Ich bin fraulein bitte schoen

This memorial was created to celebrate the life of Theodore (Ted) Luetmer

The Man. The Myth. The Legend

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In the eulogy Mary said, “Ted wants us to follow our dreams. If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip but not getting around to it, take it for Ted. If you’ve been thinking that you want to make a change in your life, do it now for Ted…If you want to make Ted smile, go for it, be fearless, have fun, and follow your dreams, just like Ted did.”

So, if you have travelled or made a change or even just tried something new in Ted’s honor, share that story in the “Stories” tab so it can inspire us all to do the same.

Ted was a good man in a metal t-shirt who lived large, loved big and touched many people's lives. He believed in adventure, mystery, laughter, and making the most of the unpredictable journey of life. Ted, there will never be anyone like you, and we’ll remember you forever.

Posted by Bowman Chris on 16th November 2013
Wanted to announce first on Ted's site, the birth of my Son Christopher Theodore Bowman, Jr. First time we use a middle name not associated with my family. I've been stoked about having this son, and being able to reference his name in honor of one of the coolest buddy/brother I've have ever known. 44 years ago a tiny miracle was born...hopefully my son will have the same traits as Ted did
Posted by Doris Sivanu on 19th September 2012
Happy birthday Teddy we was outside celebrating and lightening fireworks for your birthday....and I'm pretty sure u were outside with us we love and miss u so much...I know that your celebrating your cake day with the angels......r.i.p.....Teddy....Love you always Doris Day....
Posted by ROCIO ABDUL-AZIZ on 18th September 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEDDY !!! We are celebrating your Birthday here in Dutch Harbor today, wish you could be with us to see it all. We love you and miss you terribly, I miss you so much it still hurts, But this is your special day and I am sure you are enjoying your day with the angels around you.
Posted by Rose Pawlenty on 12th August 2012
Ted, you've been gone now for a few months, i thought if i waited awhile to write you a note that it would be easier, i was wrong. I'm so sad that you are not here with us anymore - and i guess it just wont get any easier to realize that. As i sit here by my computer i see the curtains that you helped me put up, remember? yes, they are still dragging on the floor! Julia and i miss you!!!!
Posted by Doris Sivanu on 23rd July 2012
It hard to belive that you're gone Teddy.It's so quiet on the boat now, nomore loud music from the freezer.I still remember when we both went on vacation you told me that you will let me know everything about your vacation after visiting your parents than go visit my friend Claudia.I miss you so much,only you call me Doris Day.i miss that...you will be greatly missed...R.I.P...Love you Ted
Posted by Chris Bowman on 23rd July 2012
Just got back to Dutch. This past season was a quiet one, due to Ted not running the Freezer. His bunk still remains un-assigned, and his music radio, wasnt played as much as it use to play. It took basically 4 leads, foreman, and deck boss, to help out the freezer, since when Ted ran it...he could basically do it by himself. Still the same scene on the B*..only thing missing was Ted!!!
Posted by Shawn Hall on 22nd July 2012
It's hard to just sum up a little tribute we had so much interaction, you were so much more than a boss, and I take every time you yelled at me as a privilege I saved that text on my phone where you called me brother, I have a whole new set of teeth because of you, I would have never done that on my own, and a better life. I think of you every day, the Forklifter misses you!
Posted by Kelly Kanaffo on 22nd July 2012
You have no idea of how much i miss you and i think about you. You were a bless in my life, a gift from God !! <3 but i know you still taking care of me from Heaven !! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I will love you Forever !!
Posted by Pat Luetmer on 21st July 2012
From Jhokton Hooperposted toTheodore Luetmer on Facebook-July 6 My prayers go out to ted's family and many friends I do know he is truly missed he was 1 of the best human beings I've ever met in my life .... Wow I am in tears right now.
Posted by Pat Luetmer on 21st July 2012
Lanette Norris posted on Facebook, July 8, 2012 Thoughts and Prayers to Teddys family!!!! I just found out yesterday and was stunned! I just can't believe he is gone! Im so sorry for your loss. I worked with Teddy on the Bering Star as did many of his newer friends. He was such a great person. RIP TEDDY!!!!!! You will be greatly missed!
Posted by Pat Luetmer on 21st July 2012
Courtney A. Gordon-Kennedy post on FB:June 29 to Theodore Luetmer You cross my thoughts at least once a day. I'm realizing that my sadness stems from all the positive energy you brought into my life... becoming a conversation I can never finish. I keep meaning to tell you things and then realizing I can't. I miss you so much. "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure
Posted by Mary Monroe on 4th June 2012
Ted, you know I see and hear and feel you everywhere--thank you! I'm so grateful for all the time we had, and how much I learned from you, and am still learning. Remember when we stole the Christmas tree? And those giant rocks we loaded in the car on that road in San Diego...you didn't have enough time, but we had a lot of fun in the time you had.
Posted by Bob Luetmer on 4th June 2012
Well little brother, there are so many memories of you that I'll never forget that I can't list them all, but I do want to thank you for helping me with the construction of our cabin in Menahga. You see, it helps me and my family to know that you had something to do with building something so important to our lives and now we can feel the generosity of your spirit whenever we're there.
Posted by Pat Luetmer on 3rd June 2012
We miss you so much, Ted!!
Posted by Lois Luetmer on 3rd June 2012
Not one day passes that I don't find a memory that makes me laugh before bringing me to tears. There is not one harsh, unkind memory because you weren't capable of that. You protected me in childhood and I imagine you still are protecting me...and my Alexandra too. If for some reason you didn't know how important and loved you are, please know it now. The world is not the same without you

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