Shared by Nick Hatley on 18th May 2018

I'm very sorry and sad about this news. Through nearly 20 years of working together, I always felt that you could not ask for a better colleague than Terry. My deepest sympathy goes out to Terry's family and friends.

Shared by Mike Odom on 18th May 2018

I worked with Terry at Simplex -Grinnell and he was such a great guy to be around, he was so easy going ,but what a lot of my former coworkers have all said today was about his character, how we never heard a bad thing about him, how he was always good to everyone he came in contact with, he was never negative about anything . I am assured this is because of the faith he had. I am so sorry for your loss and my condolences to the family.
Mike Odom
May 18, 2018 | Reidsville, NC |

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