No Aquarium, No Tank In A Marine Land, However Spacious It May Be, Can Begin To Duplicate The Conditions Of The Sea

-Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  • 30 years old
  • Born on September 1, 1985 .
  • Passed away on March 17, 2016 .

Out of 62 Orca deaths at SeaWorld parks, not one has been due to old age. At least 23 Orcas were under the age of ten, 10 were stillborn, a handful were miscarriages, and two mother whales died during pregneancy. Large corporations like SeaWorld and Marineland claim to breed these majestic animals for "scientific" and "research" purposes, yet use them as aquatic circus clowns. Despite such darkness and despair for these mystical animals, there has recently been a glimmer of hope.

After more than thirty years, SeaWorld finally announced the end of their breeding program. Although such news is cause for some celebration, there is still a long way to go before these captive animals recieve the attention and freedom they need.

It is important to know that SeaWorld is not the only aquatic park responsible for such treatment, but places like Miami Seaquarium, Marineland, and Loro Parque also participate in the captivity of Orcas.This is why we must completely empty the tanks.This memorial is dedicated to those orcas who knew little other than the concrete tanks in which they lived and died. Let us take time to remember the fragile lives of these killer whales and those Orcas who will never be released back into the wild.

Posted by Skyler Smith on 19th March 2016
“And they say that they’re a family. That the whales are in their family. They have their pods but that’s just an artificial assemblage of their collection. However management decides they should mix them–whichever ones happen to be born or bought or brought in–that’s not a family.” -Blackfish
Posted by Skyler Smith on 19th March 2016
"One day the absurdity of the most universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall have then discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them" -Martin Luther King Jr.
Posted by Skyler Smith on 19th March 2016
Joel Manby, SeaWorld President and CEO, reasoned that the change was due to a shift in society, an that people have become uncomfortable with these animals being in human care.

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