Posted by Patricia Damasus on May 13, 2021
Dear Auntie,
It is hard to believe that the Angels have carried you home at a time we all least expected. We hardly take in the fact that your sudden demise has unexpectedly terminated the moments we have enjoyed with you. But know Auntie, that you will never be forgotten and will always be loved by all of us in the family. We have all been so privileged to have had you as our Auntie and an important part of the family. If only we could have you longer, your time was cut so short while here with us but I know that you are now resting in the bosom of our Lord God.
Rest in peace Auntie.
Love from Patty Damasus & Family.
Posted by Kanwulia Onuora on May 10, 2021

It was with great sorrow but with gratitude to the Almighty for a beautiful life that we received the news of the passing to eternal glory of our mum's goddaughter whom overtime we came to regard and appreciate as a family member, our dearest Auntie Theresa.    

The bond between her and our mum dates back to over six decades ago when my mum became her godmother when she received the holy sacrament of Confirmation. Ever since then, they maintained a wonderful "mother- daughter" relationship. On our mum's relocation to Asaba after her retirement , the bond became even stronger with Auntie Theresa  often visiting and consistently sending presents to our mum.  She was always a part of every single celebration in our home and indeed,  was a daughter in whom our mum was well pleased. Her advice on how to support our mum's aging process always came in very useful. We have not been able to summon the courage to break the news of her passing on to our mum.

Auntie Theresa, was a devout Catholic. It is worthy of mention that she played very dominant roles in the church. She was exemplary as a doting wife, loving mother, affectionate grandma and a dexterous homemaker. She was also a fashionista, who always looked gorgeous at every occasion.

Auntie indeed was a liberated woman and an educationist of great repute who helped to mould the lives of many young boys and girls who are today successful men and women holding positions of responsibility in the society.

She loved Asaba and worked selflessly for the community. She was also a member of several social clubs. Auntie left an indelible legacy and we all have fond memories of her.

She will be sorely missed by all and sundry. May the Good Lord whom she faithfully served accept her kind and gentle soul and grant her eternal rest. May HE also give her husband, children and grandchildren the grace and courage to bear this huge loss.

From: Children of Ezinne Chief (Mrs.) Veronica Ifeyinwa Ofili
Posted by Anthony Omoko on May 10, 2021
Thank you so much for being my Mother: I will continue to remember you kindly!

My mother was and will continue to be an inspiration to us all, for living life to the fullest and not letting anything get in her way!
I admired her belief in herself and her ability to prioritize her needs.

"Thank you, mummy, for teaching me about strength and believing in myself!
I am grateful for the time we spent together!"

May the LORD keep you safe in heaven!

~ Anthony Kenechukwu OMOKO
Posted by Joyin Ojo on May 8, 2021
Dear Grandma,
The news of your passing shocked us all. We will miss your wisdom, your kindness, and guidance. Not only my siblings and I can attest to your love for us, but all of your grandchildren know how much you looked after us and blessed us. Whether it was always remembering our birthdays or your continuous prayers for your grandchildren, you never hesitated to show your love for us. We all will miss you dearly. You were a shining light for us all. Thank you so much for your love.
May your beautiful soul Rest in Peace In Jesus Name, Amen.
Posted by Bolurin Ojo on May 8, 2021
Dear Grandma,

Your life was filled with thoughtful deeds - such as the time you helped me buy African clothing that was tailored with love. I still wear the set to this day, and I am thankful for the time we spent together when we visited you and Grandpa.

Grandma rest well, I’ll miss you,

Bolurin Ojo
Posted by Toba Ojo on May 8, 2021
Dear Grandma,

Thank you for your caring heart and thoughtfulness.
I will always remember you and appreciate you for always taking interest in the things I do.

I remember when you bought me drums; you took the time to send someone to Onitsha market to buy the finest drum they could find. I returned to America proud of my drum and more so proud that you were my Grandma.

You always encouraged me to pursue my passions at an early age. I recall how you were always pleased to hear me play my drums on the phone.
I will miss you.

Rest in peace Grandma,

Toba Ojo
Posted by Patience Okonta on May 7, 2021
Adasco’s Mum and by inference- my Mum too as we are sisters in spirit and in truth.
We talked about you like 3 days prior as I wanted more copies of the prayer book you published which I treasure so much. Ada mentioned that you were under the weather but we didn’t dwell on it as I suppose we expected it to blow over. This was not to be, as God in His infinite wisdom called you home leaving us with sweet memories of our elegant, strong , amazing Mum. I will remember you every time I read your prayer book, wear the beautiful Akwa Ochas you designed and can not but mention - read a funny WHATSAPP advise!
I ask the Good Lord to grant your beautiful beautiful soul eternal rest - YOUR MEMORIES LIVE ON IN ALL OUR HEARTS.
Posted by Tito Ojo on May 6, 2021
Dear Grandma,

Thank you, you for being an amazing Grandma - very caring and loving.
I will miss your phone calls - how you often called to make sure that my brothers and I are doing okay. Thank you for praying for us individually. I will always love you.
Rest in peace, Grandma.
Tito Ojo
Posted by Chukwufumnanya Ojo on May 5, 2021
My dearest Mummy and most trusted Friend,
I love you.
Mummy, it's hard to believe. But you taught me to have faith in Jesus Christ and that is what is keeping me.
Where do I begin? You were my first and most respected teacher - teaching me the foundations and principles of faith in Jesus Christ in words and indeed until I could make that faith my own. You showed me enough reason that I was able to believe - I owe you much.

You loved me and supported me as well as all the people within your circle of influence. I miss you and it is comforting to hear the encouraging words of those lives you touched. You gave sacrificially.

Ezinne, there is much to say. You are a teacher par excellence. You taught me to forgive and not to keep a record of "wrongs". Yours was a life worthy of emulation. My children are blessed if I can be to them the Mother you were to me and my siblings.

Mummy, you taught me to support my community as well as those around me - I remember the early days of being part of the Church cleaning crew at Agbor - you fostered an early interest in volunteerism -giving without counting the cost. What a beautiful mother you are!!! God gave me the best, and I give God all the glory and thanks, in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

My darling Mummy, you exhibited remarkable modesty and decorum and tried to teach me that - but I was slow in learning it. Yet God used you to cover my shortcomings. You did well - God will teach me the rest now.

You filled our lives with musical joy, smiles and wonderful memories - whether from baking cakes and pastries, spending unhurried time with us at Ogwushi-uku library (fostering a love for learning), bathing grandchildren, etc, you gave your best and your best was excellent. My children remember you as the "Grandma, that prays". Thank you for every word of blessing you pronounced on them. Thank you, Mummy.

Mummy, I have wondered how those last moments on April 26, 2021 ended for you on earth. You were an organized person and knew the projects you needed to do for each day, while maintaining flexibility. It is well. Very sad that I cannot hear your voice audibly in this part of eternity.

Rest Well, Mummy, Rest well until that day when we meet again at the feet of Jesus Christ. Kachifo.
Posted by Patrick Okwuobi on May 4, 2021
Dear Grandma
We love you grandma. For who you are, for what you stood for and for all the things you did for us. You were always there for us, teaching, guiding and counselling.

You will never be forgotten and we will always remember all that you have taught us. Love you loads.
                             Rest in peace
Posted by ADA OKWUOBI on May 4, 2021
Kind, beautiful, courageous and blessed. Thank you for everything mummy.

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