The memory of Texas Belle Jurena will be with us forever. She is forever loved and a great comfort to others.
  • 87 years old
  • Born on July 23, 1931 in Abilene, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on January 14, 2019 in Houston, Texas, United States.

 Texas Belle Jurena, 87 years old, was born on July 23, 1931 to Frances and A. John and passed away on January 14, 2019. We will remember her forever in our hearts.

Born Texas Belle John in Abilene, TX, she had many successes but was not one to discuss them. As a teen she raised livestock for profit and studied at the Sorbonne in Paris one Summer. Her career included administrative work while she earned her degree in economics and supported her husband while he earned his degree. She also was a teacher, controller and a manager. Later she earned a Master's degree in Human Resource and any one who had deep conversations with her knows how helpful she was by listening and offering gentle guidance. Belle found her calling and is best known for aiding so, so many as a counselor/therapist and friend.  As an avid reader Belle wrote book reviews for the newspaper in Humble , TX. 

Belle was a devoted mother and raised two children who survive her, James L. Jurena and F. JoAnn Van Hoozen (and her husband, Jim Van Hoozen). Belle set an amazing example of how to be grateful, kind, respectful, friendly, honest, and provided a great work ethic.   She quickly made friends everywhere she went. Her ability to make people feel special was exceptional. The number of greeting cards she sent is only exceeded by the number of people who love her. 

Mom's best friend was her younger sister, Jo Ann Dennis, who resides in Abilene,TX.  Belle is also survived by her grandchildren Courtney Watson(and two children), Leonard Jurena, Aaron Jurena (wife Lulu and two children), Chelsea Jurena, and Cameron Jurena; as well as nieces and nephew, Deborah Drawdy, Denise Huertas, Jonda Robison, Charles Dennis, Donna Haney, Rebecca Field, their spouses and their children. 

I hope those of us who were touched by her can pass on what she taught us.

"Love doesn't die. The love you have is powerful. The love and light can be with you always and you can tap into it any time." Texas Belle Jurena

Mom was very philanthropic. Please choose a charity and make a donation if you desire.

Posted by Jed Cecil on May 23, 2019
My mother, Alberta Mayfield Cecil, and Texas Belle were first cousins and close their entire lives. Texas was 17 when I was born. And she was a vibrant, precious part of my life until she passed. There wasn’t a birthday or holiday or Christmas that I didn’t receive a card. When I would call her phone over the many decades, she always answered with a warmth that let me know instantly how loved I was. The two of us must have bonded very early in my life, because there was always a closeness that was so uplifting and deep. Our special friendship continued right up until she left us. I have her little collection of bells and ring them often, remembering all the laughs and fun we always had on the phone or enjoying the many shared meals and good times. She touched me so positively and purely, and I miss her every day! ❤️
Love always dearest Texas, from Jed.
Posted by John Attia on May 17, 2019
I have known Belle Jurena for the past twenty years as a member of the Theosophical Society in America.  I had the opportunity to work with her on various projects over the years. She was always willing to help those in need. All those who came in contact with her were touched by her calmness, unselfishness, and immense love. I will characterize her life as one devoted to unselfish service to all, dedication to duty and earnest search for the Truth. The Houston Branch of the Theosophical Society will be eternally grateful to Belle Jurena for her exemplary life and her unselfish service to the Theosophical Society.  We will miss her.
Posted by Jonda Robison on March 6, 2019
Aunt Belle was a caring person, genuinely interested in whoever she was talking to and wanting to help with advice.  She was an encourager in many ways. She never missed sending a birthday card to me and my family. Her laugh was a delightful one to hear. She is missed.
Posted by Jo Dennis on February 20, 2019
Belle was my sister, also my friend.  We were five years apart, and in my childhood I always looked up to her for protection and advice and comfort. 
She was always there for me and willing to show me the ropes as I trailed along behind her.  As adults, we continued to be close and shared our lives with each other--both of us loving the family members of the other one. 
   She was sharp as a tack and I could always depend on her to correct my manners or my grammar or any mispronunciation, but she did it quietly and with kindness and for my good. I learned a lot because of her thoughtfulness and patience through the years. She was always willing to help.
    I cherish the connection we had together--not always agreeing, but always caring and loving. There was never any thought of a "falling out" because we were sisters, and we felt blessed to have each other. 
   I miss her.
Posted by JoAnn Van Hoozen on January 27, 2019
Cousin, Debbie Drawdy, writes comforting words all the time. But as Mom's faithful pen pal, I was moved by this last letter and she allowed me to share it here. I believe some of us can relate and benefit.
"You have enriched my life with encouragement, kindness and caring in word and deed. Your perseverance in adversity inspires me to do better and you have made so many good memories for me and so many others.           I'm enclosing a paraphrase of a poem by Lori Eberhardy; it reminds me of our relationship, so I tweaked it a bit, for you, dearest of aunts.
Life is filled with many gifts and you have been one of my dearest treasures.  You add value to every part of my life, giving me a love that is worth more    than gold.
You've shown me how to live deeply in the little moments of my life and
I celebrate our journey, for you've taught me that when my heart is open, happiness will find me.
You have contributed to the joy in my heart and the solace of my soul; and as time keeps moving it brings me closer to you, the kindred spirit I know.
Each day I celebrate you being a part of my world. As I blow a kiss your way, I know that in THIS life, I will forever be the Lucky One."
I will always love and remember you, dear heart.  Debbie
Posted by Danette Jackson on January 26, 2019
I met Belle around 1990 when I volunteered at Family Outreach. I knew immediately God had given me a gift in our friendship. Belle showed me unconditional love and support as I worked to get through college, married/divorced, and parented my two daughters. Belle never missed sending a card for each of our birthdays. I was so happy my daughters got to know her and when my oldest started a college program in Beaumont, I visited her each time I went that direction. It was selfish though because I was not there to just brighten her day but because she somehow healed my soul when I was with her or spoke to her! She was truly one of the most humble yet remarkable persons I have ever met in my life. I was so blessed to know her!!
Posted by CHRIS ROBERTS on January 22, 2019
We met Belle about exactly a year ago. We would always tell her it was by divine appointment . The Lord put us at the same place on the same day. We normally do our taxes at our local library closest to our home but this last year it changed due to the hurricane we had that flooded many areas so we were told to go to a different location and we did. Well that was where we met our precious Belle!  She was quiet and Ruth noticed her, she was alone and so she began speaking to her. Then I joined in and that began our wonderful friendship. We helped her and stayed with her until her ride picked her up and we kept in touch with her since. She spoke of happy times and about her family she loved. We laughed, reminisced and even cried together. We will never forget her, she sure was an inspirational to everyone who knew her and was loved by ALL. Now, she is our angel. Goodbye is NOT forever, goodbye is NOT the end. It simply means we'll miss you, until we meet again! 
Posted by Greg Willis on January 20, 2019
Having worked with Belle in Miami in about 1975, she was one of the nicest persons, I have ever known. She was a very hard worker. When she was caught up in her work, she would find something productive to do. She was someone that I deeply respected and admired.
Posted by Fali Engineer on January 20, 2019
Whenever Belle attended our Houston Theosophical Lodge meetings, her presence created an ambience without her saying a word.
I learned virtues of kindness and humility by coming in contact with her.
Posted by RACHEL JOHNS on January 18, 2019
Belle always appreciated my few efforts to keep in touch. I'm sorry I didn't tell her how much that meant to me.
Posted by Camella Gibson on January 18, 2019
Belle was one of the kindest people I've met in this life. She was a great lady who made the world a better place for being in it.

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