Posted by Linda Woodard on February 22, 2021
Dear Beth and family- Was so saddened to hear of the passing of Aunt Thelma. I always remember her to be a sweet, kind, and caring lady.
Deepest sympathy in your loss.
Posted by Lynne Enman on February 22, 2021
We met Hal and Thelma around 2010 when they made Shelburne 1st Baptist their home.  They quickly became like grandparents to us. We have so many sweet memories! “Grandma” had such amazing effortless hospitality. We were often included in their family holiday meals or special occasions.
They were faithful cheerleaders at our children’s soccer and basketball games. What a blessing they were. And oh the many, many amazing stories “grandpa” told and I was always amazed that she acted like it was the 1st or 2nd time she had heard a story :) From his involvement in making the Gatling gun; to the history of Fiddler On The Roof ( I should have asked grandma how many time they watched that together); his descriptions of special foods and restaurants or food carts in what seemed like every state that they had enjoyed. Even to the big pickles that he loved in a jar at the Hannoford deli had a story. 
My most special memories with Grandma were our Thursday mornings . We filled 2 beautiful teacups with coffee, visited and then had a sweet time in prayer together. Thelma loved her Lord and Savior, she loved her family so much and she loved her church family and friends.  What a gentle, faithful, sweet lady she was. She loved to encourage people and loved to pray for others. You will be missed here, but your impact on so many lives will last on and on. Her biggest desire was that her family and friends personally know and follow her Savior too. What a comfort to know, without a doubt, that you are safely Home and face to face with Christ your Savior.  
With much love Tom and Lynne Enman
Posted by Ann Schmidt on February 22, 2021
Dear Beth and all of your family. We hold you in our hearts as you ache so missing the best of mothers, grandmothers, mother-in in-laws. Remember how blessed you have been to have had her beauty, kindness, loving, acceptance, tolerance, and commitment to each of you.

She is in each of you as you grieve and move forward in remembering a life well lived.
Posted by Robin Reese on February 19, 2021
Our family has had close ties with the Mishkits since I can remember. My parents were friends until they went on to heaven. Memories of staying at “the Ark” on Lake Champlain for a week or two. Dads golfing every day and moms sunning at lakeside. They were Uncle Harold and Aunt Thelma to me. Their faith in our Lord and Savior was strong in their lives. I will cling to those fond memories even through the tears. My prayers are with you all!
Posted by Lexie Rye on February 19, 2021
I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Tim and Dede and family.My husband Art worked with Tim for many years at the U.S.Forest.We always enjoyed our get togethers with the gang from the Forest Service.Lexie Rye
Posted by A Stobbs on February 19, 2021
I recently found some letters that Aunt Thelma wrote to my mom right after Mom gave birth to me. She was taking care of my sisters while my mom recovered. 4 kids of her own plus my 2 sisters and she found time to write a personal note to my mom everyday. She was a sweet sweet soul. Praying for you as you remember and celebrate her beautiful life.
Posted by Tiama Connor on February 19, 2021
Our family had the privilege of getting to know Thelma through our long time friendship with Tim and Dede. It was always a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time with her. She exuded Christ’s love when you were in her presence and I would often find myself leaning toward her so as not to miss a word aptly spoken. In her quiet and gentle manner she listened to others with intention and her kind eyes would reveal that she was truly with you. I often wished I had a little notepad to jot down the words of wisdom that so gracefully flowed from her in such a way that you knew she was very connected to the heart of God.

Our family enjoyed her wit and smile that was always present in our conversations. We are so blessed for having known her. A lovely lady that now wears a crown in heaven in the presence of her Savior and loved ones who have gone before her.
Posted by Sue and Shel Mattison on February 19, 2021
Aunt Thelma, we will miss you so much.
"She is more precious than rubies and all things thou cans't desire are not to be compared unto her" Proverbs 3:15
Posted by Allen Willeford on February 19, 2021
Thelma was an incredible soloist and we we so appreciated her talents at North Avenue Alliance Church whenever she sang. I can still envision her singing right now as the music continues. 
Posted by Kelly Murphy on February 18, 2021
Thelma was a sweet, loving lady. The years that we attended church with her and Hal at First Baptist of Shelburne are filled with wonderful memories. Her love for her family and for the Lord were always was evident.
 I loved talking to her about cooking and gardening. But somehow I no idea she went to The Fannie Farmer School of Cookery!! That is so cool!! We love you Thelma and will miss you!
Kelly and Will Murphy
Posted by Abby Postlewaite on February 18, 2021
Rest in peace, Mrs. Mishkit. I'll always remember hearing you sing at the beginning of every service.
Posted by Rosalie Benson on February 18, 2021
I had the pleasure of meeting Thelma as a longtime friend of Beth. I will always
remember when we met she had this genuine sweetness about her. She was so kind and made everyone feel comfortable in her presence. My condolences to all the family. She was a special gem from heaven. May your memories of her live in you heart forever.
Posted by Elizabeth Kingsbury on February 18, 2021
A gentle soul who is reunited with her family who have gone before her. Words are hard to express the emptiness of losing a mom. Memories sustain us til we reunite. So thankful I got to spend time with her at the family reunion. The last of her generation in our family. Rest In Peace Thelma and give mom a hug for me. Love you.
Posted by Erline Kingsbury on February 18, 2021
A kind and gentle soul and the last of her generation. Loved that we had our reunion summer before last and had some family time. Mom, Thelma And Ned together again. Rest In Peace dear lady
Posted by Gaming Customs on February 18, 2021
Aunt Dede and Uncle Tim I’m truly sorry your loss. May your mom Rest In Peace with her Heavenly Father!! My thoughts and prayers are with you Tim, Dede, Kurt and Gordie!!! And rest of family
Posted by Colin Fitzgerald on February 18, 2021
Grandma fulfilled her mission here with all of us that had the fortune of knowing her. She is a woman of faith and her service to others and faith in God is a gleaming example of righteousness and endurance. Grandma's voice, uplifting words and spirit is the sweetest thing I have witnessed. She warmed many hearts and she keeps them warm with her eternal flame. Love you Grandma!
Posted by Wayne Leonard on February 17, 2021

A bright and shining light.
Thelma Miskit will forever be remembered for the honest and sincere love that she had for people. 
Not just for family and friends, but to all who had the extreme pleasure of spending even the briefest time with her.
Having the honor of knowing her has enriched my life beyond measure.
Posted by Linda Koeller on February 17, 2021
Wow! Where do I begin? Our family was so very blessed to have known "Aunt Thelma" for as long as I can remember. Our dad had been their Pastor in So. Burlington, VT, and after we left for New Jersey, our families rented a house on Lake Champlain almost every summer for many years! My memories of her include her laughing OFTEN at me for making silly comments, her remarkable patience, her gift of listening and caring for everyone, her DELICIOUS summer squash dish she made, and her singing voice. I was privileged to have her sing at my wedding in Missouri, for which she flew to St. Louis, and she and DeDe flew to our daughter's wedding in Wisconsin, a year after my mom died and none on my side of the family were able to attend. It meant the world to me to have them both present. I looked up to her as a true "Aunt" and she became like a second mom, as her kids were like brothers and sister to me ! She was a great Christian mentor, and I am so grateful I was blessed to be at her and "Uncle Harold's" surprise birthday celebration a few years ago. I thank God for having known her and I look forward to a great Heavenly reunion!
Posted by DeDe Mishkit on February 16, 2021
I had the best mother-in-law anyone could have wished for! She was such a mentor to me and always had a listening ear. In earlier years , she never chewed me out when her son and I had our disagreements and I complained to her about him. She loved me no matter what and always said I was like a daughter to her. She loved everyone unconditionally and everyone adored her. Her faith was unbelievable! She will be missed and NEVER forgotten!!

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