• 62 years old
  • Born on June 17, 1946 .
  • Passed away on December 18, 2008 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Theresa Beatrice Lodder 62 years old , born on June 17, 1946 and passed away on December 18, 2008. We will remember her forever.
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 22nd December 2018
Dear Mommy , i am so sorry i was never told about Uncle Chappies passing. But i know he understands. As Llewellyn, Danny and i celebrate christmas alone again this year please show me a sign that you are all with us on christmas day. Luv you all very much and miss you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Dot Hite on 20th December 2018
Taken so suddenly 10 years ago. Always remembered and always in our hearts.
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 18th December 2018
Mommy today is a very sad day for me. Thank You for appearing in my dreams. The butterfly that is around me and the bird that get close to me and the stars in the sky is truly heaven. Thank you for the dream i had that you told me that love is unconditional, cannot be bought and can only come from the heart and that my love makes me the richest person on earth and that the only people i need in my life is the ones who need me in theirs. i miss you so much and all my love ones above as well. i know you are watching down on danny, myself and llewellyn. i love all my love ones in heaven and i know i will meet you all again one day. lots of hugs and kisses, cindy,llewellyn and your beautiful grandson Danny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Kathleen Anderson on 18th December 2018
Sister, dear sister, the pain it seems will never go away!!!!-still so very sad, miss you and love you forever and ever!!!!
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 18th December 2018
I cannot change what happened yesterday as this is our past or have changed the course of our lives we had taken, but i do regret the things i could not do for you. Today, like any other day i carry you in my heart. You are truly a legend in my heart and i miss all the things we did together. Thank you for teaching me to Love every human being Mommy. Our lives are precious and short and Love and Kindness is a wonderful thing.
Posted by Kathleen Anderson on 26th September 2018
Sister I dreamt about you last night, and woke up crying for you. But in my dream I released a thousand beautiful colorful butterflies, and I take it as a sign you were telling me not to cry, but that you are free and happy, and know we love you!!!!!- I said I am crying for my sister, you said don't cry I am ok. Xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 17th June 2018
Mommy, today is your day, like every other day up in Heaven. It is your Birthday too! There is nothing in this world that i need but your love. A daughter only knows this when her best friend leaves. She will then know how she craves the love of her Mother. Today you rejoice in love and peace with Daddy. Happy Birthday Mommy. Happy Fathers day Daddy.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 13th May 2018
Mommy, i so wish we were on the same train at this stage and station of our lives. i would have loved to spoil you. I miss that and i miss all your advise and our talks. You were the most loving Wife and Mother, and although your not here in body, your still my Mom. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Posted by Kathleen Anderson on 24th February 2018
Sister, we will NEVER, forget you, you will ALWAYS be missed. We don't understand life yet, but you do!. Oh to just put my arms around you, to sit with you and mommy, just 30 minutes, just to say hello!. Love you for ever my angel!. Love to mommy too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 18th December 2017
Today is 9 Years Mommy. You, Daddy and Larry must be so happy in the Arms of Jesus. R.I.P. Mommy - I know you are right here next to me in Spirit. Please don't go far away, I still need you. One day we will be together again and catch up on the years we have lost. You are forever in my Heart and in my Soul. xxxxx
Posted by Kathleen Anderson on 30th November 2017
Sister, it will never be ok, it will never be better, till I can see you again, feel my arms around you! Will never stop missing you.xxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 24th November 2017
Another year has flown by Mommy. It is still hard to believe the way you left us all. In a hurry with no goodbye's. Was this the way it was supposed to end? I know you are happy and at peace. You are with us in spirit, i cannot ask for more hey otherwise it would be greedy of me. You are always with me. Thank you for never leaving my side.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 17th June 2017
Happy Birthday Mommy. Wish you were here so I could have looked after you. You would be 71 today. Thank you for being the kindest, caring, loving mom you were. You are alive in my heart. Xxxx you must be so happy to be with daddy.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 5th May 2017
Mommy, I miss you every day. I see you in me through my daily life. My heart carries you wherever i go and someday we will catch up and I will tell you all my news. I cannot wait for that day. I hope you will be proud of me Mommy.. xxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 18th December 2016
RIP my darling Mother. You live inside me everyday I breathe. I feel your warmth of your comfort and care in everything I do. You know how much I miss you. Xxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 17th June 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mommy. You would have been 70 today. Although my heart is sore, I know you are happy. May your beautiful Soul Rest in Peace.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 15th June 2016
Happy Birthday to my darling Stepdad Larry. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for looking after my Mother so well. Thank you for being a good dad to Cindy and myself. I hope you are having some cheesecake today. You know you have to. Just for ol times sake. xxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 18th April 2016
Mommy, Uncle Chappie and Daddy can now do all the fishing they want. Just like they did when i was born. Today you were on mind and i miss you so much.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 9th April 2016
Thank you Mommy for the time we had together. The next chapter of our lives lay in the future.
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 2nd February 2016
Hey sister, you just have to look at the cross to know that we have never and will never forget you and Larry.!!. Forever and ever in our hearts.... TILL the day we meet......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 18th December 2015
May your beautiful Soul R.I.P. Mommy and your smile be imprinted in my heart so that í can live through your eyes forever . Xxxxx
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 18th December 2015
Mommy i have woken up this morning with such sadness and a heavy heart. The pain does not get better as time goes by. I know you are with us today. Love you so much. We will all be together one day. Love you forever and ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 30th November 2015
Mommy, where are you? Every day is a battle to try and find you out there. It all feels like a dream to me. Another Christmas is coming up again......... I cant wait to see your motherly smile again. The love you always shown. xxxxx
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 24th August 2015
Ag sister, its soooo quiet... the silence is too long.... the missing NEVER goes away.... we must pray for God to ease the longing... till we meet again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 21st August 2015
Mommy.............. its such a MAGIC day.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 17th June 2015
I am not sure what to say Mommy. It was supposed to be a special day for the beautiful family we had, We celebrated Larry's just before your's. And then ....... you left in the next 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes changed our lives forever. I wish i had another 5 minutes with you. My heart is next to yours today Mommy.
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 17th June 2015
Dear Sister, happy birthday up there, with mommy and other loved ones at your side. Hope you getting all my waves and kisses when I pass your flat. Yellow flowers on your cross my me.... but you know that hey :), love you , and will never forget you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 10th May 2015
I said a prayer for you this morning Mommy. Its the best i could do. I hope you heard me? I miss you so much. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY xxxxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 26th March 2015
I miss you Mommy. I know in my heart you never leave my side. Just wish you were here so that i can share my life with you. It sure is a lonely road without my Mother and best friend. The only person who knows me inside out. I hope you can hear me call for you. Take care up there my darling Mommy.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 14th March 2015
Mommy, i miss our togetherness and long talks. I need you so much. I know we cannot choose the path that's given to us but you always walked with me no matter how skew the road. How i wish we were still on that road! You live eternally in my heart.
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 18th December 2014
Darling sister, I will NEVER forgot you, our family is just not whole without you. My heart still aches for you, it is still painful to think about you, all your footprints are a part of my life forever. Till we meet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 18th August 2014
Precious sister, we still have a lot of pain, it hurts to think about you, we will always love and remember you. I know that you are looking down on us, sometimes smiling, something shaking your head...... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 11th August 2014
Mommy i miss you so much. I need you so much. You are the only person who will understand what i am going through. Nobody cares but i know you are with me and are standing by me and that is all that counts. Please also be with Aunty Lettie. Love you Lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 18th June 2014
Mommy how I miss you so much, so much. my heart hurts so much. Please look over Aunty Lettie. She needs you so much. Her best friend and will always be. Miss you so so much. Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 17th June 2014
Mommy we miss you so much. Llewellyn, Cindy and Danny. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Dot Hite on 17th June 2014
Love and will always keep fondest memories of you. Always Dot
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 17th June 2014
I will NEVER forget, and NEVER stop loving you...... in my mind and heart at all times. love you sister. xxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 17th June 2014
Mommy, you live in me. Your heart is in my heart. Cant wait to see you. Happy Birthday mommy, Thank You for being the greatest mom and best friend. xxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 18th March 2014
Not a day passes that I don't miss you Mommy. I envy all the daughters that still have their moms. I guess the good Lord above needed you more.
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 19th December 2013
One of the worst days of our lives!. Will always be one of the worst days of our lives, and we will never stop loving and missing you!. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 18th December 2013
Mommy, i cannot believe today is 5 years. It feels like just the other day. We miss you so much. I need you so so much. I know you are looking down on us. I can feel it and the sign you give me. Llewellyn and Danny and me miss you so very much. I know we will meet again and that keeps me going. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Dot Hite on 18th December 2013
How time flys, always missed and always remembered. Until we all meet again may you rest in peace.
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 18th December 2013
Mommy, I love you. R.I.P.
Posted by CINDY-LEIGH LEWIS on 25th October 2013
Mommy I miss you so much. I think of you all the time. Please be with me and Daniel. We need you so much in this time we are going through even if you are not with us physically. I think of you and Larry, Daddy, Oupa and granny. You all are always in my mind. I love all of you lots and lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lydia Coutts on 25th October 2013
Thinking of all my family xxxxx
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 24th October 2013
Theresa, you will never ever be forgotten!. We will never stop loving you.... till we meet again. It makes me so sad to see you holding your only little grandson.. not knowing you only had such a short time with him. xxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 21st October 2013
Mommy, you more in my heart than ever before. I just miss you so so much. I thought it gets easier but it doesn't. One day ......................
Posted by Kathy Anderson on 18th June 2013
Miss you, miss you , miss you, my heart breaks to look at your photos, Love you forever..... xxxxxxxx
Posted by Dot Hite on 17th June 2013
Theresa you will never be forgotten and loving memories remain of you and always will. We will light a candle today in your rememberance. Love always xxxx
Posted by Lorna Carlill on 2nd March 2013
I wish I can pick up the phone and phone you Mommy. Times like this we need you. Please be with Cindy. She needs you. Protect her and keep her safe from harm. Miss our talks so much it hurts Mommy. We will be together again.

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