Let the memory of Terry be with us forever
  • 48 years old
  • Born on March 23, 1965 .
  • Passed away on February 11, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Terry Davis, 48, born on March 23, 1965 and passed away on February 11, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Sharrice Davis on 23rd March 2018
Uncle Terry I love and miss u so.... much Happy Birthday uncle r.i.p.
Posted by Isaac Segar on 23rd March 2018
Hey Uncle T, want u to kno u still missed and always loved Happy Bday
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 11th February 2018
To my Uncle whom I miss so....... much I pray u r.i.p. I’ll 4ever love u, miss u & wishing u where here. I wish u would’ve at least left a child behind so we could still have a piece here with us. U are the only child of grandma without any kids. I often wonder what urs would’ve look like, anyways just writing to let u know that u r missed and thought of.
Posted by Isaac Segar on 11th February 2018
Hey Uncle T. Just wanted to say hi and let u kno I'm doing well and hope u watching lil Isaac, for me till I get there. Oh yeah I got another lil man on the way soon Isaac the 3rd. So keep watching over me so u can see him I'm having him with I believe to be a wonderful person an soon to be wife hopefully lol, well take care Uncle T love u bye
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 19th November 2017
My grandma
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 19th November 2017
Hey Unc Thanksgiving coming up and ur not here. Since u been gone holidays just haven’t seen the same. Just know that I miss u and wish u where here I love ❤️ u R.I.P Uncle Terry
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 26th July 2017
Just missing u Uncle Tee. Just wanted u to know ur in my thoughts this morning. Lil Isaac is now there with u watch him until we get there with y'all. Love y'all and my all of our family that's there with u Rest In Peace!
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 11th June 2017
I'm up late night for no reason. I started thinking of u. Just want to say I love u,ur very much missed and try to R.I.P.
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 24th March 2017
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 11th February 2017
Tatia mom went home yesterday and Aunt Cookie is fighting for her life now. Watch Lei make sure he's good thru all this tell his father to watch him too.
Posted by Isaac Segar on 11th February 2017
Eh uncle T how u been sorry I neva had a chance to write on this wall but u kno I always talk to u and think of u wish u was here unc family kind of been in a mess since ya passing bit it's shortly buy slowly trying to move forward.But on other news I call and see Grammy n check in on her n Mr James lol he's cool I always likedo him for Grammy and I kno u did to I remember wut u use to say lol. An my mom fighting thru her sickness so so while u watching over grams n the family watch or my mom also she misses u alot. Oh wish u can see my girl or I say I kno u see my girl I kno u like her way more I kno I do and Grammy n my mom like her alot well luv u uncle T. Oh yeah one more thing plz watch over ya our son lil isaac u see n kno wuts going on smh thanks.... Ya Son Isaac ✌
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 11th February 2017
U r so missed, loved, adored and much needed. Please look over grandma, u missed so much not being here in the ladt 3yrs. Angel had a surgery and a boyfriend but their not together anymore. Grandma goes through a lot with u not being here. I have a new job with the city, and I still wk at the church. I'm be like u wking 2-3 jobs all at once all for the (American Dream)
Posted by Angel Wheeler on 18th August 2016
I'll never forget you Uncle Terry, you're always in my heart. Love u forever and always
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 23rd March 2016
Dame, another year without u here, this saddens me. Today is ur birthday and we miss u much. My mom was just telling me how she was think of u and uncle Bonnie and she cried for a long time. Uncle Joe misses u. He don't know what to do with him self sometimes. Grandma dude she just all messed up over u. I feel bad for her cause there's nothing I can do. If I could bring u back I would she would be so happy then. U was loved more then you'll ever know. We all looked up to u nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers and mother, man all we know is their will never be another u. R.I.P Uncle Tee on ur day!
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 21st September 2015
Awww man how I miss you soo.... much. We had court for ur murder and 1 fucking jury found him not guilty, awww how I wish they would lock her ass up for lying. We all r hurt about this bullshit. I wish u could tell me what happened to u. I pray this all be over soon so u can rest in peace as well as grandma. Most likely we're going to have to go back to trail soon. God please work in our favor. Luv u Uncle Tee!
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 29th March 2015
Yesterday was grandma birthday and I know she wish u were there. The look on her face told it all. The song u like so much by Whitney Houston, she wanted to hear it. So I played it for her. Everyone misses u so much, oh how we wished u were there. We love u!
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 27th March 2015
To lose someone brings pain beyond belief There are no words to ease my pain, my sadness or my grief I feel I have lose someone I admired, I looked up to and believed in Even though we are apart your memories will always be in my heart My mind knows that you are in a better place, where there is no pain You are at peace and I understand that, I just wish I could explain that to my heart The tears in my eyes, I can wipe away The ache in my heart, will always stay
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 26th March 2015
"Missing You" No words I write can ever say, how much I miss you everyday. As time goes by loneliness grows, how much I miss you, nobody knows. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. But all I have are memories and a photo in a frame. No one knows my sorrow. No one sees me weep. But the love I have for you, is in my heart to keep. I've never stop loving you-I know I never will. Deep inside my heart, you are with me still. Heartaches in this world are many, but mine is worse than any. My heart still aches as I whisper low, "I love you and miss you so." The things we feel so deeply are often the hardest to say. But I just can't keep quiet anymore, so I'll tell you anyway. There is a place in my heart, no one else can fill. I love you so, my precious child ...and I always will! Your Mother Gracie
Posted by Tanya Davis on 23rd March 2015
Happy 50th birthday u r truly missed
Posted by Tanya Davis on 23rd March 2015
Happy birthday uncle tee.love u miss u like crazy
Posted by Tanya Davis on 11th February 2015
Miss u uncle Tee words can't explain.
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 1st January 2015
I'm sorry I didn't get to tell u Merry Christmas. I had 4 got my password I'm sorry Uncle Terry. I want to say Happy New Year but it's nothing happy about u not being here. I know ur with GOD so ur happy as ever with him but unhappy about somethings going on down here. I just need to tell u I love u. I didn't tell u enough when u where here, and if u didn't know I always looked up to u, and I still do.
Posted by Tanya Davis on 28th September 2014
Hey uncle Tee just stopping through to let you know times is on the up with you not being here. Missing u like crazy!!!!
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 3rd April 2014
Uncle Terry, I love & miss u soo........ much I wish u were here soo... much We all feel this way soo.. much And it's a fucking shame none of us told u enough. Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much you love them, or how much you care, Because when they're gone, no matter how loud you scream, shout and cry, they won't hear you any more.
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 3rd April 2014
There Is A Time For Everything...A Time To Be Born And A Time to Die “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace."
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 31st March 2014
Happy Birthday Today Is Your Birthday In Heaven Above My Blessings I Send On The Wings Of This Dove Not Just For Today But Everyday Hereof I Think Of You Always With All Of My Love Always Love, Forever Missed (March 23,2014) With Love Reese
Posted by Sharrice Davis on 31st March 2014
In Loving Memory If tears could build a stairwell and memories a lane I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again No farewell words were spoken no time to say goodbye You were gone before I knew it and only God knows why My heart still aches with sadness and secret tears still flow No one can ever know But now I know you want me to mourn for you no more To remember all the happy times Life still has much in store Since you'll never be forgotten I pledge to you today A hollowed placed with in my heart to were you'll always stay Love U Uncle Terry Reese

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