Always the best attitude......

Shared by Barbara Eagle on September 5, 2019
We were at Mikeee's place for the annual sky show and of course parking was scarce.  I parked where I thought would be okay BUT when the show was over and time to go home - no car!!!!  Yep, I was towed.  And Paul was right there saying "it's ok BD, we'll get the car.  It'll be okay.  You okay???"  I wanted to kill somebody, but Paul made me smile and off we all went to get the car.  And that for me was Paul - always made the best of everything - always made you smile - thanks Paul - God speed - love, BD

The Farther of my Child

Shared by LeeAnn Gilman on September 7, 2019
I write this tonight with a heavy heart, at the passing of my ex husband Paul. He and I remained friends after our divorce and we shared the raising of our beautiful daughter Roxane. Paul  was a very strong man, a fighter. He survived two motorcycle accidents and fought his battles to see his daughter walk down the aisle. He could finally fight no more and now he’s with Mikeee, riding together again. 

Paul, you will always have a special place in my heart  

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