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Fathers' day

Shared by Opeyemi Oladipupo-George on June 19, 2021
Dad, tomorrow is Father's day. I kind of dread it. I remember how you would wait patiently for us to call you.  How you prayed for us. How elated you were, hearing the magic words- Happy Father's day Grandpa. The sound of your grandchildren's voices always thrilled you. 
I miss you Dad.  Sooooooo much. That i will never see you again on this side still feels surreal. 
I've picked up the phone to call you on many occasions only to remember that my Dad has left the building. 
I needed your counsel so badly last Tuesday.  I wept bitterly. Felt so vulnerable. I took out the bunch of your letters and read some of them. It was as if you were there talking to me. Thank you Dad for putting your heart into words. 
Rest on Dad.
My Dad, my friend 
Love you to the moon and back

Day 1. A life of impact and Service

Shared by Olusola Bayode -Admin on April 19, 2021
The weeklong event celebrating the life of our father patriarch, Chief Olusola Bayode started today at Aisegba Community Grammar School. At the event, his legacy of hard work and dedication was recognized and celebrated. Attended by government officials, alumni, students and family members of Chief Bayode. It was a befitting moment for the man who gave everything to mould and transform lives.
Shared by Opeyemi Oladipupo-George on March 18, 2021
Dad,  thinking of you today. Most of the things you warned us against is unraveling. You were such a seer. 
I thought I was prepared for your exit but the reality of it surpasses my imagination. This is really deep. This is painful. I miss you so much. It is well.

My Dad, my Friend

Shared by Opeyemi Oladipupo-George on March 11, 2021
Aba mi ayiye, you are in my thoughts constantly,  I can't stop crying. Not because there is any doubt in my mind that you are with your Creator, who you loved and served unwavering till the end, but because I miss you so much. 
I miss you soooooo much.
Last week was my birthday,  no call came from you. I read your past birthday messages. I tried to hold it together. 
You were so central to our lives. We knew that we will have to live without your towering presence at some point, but that time came too early.
Love you to the moon and back Dad
Your Monisola 

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