shall return soon,

Your little sister, Amanda