Let the memory of The Almighty I AM THAT I AM be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, The Almighty I AM THAT I AM of Abraham.Isaac and Jacob . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Linda Israel on 14th August 2015
Dear Almighty I AM THAT I AM hello this is your daughter Linda Israel in your Holy Bible in Duet. chapter 32:you have told us that you lift up your hands to the heavens and that you LIVE FOREVER the memorial that i written for you is for everyone to remember you and all your wonders you did in Egypt and to remember that your time when you will be coming back is at hand !!!!!!!i i love you
Posted by Linda Israel on 19th February 2014
Dear Almighty I AM THAT I AM this is your daughter ,And i wanted you to know that i have not forgotten about you and all your wonders that you done in Egypt threw your servant Moses.You set free my ancestors from bondage,affliction ,hardship that was put on them by Pharaoh.You kept your promise that you made with your friend Abraham and his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob/Israel and i am a descendent from them.I remember how you took care of them in the wilderness for forty years you fed them manna,when they cried and said they were hungry you gave them quail/meat to eat and water to drink from the rock that you commanded your servant Moses to strike.you also opened up the Red Sea and led the nation of Israel across the sea and you destroyed Pharaoh and his chariots and army in the Red Sea when he went after the nation of Israel your choose people to destroy them.I remember how you are loving,merciful,forgiving,thoughtful and caring.you are perfect, good and righteous in every way and i love you with all my heart and with all my soul and mind.you are everything to me.For along time i was trying to find a way to give a memorial to you and i found a way threw the internet.I hope that you like this memorial remembering you from generation to generation.This is my name forever The Almighty God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob/Israel

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