Posted by lisa guimond on March 7, 2015
Teddy omg i miss u...i hope ur watching over sabrina she is going down a path im scared of....where did our baby girl go?? A few more weeks and ur aniversary is coming up and wow time floes i miss u brother...i love u teddy please help me some how i hate this feeling
Posted by lisa guimond on May 13, 2014
Teddy I miss u I really wish u were here for me to talk to and sabrina are fighting .....I miss her and I'm so scared I lost her.... I'm just such a awful mom....I really wish u and mom would be her or were her....I don't know what to do ....I love u teddy and miss u so much what do I do
Posted by lisa guimond on March 19, 2014
Hi. Teddy.I miss u ....well birthday is coming up ....I'm so scared ....its scares me every year...I miss how u used to call me ...and I'm so scared I'm gonna do something to myself ...its hard being strong ...cuz that's how my big brother knew me...I just wanna sleep this part away ..its my first birthday without Evan to...without the both of u. ...u both promised .e u weren't gonna ever leave me and look neither of u are here :( ...I love u teddy ...please helpe stay strong let me know u didn't leave me cuz of me ...
Posted by lisa guimond on February 4, 2014
Hi big brother ...i miss u and love u so much ...its been awhile i know im sorry...been working on me ...teddy i hope ur watching over us....this is so scary....we are withoit a home...was so close but then the pervert wanted more...why is this happening to us?...please please help hard being strong and doing this alone...ive been smudging and praying will get threw is sick and im scared :'( i love u teddy
Posted by SaBrina L-g on January 2, 2014
new years! D: its hard new years was the last day i ever saw you and it hurts like crazy D': i miss you so much i wish you could be here with me
i will always love you <3 i promise i will never ever forget the last time i ever saw you :') you kissed my forehead and said pumpkin i love you and i will miss you. it seem like you were telling me :/ and deep down i wish i knew :c
Posted by SaBrina L-g on November 28, 2013
I had a dream last night. You were here with me telling me 'my pumpkin I love you' I miss you so much I wish you were here I need a hug...if there was one thing in the world I could wish for it would be for you to came back and be with us.......sometimes I wish I could have done help you and change your mind for you to be here to day I always thought you were gunna be there when I was all grown up....I would do anything for you to be here right always told me you gunna be such a beautiful grown lady..and if anyone ever hurt me you would hunt them down I can remember all thoses times we had together I thought they where never gunna end...when they did all I could think of is why would you do this to me you told me you were gunna be there forever and never leave...I: I love you uncle R.I.P from your pumpkin <3 xo....
Posted by SaBrina L-g on August 5, 2013
i miss you so much sometimes i wish you where here or i was with you it so hard and i wish i could just give you hug :'( Its so hard not seeing you and its even harder seeing you in dreams....3 i miss you and love you <3
Posted by lisa guimond on July 13, 2013
Big brother I hope u and mom are with me.....I need you to be me get through what I'm going threw right now....I need strength and hope cuz I ran out and at the point of wanting to be with u guys instead.... I need a miracle... I love u and miss u so much...please be watching over us
Posted by lisa guimond on July 8, 2013
Ted...I am a big screw up......I wish I wasn't stupid....I'm always putting me and these kids into to stupid situations..... What's wrong with me.....? Evan isn't here anymore ....he's gone ...left always ..seems like I'm only useful to him when he is that he has this good job he's gone and I'm to blame ......smh...I miss u and wish I was much smarter ...I'm not the same
Posted by lisa guimond on July 8, 2013
Girl/ women I once was .....don't feel strong at all....feel like a fake a let down to these kids ......just a disappointment to them :'(... I love and miss u teddy.....I just wish u where still here
Posted by lisa guimond on July 6, 2013
I need u right now ......why teddy why.......I need the strength to get this.....I wanna do something very very stupid :'(
Posted by lisa guimond on June 28, 2013
I miss u ....I can't sleep ....I miss being able just to talk to you about what I'm going threw. ......just miss hearing or voice .....I just miss u ....I wish wish wish. I was with you now .....I'm trying bro...but idk ...I just know I need u right now and u aren't here .....ALONE is how I feel lately ....I love u teddy ...I miss u and I need u :'(
Posted by SaBrina L-g on June 16, 2013
Every time i come on here to see your face i take a deep breath and brace myself beacuse i know im going to cry beacuse it hurts and i want to be with you.........if so lost without you always told me i will grow up to be a strong women......i really wish i could.....i miss you so much uncle it hurts usually after this i cry for a while then i go out to everyone nd hidemytear
Posted by lisa guimond on June 11, 2013
I had a dream a bout u the other night .....i didnt want to wake up cuz it was the best nite ever cuz i seen u and u were so happy...sabi woke ke up and i was mad cuz ii wanted to see u more..i miss u i cried but i was happy cuz u were happy ...i love u big brother ajd im sorry i beenm iserable ..stay happy ted and visit me more ...:)
Posted by SaBrina L-g on May 3, 2013
I had to right an essat on something important in our lives and i chose you! Uncle teddy last week was really hard beacuse i kept havi g flash backs of you ......the hardest one was when i last seen you on new years day when i was leaving ur house that was the last time i heard ur voice and last time i seen u thing i will always remember was when u told me you love me..♥ily♥
Posted by lisa guimond on April 12, 2013
Thank u... i know that was u And u wanted me to see....i asked for a sifn and u gave it to me....gonna try my best to work that beautiful strong girl u bragged about to everyone
Posted by lisa guimond on April 12, 2013
I miss u.... but i also miss the old heart has been broken since u left... something happened the other day which made me not want to take what and who i have in my life for granted...big bro im gonna try my hardest to change time to stop hurting for u.. just walk with me when i need u i know ur there... i love u teddy bear <3
Posted by lisa guimond on April 9, 2013
Teddy.... were do i begin...i feel so messed up alone....really at the brink of giving up....i wish u werent gone... cuz i dont have anyone anymore but my babies... without them im nothing... and i just feel like im screwing them up.... what M i doing here? i gonna be ok are we gonna be ok? me brother atleast send me a sign so i know ur with me.... i kiss u ted so very much
Posted by SaBrina L-g on April 5, 2013
happy late birthday uncle i miss you and wish ii could say this in person:'(but ur gone so i cant:'( i couldn't stop thinking about you on ur birthday and how much i wanted to say happy birthday to you!?!?!?!its so confuseing with out hearing you and telling you things....i miss you and love you:')xoxo
Posted by lisa guimond on April 3, 2013
Happy birthday teddy...... gosh bro its been a long hard week....... i miss u teddy i wish so bad u were here to celebrate nut i hope u are enjoying it with mom and grandma..... i miss u and ill forever love u
Posted by lisa guimond on March 25, 2013
Hey big brother.... i miss u...ya its my never gonna hear u say hbd or wish me a happy mothers day again ever..... guess losing u has made me a bitter person....i miss u ted i wish u never left and will never understand why :( but i love u big brother
Posted by SaBrina L-g on March 17, 2013
i miss you alot you left me almost two years ago but it seems like its been longer every day i thinkof you and its hard when i do beacuse i can hardly ever hold nack my tears....this is the worst time of the year for mom.....3
Posted by lisa guimond on March 15, 2013
my big brother i miss u ....especially now......i dont have noone to talk ...share my feelings with so i just keep t all to myself ....i feel like giving up kore then ever .....why cant u just come and get me ????......please ome get me ....
Posted by lisa guimond on December 24, 2012
i remember how proud you where of me when i lived in Alberta and i want that again.i want to be that strong lil sister you once said i you asked me how can you be so happy baby sister when thing are not going right for u gonna be that women again because i want yu to be smiling down on me ..i love you teddy ..please help me feel better i feel so alone and lost..i love you
Posted by lisa guimond on December 24, 2012
i miss yu teddy so much ...i started smudgeig to try and make things better ad to take the pain away but why isnt it working ?..teddy why did you do this to us ?why dd you leave me here ?....i miss you so much ..we are moving back to Alberta but this time you are coming with me...i cant be here anymore it reminds me to much of trying hard big brother to make you proud of me...
Posted by lisa guimond on December 24, 2012
merry Christmas teddy .....i miss you so s doesn't even feel like xmas not without u here...its so hard not owing im not ever gonna hear from you again whats even harder is jan 1st is last time i saw you alive the last time i hugged you ...i feel so guilty i wsh it was me gone and not you ...i wish i coulda hugged you longer if i knew that was the last time i as ever gonna see u
Posted by SaBrina L-g on December 5, 2012
every day gets closer and closer to the holidays the times we spent with you and i cant even think of xmas i don't want too! i wanna be with you on the day of my birthday.................ALL I WANTED WAS TO HER YOUR VOICE SAY "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUMPKIN" THOSE ARE THE TIMS I WANNA REMEMBER C: I MISS YOU SOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by SaBrina L-g on November 22, 2012
I need you more then ever i want to talk to you! this i the only way i can think of getting the why i feel out sometimes i wanna be with you every day..certain thing always remind me of you.with every thing thats has happend to us i hope something good comes out of this in these times i wish you were here to make me happy :( with out you i feel like im gunna go crazy :( i love you tho
Posted by SaBrina L-g on November 2, 2012
hey there,Uncle teddy bear.I have been thinking a lot about you (: yea i have had regrets about not spending more time with you but i guess i cant do anything now but all i can think about is those times that i shared laughs lookin at old pictures i can only bring back memories and good thoughts and the best days i have ever had but i hope you knew that you meant a lot to me <3 much love.
Posted by lisa guimond on October 11, 2012
hey my big brother thought i should stop bye and tell you how much i miss you could so use u right now.....i haven't been here for awhile cuz it hurts to much......but just knowing ur watching over me is what keeps me going everyday....i remember you telling me how proud ur were of me when i was all alone in calgary trying to make things work on my own with the kids......i wanna make u :)
Posted by SaBrina L-g on February 18, 2012
Uncel i miss all the time and i wish you were here beacuse i really need you.A lot of stuff make me think of you i really wish i could have one of your bear hugs last year when i found out tou were gone i wondered why you did when i saw you laying in that coffin i was wishing you would just wake up and hug me cuz
love your little pumpkin <3
Posted by SaBrina L-g on February 9, 2012
uncle some times i wish i could jus have a hug from u i really need it :( :*
Posted by Morgan Tracy on February 9, 2012
Hi Uncle Teddy :( you don't know how much we miss you right now :( It's so hard without you here everyone misses you :( I have so many dreams that you were still here and i just wish you were still here. most mornings i wake up and cry because i wish you were still here :( I just miss your funny jokes and big bear huges and pep talks :'( your the best uncle a kid could ever have <3 Luv yu!
Posted by SaBrina L-g on February 9, 2012
hey uncle i miss u every day that gose on in my life it is hard not to think about u when every thing is not going the way we want it to every day i wake up and i think about you and how much i miss u <3 i just remeber that last time i saw u i hardly seen u that day :(and when i seen u laying in there in mckenzies i regreted not spending more time with u, u wil alway be in my heart <3
Posted by lisa guimond on February 9, 2012
hey big brother ..................not a day goes bye where you dont cross my mind i miss you so much and wish you where still here with me....its to hard to not think about you ..i miss you and will forever be in my heart miss you big brother
Posted by SaBrina L-g on December 5, 2011
I miss you so much uncel i will never forget you u were the best uncle i will never for get how u made me smile some times i wish i was with u in heaven and u will always be loved by your little Pumpkin i love you and i really need one of your bear hugs right now im going throug a though time right i wis you called me on my birht day when i celebrated my birth day.<3 <3 i love you xoxo :'(
Posted by lisa guimond on April 3, 2011
happy birthday my big brother today is ur birthday and i can no longer call you up and tell you in person...i love you my big brother and im forever gonna miss you
Posted by jason klyne on March 29, 2011
will never forget your crazy jokes an wize cracks an for helping me out as you did thx you will forever be missed my friend :(

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